Kelly Oubre Jr. & Doris Burke - NBA 2KTV S3. Ep. 14


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  • Jack Rodrickson
    Jack Rodrickson 3 days ago

    Rachel wanna do Kelly but we all know he wanna pipe doris 😍😍👌👌💦💦

  • Dtx Ant
    Dtx Ant 16 days ago

    Nigga is so cute bro

  • Sabramento
    Sabramento 18 days ago

    more men are calling this dude cute 😂

  • Jael Perna
    Jael Perna 20 days ago

    He so cute💕

  • Giratina the god
    Giratina the god 21 day ago

    she really wanted to call him wave papi

  • Christian TookFlight
    Christian TookFlight 24 days ago

    I ain't gay but this nigga cute af

    jAZZ_ZZZXXX 26 days ago

    He is fiiinne 😍😍🥰

  • Angelisa Lawson
    Angelisa Lawson Month ago

    oubre is mine not yours

  • AestheticsisLife
    AestheticsisLife 5 months ago +1

    his jumper good af in 2k doe

  • Ankle Drew
    Ankle Drew 5 months ago +1

    Roberson should be scared

  • BreezeyCasyKin 24
    BreezeyCasyKin 24 5 months ago


  • ronomgenuff
    ronomgenuff 6 months ago

    James Harden stole your move Kelly lol

  • Blue Entity
    Blue Entity 7 months ago


  • Makaveli
    Makaveli 7 months ago +1

    kelly oubre be hella good on my momma

  • Giratina the god
    Giratina the god 7 months ago

    Rip her boyfriend

  • Kevin Logo
    Kevin Logo 7 months ago

    She is gorgeous

  • Haoming Li
    Haoming Li 8 months ago

    Thats travel

  • Cp3jordan95
    Cp3jordan95 8 months ago +1

    Ku boi

  • Giratina the god
    Giratina the god 8 months ago

    Rip Rachel’s boyfriend

  • Maxine C
    Maxine C 8 months ago

    He’s a good looking dude and he can handle the ball. Happy for you Oubre.

  • My name is not Elliott Lee

    the chant
    'f*** u oubre'

  • Chase Rountree
    Chase Rountree 9 months ago

    He most definitely piped😂

    POOPYTAM 10 months ago +1

    Nice edit 0:20

  • Ikid2groove !!!
    Ikid2groove !!! 10 months ago

    They definitely fck afterwards

  • Jimmie Webb
    Jimmie Webb 11 months ago

    He smashed

  • Redskin Fan
    Redskin Fan 11 months ago

    Kelly ouBAE

  • PoBoy65
    PoBoy65 Year ago

    As only the second openly gay player in the NBA, Kelly should conduct himself in a more responsible manner.

  • RMMJ
    RMMJ Year ago +2

    Why he look like XXXTENTACION

    • Alfie Bal
      Alfie Bal 19 days ago

      i thought it was just me who noticed it

  • Ej’s Life
    Ej’s Life Year ago

    she is so crushing on him

  • Trunks
    Trunks Year ago

    That headband is tough af

  • Vaggelis Virvilis

    fuck y'all

  • JJ Martinez
    JJ Martinez Year ago +1

    That's not Doris Burke???

  • Bobby Hsieh
    Bobby Hsieh Year ago

    damn that headband tight! anyone know where you can get it?

  • Johnny Batafljeska

    Discontinuation ... this has to be a travel

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C Year ago

    Why do always put scrubs on 2ktv, kelly oubre is a fucking scrub. get some real niggas who can actually ball

    • Yeezus
      Yeezus Year ago +1

      bitch you a scrub

  • Sergeant BRogers
    Sergeant BRogers Year ago +4

    Little did he know 4 months later he'd be ejected against the Celtics

  • daeng gnead
    daeng gnead Year ago

    0:12 then pause

  • daeng gnead
    daeng gnead Year ago


  • A Mixtape
    A Mixtape Year ago +1

    Lmao this man just dropped Kelly Olynek

  • Anjali K.
    Anjali K. Year ago +5

    He is so hot

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia Year ago

    How tf did Rachel get that Dame colorway

  • dylan konen
    dylan konen Year ago

    Rachel demita is just too damn hot. It scares me how attractive she is

  • Yvng Cash
    Yvng Cash Year ago +9

    0:07 she be gaurding his ass on and off court

    • Aria
      Aria 9 months ago

      Yvng Cash 😂😂😂

  • P A X
    P A X Year ago

    what is the name on that headband??

