Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works


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  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson 5 hours ago

    Wouldn鈥檛 the answer be 4906 due to the carry over or is this just overthinking?

  • OllieR
    OllieR 12 hours ago +1

    I solved the math problem in a couple seconds

  • TOPAX xp1
    TOPAX xp1 Day ago

    3:28 funny how I imagined a lady about to rob a bank

  • Velocity
    Velocity Day ago

    *19 x 26 = 494 BRUH*

  • I'm just a camel

    Now I feel really stupid haha

  • Sayok Rai
    Sayok Rai 3 days ago

    Can we a masters of different disciplines? Like be athletic, smart and having good vocals?

  • Lycan Vlad
    Lycan Vlad 4 days ago

    This is a great channel

  • SuperSonic7418
    SuperSonic7418 4 days ago

    Correct me if I鈥檓 wrong but it took me about ten to fifteen seconds to get 434 from that multiplication problem

  • saibah hasan
    saibah hasan 5 days ago

    Omg I read that as a 13 c

  • Rxd Kills
    Rxd Kills 5 days ago

    This makes no sense (i jave autism)

  • rahul cc
    rahul cc 7 days ago

    Thinking fast and slow 馃檶

  • Ghost
    Ghost 8 days ago

    On the system 2 thing I had nothing change with me I noticed everything and was able to do it, am I weird

  • RPGtime
    RPGtime 9 days ago

    Did anyone else see on OuO in soup? 4:11

  • A.d.g Gon.
    A.d.g Gon. 9 days ago

    Am I the only one that said soup before soap 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃槀

  • Jacques Dancause
    Jacques Dancause 9 days ago

    damn i tried doing 19x26 and somehow ended up with 453 instead of 494.

  • 讟诇讬讛 讘谉 砖讘转

    诇诪讛 讛讻讜转专转 讘注讘专讬转?

  • Jo Martinez
    Jo Martinez 10 days ago

    How much do we inherit from our parents?

  • Bettina Ebers
    Bettina Ebers 11 days ago

    Hey guys why is the title from this video in German and the voice talks in English?? By the way I talk German

  • Chocolate Unicorn
    Chocolate Unicorn 12 days ago

    who are moses and noah?

  • Aly Animation
    Aly Animation 13 days ago

    Bruh at 3:03 how was I supposed to know I don鈥檛 believe in god and never read a bible

  • nelson valle
    nelson valle 13 days ago

    Well how can i improve my mind and stay focuses because as soon as I saw the numbers i didnt pay attention anymore

  • Charlie Oat
    Charlie Oat 13 days ago +1

    I don鈥檛 get the bat and the ball, is it a weird dollar thing or is it just me being an idiot

  • The Fall of Ko'v眉
    The Fall of Ko'v眉 15 days ago

    Wow...never in my life did I think I'd be THIS guy. I remember all the times I rolled my eyes at THIS guy...but here I am cause I have something important to say.I'm not looking for subscribers, I just want to share my story. I have been suffering from a mental disorder for more than a year now. I have been cataloging and recording my experience everyday. Finally, I decided to make video of my experience and how psychiatric medications are failing me and how this broken system needs to change. So if you could please spare some time to watch and share that would mean alot. I'm NOT looking for subscribers, I just want to share my story.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Suomi

    Hard to understand him he speaks ao fast (im not from county that soeqks english)

  • Sandy_Paws 021415
    Sandy_Paws 021415 17 days ago

    I thought Ann was gonna rob the bank ^^

  • Sandy_Paws 021415
    Sandy_Paws 021415 17 days ago

    494 is 19鈥26. I did it in my head. You probably don鈥檛 believe me but that鈥檚 ok

  • Emma Burnard
    Emma Burnard 18 days ago


  • The Happy Kawaii Panda

    Bro my brain hurts

  • Bingsoo
    Bingsoo 18 days ago

    ann approached the bank
    i thought of it as the river xD

  • Ms Del Calvo
    Ms Del Calvo 18 days ago

    2:18 but 10 cents is still right

  • Erik Mejlumyan
    Erik Mejlumyan 18 days ago

    I am right brainer

  • Simi Hoque
    Simi Hoque 19 days ago

    When your brain is too dead for simple math 馃檭

  • OneTone Now
    OneTone Now 20 days ago

    How can I not watch you?

