Gypsy Rose Part 1: Mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube

  • Published on Jan 6, 2018
    Gypsy’s Truth and Lies
    In between hospital stays, Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee Blanchard traveled to sporting events, galas and theme parks, and lived in their Habitat for Humanity house.

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  • Megan Whittington
    Megan Whittington 9 hours ago +1

    What I don't understand is, how do you get doctors to give your kid surgeries and feeding tubes and cancer treatments if they don't HAVE any of these disorders? How was Deedee doing this?

    OSWALDARUS 9 hours ago

    They would play Miranda Lambert white liar in the background LOL IM SCREAMING out of all the songs 💀

  • Mr Ducky
    Mr Ducky 9 hours ago

    I don't blame here

  • Bemations
    Bemations 11 hours ago

    I'm glad Gypsy got locked up. I wish the mother would have instead but she kind of got murder and such. I know I sound heartless by saying Gypsy should have been arrested but murder is murder. No illness was insured, she needs to be in jail just like everybody else. Everyone does have a breaking point but you need to find ways to break. Even when you do break if you something such as murder someone you need to be put in jail for the saftey of the public and for breaking the law

  • hae
    hae 11 hours ago +1

    What I want to know is why on earth did this girl get jail time after everything she’s gone through?

  • Kathiana Phaedra
    Kathiana Phaedra 12 hours ago +1

    Gypsy should be in a mental institution not jail

  • Maya Greene
    Maya Greene 13 hours ago

    I don't think Gypsy should've killed Dee Dee, Gypsy should've got her mother some help. I get it her mother lied all those years and she wanted to do something, but Dee Dee had mental problems.

  • Jeremy Heere
    Jeremy Heere 14 hours ago

    “Magical mashed potatoes”

  • Mammy Belle
    Mammy Belle 14 hours ago

    Sad bastard!!

  • Knowledge_is_Power
    Knowledge_is_Power 15 hours ago

    You know ur a bad seed when your own father says to flush her ashes down the toilet.

  • Melissa Weaver
    Melissa Weaver 16 hours ago

    How did she fool hospitals???

  • Panamanian Thing Scene
    Panamanian Thing Scene 21 hour ago +3

    I demand to know all the doctors 🥼 names. They should all be disbarred. Why did they not test her for all these illnesses 😷Who diagnosed her

  • littlemonster TV

    It was a perfect illusion ...


    And ur so special


    Why when ur sick u get to meet famous.people


    Ewww she's so ugly

  • Biggz Davis
    Biggz Davis Day ago

    So she gets 10 years and the slow boy she talked into killing her mom gets 30 years. She aint slow or got anything wrong with her but she was miss treated by her mom but not retarded or slow SMH

  • - HeyItsRihoko-
    - HeyItsRihoko- Day ago

    Who else came from the show

  • fancydeer
    fancydeer Day ago

    Bless her heart. I hope she finds peace. She didn't deserve the life she was forced to live. Her crazy ass mother abused her and brainwashed her and enslaved her her entire life. Gypsy doesn't deserve prison she needs help and recovery. She lived in a prison her whole life.

  • Launie Grace
    Launie Grace Day ago

    Gypsy didn’t deserve to live like that.. her mom kept her in a wheel chair and said she had disabilities just to get free stuff. That’s just sick and very wrong.

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Day ago

    Been watching this on hulu with my gf and damn this show is good and crazy at the same time

  • slytherin slytherin

    3:19 ah the Simpson's
    3:21 oh cars now

  • carolina lopez
    carolina lopez Day ago +1

    can someone please tell me the story cause i dont really understand

  • Tiney Willians
    Tiney Willians Day ago

    So she started after Katrina wow her mom just refuse to start over like any1 eles and mess up her daughter life SMDH wow

  • Tiney Willians
    Tiney Willians Day ago

    Look like she's reading about the dentist that her mom wrote smdh her mom is sick!!!!!!


    But what if it was purple?

  • Victoria Reynaga
    Victoria Reynaga Day ago +2

    The daughter also become manipulative, she knew what she was doing.

  • Victoria Reynaga

    yea she shouldn’t be locked up but she should be in a mental hospital.

  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith Day ago

    How did she eat mashed potatoes if she needs a feeding tube

  • Cruelty to Animals IS EVIL

    How could they say Gypsy wasn't sick - she had a feeding tube.

