Which Celebrity Has The Best Apple Pie Recipe?

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
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  • Tasty
    Tasty  2 months ago +240


    • Amanda Campbell
      Amanda Campbell 11 days ago

      Yeah I thought Gordon was going to win

    • CarsFan Rocks05 2
      CarsFan Rocks05 2 15 days ago

      Which celebrity makes burgers?

    • Diana Feng
      Diana Feng 15 days ago

      Oh it’s here yay

    • Malick Williamson
      Malick Williamson Month ago

      Tasty un

    • Katrina Douglas
      Katrina Douglas Month ago +1

      I like these videos, but I find the guy narrating to be hard to understand. It sounds like he is cutting off words? I don't know. Something about how he is talking by cutting off the ends of the words from poor enunciation is hard to understand.

  • Oreo Animates
    Oreo Animates 2 hours ago

    I wonder if these "taste testers" have any tastebuds.

  • Weasel BUM
    Weasel BUM 4 hours ago

    does anyone remember the good flaky pie crust made with shortening?

    MR GAMEZ 4 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay does the same thing as i do with the apples

  • Mika Kersten
    Mika Kersten 6 hours ago +1

    *Apple Pie*

  • ajayalva
    ajayalva 17 hours ago

    Wtf is too much apple in An APPLE pie!!!!!!???????

  • Nightwolf 5681
    Nightwolf 5681 18 hours ago


  • Caitlin Wilson
    Caitlin Wilson 19 hours ago

    “ it’s so dry “ Well how wet u want it

  • ECL28E
    ECL28E 20 hours ago

    "But it tastes like store-bought crust"
    ... okay. I'll give her that

  • Dalia Aboraya
    Dalia Aboraya 21 hour ago

    Michelle Obama is the winner and I haven’t even watched this yet

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera 23 hours ago

    3:12 boi has a hickey🤣

  • Larheimy Olivares

    *mustiness* bitch Wtf 4:45

  • Larheimy Olivares

    Apple pie
    * too much apples*

  • Kaitlyn Le
    Kaitlyn Le Day ago

    -adds 6 sticks of butter into apple pie-
    “it’s not buttery enough”

  • Aaron Hackett
    Aaron Hackett Day ago

    Comments on apple pie “ there’s to much apple”

  • Danny Luk
    Danny Luk Day ago


  • liss
    liss Day ago

    I swear they always choose ungrateful assholes to judge

  • Lilian and Friends

    I’m not surprised it is Gordon Ramsay

  • revasai
    revasai Day ago

    Is an apple pie really to die for?

  • Madeleine Hickey

    What do these people want???? Theyre so picky! Its Apple pie!!

  • Zhasnaye Virtudazo

    why is it that in every single "which celebrity has the best .... recipe" video that buzz feed has, there's always at least ONE annoying judge that pisses everyone off? are they using it for comments? views? WHO KNOWS

  • K9-Comet
    K9-Comet Day ago +1

    Y'all thought them noncheflings can be Gordan Ramsay hahahaha fool-Vegeta voice

  • Izzy Rose
    Izzy Rose 2 days ago

    you should do best pizza recipe

  • cremates tonsils
    cremates tonsils 2 days ago

    why do all of these judges fucking suck. it's not that deep, it's pie.

  • 아리
    아리 2 days ago

    Gordon knows what the people want

  • Johannes Ojasaar
    Johannes Ojasaar 2 days ago

    I cant taste anything in my mouth right now and then see all the delicious Pies that make me hungry.

  • Torrie Lashae
    Torrie Lashae 2 days ago

    "It's too much healthy"

  • Halee M
    Halee M 2 days ago

    The best Apple pie is with precooked apples.
    Gordon Ramsay knows that.
    But he made a shortbread crust. Not a pie crust at all!

  • Alonso H
    Alonso H 2 days ago

    U just got the first three people you found in the office huh... do better with these judges 😭😭 they’re so annoying

  • j s s
    j s s 2 days ago

    Anything from Americas test kitchen

  • Bailey Ladd
    Bailey Ladd 2 days ago


  • Colin Hatfield
    Colin Hatfield 2 days ago

    These motherfuckers are so picky

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia 2 days ago

    Who the hell are these judges? They deserve to be smacked it face.

