• Published on Jun 6, 2017
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    I never thought I'd attempt anything this dumb, but one year after the infamous "50,000 calorie challenge" I thought I'd take things up a "notch" by attempting to surpass my old 50,000 calorie video.
    **As a formal disclaimer**
    I DO NOT (as it should be obviously inferred) recommend doing this for ANYONE. I'm a competitive eater and have built a relatively larger (than normal) stomach capacity to be able to tolerate large amounts of food. If an average person were to attempt something of this nature, negative consequences could come of it, for that reason I will say that you should DEFINITELY not try to do anything of this nature.
    All of the MyFitnessPal Screen shots are entirely accurate, if you want to tell me that they (or my meals) are "fake" (which are just the usual troll comments), then by all means feel free. But before you do so, please check out the numerous restaurant challenges and eating contests that I've posted on my channel.
    The video was long enough already, before I did my final edit, I had just over 1.5 hours of "Finalized" footage, therefore I needed to make even more cuts. So again, if you'd like to call anyone out for being "fake", take that into consideration.
    I did overshoot the "last meal" by a large amount, I thought I'd end with my "favorites", and well.. (I won't spoil it, heh). Also, keep in mind that when you take in calories/food/carbs of this caliber, you lose part of your mental coherency, hence why I (found it rather hilarious really) kept saying "not bad" so much. So excuse that (and the messiness during the video). And I am aware I missed one "not bad" around the middle of the video, lol.
    I ended up baking my breakfast bread the night before, as referenced in the video, here's the ingredients:
    - 4 Cups of Flour
    - 2 Whole Eggs
    - 100g Butter
    - 5 Tablespoons of Sugar
    - 1 Tsp Yeast
    The 3 rides during the three days (to those wondering how much I exercised):
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  • pedro chavez
    pedro chavez Day ago

    Why ur arms so TAN

    • Nicolas T
      Nicolas T 11 hours ago

      Because He does cycling a lot.

  • Amadeus Sjögren

    Har have this Guy not died yet of these challenges

  • Cute Bunny2007
    Cute Bunny2007 2 days ago

    Who else heard the beginning of the video.: he farted

    • Nicolas T
      Nicolas T 11 hours ago

      It is the result of eating all this food ;).

    HI TOBEY 2 days ago

    Who's excited for KOFI-MANIA then??

  • Ava Collins
    Ava Collins 4 days ago

    22:46 what that bun looking so good for? 😂

  • Šestić 02
    Šestić 02 5 days ago

    Ja nemam leba da jem a ti zderes ko steona krava

    SV CRUZ 7 days ago

    23:05 that nigga from jack in the box put cum in your chicken 🍗 sandwich 🥪

  • Alivia Shatto
    Alivia Shatto 7 days ago

    Ummmmmm ew

  • Jordan Tube
    Jordan Tube 9 days ago

    The only thing I hate about these challenges
    It make me hungry

  • xXRebecca's_ doodle_studios

    I'm hungry.

  • Oliver TullyYT
    Oliver TullyYT 10 days ago

    Maybe cool the pop tarts

  • Asthetic Lion
    Asthetic Lion 11 days ago +1

    Im on a diet while wathing this! WHOS WITH ME😭😂

  • Masterka Rozpierduchy
    Masterka Rozpierduchy 12 days ago

    Eat walnuts. They are high in calories aswell

  • threemullets73
    threemullets73 12 days ago

    you arent swole you just skinny

  • Tyler Francisco
    Tyler Francisco 13 days ago

    How can you been possibly do that

  • Katies Weightloss
    Katies Weightloss 15 days ago

    Mee stress eating 🍽 lmfao

  • ChangeofLlama
    ChangeofLlama 15 days ago +1

    I've just noticed that he just ate as much calories I eat in one month in less that 3 days

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  • ruffe .r
    ruffe .r 16 days ago

    U farted lmfao

  • Heidy!! Rodriguez
    Heidy!! Rodriguez 17 days ago

    Soy la única que piensa que hace trampa porque derrepente mete cortes cada vez que está comiendo en vez de ponerlo en cámara rápida y ya

  • mc
    mc 18 days ago


  • isabella montlavo
    isabella montlavo 20 days ago +1

    he eats the nastiest combos but wen it comes to pickles there “nasty”

  • Erin Rachal
    Erin Rachal 22 days ago

    I wish you liked pickles we could be friends

  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz 23 days ago

    Dude pickles are so good and ranch is so disgusting

  • Ksusha Bubnova
    Ksusha Bubnova 23 days ago

    Erik I love you 💕 I’m from Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Joker Jokez
    Joker Jokez 24 days ago

    In 2017 my friend got offered weed

  • Abby Mangels
    Abby Mangels 27 days ago +1

    Me... I can do this! Sits down eats 1 bucket of kfc, man I'm stuffed.