    • rasta pasta
      rasta pasta 10 hours ago

      Cruelty to Animals IS EVIL she didn’t need the feeding tube

  • Juice9512
    Juice9512 Day ago

    She did the right thing. Only thing she should be locked up for is making the death too quick

  • E Erjavec
    E Erjavec Day ago

    Dad should have been a dad

    JONEZ CMAR 2 days ago +1

    I think Dee Dee was heart broken and used Gypsy hoping her husband would be with her and not let her go trough the struggles alone but went over board and got caught!!!!!

  • msdeshabangbang
    msdeshabangbang 2 days ago

    I've never understood a murder so well in my life!

  • Sydney Davison
    Sydney Davison 2 days ago

    Do I feel like the woman deserved to be slaughtered? Eh nah. Do I necessarily feel bad? No.

  • Amy F.
    Amy F. 2 days ago

    Looking at Gypsy's baby pics and how her mother tortured her by faking multiple diseases breaks my heart. She had to endure all types of medical procedures. Now she's in prison, can she ever get a break? Her mother was a monster.

  • Aquisha Allen
    Aquisha Allen 2 days ago

    The gypsy in the show acts the exact same as the real one thats pretty cool but poor girl.

  • Robbie Frederick
    Robbie Frederick 2 days ago

    This girl was wrongly convicted. Instead, she needed to be put in a place that can actually rehabilitate her. She should be placed in a place that would teach her everything she missed. All this girl wanted was to experience life life the rest of us. She wanted to try all the good foods, enjoy friends, scrape a knee, just live life. This is so fucked up and now I'm watching "the act" on Hulu and it just pissed me off how this girl missed out on some of the best years of a human life. So fucked up.

  • Rebecca Libal
    Rebecca Libal 2 days ago

    Jxhgxsdffugutughvjvjfh Service

  • TheSmollestScrub
    TheSmollestScrub 2 days ago +4

    Her mom is from Louisiana? OK IM MOVING BYE
    Edit: AND HER LAST NAME IS PITRE?? THATS MY COUSINS LAST NAME!! ( also all the pitres are related)

  • Katherine Webb
    Katherine Webb 2 days ago

    Spoiler: She is NOT supportive of 'The Act.’

  • Erica Marie
    Erica Marie 2 days ago

    If gypsy rose gets out of prison then so should the menendez brothers... they were abused as well. Gypsy premeditated her mother’s murder. I do feel she was a victim but I also feel there were other ways around this. I think she should be placed in a mental institution to get her the help she needs.

  • Babyy_gurl_Nimo 812
    Babyy_gurl_Nimo 812 2 days ago

    I thought 💭 that she didn’t have the illnesses

  • Life Of golden retrievers

    Just because she’s sick doesn’t mean she can’t get braces

  • novak1928
    novak1928 2 days ago

    Wtf is w/ these Dr's & their fake diagnosis?? It should have been stopped rt there. Gross story.

  • Andy uk
    Andy uk 3 days ago

    I just can't believe that in all this time not one doctor or specialist noticed that Gypsy wasn't as ill as Dee Dee was making out. Surely SOMEBODY must have realised that there was something suspicious going on? Blood tests, scans, xrays? They wld all reveal certain problems. I don't know, I just find it strange that a person can convince so many specialists that their child is THAT unwell....sad story, and that poor girl shldnt be in prison. She didn't do anything wrong, apart from believe her mum x

  • EditedFlounder 8
    EditedFlounder 8 3 days ago

    Why is Gypsy in jail? Her manipulative attention seeking evil abusive mother deserves to be in jail Gypsy wanted to be free her mother deserved what she got.Gypsy needs help and a true mother not prison.

  • C & A. R
    C & A. R 3 days ago

    Poor girl yes, but....all she had to do was walk out. Tell her story. Was no need to kill the mother, who, according to the series, was pretty sick anyway.

  • Shay Buller
    Shay Buller 3 days ago

    We all stand Gypsy

  • MalleeSo Blu
    MalleeSo Blu 3 days ago

    This is so f’d up. Like, seriously?! Her weird ass mom!