  • gHA ha aH HAsasdjkah

    Me: wash soup

  • Allex Tunardy
    Allex Tunardy 22 days ago

    I am 50% fast and 50% slow. LOL

  • Harmony sucks
    Harmony sucks 22 days ago

    ok but why are the English UK captions in a different language

  • Jonell
    Jonell 22 days ago

    Fun facts: you see everything upside down but your brain tells you to see everything the way you are seeing stuff right now

  • Saracen Govender
    Saracen Govender 22 days ago +1

    Please answer this question, why is it that when we have intense emotions we can actually feel it on our chest more specifically the heart

  • Yakub Ogunsina
    Yakub Ogunsina 23 days ago

    4806 is wrong because 9 plus one is ten so add a hundred to the 8. The answer is 4906

  • Goblinlight104
    Goblinlight104 23 days ago


    ANERI SHAH 24 days ago +1

    Is it true that people who can use both hands at a time are more intelligent than normal

    • Nikhil Krishnan
      Nikhil Krishnan 16 days ago

      No, no more than bilingual people are more intelligent than monolingual ones. It's a question of habit and dexterity, not intelligence.

  • Carnotaurus Fan
    Carnotaurus Fan 24 days ago

    My system 2 works better

  • RedstoneGuy929 Gaming
    RedstoneGuy929 Gaming 25 days ago

    Whats System 3

  • John Cena
    John Cena 25 days ago

    soup more like ramen

  • Rahil Bageloo
    Rahil Bageloo 25 days ago

    At 1:23 It was supposed to be 4906

  • Varun
    Varun 25 days ago

    What is the conclusion?

  • Nintendo gamer 222
    Nintendo gamer 222 26 days ago

    I actually thinked "soup". But that's beacause, as I'm not native to english, I'm not used to the word "soap", but I am somewhat used to the word "soup"

  • TATO SOme
    TATO SOme 26 days ago

    What if i read A 13 C and not A B C

  • Ruben2005 man
    Ruben2005 man 27 days ago


  • Lukas Pocius
    Lukas Pocius 27 days ago

    So you want to say I am thinking and fast and slow???

  • Stormgem Thunder
    Stormgem Thunder 28 days ago

    Explain 'change blindness'

  • ImATree16
    ImATree16 28 days ago

    the first numbers that you add 1 is 4906 cause 3795 +1 is 3=4 7=8 9=10 so the 8 jumps to 9 and 5=6

  • GavinGamer100
    GavinGamer100 29 days ago

    My mind hurts

  • Nate emo
    Nate emo 29 days ago

    It supposed to be 4906 move the one over

  • Steve Henderson
    Steve Henderson 29 days ago +1

    I spent 3 days in jail because the police station clerk read my pistol permit as a "B" instead of "13" so later that night I was arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm... Nobody had that serial number, it didn't exist.

  • FolkeBernadotte2
    FolkeBernadotte2 Month ago

    I remember that Moses & the arch question when I took a marketing class in Iowa. A Muslim brother was the only one who got the correct answer 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Im a Starfish
    Im a Starfish Month ago

    I鈥檓 lost

  • Patryk Misi艂o
    Patryk Misi艂o Month ago

    I read A 13 C, but 12 13 14

  • Taesticles
    Taesticles Month ago

    Adding 3 to a 4 digit number is easier for me than adding 1

  • Amar Fawwas
    Amar Fawwas Month ago

    The "3" didn't touch the line, so it isn't a "B", but 13.

