Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode 7 - Beachfront Inn & Inlet Full Episode HD

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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Comments • 544

  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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  • Imen Yagoub
    Imen Yagoub 43 minutes ago +1

    This gave me so much anxiety...

  • Col Friday
    Col Friday 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else thinks that Brian gives an air from Brendan Fraser??

  • kshitij sharma
    kshitij sharma 4 hours ago

    When he gets caught for frozen food

  • Brick Island
    Brick Island 6 hours ago

    Brian must have the lowest self esteem of anyone. He's like deer in headlights or a head less chicken.

  • Kevin Lu WX
    Kevin Lu WX Day ago

    Brian is too stupid to run a business

  • Kevin Lu WX
    Kevin Lu WX Day ago

    4:23 "OOF" - Gordon Ramsay

  • Una Uzeirbegovic

    I just found out that if you press the time someone commented about it emmidiatly brings u there wow ive spent so much time trying to fimd what people were talking about

  • triken 8
    triken 8 Day ago

    15:25 i bet they are going to recycle it! 😂

  • TomoyaC
    TomoyaC 2 days ago

    This guy has the strongest resemblance to Elliot from Bedazzled lol

  • Lumor
    Lumor 2 days ago

    Who the fuck throws a big bucket full of liquids in the trashcan lol?? Flush it down the drain or something.

  • Charles Mendez
    Charles Mendez 2 days ago

    that pina collada is to die for ;)

  • Kim Numero Uno
    Kim Numero Uno 2 days ago

    Brain is useless.

  • Nesseire
    Nesseire 3 days ago

    In my country there is much pressure now to freeze fish because of Anisakis. I don't know if Ramsay would aprove that

  • Marcos Vargas Moran
    Marcos Vargas Moran 3 days ago

    how can you... at 33 be so inept, have an hotel with restaurant/bar and right at the beach...
    give that opportunity to someone else.

  • Sarah Hayse-Gregson
    Sarah Hayse-Gregson 3 days ago

    It seems his younger brother had more business acumen than he did. Brian didn’t seem to have a full fledged hotel staff. Who was his housekeeper to check on the rooms? That fridge was a disgrace, that’s why the other couple found water on their floor, I suspect the fridge was turned off and nobody thought about the freezer compartment. I hated his High Fives, so juvenile and as Gordon pulled him up, he didn’t communicate with his staff at all. He mishandled the Mayor big time. Another aspect I was uneasy about was the dress code of the waitstaff. Tiny shorts and singlets don’t make me comfortable. In the defence of OH&S the staff should be wearing better, more protective uniforms.

  • Joe Noname
    Joe Noname 4 days ago

    The narrator says that Brian lost focus, but a person can lose focus only if he knows what to do but he can't concentrate. Brian is absolutely clueless, this guy is mentally zero and I'm pretty sure he has got a 2-digit IQ.

  • Fabricio Fanfa
    Fabricio Fanfa 4 days ago

    Google translate pronounces Caribbean the same as the woman who was showing Gordon his room. I guess both are correct.

  • Tali Bee
    Tali Bee 5 days ago

    Fucking Brian is so CRINGEY. Everything he says and does my god 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Donell Escalante
    Donell Escalante 7 days ago

    The owner is out of place that's for sure.The biggest problem with him is that he can't play as a Team leader he shouldn't be too friendly I ain't saying it's bad because it's a business we're talking here and it doesn't work that way to be a team leader u should voice out speak directly through commanding your crew and take a lead and observe them with their backs as if your guiding them not like a complete idiot who's mind is intact somewhere lol.his damn lucky to have such business.

  • What is Life
    What is Life 7 days ago

    *”you know what, I’m 33, I work so hard I thought I was 34”*

  • Jett J
    Jett J 7 days ago

    Brian and Ben come across as a couple of guys still trying to live their college days or something

  • Bora Yurtoren
    Bora Yurtoren 7 days ago

    How does this work? Does the owner call for Gordon for help? If so, why they all act so surprised, like -caught on the act- surprised when he arrives? Why show so much attitude when he points to things that are wrong?

  • Gospod Bog
    Gospod Bog 7 days ago

    The owner just fucking knows Gordon gonna spray him with that sweet sweet top dollar renovation, talkin like "Yea yea das me, i run it like that. Yes. Yeas, im ruin biznes."

  • Cassie :3c
    Cassie :3c 7 days ago

    Brian just had to do it to them.

  • Fareed Ahmad
    Fareed Ahmad 8 days ago

    Fuck you brian! XD

  • Teressa Maharani
    Teressa Maharani 8 days ago

    I called this "The Other Life of Brendan Fisher ft. Robin Thicke" Well..doesn't ended up well. So...thank u, next!

