Madden NFL 19 - Official Reveal Trailer


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  • gary outlaw
    gary outlaw 3 days ago

    Fake trailer big you tubers think is real. Buy the game players move nothing like the trailer. Ea stop buy copies of y'all own game. Vgcharts has 2k at 1 million sold in 2 weeks compared to Madden 19 7 weeks. Which I know you guys bought.....

  • IKillZ_NiTeLiTe Gaming


  • cd3224 _
    cd3224 _ 7 days ago

    They need to give me a reason to buy this game. A roster update isn’t worth 60 bucks!!!

  • Plx ThaGod
    Plx ThaGod 10 days ago

    This game is fucking trash and it’s broken i swear to god i fucking hate EA

  • Dwayne K
    Dwayne K 14 days ago


  • MagicTank Gaming
    MagicTank Gaming 14 days ago

    Madden 17 take your team all the way Madden 18 take your team all the way.... again Madden 19 take your team all the way...... for 10.99

  • Joe Write
    Joe Write 15 days ago

    The gameplay is straight up trash across the board on this game. EA give it up please

  • S3TH
    S3TH 22 days ago

    What’s with the running animation

  • AnD rEw
    AnD rEw 23 days ago

    When it come out

  • Ismael Ramirez
    Ismael Ramirez 25 days ago

    The madden maldives coming soon

  • Kennedy Washingtin
    Kennedy Washingtin 28 days ago

    I hate how in franchise when you have a qb and you hand ball off the rb has terrible vision and runs into the lineman when there is a huge hole

  • Negrito Lopez
    Negrito Lopez 29 days ago

    You should add color visor in the game

  • Nate Jacobson
    Nate Jacobson Month ago

    This looks like MID

  • Jx son
    Jx son Month ago

    Ea go kys

  • العاب ذكاء وغباءدوت com

    We wont reckoning kingdomes of amuler 2 ea .

    XxDARKNINJAXx Month ago

    Devlopers go kill urselfs horrible game actual hot garbage worst game of the year whoever plays this and actually likes it is autistic

  • Pew Pew Pew
    Pew Pew Pew Month ago

    Haven't played Madden in years. Can you play the whole team in season mode?

  • Vídeos Populares
    Vídeos Populares Month ago

    I Just going to buy the 20 or 21 because is like te same game

  • Emigdio Andrade
    Emigdio Andrade Month ago

    An update with maybe some tattoos for create a player would be nice at least maybe single art or full sleeves or half sleeves would be a nice addition to the game

  • Luke Edwards
    Luke Edwards Month ago

    Guys check out RyanMoody21 channel

  • Chris Beckham
    Chris Beckham Month ago +1

    You guys suck. You simply duplicate the same game each year aka copy and paste and charge all of us 50 bucks? Con artists.

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First Month ago

    0:00 to 0:05 isn”t that noice pretty satisfying ?

  • Noctu
    Noctu Month ago


  • Johnathan Butler
    Johnathan Butler Month ago +1

    Like this if NCAA 14 is better than Madden 19.
    Explain why as well, hopefully EA will see

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago

    Is it just me? Or did that tell me absolutely nothing about the game.

  • FoxtrotFTW
    FoxtrotFTW Month ago

    Cmon guys you hate on madden but still play it and laugh at the stupid glitches and stand there in shock as your player makes a beast play

  • Sven Aul
    Sven Aul 2 months ago

    where are the save points in Longshot EA????? The save points are unfair as hell !!! Make svae points after each sequence. It is impossible to get further in the story cause it ended against the Texans. Cause 4 TDs in a row are impossible to get with your lousy random play calls. So make more save points! now!!!!

  • ian rapoport
    ian rapoport 2 months ago

    longshot is so short

  • Christopher Gonzalez
    Christopher Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Garbage game. Have to play like 10 fucking hours just to play online. Don’t buy it. Garbage.

  • Mike Schuster
    Mike Schuster 2 months ago

    Bring back NFL STREET

  • Sam Hale
    Sam Hale 2 months ago

    Hey, so when the national anthem plays, are you guys going to give players the option of how many of the team kneels?

  • skyline gaming
    skyline gaming 2 months ago


    READY PLAYER ONE 2 months ago

    LEGENDS ARE BORN!!!!!! So True!!!!! I.M.O.

