• Published on Jun 6, 2017
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    I never thought I'd attempt anything this dumb, but one year after the infamous "50,000 calorie challenge" I thought I'd take things up a "notch" by attempting to surpass my old 50,000 calorie video.
    **As a formal disclaimer**
    I DO NOT (as it should be obviously inferred) recommend doing this for ANYONE. I'm a competitive eater and have built a relatively larger (than normal) stomach capacity to be able to tolerate large amounts of food. If an average person were to attempt something of this nature, negative consequences could come of it, for that reason I will say that you should DEFINITELY not try to do anything of this nature.
    All of the MyFitnessPal Screen shots are entirely accurate, if you want to tell me that they (or my meals) are "fake" (which are just the usual troll comments), then by all means feel free. But before you do so, please check out the numerous restaurant challenges and eating contests that I've posted on my channel.
    The video was long enough already, before I did my final edit, I had just over 1.5 hours of "Finalized" footage, therefore I needed to make even more cuts. So again, if you'd like to call anyone out for being "fake", take that into consideration.
    I did overshoot the "last meal" by a large amount, I thought I'd end with my "favorites", and well.. (I won't spoil it, heh). Also, keep in mind that when you take in calories/food/carbs of this caliber, you lose part of your mental coherency, hence why I (found it rather hilarious really) kept saying "not bad" so much. So excuse that (and the messiness during the video). And I am aware I missed one "not bad" around the middle of the video, lol.
    I ended up baking my breakfast bread the night before, as referenced in the video, here's the ingredients:
    - 4 Cups of Flour
    - 2 Whole Eggs
    - 100g Butter
    - 5 Tablespoons of Sugar
    - 1 Tsp Yeast
    The 3 rides during the three days (to those wondering how much I exercised):
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  • IJ YT
    IJ YT 4 hours ago

    34:37 you forgot 2 not bads 😱

  • Ameen Mateen
    Ameen Mateen 2 days ago

    your killing yourself eating all that junk

  • Ameen Mateen
    Ameen Mateen 2 days ago

    Erik have ever thought of slowing things down with all that junk food you need to try to at least try to eat more healthy in your dite its very important you know and try to exercise more

  • Marjohanny Berrios
    Marjohanny Berrios 3 days ago

    So good 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😏😏😏😏😏😏😏🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😱🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤝🤝🤝✋🏼🎄🍌🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍇🍉🍒🍑🍍🥝🥑🌽🥕🥒🍆🍅🌶🥔🍠🌰🥜🧀🥖🍞🥐🍯🥚🍳🥓🥞🍤🍔🍕🍖🍗🍟🥙🌮🌯🥗🍥🍲🍜🍝🥘🍣🍱🍛🍙🍚🍘🍢🍡🍧🍨🍭🍮🎂🍰🍦🍬🍫🍿🍩🍪🍶🍵☕️🍼🥛🍺🍻🥂🍷🥃🍴🥄🍾🍹🍸🍽🚴🏼🚵🏼🚗🛩🌋🏨🏩🏥🛣

  • Marjohanny Berrios
    Marjohanny Berrios 3 days ago +1


  • Imagine Dragons Fan base

    The reason I don’t put ketchup on everything is because I’m allergic to it. RIP

    TYLER PYLE 4 days ago +1

    I bet he has to replace his toilet after every one of these challenges

  • Sufyan Mohamed
    Sufyan Mohamed 4 days ago +1

    Honestly speaking,what if all the footage was corrupted after all of this🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Muralha Muralha
    Muralha Muralha 5 days ago

    Dude, how are you alive...?

  • Dogjy101
    Dogjy101 5 days ago

    Smack Peanut Butter on every two slice of whatever you want

  • m i n e
    m i n e 7 days ago

    Equivalent to protein calories in the human body

  • Robykill 73
    Robykill 73 8 days ago

    Wtf? Hi man I congratulate you .. your 60 hours correspond to my 60 days
    Great challenge

  • Samyam Shrestha
    Samyam Shrestha 8 days ago

    is he even a human!?!?!?

    AMIYA MILLER 9 days ago

    there is no such thing as too much flavor

  • nihaar 11
    nihaar 11 10 days ago +1

    After this video he pooped 1 million times its a joke

  • Julyssa Martinez
    Julyssa Martinez 11 days ago

    How have you not gone into cardiac arrest omygoodness

  • Seppe Jacobs
    Seppe Jacobs 11 days ago +1

    I live in Belgium en hear they only have Mc donalds En burger King
    I want KFC

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    Oliver Frazer 13 days ago

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    なめこ 14 days ago

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  • Dian Taylor
    Dian Taylor 15 days ago

    Eric how have u not died

  • Michael Krevetski
    Michael Krevetski 15 days ago

    Bruh the amount he eats he should have a lot more muscle on his body 😂

  • MemeLover
    MemeLover 16 days ago

    I wonder how much weight did he gained.

  • Tyler and Sam
    Tyler and Sam 17 days ago

    Am I the only that hates when he puts way too much ranch on his food

  • Mia Kota Urquhart
    Mia Kota Urquhart 18 days ago

    I like the video

  • TheYOUNGHUBBA PUBGmobilegaming

    New Erik is a lot happier and more enthusiastic who agrees WOW moment

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    김원준 18 days ago

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    rogar61 20 days ago

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  • rogar61
    rogar61 21 day ago

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  • Asmrustard
    Asmrustard 21 day ago

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  • Me P
    Me P 21 day ago

    Just asking, but was there a mistake in the total in the end?

    • Nicolas T
      Nicolas T 16 days ago

      Me P, you are right. I count 67 625 calories (meal per meal).

  • Spencer Bulaga
    Spencer Bulaga 24 days ago

    Chick fila people always nice

  • king124 2017
    king124 2017 24 days ago

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  • Korbin Griffin
    Korbin Griffin 29 days ago

    You missed a lot of not bads

  • Laura
    Laura 29 days ago

    Fifty bucks says he pukes this stuff up off camera

  • Lucas Wright
    Lucas Wright Month ago

    When you eat all that food it just makes me want to eat

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Month ago

    The taste of the first meal is very bad

  • Blizzard biter
    Blizzard biter Month ago

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  • Marc Fletcher
    Marc Fletcher Month ago


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    noha kriddache Month ago

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    Kylie Epstein Month ago

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    Dat nigga Roger Month ago

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    the dark red head Month ago


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    My god, Americans have disgusting wonder you've got such an obesity problem. Your government is so totally screwing you over...

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    Welcome to the United States of America

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    ZXR NIN-J Month ago

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    # Sing Month ago

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  • Ryan Bahrani
    Ryan Bahrani Month ago

    22:35 you missed two “not bads”

  • Dream Killer
    Dream Killer Month ago

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    shayetebeardie Month ago

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  • Robert Piccolo
    Robert Piccolo 2 months ago

    2:00 sounds likes one of Angry Grandpas farts

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    ramez ayyoub 2 months ago

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  • Nessa K
    Nessa K 2 months ago

    The fart at the beginning was all I needed ahahahha

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    Natalie Medina 2 months ago

    U am surprised you don't have diabetes you have like a superpower of eating more food than anyone can ever handle like woah

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    Leetbeast 2 months ago +1

    Omg u are the best and epic as hell not some kid wannabee

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  • The FemAlien
    The FemAlien 2 months ago

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