  • Linkice
    Linkice 8 days ago

    i really like brian.

  • Behabtwa
    Behabtwa 8 days ago

    having lunch as i clicked on this vid. should have known better.

  • princesse touta
    princesse touta 8 days ago

    Joey the sous chef is more responsible the the executive chef

  • princesse touta
    princesse touta 8 days ago

    Forrest gump is that you

  • alison n'roll
    alison n'roll 8 days ago

    something is missing from the story Gordon.. i hoped for an ending... this episode is dry

  • Yang L
    Yang L 8 days ago

    No doors no safe belt , omg

  • Aparaajita Pandey
    Aparaajita Pandey 9 days ago

    He Is so lost

  • Rafael Siriban
    Rafael Siriban 9 days ago

    21:58 okay, why is there a CCTV on a room? Is it staged or what?

  • Dennis Schmelter
    Dennis Schmelter 9 days ago

    It's amazing how this guy can stand upright without any sign of a spine.

  • Lukas Barjamaj
    Lukas Barjamaj 10 days ago


  • J Veld
    J Veld 10 days ago

    17:23 Haha his reaction to the others 😂

  • Abhisek Panda
    Abhisek Panda 10 days ago

    Brian seriously laks brain

  • julie baugh
    julie baugh 10 days ago

    People put themselves through soon much to make television, I think of that every time I giggle at this program

  • Clutch NZ
    Clutch NZ 10 days ago

    WTH hes pouring that liquid in the rubbish bin🤔🤣😂

  • Frankie Hooper
    Frankie Hooper 10 days ago

    I've stayed in better backpacker hostels for $15 a night

  • OoJoshioO
    OoJoshioO 10 days ago

    wtf is wrong with this brian guy? :D

  • Saša Šimunović
    Saša Šimunović 11 days ago

    "I burnt my forehead."

  • Freddy Lejuez
    Freddy Lejuez 11 days ago

    Hotel, restaurant, bar and night club, money wise, you know what to chose.
    (((the answer is in the hotel)))

  • Richthofen09
    Richthofen09 11 days ago

    I love Florda .

    ITSYAABOII JAAY 11 days ago

    that lady that served gordon is hot tho, her freckles are so fine

  • Jeriel B
    Jeriel B 11 days ago

    Brian looked like Bredan Frasier

  • Quackid
    Quackid 11 days ago

    did he see alberto?

  • Marko Samec
    Marko Samec 11 days ago

    what a chump this guy is... c'mon... and we have half the world starving and this guy is behaving with money as if he was 2 years old in a sandbox... viva l'america!

  • Sara dakik
    Sara dakik 11 days ago

    How many times did he call the mayor and his wife “guys”

  • Hemmo
    Hemmo 11 days ago

    I just wonder: If pretty much every Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares episode has so horrible people doing their work. How the hell are we still alive? And that doesnt only include hotel and restaraunts busienss, pretty much every work place has idiots doing pretty much their worst. Well you get paid, good for you. Then if your not doing any job, those working people go nuts ''OHH MAAN YOU DONT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY''. Lmao.

  • Ino145
    Ino145 11 days ago

    Kelly, +1 :3 She'd do great in an audition.

  • Tilmann Müller
    Tilmann Müller 11 days ago

    I feel kinda sad for this guy. He is like a naive kid ...

  • Euthimis Svolos
    Euthimis Svolos 12 days ago +1

    the most idiot boss

  • Patrick
    Patrick 12 days ago

    This is so frustrating to watch

  • KP
    KP 12 days ago

    "James, trash please, now. Right down the drain". - Pours the rancid Piña Colada into a plastic liner inside a metal trash can.
    Pure genius right there.

  • Dig big nigg Sossou
    Dig big nigg Sossou 12 days ago

    God damm ramsey is ripped

  • Postghost
    Postghost 12 days ago

    I didn't know Brendon Fraser ran a hotel.

  • username
    username 12 days ago

    Do you think this is a setup, do you think this that this is a TV show ? Absolutely, as fake as "reality" shows can be.

  • Slashy YT
    Slashy YT 13 days ago

    I cringed all the way through.

  • Nason The Beat
    Nason The Beat 13 days ago

    41:06 Gordon forgot to mention he went back to shorts and put his name tag back on

  • Nason The Beat
    Nason The Beat 13 days ago

    20:25 Bad acting

  • Retarded Rob
    Retarded Rob 13 days ago


  • The Food Nomads A.K.A The Fomads

    why am i watching this at 2 am in the morning.

  • Brad ?
    Brad ? 13 days ago

    Fuck the mayor, as if anyone is more important than anyone else, I'm so fucking over it.