  • Feezzu
    Feezzu 3 days ago

    this some shit that wouldn't happen in new york. they'd look at the test results and be like "naaaah bitch u deadass got nothing, na meannn???"
    i hope the doctors that were like "huh, tests are completely normal but yup it's cancer!" have their licenses revoked because i've never heard of any shit like that

  • Super Sonico
    Super Sonico 3 days ago

    She met Blake! It was all worthwhile.

  • DontTouchMyFaceu
    DontTouchMyFaceu 3 days ago +2

    Missouri Springfeild??? I live like 40 mind from there

  • Bendy the ink Demon
    Bendy the ink Demon 3 days ago +1

    The thing is, Dee Dee would've been a wonderful mother IF Gypsy was ACTUALLY sick.

  • Pat Tarvin
    Pat Tarvin 3 days ago

    her mother noticed that she looked a little retarded and used it to create this story for her own benefit.

  • Sj J
    Sj J 3 days ago +1

    Why wasn't the mother in jail for the rest of her life

    • Laina Banks
      Laina Banks 15 hours ago

      Sj J Probably because she was too busy getting murdered lol

  • Fritolaysandapplesauce

  • shuger not sugar why is it sugar

    Bruh anyone watching the act oh Hulu rn

    • Tracey
      Tracey 10 hours ago +1

      Yes, it's so good

  • Titania Evil
    Titania Evil 3 days ago

    The dad is equally responsable u suck bitch i hate ur laugh

  • Titania Evil
    Titania Evil 3 days ago

    Beautiful quuen lol fat nasty manly looking

  • Gerbil Lover
    Gerbil Lover 3 days ago

    Gypsy needed mental help not prison

  • Emma Lagumdzija
    Emma Lagumdzija 3 days ago +9

    Watch the movie “Love You to Death” it’s based off of this and it’s amazing

  • Jess Davolio
    Jess Davolio 3 days ago

    She took a plea deal. You can’t get her out of jail. She knows killing her mom was wrong and does regret it. However she took a plea deal for less time in jail. Yes she should be in a mental hospital instead but she’s eligible for parole in a couple years.

  • Dynamit3 Diva
    Dynamit3 Diva 3 days ago

    What if the mom was innocent the whole time & she was being played by the daughter... having different physco personalities... that she finally told her mom she was faking & decided to murder her so she wouldn't say anything?! 😳
    How's that for a thought..🤔

  • T'Yanna Miller
    T'Yanna Miller 3 days ago
    Please check it out! 😁

  • Karanpreet Mann
    Karanpreet Mann 4 days ago

    Lol the white liar

  • Makeuplover 19
    Makeuplover 19 4 days ago +1

    But how the hell did she get admitted into hospital?

  • The1Heart1 1
    The1Heart1 1 4 days ago

    She had various opportunities to get away from her mom. I watch The Act and am just amazed at how she didn't two piece that ugly bitch the moment she found out she was an ADULT!

  • Chanel Brown
    Chanel Brown 4 days ago

    IDK she could have spoken up along time ago

  • Alice Rivera
    Alice Rivera 4 days ago

    Watches after watches on tv

  • mickey kay
    mickey kay 4 days ago

    It’s scares tf out of me that so many people like her and think she didn’t deserve her sentence

  • Stephanie Cleveland
    Stephanie Cleveland 4 days ago +29


  • Stephanie Cleveland
    Stephanie Cleveland 4 days ago +159

    She DOES NOT deserve anytime in prison PERIOD!!!! That evil manipulative ABUSER stole her childhood!!!!

    • Cloverfr
      Cloverfr Day ago

      +ML Heron-Pencola She was raised from the start to be like this, she was isolated, tried to scape and she was found out, the mother made a lawyer sign papers telling she is mentally incapable, so she couldn't reach for the police, the only thing she knew for certain is that she could walk, she didn't knew if she had those illnesses, a doctor wrote on his notes that Dee delivery didn't let gypsy hear what she talked with the doctors, giving all this I don't see how she had chose that life as you said.

    • yt JustMexican16
      yt JustMexican16 Day ago

      Stephanie Cleveland the reason her mom was like that was because there was something wrong with her. Dee dees mom was awful too and made dee dee like that so when u try to say something at least have some knowledge pls

    • Mineral Water
      Mineral Water Day ago

      don't ask for my gum no more i am aware. I was sharing a fact

    • don't ask for my gum no more
      don't ask for my gum no more Day ago +1

      Mineral Water her life was stolen and she took it back. She should be freed.

