• Published on Jun 6, 2017
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    I never thought I'd attempt anything this dumb, but one year after the infamous "50,000 calorie challenge" I thought I'd take things up a "notch" by attempting to surpass my old 50,000 calorie video.
    **As a formal disclaimer**
    I DO NOT (as it should be obviously inferred) recommend doing this for ANYONE. I'm a competitive eater and have built a relatively larger (than normal) stomach capacity to be able to tolerate large amounts of food. If an average person were to attempt something of this nature, negative consequences could come of it, for that reason I will say that you should DEFINITELY not try to do anything of this nature.
    All of the MyFitnessPal Screen shots are entirely accurate, if you want to tell me that they (or my meals) are "fake" (which are just the usual troll comments), then by all means feel free. But before you do so, please check out the numerous restaurant challenges and eating contests that I've posted on my channel.
    The video was long enough already, before I did my final edit, I had just over 1.5 hours of "Finalized" footage, therefore I needed to make even more cuts. So again, if you'd like to call anyone out for being "fake", take that into consideration.
    I did overshoot the "last meal" by a large amount, I thought I'd end with my "favorites", and well.. (I won't spoil it, heh). Also, keep in mind that when you take in calories/food/carbs of this caliber, you lose part of your mental coherency, hence why I (found it rather hilarious really) kept saying "not bad" so much. So excuse that (and the messiness during the video). And I am aware I missed one "not bad" around the middle of the video, lol.
    I ended up baking my breakfast bread the night before, as referenced in the video, here's the ingredients:
    - 4 Cups of Flour
    - 2 Whole Eggs
    - 100g Butter
    - 5 Tablespoons of Sugar
    - 1 Tsp Yeast
    The 3 rides during the three days (to those wondering how much I exercised):
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    I was hungry before watching this...

    Now I’m even hungrier

  • Cassidy Flynn
    Cassidy Flynn Day ago

    First meal was a bust wasn’t it 😂😂 wasn’t keen on any of it really ahahhahahah v sad

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    I just realized how long the video was

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    Santiago Musolino 2 days ago

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  • Bogusław Kołodziej

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  • Puffed Face Voyia
    Puffed Face Voyia 6 days ago

    Damn Erik! That fart in the beginning sounded like you blew your spine out your a*s hole lmao old vid but damn! You scared me

  • heyitsjusttom
    heyitsjusttom 7 days ago

    I'm addicted to your videos dude

  • Emanuele Sanna
    Emanuele Sanna 7 days ago


  • scruffy ishere
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  • Peggy Fischer
    Peggy Fischer 9 days ago +1

    I love pickles ya bastard 😂

  • Mr Sprite
    Mr Sprite 12 days ago

    Tutorial, how to have diabet

  • Clara slv
    Clara slv 12 days ago

    Ele vai cagar a noite inteira!

  • Chiara Nieman
    Chiara Nieman 13 days ago

    That fart tho XD

  • Cooking with Ya girl
    Cooking with Ya girl 14 days ago

    Watching this makes me full

  • Nichole Garth
    Nichole Garth 17 days ago

    I love your videos 😘😍😶😘😘😘😘

  • Paloma Something
    Paloma Something 17 days ago

    Happy New Year

  • Andrea Montaneri Management e Production

    merry christmas

  • SwagZter
    SwagZter 23 days ago

    Who else sitting here, knowing that "I cant even eat the whole pizza"

  • Sanjar Absadikov
    Sanjar Absadikov 24 days ago

    I hate to be that one dude, but I liked the old Erik better

  • JadeInABox
    JadeInABox 24 days ago

    Not gonna lie. That breakfast sandwich and that sweet casserole thing at the end looked amazing. I wouldn't go for that quantity, obviously, but I'd love a slice of those!

  • Lord Self-hatred
    Lord Self-hatred 25 days ago

    Carbs carbs and more carbs

  • viktor Müller
    viktor Müller 25 days ago

    Hmm why would he tape the clock

  • Блоха Подкроватная

    Ух, смотрю это и просто офигеваю. Это реально? Каааак? Ты потом неделю не ешь что ли?😂

  • Nitin Kanal
    Nitin Kanal 28 days ago

    Holy fart.