  • Lalaine Catilo
    Lalaine Catilo 13 days ago

    Run forest run!!!!!

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 13 days ago

    Legend has it that he's still holding the plate to this day

  • Basse
    Basse 13 days ago

    I feel sorry for Brian, just because he is a good dude but gets everything wrong.

  • Vincent Farrugia
    Vincent Farrugia 14 days ago

    Legend says the owner is still holding the dry chicken plate to this day

  • TBC 74
    TBC 74 14 days ago

    I wonder how Brian will feel , when he someday ends in The Transcendent Hell ; a place of endless torture, where his body is ripped apart at night, just to be assembled again, when, in the morning, the red flames of hell lick his dull minded brain awake, to another day of endless cries and tears. (In The Medieval times a kitchen at a castle was sembled with hell, because of the extreme heat and hardships)

  • Kibo San
    Kibo San 14 days ago

    12:51 Gordon i feel you my eyes couldnt resist the booty :^(

  • Ankl Brekr
    Ankl Brekr 14 days ago +1

    he talk so much GodDamn i hate dhat

  • Swedish Otaku
    Swedish Otaku 15 days ago

    21:10 This seems fake... Why would she answer on speaker... Maybe Gordon told her too but what are the odds it's gonna be something bad that's good for the show?

  • Ignas povilaitis
    Ignas povilaitis 15 days ago

    mayor :D

  • TheLogander
    TheLogander 15 days ago

    He seems like a sweet guy who is just in over his head. Hes just not the right person for such a position

  • aa aa
    aa aa 15 days ago

    the owner clearly doesn't know how to control things he is just not able to he repeats the words 3 times and that's because he have a weak personality and he seems that he doesn't know how to separate friendship and work he seems so nice and kind I literally wanted to cry.

  • David schloss
    David schloss 15 days ago

    bro hahahha thank God for this one

  • Alya Devira
    Alya Devira 15 days ago

    He’s just standing there with that plate of dry chicken at the end and say nothing like does his system error or what? 😂

  • Abdul Aziz yeee
    Abdul Aziz yeee 16 days ago


  • Rochelle Daley
    Rochelle Daley 16 days ago

    He's like a child wanting his parent's approval.

  • Jgarcia68
    Jgarcia68 16 days ago

    180 dollars a night???? !!!!!!!

  • Maria Garavito
    Maria Garavito 17 days ago +14

    2019 anyone

  • binayasha
    binayasha 17 days ago

    That man cannot be 34

  • Alice Gamer
    Alice Gamer 17 days ago

    I wish Gordon would see this hotel I went to its was a hella mess it was dirty the food was disgusting and the toilet had yellow stains the bed was uncomfortable the only thing I liked was that they gave us free chips oh and under the bed was a hella mess it looked like it wasn’t cleaned since the place was bought

  • IanNguyenDo
    IanNguyenDo 17 days ago

    I’ll pay you in 8 weeks
    I’ll pay you in 90 days
    I’ll pay you in 8 months

  • Bailey Portrait
    Bailey Portrait 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the owner smokes the devils lettuce

  • Kubik pro
    Kubik pro 18 days ago

    Oh my god in Poland we have fresh avocado 😹

  • Ahmed Afzal
    Ahmed Afzal 18 days ago

    do they renovate just one room or all the rooms in the hotel.

    NERDY GAUNTLET 18 days ago

    Stuttering brian?

  • fair
    fair 19 days ago

    Liza looks like ashley graham

  • Azerux Frost
    Azerux Frost 19 days ago

    Does the owner have autism...

  • Syphirioth
    Syphirioth 21 day ago

    Such an amazing looking place... such a crap boss.
    I think the boss thinks he is in baywatch or something.

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator 21 day ago

    Cah-ribyan or Cah-rib-ee-yan. lol

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator 21 day ago

    This is actually such a lazy TV making.
    How many bumpers, spoilers, teasers, reviews and previews can you cramp into 40 minutes. It's 20 minutes of footage and 20 minutes of filler and repeats.

  • JasonB
    JasonB 22 days ago

    WTF is wrong with everyone who talks to cell phone like that? 00:20:56 Are you ppl that retarded? Its not a plate, its a cell phone. You put it near your ear and hold it in vertical position. Too hard? Let me draw a picture for ya.

  • Asmett 88
    Asmett 88 22 days ago

    Noooo not the badge

  • Sweet Peach
    Sweet Peach 23 days ago +1

    Let’s all just appreciate his veins. 😍

  • Sweet Peach
    Sweet Peach 23 days ago +2

    Gordon is so incredibly nice to costumers😌

  • Lunsla
    Lunsla 25 days ago

    The owner is kind of cute in an awkward way (behaiviour wise)