Try Not To Eat Challenge - Anime Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food


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    REACT  2 months ago +843

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  • Deaflty Boy
    Deaflty Boy Month ago +12

    I’m getting so hungry

  • Gay Meets world
    Gay Meets world Month ago +3

    The rams always gets Me

  • Zack Augade
    Zack Augade Month ago +2

    "Is this lapooda castle in the sky?"

  • Closergaming
    Closergaming Month ago +4


  • Miss_Pineapple_Kitty

    Finally someone did this

  • thennbella wwe
    thennbella wwe Month ago +2


  • AVaDe Clan
    AVaDe Clan Month ago +1

    this was actually posted on my birthday! ;)

  • elisabeth djahoue
    elisabeth djahoue Month ago +3

    Aww ponyo 😥 Nostalgia

  • Mc Nicole Pascual
    Mc Nicole Pascual Month ago +3

    k bye ima watch totoro

  • Intensified Death
    Intensified Death Month ago +3

    Jasser came to eat lol. He literally ate every dish provided except for the pork one

  • Maxine Rivera
    Maxine Rivera Month ago

    I got my Jiji plushie with me while watching this. I would so try all the food

  • SoundWave_487
    SoundWave_487 Month ago +7

    Omfg ponyo!!

  • RK AK
    RK AK Month ago +2

    This made me lose my appetite if anything

  • yoshi AJ
    yoshi AJ Month ago +16

    Does anyone else not understand the way this works?? Because if you loose on one food then why not eat all the foods, you’ve already lost.

  • Lola Valcoure
    Lola Valcoure Month ago +4

    Anyone knows the name of the last anime (scene)

  • yoshi AJ
    yoshi AJ Month ago +5

    I would’ve eaten all the food including the punishment

  • Baby Bear
    Baby Bear Month ago +2

    I click cause I remembered the the bole of food from ponyo

  • Squiddray Rayray
    Squiddray Rayray Month ago +3

    10:09 XD

  • XICA
    XICA Month ago

    Nacho libre foods I always wanted to eat all that Mexican food off of that lmao

  • Sal the human[Undertale OC]

    Someone:hey,make sure you don't eat before you come to (literally anywhere)!
    Me:sure! Okay!
    Also me: *eats two meal deals before arriving*

  • Julia Julia
    Julia Julia Month ago +6

    Ghibli is the love of my life

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago +1

    “So we told you to come in Hungry today”
    Hungry: ...

  • chatter gas
    chatter gas Month ago +3

    I wouldn't eat any of these if u gave me 1000£ if anything I lost my appetite

  • Kambria Levy
    Kambria Levy Month ago +2


  • Jade Cooper
    Jade Cooper Month ago

    This is just MEANNNNNNN

  • JelleCoder
    JelleCoder Month ago +7

    Ghibli is the studio not the creator... These people seem not to realize what they are saying in the beginning. I bet if you said Miyazaki they wouldn't even know who that is.

    • Jade Cooper
      Jade Cooper Month ago +3

      JelleCoder you’re a bit touchy.

  • ScottishBawbag
    ScottishBawbag Month ago

    Big mood hours

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago +2

    ponyo is the best

  • Leanna Moore
    Leanna Moore Month ago +433

    The way to win this is by eating all the food, then you really have won

  • Irrelevant MoNStEeeRRr

    Anime is life

  • aspirine périmée
    aspirine périmée Month ago +1191

    "You know sometimes I think about the actions that I make that they have consequences and this is a physical representation of that" A BIG BIG MOOD

  • Valentina
    Valentina Month ago +13

    *if this ain't me-*

  • cr angye
    cr angye Month ago +3


  • Sammie
    Sammie Month ago +4

    I thought she said: "do you want some opium with honey..." xD the perfect comfort food 🙈

  • Jojie Tiangha
    Jojie Tiangha Month ago +19

    These people doesn't know how to appreciate anime, coz they watched it with english dub.

    • Maxine Rivera
      Maxine Rivera Month ago

      Okay so??

