Which Celebrity Has The Best Apple Pie Recipe?

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
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  • Tasty
    Tasty  7 months ago +394


    • Aesthetic_Waffle
      Aesthetic_Waffle 2 days ago

      Tasty: *Gives just a link*

    • TheCOOLfreindly Family123
      TheCOOLfreindly Family123 Month ago

      tasty tbh i really wanna ask this are thoose real judges?

    • Ivana Wiratma
      Ivana Wiratma Month ago


    • paige snook
      paige snook Month ago

      how about, which celebrity makes the best burgers

    • Amanda Campbell
      Amanda Campbell 5 months ago

      Yeah I thought Gordon was going to win

  • Elijah Domingo
    Elijah Domingo 5 hours ago

    I dont like apples in my apple pie

  • ArdaBoo Electric Boogaloo

    This video was staged
    This fucking whore didn't just say "there's so many apples, it's too healthy"

  • wHiTnEy gReEn
    wHiTnEy gReEn 6 hours ago

    Cheesy really?!?!?

  • Tyson Reid
    Tyson Reid Day ago

    Did she just say its not too SPICY

  • Tathagata Guha
    Tathagata Guha Day ago

    *It's Too Much Appale*
    *It's Too Much Healthy*
    Where Did You Find These *Retarded* Fucks???

  • Hiryu Imajin
    Hiryu Imajin Day ago

    Its not too spicy and its not too sweet. People she doesnt mean spicy as in hot chili tasting. Spicy literally means fragrant with spice or flavored with. She meant the cinnamon or whatever "spice" was put in there.
    TL;DR: check spice on a dictionary or google. But these judges were freaking horrible.

  • Hiryu Imajin
    Hiryu Imajin Day ago

    Wow! These judges. I wonder what the criteria is? Are you judging for like freaking gordon ramsey level viewers? We are regular people! We buy store bought dough! Be more relatable smh

  • rizq anaqi
    rizq anaqi Day ago

    all the judges fucking suck like jeez

  • rizq anaqi
    rizq anaqi Day ago +1

    the asian girl : iTs ToO mUcH aPpLe
    the other girl : iTs KiNdA dRy

  • DoctorGacha
    DoctorGacha 2 days ago

    Go Gordon Ramsey!!

  • Tommaso Bonaccorsi
    Tommaso Bonaccorsi 2 days ago

    Why the fuck does Gordon Ramsay always have to win?!?

  • Jose De dios
    Jose De dios 2 days ago

    There is always 1 judge thats dumb af smh

  • NJ Nation
    NJ Nation 2 days ago +1

    YES 2:19 that’s MY First Lady too 😄

  • Chef Emmie
    Chef Emmie 2 days ago

    Well, duh, ramsy is a really good chef.

  • Gaming Cassi
    Gaming Cassi 2 days ago

    Yall getting triggered over people saying the pie dry,u guys are not the ones trying it lol I hate apple pie so I wouldnt know

  • TheGachaPotato 1
    TheGachaPotato 1 2 days ago

    The first judge the probably the most annoying one.

  • windelle kyrenne wyx styrix

    I really like these kind of Tasty videos but can you pleeeease have people with food expertise judge them? Because I feel like they're just saying some random shit to look like one. It's annoying and a bit cringey. Sorry.

  • each sold sepreatly
    each sold sepreatly 3 days ago +1

    "This as nutrual as you can get, not to spicy"
    Wait wha-?

  • Vivian Vo
    Vivian Vo 3 days ago +2

    They should put Tastys recipe to see if the judges will roast them to

  • Alex AltEgo
    Alex AltEgo 3 days ago

    MY first lady, too lol

  • boo tube
    boo tube 3 days ago +1

    Me: hasnt seen a video with Gordon Ramsay in a while
    Gordon Ramsay: *I hEaRd YoU bItChEs WaS lOoKiN fOr Me*
    *bItCh hErE I gO*

  • Kid_ ray29
    Kid_ ray29 3 days ago

    Do pancakes

  • MatissimoX
    MatissimoX 3 days ago

    jesse... stop tilting your fucking head to the left

  • Racer
    Racer 3 days ago +1

    Judge at 4:27 : “ThE CrUsT SouNds IcOnic!”

  • FedoraDude
    FedoraDude 3 days ago

    This chick bitched about apple pie having...apples?

  • michaelio v r o o m
    michaelio v r o o m 4 days ago

    minty.... spicy.... too many apples.... I want to slap these judges.