  • BIGRED 16
    BIGRED 16 2 days ago

    These judges are retarded

  • Zoe
    Zoe 2 days ago

    ok the asian girl is so annoying omlll

  • YEA tv 369
    YEA tv 369 2 days ago +1

    McDonald's apple pie anyone

  • Gacha Minnie& Texting stories

    Can they get real judges that actually know and care about cooking?

  • Xharmer Noob
    Xharmer Noob 2 days ago


    DEFAULTY BOI 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay would’ve really hurt their feelings if they said something bad about his recipe

    DEFAULTY BOI 2 days ago

    These are some of the only people that can’t just enjoy some damn sweet treats

  • Tony .O
    Tony .O 2 days ago

    4:36 since when is apple pie spicy lmao low key a dumbass

  • Tony .O
    Tony .O 2 days ago

    When the girl said that Martha Stewart's pie is the most basic you could get
    I wondered, "what else does this retard want in it crickets??"

  • Triston’s main account

    I feel like they’re payed to say gordon Ramsay and there’s always that one judge that rebells against the others.

  • Alexia Cox
    Alexia Cox 2 days ago

    This is my favorite pie so this made me hungry

  • pickle the dinosaur
    pickle the dinosaur 2 days ago

    Anyone happy that beard/beanie guy isn't her but who says too much apple to a apple pie that's the WHOLE POINT

  • Jenny Yang
    Jenny Yang 3 days ago


  • Xiaozhong Le
    Xiaozhong Le 3 days ago

    *In Soviet Russia, the pies bake YOU.*

  • sparkling zac the sunrise _

    Do lasagna

  • Natalie f
    Natalie f 3 days ago

    BRO get some judges who arent the pickiest people on earth tf

  • Eins. Wanderer
    Eins. Wanderer 3 days ago

    that apple has to be so damn tiny in the pie so that you can't even chew it. That's how an apple pie has to be

  • Francisco Martinolich

    What a surprise a 16 michelin star chef won this competition.

  • John Wick
    John Wick 3 days ago


  • Totally Raven
    Totally Raven 3 days ago

    I love how he threw the shade when it came to Michelle Obama lol up next is my First Lady lmao yes she still our First Lady!!!! #MichelleObama

  • Ashley Amateco
    Ashley Amateco 3 days ago

    @2:13 bro that guy has a hickey lol

  • Andy Linares
    Andy Linares 3 days ago

    anyone else hate these judges?

  • Samer Chiaviello
    Samer Chiaviello 3 days ago

    “Regular People Eat Pie And Try REALLY HARD To Determine If They Like Pie” ... should be the name of this video.

  • Alehwi RG
    Alehwi RG 3 days ago

    Obviously fucking Gordon

  • Piper and Cali !
    Piper and Cali ! 3 days ago

    Stop this series unless you get grateful judges!!

  • Amber Stone
    Amber Stone 3 days ago

    You guys have such shitty judges 😂

  • Koleen Laureano
    Koleen Laureano 3 days ago

    Its to dry well i should put a fuck ton of water good now 🤨🤨🤨

  • Koleen Laureano
    Koleen Laureano 3 days ago

    I hate the next after the asian girl i hate her voice and every thing

  • Nayann Khandelwal
    Nayann Khandelwal 3 days ago

    Your First Lady is Melania stfu

  • Jade RedPandaMermaCorn

    This guy needs better friends who have more mature taste buds.

  • P H E N O M E N A L
    P H E N O M E N A L 3 days ago

    Gordon is the best chef in my heart.

  • Lc M
    Lc M 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay always got it! ❤️

  • Amaryllis; Yours Truly!!

    The judges should stop being so picky and appreciate the opportunity given to you!

  • Faiza Fatema Alam
    Faiza Fatema Alam 3 days ago

    What's the pronunciation of Jesse's surname?