    • Victoria Reynaga
      Victoria Reynaga Day ago

      ML Heron-Pencola true

  • Balloon Head
    Balloon Head 4 days ago +1

    Why is she in jail?

  • The_ EmoTrash11
    The_ EmoTrash11 4 days ago

    The girl is so cute man

  • brooklyn-rose jameson

    I don't understand what this story is about?

  • nicole lozob
    nicole lozob 4 days ago

    isnt it just self defense? she shouldn’t have been locked up

  • aszha denny
    aszha denny 4 days ago

    I seen the act its soo good but its really sad

  • Esther
    Esther 4 days ago +1

    Damn now that I'm watching the true Gypsy I'm realising that the actress of the serie did one hell of a job even the voice sound similar.... I'm speechless

    • Erica Ruffino
      Erica Ruffino 3 days ago

      Esther agreed she did a hell of a good job!!

  • X X
    X X 4 days ago +41

    I think she needs mental help, after what she’s been trough. How is jail going to help?

  • Victoria H.D
    Victoria H.D 4 days ago +73

    Didn’t a doctor just say wait a minute let’s get some blood work done???

    • Lilliz91
      Lilliz91 9 hours ago

      Also remember she was in healthcare field so she knew how to work in the system.

    • Tori Barnes
      Tori Barnes 3 days ago +12

      Victoria H.D when the doctors told her her daughter wasn’t sick she would go to another doctor and tell them she “knows” something is wrong, when other doctors would ask for medical records she would claim they were lost in Katrina

  • DJ Hardnox Beats
    DJ Hardnox Beats 4 days ago

    who has seen the show on hulu!?!?!?

  • Kia Sus
    Kia Sus 4 days ago


  • TheElleAngeles
    TheElleAngeles 4 days ago

    How long did gypsy get in jail?

  • Eli Z. C
    Eli Z. C 4 days ago

    I'm wondering since she is healthy, even with her mom making her look sick, how could hospitals not able to test and prove she is not actually sick and save her earlier?

  • Miranda Sant3
    Miranda Sant3 4 days ago

    She doesn't need to be in jail. Imagine being tortured your whole life scared and helpless abused forced to take meds she didn't need. Her mental health was severely effected. If someone was kidnapped as a baby and put in the same position and eventually killed the kidnapper it would be self defense. So why is she In jail? I mean she feels jail is way better than with her mom that says something. Let her out get her help!!!

  • cat sniffer
    cat sniffer 5 days ago +1

    I'd like to know who will take care of Gypsy after release?

    • ML Heron-Pencola
      ML Heron-Pencola 2 days ago

      She is an adult over 18. She needs to take care of herself. But she does have a father and family

  • jill tish
    jill tish 5 days ago +53

    joey really did a fantastic job playing her part

  • Kathleen Hurst
    Kathleen Hurst 5 days ago


  • psycheplay _
    psycheplay _ 5 days ago

    A woman who peaked as the beauty queen took the life of her daughter who couldve possibly been much more successful than her

    ALANNAH THE UNICORN 5 days ago

    Omg the girl with the necklace they say something about that in the act

  • Raquel Montgomery
    Raquel Montgomery 5 days ago +1

    *Spoiler warning* On the Hulu series, she sneaks out to go see her first "boyfriend." (Quotations heavily used here.)

  • Nooby
    Nooby 5 days ago

    Isn't this a movie?

  • Shanita Bethea
    Shanita Bethea 5 days ago

    My mom watch this on hulu

  • Farrien Daniel
    Farrien Daniel 5 days ago +89

    I firmly feel that 10 years in prison is too much For gypsy...

  • This Dog Is Drinking Milk

    The mother was the one was wrong. If she could go on a laptop and set up a dating website. Omg thats smart

  • She’s A Savage
    She’s A Savage 5 days ago

    Currently watching the act on HULU.

  • bruno and the mars
    bruno and the mars 5 days ago

    2:51 more like huracane tortilla

  • Venom x Eddie
    Venom x Eddie 5 days ago

    Absolute bull shit. Gypsy did nothing wrong. Her mother deserved to die.