  • Ch!n0
    Ch!n0 4 days ago

    Get the gay guy out of there also the indian looking girl you know what JUST PICK ANOTHER JUDGES HOW MANY COMMENTS WILL IT TAKE

  • Wolf
    Wolf 4 days ago

    Does any one else feel triggered at 3:26

  • Nsync Robot
    Nsync Robot 5 days ago

    watching this video while eating my McDonald's apple pie. brooh 😂

  • Shira Kohn
    Shira Kohn 5 days ago

    Whutta hottie

  • alysha r
    alysha r 5 days ago

    whoever puts cheese in their crust is satan himself

  • Jaxzyn
    Jaxzyn 5 days ago

    Tbh I thought Gordon Ramsey would add olive oil😂

  • Ella Howick
    Ella Howick 6 days ago +1

    my favorite quotes
    "theres too much apple"
    "it's kind of dry" x2
    "I was expecting a mint flavour"'
    "This is like a brownie but apple pie"
    "It's definitely not buttery"
    "It has a nice iconic crust *sound* to it which i love"

  • Latina Loayh
    Latina Loayh 6 days ago +1

    The Asian girl and the other girl are soo annoying.

  • Mia Hubert
    Mia Hubert 6 days ago +1

    video title: which celebrity has the best apple pie recipe?
    thumbnail: *pumpkin*

    • Mia Hubert
      Mia Hubert 5 days ago

      @Plasmatic wow thanks uwu

    • Plasmatic
      Plasmatic 5 days ago +1

      Wow nice profile picture 😂

  • emanresulooc poi
    emanresulooc poi 6 days ago

    Asian dude has a hickey how has no one talked about this

  • Dawn Dayz
    Dawn Dayz 6 days ago +1

    “To Much Apple”

  • Brandy ASMR
    Brandy ASMR 6 days ago

    They didn't like Michelle Obama's apple pie because they don't know what soul food tastes like, maybe they should stop chugging all that coke and stuffing their faces with craft mac n cheese and eat some real damn food

  • yass the gamer
    yass the gamer 6 days ago

    jesse is polish

  • RiverviewBass FishingClub

    Tree trunks from adventure time

  • Sambit Mohanty
    Sambit Mohanty 7 days ago

    I thought it was the judges, but nope. It's the Tasty producers. They are super dumb to have these people as judges. Not just this episode, but a lot of others too (in the series). What a great series this could've been. Sadly ruined. I ferl bad for the the guy who cooks all these.

  • ms.periodt *sips tea*

    I looked at the thumbnail and was like MICHELLE OBAMA

  • Rainy Bee
    Rainy Bee 7 days ago

    Every single episode has at least *one* annoying person

  • John Keeper
    John Keeper 8 days ago

    Fuck yeah...Gordon for the win bitches

  • Jordan Strueve
    Jordan Strueve 8 days ago

    Use Gordens crust and Michelles filling. Makes a pretty great pie

  • OzoneGamerStation
    OzoneGamerStation 8 days ago

    Have they all tried apple pie from fancy pie shops or something? Why are they so picky from pies that, for the most part, came from professional chefs?

  • Lordele de los Reyes

    reply to me if u play roblox bloxburg and type out your username ! baiii felishas! :)

  • Adja Seck
    Adja Seck 8 days ago


  • Maria Pineda
    Maria Pineda 8 days ago

    It's need to get better judges because they are really annoying. The Asian girl just give me bad vibes and said the pie had too much apple. BITCH IT'S AN APPLE PIE. the other one is just annoying and is a try hard

  • jaden kim
    jaden kim 8 days ago

    i think eugene cooked his drunken asian pie better than pie number 1

  • Summer HALL
    Summer HALL 8 days ago

    Is Martha Stewart racist?

  • C Tom
    C Tom 8 days ago

    Instead of random ordinary people, it should be professional or at least good judges

  • Fiona Knockel
    Fiona Knockel 9 days ago

    You guys should do a best burger and best taco or burrito

  • Vania Orozco
    Vania Orozco 9 days ago +1

    I don’t like apple pies😬

  • Cristabel Diaz
    Cristabel Diaz 9 days ago +1

    I have never had a pie before:(

  • Ben Hendrick
    Ben Hendrick 9 days ago

    i like how she says nothing about the cheese until they tell her that smh

  • sappy thoughts
    sappy thoughts 9 days ago

    “This is like a brownie but apple pie”
    *no it’s fucking apple pie u bitch*

  • Misty_ Angel.
    Misty_ Angel. 9 days ago +2

    "its to much apple

  • Gas The Jews
    Gas The Jews 9 days ago +1

    Thank god for no yellow beanie guy

  • MrCowForTheMilk
    MrCowForTheMilk 9 days ago +1

    Your forgot salt and pepper in Gordon Ramseys apple pie

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen 10 days ago +10

    Who wants to really slap them?
    1 like=10 slaps for them

    • Amber Zara
      Amber Zara 6 days ago

      Galaxy Queen 70 slaps so far

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 10 days ago


  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 10 days ago +1


  • Nuriya Khegay
    Nuriya Khegay 10 days ago +1

    “Theres to many apples in this pie!”