    • Dayana Brooks
      Dayana Brooks Month ago +2

      These ppl don't really watch anime and just bc someone watches it in English dub it's none of your business

    • Reina Natsumi
      Reina Natsumi Month ago +1


  • Paul Cheenis
    Paul Cheenis Month ago +6

    Bruh if you know they're gonna give you something wack just.. dont eat

  • Marisol Moran
    Marisol Moran Month ago +2

    Love totoro

  • thitiphone larnorphet
    thitiphone larnorphet Month ago +1

    Do more with Shokugeki please

  • anni w
    anni w Month ago +3

    Dionte seems so fun i love him!!!

  • Huy Truong
    Huy Truong Month ago +5

    Do food from Toriko

  • King Rozay
    King Rozay Month ago +2

    why does michelle remind me of chino alpha wolf? hahaha

  • Jennyeon Kim Im
    Jennyeon Kim Im Month ago +1

    Why didn't I eat earlier

  • la vida de anett squishys y mas

    Try cartoon food try marsha and the bear❤

  • Anime 4Ever!
    Anime 4Ever! Month ago +1

    I love chicken like at dim sum 👌👌👌yasss

  • Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie Month ago +21

    The food that the parents ate in spirited away always made me drool and want to jump through the screen.

  • happy unicorn
    happy unicorn Month ago +6

    I will eat everything

  • Stella Lim
    Stella Lim Month ago +2

    What was the movie with the ramen called.. I have been searching for this for foreverr

  • BlackxVibe Z
    BlackxVibe Z Month ago +3

    Do a goku food try not to eat

    KELSEY MCGUIRE Month ago +2

    Carson reminds me of Eddie Redmayne so much

  • taebutt
    taebutt Month ago +8

    What do you guys do with the food in the end? I’m sure they eat it cos no way they would waste food or the chef’s time.

  • Annpxn Kim
    Annpxn Kim Month ago +1

    Minute 6:40 , What Film is that?😍

  • Mary Joy Tandoc
    Mary Joy Tandoc Month ago +4

    I will eat it all no matter what

  • ËMØ Äłøņë
    ËMØ Äłøņë Month ago

    Naruto's LAMEN!!!!

  • Cuteee Rainnn
    Cuteee Rainnn Month ago +4

    why are they using spoon haha

  • The Eye of The Beholder

    Calling BS on Dionte's reaction to rice! Dude come

  • 아론
    아론 Month ago +9

    JibLI?!? StUDio JiBLi!!? JIBLI FOOD?

  • tembel gadol bataht

    planet sheen

  • Syahadah Ridzuan
    Syahadah Ridzuan Month ago +3

    studio jibli

  • Theresa Ursal
    Theresa Ursal Month ago +1

    @React, please do all food from One Piece!!!

  • Elizabeth Lennon
    Elizabeth Lennon Month ago +3

    I definitely would have broke at the food from spirited away. If you want another good anime centered around food, look at Isekai Izakaya Nobu. It features new foods every episode, both appetizers and main dishes, and I'm sure they'd be hard to resist in a challenge like this.

  • Kim Taemonnie
    Kim Taemonnie Month ago +3

    Dionte is me

  • Sammie Jo Bonifacio
    Sammie Jo Bonifacio Month ago +1

    dionte is my spirit animal.

  • hanim kamar
    hanim kamar Month ago +1

    Movie name? Anyone??

    • Hanif Kyo
      Hanif Kyo Month ago +2

      Kiki Delivery Service
      My Neighbor Totoro
      Castle In The Sky
      Spirited Away

    • Steve Gil
      Steve Gil Month ago +1

      which one? theyre all different miyazaki movies

  • anime lover
    anime lover Month ago +1

    The next food they should try not to eat is the food from Toriko (or close representations of the food) cuz the food in that show is just everything. Always makes me hungry even if I just ate

  • LeiLanis Crafts
    LeiLanis Crafts Month ago

    wait what video or movie did the show them in the begining? pls tell me

  • Adityac2004
    Adityac2004 Month ago +6

    Spiritid away is the best movie I have ever watched

  • Ashvith Shetty
    Ashvith Shetty Month ago

    Yeah sure.... Tell that in the "professional" chefs face...

  • jessica swift
    jessica swift Month ago

    10:09 omg 😂😂😂😂

  • limors
    limors Month ago +10

    Dionte's reactions were the BEST.
    And I'm glad Jasser lost the challenge, it would have been totally unfair for him if he didn't. Not cool React staff, don't bring someone into a challenge that his religious beliefs/habits stand in the way of!