  • starless night sky lightless sunrise

    Slow and fast thinking gets crazy with tongue twisters

  • tornado stomp
    tornado stomp Month ago

    I prefer to eat soap and wash soup

  • Collector Nick
    Collector Nick Month ago

    So this is why I was a dumbass in school

  • Gavin Dooley
    Gavin Dooley Month ago

    The answer is 494 and honestly it鈥檚 kinda easy

  • 丕丨丿孬 丕賮賱丕賲 賴賵賱賷賵賵丿

    I didn't read ABC i read A13C

  • Zedant yorant
    Zedant yorant Month ago

    1.04 I saw them the same dimention.

  • Tusi Soto
    Tusi Soto Month ago

    Thinking fast and slow book

  • Guillaume Comeau
    Guillaume Comeau Month ago

    494. That鈥檚 the answer to the multiplication problem. 494.

  • MackFilms
    MackFilms Month ago

    Don't watch this while high

  • Jason H
    Jason H Month ago

    2:16 wait what how is it $1.05? I'm confuuuused

  • rasha me
    rasha me Month ago


  • Mwer Keller
    Mwer Keller Month ago

    I'm dyslexic and I don't have the time to do all this math.

  • crimson alchemist
    crimson alchemist Month ago

    am i abnormal... as i didn't see ABC but a13c

  • YoloPotatoMan
    YoloPotatoMan Month ago


  • Cheeseburger Monkey

    2:28 this time system 1 AND 2 guess same
    4:01 **EAT SOAP**

  • Bmo Dex
    Bmo Dex Month ago

    I鈥檓 on acid this shit is crazy

  • LeVaar Sanchez
    LeVaar Sanchez 2 months ago

    It could still be 10 cents

  • S. Nicole McClanahan
    S. Nicole McClanahan 2 months ago

    This video is very helpful. So are you able to only use your second brain concious?

  • PotatoCan Draw
    PotatoCan Draw 2 months ago

    I read A 13 C

  • L.V. Mijares
    L.V. Mijares 2 months ago

    Can you please do anatomy and physiology? Your videos were so cool and helpful! I hope you can do AnaPhy for us students.

  • Preston Null
    Preston Null 2 months ago

    Eat soap

  • haha funni
    haha funni 2 months ago

    Eat soap and wash soup

  • Mary-Joy Sidhom
    Mary-Joy Sidhom 2 months ago

    lol is it bad that i saw A13C

  • Castoru' 33
    Castoru' 33 2 months ago

    Wash soup
    Eat soap!
    You kittens!

  • Sal_ 191
    Sal_ 191 2 months ago

    You took this straight from -thinking fast and slow- without even mentioning the book ....

  • Atharv Kudchadkar
    Atharv Kudchadkar 2 months ago

    0:16 nah I'm fine 馃檪

  • Mayur Mandhare
    Mayur Mandhare 2 months ago

    *FAST Talking Video*

  • Anonymous Bacon
    Anonymous Bacon 2 months ago


  • Diego Andres Diegito
    Diego Andres Diegito 2 months ago

    114 =494

  • Didi D
    Didi D 2 months ago

    I love your way of learning. thanks I'm subbed for life.

  • Thunderous Fury
    Thunderous Fury 2 months ago

    Companies know this stuff and exploit it in advertisements btw. Be careful.

  • Keerthi New
    Keerthi New 2 months ago

    It is very useful for me

  • Kay G
    Kay G 2 months ago

    3:28 oops thought of a river bank haha

  • jake oneal
    jake oneal 3 months ago

    Me: I haven't done a multiplication problem on paper in years.. Give me a sec.. Mmm.. I could but you're rushing me!

  • Andr茅
    Andr茅 3 months ago

    I don鈥檛 like this voice

  • Thomas Belcher
    Thomas Belcher 3 months ago


  • Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738

    I don鈥檛 even know what the ark and shit was about that鈥檚 y u fail it

  • Katie Hates
    Katie Hates 3 months ago

    I saw A 13 C, lol

  • Michael Hinck
    Michael Hinck 3 months ago

    The bloody background music is really irritating!