  • Ba Gawk
    Ba Gawk 3 days ago

    Let's be grateful we do not see yellow head condoms in this video 🙂

  • AARON-BURR1937
    AARON-BURR1937 3 days ago

    Im happy gorden won, i would've been suprised if he didn't

  • Sebas Epic
    Sebas Epic 3 days ago

    I am cringing....

  • Amelia Torres
    Amelia Torres 4 days ago

    “tOo mUch aPple” fine what about NO apples then 🥵🥵

  • Kenya Davis
    Kenya Davis 4 days ago

    The judges always suck but I keep watching cause I’m curious

  • Justin Charpentier
    Justin Charpentier 4 days ago

    I knew it!!!!! Chef Ramsay is GOD!!!

  • Kaiya M
    Kaiya M 4 days ago +2

    Can they get actual good judges on this???

  • justin windsor
    justin windsor 4 days ago

    News flash: Michelle Obama isn't the first lady anymore

  • F4110UTSH0TS
    F4110UTSH0TS 4 days ago

    Apple Pie:Exists
    People:Its too much pie

  • Dr. Paparoni
    Dr. Paparoni 4 days ago

    They are just picky

  • Lucky
    Lucky 4 days ago

    Who came to this video to check if the judge was the yellow beanie guy? xD

  • HasHasDre
    HasHasDre 4 days ago

    does the second dude have a hickey?

  • Wooahh
    Wooahh 4 days ago

    The hipsters aren't trying to judge. All they ever try to do is hate. Like the Asian guy is the only one that remotely knows who to judge anything.

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob 4 days ago

    ew, that "MY first lady" comment was gross

  • btsuju _
    btsuju _ 4 days ago

    already knew they were gonna like ramsay's recipe cause duh its gordon ramsay

  • Victoria Rosado
    Victoria Rosado 4 days ago

    Judges: To much apple to much healthy!
    Me: what are you talking about it is APPLE pie 🥧
    Judges: This does not taste like apple pie
    Me: WTF them what are you eating

  • Nina K
    Nina K 4 days ago

    These judges really be on something else ...smh

  • Carolina Betancourt
    Carolina Betancourt 4 days ago

    Why I hate every judge

  • Claire
    Claire 4 days ago

    i think people are being way too harsh on the judges?? they were just doing what they were asked do which was to JUDGE the pies so obviously it's their personal opinion

  • CR nuggets
    CR nuggets 4 days ago +1

    I just realized...how much dirty dishes does tasty have each day😂😂

  • IX Umbra
    IX Umbra 4 days ago

    *its literally apple pie*
    this one doesnt taste like apple pie
    me: then what apple pie do you eat?

  • ThanosDidNothingWrong

    What if..... it’s not the celebs recipe,........ITS THE WAY HE BAKES IT.?!?!?!?!

  • Steve
    Steve 5 days ago

    Lol “my First Lady”

  • Sarah Liao
    Sarah Liao 5 days ago

    Oh my judges...

  • Beatriz Gongora
    Beatriz Gongora 5 days ago

    No surprise Gordon Ramsay wins this. I mean no doubt because he is a famous chef. Duh!

  • Sam Morrow
    Sam Morrow 5 days ago

    notice how they had to ruin a nice video with a political jab: "MY first lady, Michelle Obama" Classic buzzfeed ruining good videos.

  • сука блять
    сука блять 5 days ago

    Ok the girl with the pink thing on her head really reminds me of the beanies guy from the cookie episode

  • Howell About No
    Howell About No 5 days ago

    Dang Gordon Ramsey’s pie looks so good

  • Chopperwood
    Chopperwood 5 days ago

    The guy worked so hard to make the pies and these bitches are complaining about everysingle one honestly fucking hell that looks good.

  • I Heart All Animals Forever

    Wow, i can’t BELIVE that the bearded guy from the cookie episode made it into this video....

    ZABO TIME 5 days ago

    You forgot Alton Brown’s recipe

  • TaeTae Studios
    TaeTae Studios 5 days ago

    people are still talking abt the beanie guy >

  • Briana Richardson
    Briana Richardson 5 days ago

    Ok, so how about we not tell people theyre are judging, and focus on tasting ...or how about they tell us what they DO like...this is getting frustrating at this point....