  • Kosog0NG
    Kosog0NG 2 months ago

    How come the people in Jacksonville, FL get shot when they play this game but nobody else does? That's so unfair!!!!

  • DaWildSpotter
    DaWildSpotter 2 months ago +1

    What i like about this game is that king bach is in it

  • Alma Barboza
    Alma Barboza 2 months ago

    Looks good graphics

  • Alma Barboza
    Alma Barboza 2 months ago

    Griffin bahm

  • Oriol Andre
    Oriol Andre 2 months ago

    vailable August 10th. Madden 19 challenges you to achieve gridiron greatness with the introduction of Real Player Motion. With all new ways to play and new legends, including Terrell Owens who makes his return to Madden Ultimate Team. Get your popcorn ready!

    Pre-order today and receive the Hall of Fame Edition three days early on August 7th. *Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn more:
    Madden NFL 19 - 2018 (USclip Gaming)

  • dvijay461
    dvijay461 2 months ago

    Bring back live weather!

  • Reynard Volkner
    Reynard Volkner 2 months ago

    Haven't bought a Madden game since 14. Not gonna lie, I miss playing Madden with my dad and brother. But...
    This literally looks like Madden 14 with SLIGHTLY better graphics and new celebration animations.
    ^Thats me refusing to give EA any money.

  • Gamingsince86
    Gamingsince86 2 months ago

    I got that Madden 19 highlights, hit me up.

  • Kush Ali
    Kush Ali 2 months ago

    Is taking a knee in the game if not I can not buy this same game since for ever lol.

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 2 months ago

    Out of all the games to cause a shooting , it’s sport game !!??

  • Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez 2 months ago +13

    New update: Guns added

  • Urkelfights
    Urkelfights 2 months ago +2

    RIP Victims.

  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee 2 months ago

    This game makes people violent, no way is my kids playing yhis

  • Too Ru
    Too Ru 2 months ago

    Worst madden ever.... madden 18 is way better, game is like a copy and paste... don’t let a player be 20 yards in front of the player your throwing to, that he’s not even guarding because the computer will jump 10 feet in the air and either smack it away or intercept it... your wr literally has to be wide open with nobody around him for the ball to actually get to him... whoever made this game, needs to stop... madden is done

  • NeonGifs
    NeonGifs 2 months ago +1


  • JackyZockt
    JackyZockt 2 months ago +6

    RIP Madden NFL 19 Tournament 😭😢⚘

  • Caleb Goins
    Caleb Goins 2 months ago

    EA you should make it where you can use all three teams in each city in relocation

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy 2 months ago

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  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones 2 months ago

    The graphics are not better then madden 18

  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones 2 months ago

    Madden 19 sucks the running animations look doofy as hell

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 2 months ago

    -1(no PRO BOWL

  • Allen
    Allen 2 months ago

    Madden 25still better lmao

  • Max Markert
    Max Markert 2 months ago

    I so happy

  • baby face nelson
    baby face nelson 2 months ago

    The graphics in madden 19 look worse than madden 18 and it's like pretty much 2019 now the graphics should be full video quality as good as TV by now they can easily scan each player in and scan each field and have the graphics look real think it's just one area 1 field they need to make not a huge level and each player only has to run and stuff pretty basic

  • WhoAmI ToU
    WhoAmI ToU 2 months ago

    God I pray it's better than 18. They completely ruined 18. It's so much slower and the ball carrier jukes SUCK. It's the slowest juke I've ever seen in Madden. I hated 18 and 17. They got 16 perfect then completely ruined it the next year. I won't buy this unless I can play it first

  • Alambe727
    Alambe727 2 months ago

    sound like a lot of cars running into one another terrible

  • mdub1303
    mdub1303 2 months ago

    This game is so choppy and unrealistic. Its like im playing a beta version

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 months ago

    Fix dat hoe immediately

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 months ago

    Fix it

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 months ago

    Yo fix the fucking camera

  • Charles Bolanos
    Charles Bolanos 2 months ago +1

    16K people like being scammed and but raped by EA

  • Wesley Johnston
    Wesley Johnston 2 months ago

    That was madden 18 stop lieing

  • Brandon Hultine
    Brandon Hultine 2 months ago

    Still behind NCAA 14 you pathetic fucks

  • diamond 125
    diamond 125 2 months ago

    Please don't let it suck

  • Patrick Felipe
    Patrick Felipe 2 months ago

    Franchise mode: why can’t you upgrade a player trait???? Why u guys took that out??? Such a disappointment...