    Me: can you not?

  • Fawful4
    Fawful4 10 days ago +2

    Do an Adam Ragusea’s (might’ve spelt wrong) recipe!

  • Sir Le Oof
    Sir Le Oof 10 days ago

    *See's Gordon Ramsay*
    Me : Definetly Gordon

  • Chris Townly
    Chris Townly 10 days ago +5

    I liked as soon as he said my First Lady Michelle Obama😂❤️👍🏽

  • ooof
    ooof 11 days ago

    My girl Martha finally on this channel

  • Alele Agrisette
    Alele Agrisette 11 days ago +6

    "I kinda like it... But it kinda doesn't taste like apple pie"
    Girl what do you want it to be pumpkin pie???

  • ablurida
    ablurida 11 days ago +1

    I'll never understand why some judges on this series complain about something being healthy. Healthy and tasty exists people!

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson 11 days ago

    You should do who has the best chili recipe since they are always so different!

  • Shelby Maltez
    Shelby Maltez 11 days ago

    "But it tastes like store bought crust"
    It is store bought tf !

  • _Jub3i_
    _Jub3i_ 11 days ago

    The best one was........
    Treetrunks apple pie

  • Lemon Lemonade
    Lemon Lemonade 11 days ago


  • Tiarra love
    Tiarra love 12 days ago

    Sorry but my mom makes the best apple pie just saying

  • A Chowdhury
    A Chowdhury 12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the best chef in the world

  • Fernando Mata
    Fernando Mata 12 days ago

    This show just turned into a test of like which judge can piss of the comment section the most😂😂😂

  • madison mauzy
    madison mauzy 12 days ago

    The third judge wasn’t good

  • PrinceGaming Pro
    PrinceGaming Pro 12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey’s Mum obviously has the best Apple Pie lol.

  • Liam_Jew Yes
    Liam_Jew Yes 12 days ago

    Why does no one give any credit to the host for doing all this and taking the judges shit?

  • Soldier Gaming
    Soldier Gaming 12 days ago

    Every single time there is that stupid judge who ruins the video

  • Nathan Tan
    Nathan Tan 12 days ago

    iTs ToO MUcH ApPLes

  • Gerardo Higareda
    Gerardo Higareda 13 days ago

    “It’s not to spicy” oh lord somebody please show this women the exit

  • ĐøuBłe G
    ĐøuBłe G 13 days ago

    You pick the wrong people to taste anything

  • Narwhal Galaxy
    Narwhal Galaxy 13 days ago

    In these videos there is just that one weird recipie

  • Charles Dinkins
    Charles Dinkins 13 days ago

    Why are there apples in my apple pie?

  • Martinus Surath
    Martinus Surath 13 days ago

    The girl with the hair band looks like she is the most annoying person on earth and sure enough her attitude lives upto it. Like girl what's wrong with you???

  • Precious Scott
    Precious Scott 13 days ago

    I don't know why the judges seem to make me mad

  • Rana Majouli
    Rana Majouli 13 days ago +1

    So we to good for store bought crust now?

  • Vince Burgos
    Vince Burgos 13 days ago

    Why dont just invite the real celebrity

    You are a company, right?

  • Logan Earnst
    Logan Earnst 14 days ago

    At this point I truly believe they purposely put judges we won’t like in these videos.

  • Katara The Water Bender

    I’m just about to watch this video, I wonder which everyone is going to hate this time?

  • babydoll babydoll lauren

    Did she just say
    "Theres like too much applleeeeeee..."

  • Änxietÿ
    Änxietÿ 14 days ago

    If Gordon Ramsay did the apple pie, that would have been a whole nother story

  • Dakota Webb
    Dakota Webb 14 days ago

    I would like Gordon Ramsay's specifically because it was much more juicy than the others. I have to have a nice caramelized apple pie.

  • Lps Fox Art
    Lps Fox Art 14 days ago

    Who has the best apple pie recipe
    Me: MY MOM
    (Everyone who buys them says so)

  • Dylan Power
    Dylan Power 14 days ago

    Did the lady said it’s too much apple. Bitch. It’s a apple pie. What do u expect

  • Coleman cookin
    Coleman cookin 14 days ago +1

    I’m glad that Obama bitch didn’t win

  • shelley
    shelley 14 days ago

    obama store bought pie crust; she hasn't cooked for the last 30 years