    2:06 do you love me

  • Lucy Rubio
    Lucy Rubio Month ago +1

    I have the lastmove

  • Lucy Rubio
    Lucy Rubio Month ago +2

    OMG I have that move it's socool!!

  • Joseph Song
    Joseph Song Month ago +2

    Is there like a something u win other than the reward in the end? Bc like this is food that like not everyone can have and they look sooo good.

  • Kelly Phan
    Kelly Phan Month ago +4

    But when you think about it, the losers actually ate a larger variety of foods, having four dishes total. The winners only had ramen

  • Azrul Roslan
    Azrul Roslan Month ago

    try to do this with BoBoiBoy cartoon series . it has a lot of delicious looking dishes displayed especially biskut yaya

  • Lilia Hovsepyan
    Lilia Hovsepyan Month ago


  • Miss Pokeswag
    Miss Pokeswag Month ago

    Yaaaaaaasssssssss!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD

  • Lyri animations
    Lyri animations Month ago


  • Prum Chantha
    Prum Chantha Month ago +2

    7:32 is the Girl in USclip the white girl with that beautiful hairs is it

  • Christopher Haviland
    Christopher Haviland Month ago +2

    Legend they eat the leftovers from one another

  • catpanda cake1
    catpanda cake1 Month ago +1


  • Elena Taylor
    Elena Taylor Month ago +1

    I always wanted to try the soup dumplings from Spirited Away I definitely would’ve lost

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus Month ago +1

    Tori got traumatized by the previous episode lol

  • Maharu Wakana
    Maharu Wakana Month ago +5

    Why don't they call this series "React to food from __" instead of "try not to eat" cause like eh

  • wendy melchor
    wendy melchor Month ago

    Ang arte naman ayaw panv kainin ang dami kayang nagugutom yow?

  • Noza Salsabila
    Noza Salsabila Month ago +3

    4:01 literally me everytime i eat any food

  • Noza Salsabila
    Noza Salsabila Month ago +1

    4:01 literally me everytime i eat any food

  • Cute guinea pig YT
    Cute guinea pig YT Month ago +6

    I would definitely lose this challenge because I love to eat

  • Shoe Laces
    Shoe Laces Month ago +1

    I’m wearing my spirited away shirt rn

  • Lindsey DaSavage
    Lindsey DaSavage Month ago +4

    As a vegetarian this all grosses me out

    • Lindsey DaSavage
      Lindsey DaSavage Month ago +1

      stella rose Is this meant at me? Cause this was just my opinion?!!???

    • Chinokimono
      Chinokimono Month ago

      When chikuzen has no meat in it, lol

    • stella rose
      stella rose Month ago +1

      As a vegetarian I disagree. Please stop disgracing other vegetarians and vegans who don’t have toxic personalities.

    • Meep
      Meep Month ago +1

      Mkay you do you as I adore the beauty of a Ghibili Food

    • Fabby Valdez
      Fabby Valdez Month ago +2

      But if u weren’t it wouldn’t

  • Random Potato 12345
    Random Potato 12345 Month ago +1

    I love studio ghibli ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dr Congo
    Dr Congo Month ago +1

    Africans do this everyday

  • Catherine McCormick
    Catherine McCormick Month ago +4

    tbh... none if this looked that good to me aaaa except ponyo. i wouldve won lol

    • Sofia Gonzalez
      Sofia Gonzalez Month ago +1

      @Catherine McCormick , they were also very hungry when they came in😂

  • Antinasanana Roblox
    Antinasanana Roblox Month ago +4

    Here’s a list of the titles of The Movies: Kiki,Totoro,castle in the sky,spirited away(I think),Ponyo(I need to watch that again...)

  • Antinasanana Roblox
    Antinasanana Roblox Month ago +1

    I love studio ghibli 🤩

  • tali3500 tali3500
    tali3500 tali3500 Month ago +3

    who else likes there own comments because let me tell u something I DO I'll probably like my comments about......


  • tali3500 tali3500
    tali3500 tali3500 Month ago +2

    I bet this comment will be lost in the sea of comments

  • *•Funky_ Gina•*
    *•Funky_ Gina•* Month ago +6

    The food from Ponyo... *AAHH!GIVE ME!!!*

  • R Alexandra
    R Alexandra Month ago +3

    I’m hungry 😩