  • J Stenberg
    J Stenberg 2 months ago

    Wait, I can't play as a women like in BF5? TRIGGERED!!! lol. Watch out...this game is next for the SJW treatment.

  • Stuart Carrick
    Stuart Carrick 2 months ago +1

    I've never played a madden game b4 I'm just down voting for EA unethical business practices in marketing this shameless cash grab

  • TFrail
    TFrail 3 months ago

    Is there a new feature where you can press X/A before the game starts to kneel for the Anthem?

  • Mike Divin
    Mike Divin 3 months ago +1

    How Has The Madden Franchise Survived To Madden 19 ?

  • Mike Divin
    Mike Divin 3 months ago

    When You Realize Madden 19 only has 3 players with tattoo scans still.....

  • Allen
    Allen 3 months ago

    All these ppl complaining 2 months ago freaking the hell outta this game right now

  • gnarCR
    gnarCR 3 months ago +1

    0:03 LOL why are the running animations still so laughably bad? It's 2018. Is it really so hard to get realistic running animations into a game?

    • Alambe727
      Alambe727 2 months ago

      no they just don't have to because you will buy it any way.

  • Joe M
    Joe M 3 months ago +1

    game sucks..already traded it in for $25

  • digbick hohoho
    digbick hohoho 3 months ago

    Love how eagles win super bowl but giants and cowboys be scoring on them hahahahaha . Dam madden mad

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 3 months ago +1

    Fix the camera for defensive in franchise mode

  • pheoix
    pheoix 3 months ago

    As a ucf alumni and dolphin fan. Seeing shaquem Griffin tackling a patriot makes my day!

  • DeadShotterr
    DeadShotterr 3 months ago

    The game looks way better than the trailer

    ATTOM-IC 3 months ago +1

  • kamerontheking 12
    kamerontheking 12 3 months ago

    Bruh did I just that the browns just scored on the Steelers

  • Glenn Sharp
    Glenn Sharp 3 months ago

    Enable permission from my accounts and settings to get offers and make purchases

  • DboogieVerdun
    DboogieVerdun 3 months ago +1

    EA it’s been years and you still can’t fix the bodies and the way they run.

  • Ahmet Sayar
    Ahmet Sayar 3 months ago

    Madden NFL 19 İnceleme ve Sistem Gereksinimleri

  • David Carter
    David Carter 3 months ago

    Hey, I’m just happy Cleveland made it on there.

  • DJ Titheo
    DJ Titheo 3 months ago


  • X Oritz
    X Oritz 3 months ago +1

    Fix how the players run EA

  • Jonathan Raines
    Jonathan Raines 3 months ago

    Do u have to preorder the hall of fame version to get it 3 days early or could I just preorder the regular version and still get it 3 days early

  • ian langford
    ian langford 3 months ago +1

    After playing Madden 19 extensively, I can say this is by far, BY FAR, the best Madden, the best NFL football game I've ever played. I admit to be a very cynical and annual Madden hater, but this year they really did knock it out of the park. It isn't perfect, and does still need work, but it is much much better than any other Madden ever made. I'll reply to this comment with details as to why I feel so highly about this game.

    • ian langford
      ian langford 2 months ago

      NO MA'AM No I'm not. I posted comments on some of EricRayWeathers videos talking about how I don't trust this game to every be properly developed and that this game would be just like the others. When I actually played it myself though I saw they for once actually much improved the game this year. It still definitely isn't perfect, I have my fair share of complaints. I still almost exclusively play 84ovr teams in MUT H2H even though my team is 79ovr so I always end up facing better teams. In MUT Squads the Special Teams are horrific, on punts whoever you choose to play as is basically gonna be taken out of the game because when possession changed your player will change direction like 3 times, which is also a problem after an interception. QB Spies seem to intercept any non high pass in the middle of the field. The naturally QB contain is still terrible, I had somebody rush for 35 yards on 4 runs against me using Tom Brady because the D-Line is so bad at naturally forming a pocket, so you basically have to manually QB contain every single play on defense. Quarter Flats defenders are terrible, they double team covered WRs in the middle of the field while leaving a receiver wide open in the flats. So the game has alot of flaws, but it's still much much better than games in the past, the only people who like 18 better are people with no real football IQ and don't understand how the game is actually supposed to work.