    • P A X
      P A X Year ago


    • Jason.
      Jason. Year ago

      Marchey its a Black Bape Shark Bandana, it sold out for now but you can get it on ebay

  • LiL Redd
    LiL Redd Year ago

    He missed a layup

  • Pure Sweat Basketball

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    • DemiGodBach
      DemiGodBach Year ago +1

      Pure Sweat Basketball who tf are you

  • Liz Villela
    Liz Villela Year ago +24

    when he smiles at the camera at 0:23 I melted😥🔥

    • Nora Peace
      Nora Peace Year ago +2

      Yeah he fine af girl 😂🤣🤣

    • Oprah SideNiga
      Oprah SideNiga Year ago

      Liz Villela My boy got that Nick Young look one time

  • 23 for life
    23 for life Year ago +1

    hes hansum but lookz ike he has adhd or something

  • Roman King
    Roman King Year ago +4

    Kelly Oubre, Jr.'s vertical sure was boosted since 2k16. If Oubre really does have that kind of vertical, put him in the dunk competition this All-Star event in 2017. #OubreAllStarDunk

  • Ayocj Vlogs
    Ayocj Vlogs Year ago

    kelly oubre jr. and doris burke? what happened to rachel

  • PhoenixFIrebird
    PhoenixFIrebird Year ago +12

    why hasn't Chris Smoove been featured?

    • Dee
      Dee 8 months ago

      Glib Boy stop it

    • Chief Sosa
      Chief Sosa 8 months ago

      PhoenixFIrebird he sucks

  • Clever Ez
    Clever Ez Year ago +1

    something make me wanna slap his gay ass

  • kevin sims
    kevin sims Year ago +1

    My nigga kelly oubre he grew up in my part of houston. He went to a bush h s glad for my nigga man!!!


    What headband is that called

  • JF 15
    JF 15 Year ago +5

    Does Rachel has a Boyfriend because she is really hot

  • Romanhitemup _25_

    tell Ronnie 2k to fix 2k17 ps3

  • Griffin Reynolds
    Griffin Reynolds Year ago


  • LowkeyJavier_OMA
    LowkeyJavier_OMA Year ago

    what is the headband that Kelly had on

  • Killa Cam
    Killa Cam Year ago +55

    WTF This man is beautiful as fuck, no homo.

    • Abby94
      Abby94 Year ago

      Falcon Lover lol you should've said he's handsome

    • Rezy
      Rezy Year ago +8

      Darius 2k16 You gay as hell!

    • 23 for life
      23 for life Year ago +10

      Darius 2k16 i know dude

    KMLXII Year ago +4

    Can someone answer this question if this is called 2KTV why don't they do WWE or other 2K Games

  • Titus Matthews
    Titus Matthews 2 years ago

    great video, enjoyed i t

  • Michael Shady
    Michael Shady 2 years ago

    what the fuck

  • seth oneill
    seth oneill 2 years ago


  • Frosted
    Frosted 2 years ago +5

    Kelly's hair looks so fucky on the back of his neck

  • Frosted
    Frosted 2 years ago +138

    This is Rachel's second time visiting Kelly... they for sure smashed lol

    • Frosted
      Frosted 2 years ago +12

      god damn
      his 2nd with 2k tho

  • fire sword
    fire sword 2 years ago

    2k knows they can do better

  • fire sword
    fire sword 2 years ago

    2k is wack

  • Joshua Rucker
    Joshua Rucker 2 years ago

    keep the to like it is now i hate just blowing people out

  • Dead Eye
    Dead Eye 2 years ago

    Nba2k I have a 86 playmaker and I can't upgrade him anymore please help

    • iGodly vKing
      iGodly vKing 2 years ago

      La La youve got to pla practices just helping out

  • Dreyden Hawkins
    Dreyden Hawkins 2 years ago +2

    2k tv that nba 2k 17 app the app store can ya make it free because kids want to play it and there mom won't let give it because it cost money pleassssssssssssse

    • 7ay
      7ay 4 months ago

      Dreyden Hawkins WTF

    BRO VENGEANCE 2 years ago +2

    Where the Yeezys at????