  • John Bradford
    John Bradford 28 days ago

    What type of mixtures are those

  • the midimalist
    the midimalist 28 days ago

    too lazy to go get the ketchup when you're eating in the mf kitchen is a mood i can relate to right now.

  • the midimalist
    the midimalist 28 days ago

    i want your heavy sighs to be my ringtone.

  • Get[1]Pumped
    Get[1]Pumped Month ago

    The music from meal3 nearly sent me to sleep dude, solid vid again Erik, love you dude

  • Simply Broken
    Simply Broken Month ago

    I just sat here for 60 minutes watching this guy eat. What am i doing?

  • Corinne Beingamood
    Corinne Beingamood Month ago +1

    The salad he eats for the second meal would be like two meals for me😂

  • Liam Friend
    Liam Friend Month ago


  • Aaron Skiller
    Aaron Skiller Month ago +1


  • leela cammpbells
    leela cammpbells Month ago

    anyone else concerned that the breyers' icecream wasn't melted at all. what do they put in there?

  • Seth Evans
    Seth Evans Month ago

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  • Chris Swinfen
    Chris Swinfen Month ago

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  • George S
    George S Month ago

    @0:30-0:37 roflmao 😄 😅😆 😂

  • Sofia Hoxel
    Sofia Hoxel Month ago +1

    Ok I'm sorry but like if I were to do this the last thing on my mind would be fruits like come on haha

  • Sofia Hoxel
    Sofia Hoxel Month ago +9

    Meanwhile I have one grape and I gain 30 pounds

  • Sofia Hoxel
    Sofia Hoxel Month ago +1

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  • shannon inman
    shannon inman Month ago

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    Joshua Mayo Month ago

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  • Skate Rat
    Skate Rat Month ago

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  • Gymnastics Girl
    Gymnastics Girl Month ago

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  • Madeleine Andersson

    Erik looks so depressed in this video

  • Analya L. Crespo
    Analya L. Crespo Month ago

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  • Andrew Casiano
    Andrew Casiano Month ago

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  • saif bakri
    saif bakri Month ago

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  • saif bakri
    saif bakri Month ago

    I watched this video while eating a small bowl of salad 😂

  • Zaxr
    Zaxr Month ago

    This is how muuch i eat in a month

  • Zaxr
    Zaxr Month ago

    Just eat 1k calories every hour

  • ethanishere13
    ethanishere13 Month ago

    major throwback to when erik still counted liquid calories in his challenge

  • Jacob Stavish
    Jacob Stavish Month ago +1

    What do you mean you hate pickles 😡😡😡😡pickles are the best

  • Lee Trigs
    Lee Trigs Month ago

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  • Ceiling Fan
    Ceiling Fan Month ago

    I ate two apples with peanut butter and my stomach hurts 😂😂😂😂 you're a legend

    • Ceiling Fan
      Ceiling Fan Month ago

      I think it's actually really funny how you ate 8k over

  • Hoezi02
    Hoezi02 Month ago

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  • goodgirl23
    goodgirl23 2 months ago

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    omar taha 2 months ago

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  • Dah MoocahChooca
    Dah MoocahChooca 2 months ago +1

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  • Francesca Frax
    Francesca Frax 2 months ago

    Your’e beautiful when yu become sooo full😂😂😂👨🏻‍🏭

  • Francesca Frax
    Francesca Frax 2 months ago

    Your’e beautiful when yu become sooo full😂😂😂👨🏻‍🏭

  • Francesca Frax
    Francesca Frax 2 months ago

    Your’e beautiful when yu become sooo full😂😂😂👨🏻‍🏭

  • zulfah
    zulfah 2 months ago

    the syrup on the sandwich nooooo

  • march18 twenty13
    march18 twenty13 2 months ago

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  • SandwichPlaysRoblox. AndOtherGames.

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    Now I’m even hungrier

  • Cassidy Flynn
    Cassidy Flynn 2 months ago

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    Santiago Musolino 2 months ago

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    Amine Brs 2 months ago


  • Bogusław Kołodziej
    Bogusław Kołodziej 2 months ago

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    Puffed Face Voyia 2 months ago

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    Mr.Sprite 2 months ago

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