    • NO MA'AM
      NO MA'AM 2 months ago

      ian langford so in other words you're an employee of madden and being paid for your endorsement 😂😂😂. Both madden 17 and 18 are better than this game and that's not saying much for 17 & 18.

    • ian langford
      ian langford 3 months ago +1

      Play Rec matters to DBs this year, if you have a low play rec DB he will get burnt by play action, especially in cover 4. So if you like to play cover 4 alot(which is a very good pattern matching coverage this year) then you need DBs with good play rec.
      In addition to the new pattern matching versions of cover 4, all coverages have had significant improvements to logic in zone coverage. Also man coverage works better than ever, much better, and can be a reliable coverage to use in your scheme.
      Continuing on defensive play, the defensive line play is much improved. The line consistently stunts runs properly and hold gaps correctly. In addition the pass rush is much better which eliminates glitchy one play touchdowns because the pass rush comes in too fast for complex deep route patterns to break down the coverage shell, but at the same time it isn't too overpowered. If a runningback ends up downfield against a LB he will usually win the route like you'd expect him to so defenses must match personnel properly and be strategic with play calls.
      The pass rush still doesn't contain the QB very well so mobile quarterbacks are still a very big issue in the game but not to the point where it's game breaking, a good D-Line can usually do a good job of containment, but if your D-Line isn't the best you'll likely have to keep a QB Spy on the field against mobile QBs.
      On to offense, running the ball feels very weird is difficult to use at first, however after alot of practice the ball carrier moves are very crisp and smooth and more realistic than ever. I suggest not using the sprint button at all for awhile until you get used to how the players run and feel. Once you get used to it you'll love it, the moves look very very nice and feel awesome when you fake out a defender and at the same time they aren't overpowered like last year.
      Running the ball is very difficult this year, if you're a casual player you'll really have a tough time running the ball. This is because you need good IQ about running lanes and gaps this year to have an effective running game, if you have really good IQ in reference to the run game you'll have fun getting the run game going. If you don't have the best IQ in regards to it however you'll either have to get a very good offensive line or learn more about gaps and concepts, there's an in game mode that's pretty decent at teaching you actually, I believe it's called skills trainer, go to exhibition from the main menu and then select skills trainer, it also teaches you various useful concepts relating to nearly every aspect of the game.
      Franchise Mode made a great improvement with a new upgrade system. I personally love it, instead of using XP to upgrade specific stats you instead get skill points which you use to improve an aspect of the players game by improving several stats at once that benefit the scheme you chose to upgrade.
      MUT is much improved as well with faster solo load times and better solo commentaries. Solo battles, player upgrades using training points.
      New stats were also added to the game to further differentiate players which is always a good thing. Break Sack is a very good one which allows players like Deshaun Watson who are very hard to tackle to shed tackles the way they do in real life. There's also now Blocking Strength and Blocking Finesse which helps create more realistic line play in both the run and pass game.
      Like I said it isn't a perfect game, and alot can still be improved, but this year they really stepped their game way up. It is definitely the best Madden I've ever played by far, and I've been playing football games since 2005.

  • Anime Sports
    Anime Sports 3 months ago

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  • 5k Guerre
    5k Guerre 3 months ago

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  • Garrett Stewart
    Garrett Stewart 3 months ago

    0:20 Any reason the Steelers Logo is missing?

  • Drews  Gameplays
    Drews Gameplays 3 months ago

    Wow sexy play by baker mayfield 😕

  • Marylou Jeth
    Marylou Jeth 3 months ago

    Good game!!!

  • Jon Schnell
    Jon Schnell 3 months ago +1

    Do the players stand or kneel?

  • Justin Crawford
    Justin Crawford 3 months ago +1

    What do we actually know is gonna be new in Madden 19 ??? Sounds like a repeat with slightly better graphics and new draft class.

  • Antonetta Kowalewski
    Antonetta Kowalewski 3 months ago +15

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    MONEY GE3K 3 months ago

    This looks unrealistic

  • gilbert the red
    gilbert the red 3 months ago


    • Eugen Lovin
      Eugen Lovin 3 months ago

      gilbert the red lol.
      Dad, I can be a female with a prosthetic arm in BfV but in madden I can't? Why?Just because I'm a woman?
      You are right, this is wrong
      Females added in madden, 200 euros for elite woman edition.