  • DualMoneYtiMe Matu
    DualMoneYtiMe Matu 2 years ago

    Whenever I go on my team online my players offball don't play d

  • KiingIcey
    KiingIcey 2 years ago

    Free LSK

  • bryan harris
    bryan harris 2 years ago

    Free LSK

  • Nut
    Nut 2 years ago


  • Malik Burns
    Malik Burns 2 years ago

    Fix shot creators bro

  • Thissmithy Manga
    Thissmithy Manga 2 years ago

    Who cares about this crap, make ur game better 2k

  • Ck Loo
    Ck Loo 2 years ago

    This game is trash

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 2 years ago +40

    its crazy to play with myself... you know in the game. I've always always dreamed of playing with myself.
    -Kelly Oubre Jr.

  • ILXXIV.10
    ILXXIV.10 2 years ago

    how do you throw a alley oop in 2k17 for ps4

  • Niggatron
    Niggatron 2 years ago

    Yo 2k done fucked up my cousin and corrupted all three of his character files. Was wondering if any of y'all know if there's any way to get them back. (We're on Xbox, just incase it makes a difference)

    • xxchris12
      xxchris12 2 years ago

      Anthony Peters contact 2k support

  • Kid wond3r
    Kid wond3r 2 years ago +150

    I feel like oubre piped out Rachel

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 years ago

    2k u needa make 33 n sign out

  • FinneseGoCrazy
    FinneseGoCrazy 2 years ago

    You know kelly like let me hit in the thumpnail and Rachel wanna hit so was like let me guard yo know she lookin down wih those short shorts

  • TheShadowGRIM
    TheShadowGRIM 2 years ago +5

    He remind me of an early Rudy Gay

  • NKA Trick Shots
    NKA Trick Shots 2 years ago

    You made a shit game 2K.

  • jnats34
    jnats34 2 years ago +18


  • Bobby Tall
    Bobby Tall 2 years ago

    I'm not gay but I'd suck Kelly oubres dick in a second

  • DrDev
    DrDev 2 years ago +27

    yall got to put money into the servers and stop wasting it on Rachel and 2ktv

  • Lil Skirty Purp
    Lil Skirty Purp 2 years ago +6

    Did Kelly miss a layup at 1:53😂

  • OTFxCAM23
    OTFxCAM23 2 years ago

    Baby girl Rachel

  • JahMillz TV
    JahMillz TV 2 years ago +5

    at the Start ya saw the difference of the ball when he made it

  • Xavier Simmons
    Xavier Simmons 2 years ago +1

    Is it gay I wanna eat this nigga asshole?

  • King Krispy
    King Krispy 2 years ago +72

    Ain't that the dude that she talked to when he was in high school?

  • Rapsmvn
    Rapsmvn 2 years ago +9

    #free lsk

  • ADK7
    ADK7 2 years ago


    CHRISTIAN. JUNIOR 2 years ago +74

    Im not saying he smashed buuuttttt.........

    • FinneseGoCrazy
      FinneseGoCrazy 2 years ago +3

      Christian 0000 Yes thats what im thinking

  • JM Mercado
    JM Mercado 2 years ago +8

    Can someone tell me what kinda bape headband he's wearing

    • Antonio Okon
      Antonio Okon 2 years ago +1

      MJ oh I'm gonna wait until they restock I need that

    • Miguel Cruz
      Miguel Cruz 2 years ago +1

      Antonio Okon them hoes sold out..only ones i could find are on ebay

    • Antonio Okon
      Antonio Okon 2 years ago +1

      MJ i know way it is it's a bandana black bape

    • Miguel Cruz
      Miguel Cruz 2 years ago

      Antonio Okon fr

    • Antonio Okon
      Antonio Okon 2 years ago

      Jm Mercado I swear I was looking for it