  • Tx_ Raven
    Tx_ Raven 28 days ago +1

    Fun fact banana is a vegetable

  • Lord Self-hatred
    Lord Self-hatred Month ago

    I do love carbs

  • PraiseDa Memes
    PraiseDa Memes Month ago

    The theme at 17:12??? Someone please!!

  • Vlad Nikitin
    Vlad Nikitin Month ago

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  • Kirsten Berry
    Kirsten Berry Month ago +1

    I felt like throwing up while watching this

  • Pham Anthony
    Pham Anthony Month ago

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  • Finn M
    Finn M Month ago

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  • megadeth999polaris
    megadeth999polaris Month ago

    I was waiting for it, but it didn't happen. Where's the W O W moment? The Lightsaber chopsticks made up for it.

  • Facundo Savall
    Facundo Savall Month ago +1

    what a retard

  • Ninja chris Soup
    Ninja chris Soup Month ago

    I have the same couch as you 😊

  • Basic Bitch
    Basic Bitch Month ago

    I think he goes to the bathroom and put his finger on his throat after these challanges... If he doesn't then idk how he's not diyng

  • Dawson Christopherson

    You ruined the hashbrowns by put mushrooms in it

  • Hazy.Scope
    Hazy.Scope Month ago

    17:15 ?!?!!?! Microwaving your buns in the plastic wrap??

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    NofaultFrank S Month ago

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    Meko Melesse Month ago

    The Jesus reference was really rude

  • Assassin XX7
    Assassin XX7 Month ago

    My thoughts when watching your video... “you’re so fucking stupid”...

  • Tamás Varga
    Tamás Varga Month ago

    Duuude, that's literally my 2 months worth of calories. :O

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    gangster Gamer Month ago

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  • Formerly Known As 420

    I know nothing about this eating challenge stuff but why eat so many veggies? Take up stomach space and very low in calories no? Maybe it helps get it down

  • Mr. Spooderman
    Mr. Spooderman Month ago

    I wonder, if you go into a restaurant, how much servings do you order? And does it even make you feel full

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    Rosie Graf Month ago

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  • aka Zuik
    aka Zuik Month ago

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    Reagan H! Month ago

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  • Arian Tari
    Arian Tari 2 months ago

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    MOBILE LEGENDS player 2 months ago

    I think u are a robot !!! How u can eat 16 cal... in every1 hour??

  • Some Random kid
    Some Random kid 2 months ago

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  • Some Random kid
    Some Random kid 2 months ago

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    Akshay Raj 2 months ago

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    Shanna 2 months ago

    When you go to Chick Fil-a and become the most polite person in the world😂😂😂
    Five year old eats cupcakes Erik takes notes


  • IJ YT
    IJ YT 2 months ago

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  • Ameen Mateen
    Ameen Mateen 2 months ago

    your killing yourself eating all that junk

  • Ameen Mateen
    Ameen Mateen 2 months ago

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  • Marjohanny Berrios
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  • Marjohanny Berrios
    Marjohanny Berrios 2 months ago +1


  • Hooman Being
    Hooman Being 2 months ago

    The reason I don’t put ketchup on everything is because I’m allergic to it. RIP

    TYLER PYLE 2 months ago +1

    I bet he has to replace his toilet after every one of these challenges

  • Sufyan Mohamed
    Sufyan Mohamed 2 months ago +1

    Honestly speaking,what if all the footage was corrupted after all of this🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    Muralha Muralha 2 months ago

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    m i n e 2 months ago

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    Robykill 73 2 months ago

    Wtf? Hi man I congratulate you .. your 60 hours correspond to my 60 days
    Great challenge

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    Samyam Shrestha 2 months ago

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    Me P 2 months ago

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    • Nicolas T
      Nicolas T 2 months ago

      Me P, you are right. I count 67 625 calories (meal per meal).

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    Spencer Bulaga 2 months ago

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      king124 2017 Month ago

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    • • •
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