Logan, talk crap, get hit...

  • Published on Aug 2, 2017
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  • Kaleb mckown
    Kaleb mckown 3 hours ago


  • toxcboi money
    toxcboi money 15 days ago


  • lqffee
    lqffee 18 days ago

    the dude beside jake on crack for sure

  • Cheldon Deason
    Cheldon Deason 20 days ago

    Jake bro...I enjoy your vids but you gotta dump that reject in the passenger seat....he’s wicked corky

  • urja jadeja
    urja jadeja 21 day ago

    That guy in black shirt is high af

  • Jacob Davies
    Jacob Davies Month ago

    Shut your stupid phone off and fu*kin log

  • Jojo Schroerlucke
    Jojo Schroerlucke Month ago

    that guy on the phone at 16:40 don't even sound like Pewdiepie

  • Mckenna Johnson
    Mckenna Johnson 2 months ago

    Jake is lit

  • κ°•λͺ…ν•™
    κ°•λͺ…ν•™ 2 months ago

    Jake my eye you shot it

  • Kevin Melchor Madrigal
    Kevin Melchor Madrigal 2 months ago

    Chcrgdgrsiplncfsazxb tfgggfgbyf. Hhghyg ghhjgg hangnail hhgvgg yogurt rodnxnxjdjdnhdusbsnxbdncbxjdhkhdisusjhgshhehebebdb yogurtjcydnsgzgagagashbq yogurt

  • Mandy Weemhoff
    Mandy Weemhoff 2 months ago


  • Beverley Campbell
    Beverley Campbell 2 months ago +1

    There was a weird guy in the passenger seat one of his arms are thin other one big and he was so loud and done so much action s

  • Chad Gusler
    Chad Gusler 2 months ago


    BLUE RAYS 2 months ago +1

    U are a Lies u don't have the implant

  • Michaela Sharer
    Michaela Sharer 3 months ago +4

    Jakes neighbors: PLS ARREST THIS MAN
    me: really there's people that are dying

  • Lily x
    Lily x 3 months ago

    Is the person in the passenger seat actually fucking autistic?

  • The Lost Vlogger
    The Lost Vlogger 3 months ago +1

    Who’s here from leafy

  • KingGaming
    KingGaming 3 months ago

    Uncle Kade Hlicopter Kade

  • dmstarkey
    dmstarkey 4 months ago

    Help me someone is trying to kill me

  • L3 Websters
    L3 Websters 4 months ago +6

    I think the guy in the front seat with Jake is on crack

  • Fortnite Skins
    Fortnite Skins 4 months ago

    Is Pewdiepie joining team 10? Is that even true

  • suwannee chonphannon
    suwannee chonphannon 4 months ago

    Jake Paul you sound like a sqeaker

  • Bibi Bhoge
    Bibi Bhoge 4 months ago +1

    The guy sitting next to jake was on somthin

  • Ahnaf Tazwar
    Ahnaf Tazwar 5 months ago

    Jake Paul can you call the cops on you because she was being mean to bother you to be nice no was sure any much of someone’s face

  • Spectical Z3
    Spectical Z3 5 months ago

    that guy in the passenger seat is fucking autistic and mentally retarded. fucking what the hell dude also who is watching in 2019

  • Semaj Pope
    Semaj Pope 5 months ago

    Jack. Paol you s

  • Karman Buhr
    Karman Buhr 5 months ago

    I want To join team ten

  • Fun and fresh /smile
    Fun and fresh /smile 5 months ago


  • Ray Capital1
    Ray Capital1 5 months ago

    I am going to try to get you merch

  • The Emerald
    The Emerald 5 months ago +1

    6:27 lmao

  • Braedy Hanson
    Braedy Hanson 5 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Aashif Ahmed
    Aashif Ahmed 5 months ago


  • please subscribe to see Finger videos Guthrie

    don't play with cheat engine the latest people

  • BROsteet
    BROsteet 5 months ago

    The guy in the passenger seat is a idiot

  • Brad Williams
    Brad Williams 5 months ago

    You should let me join the team 10 I'll show you some fun bro

  • Khloe Ochoa
    Khloe Ochoa 5 months ago


  • Khloe Ochoa
    Khloe Ochoa 5 months ago

    I miss this jake and that house and and that fam and what they did

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith 5 months ago


  • K & K
    K & K 5 months ago +6

    I Miss Vlogs Like This! Currently: January 06 2019

  • Nicole Thomas87
    Nicole Thomas87 5 months ago +1

    I love you

  • Savage Pokoisak
    Savage Pokoisak 5 months ago

    He has the app on the iphone ISOl

  • Colten Wiebe
    Colten Wiebe 5 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Chloe Morrissey
    Chloe Morrissey 5 months ago

    If u don’t like him why watch him?????????

  • Patty White
    Patty White 5 months ago

    who is the guy in the car

  • supersavagefaZe
    supersavagefaZe 5 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • supersavagefaZe
    supersavagefaZe 5 months ago

    Its been 1 year since this video and pewdiepie has been roasting him all the time

  • monica cruz
    monica cruz 5 months ago

    Hi Jake Paul love Monica god bless you πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ•πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Cayenne Burdette
    Cayenne Burdette 5 months ago

    F mavrik

  • Trystan Romb
    Trystan Romb 5 months ago

    F**k you Kong da king

  • Gabriella and Emme
    Gabriella and Emme 6 months ago

    Shut the hell up haters

  • Gabriella and Emme
    Gabriella and Emme 6 months ago

    Gym gym gym gym
    Gym gym gym gym
    Gym gym gym gym
    Read more

    JORBRO BURNS 6 months ago

    It's every day bro peace

  • Julianna Lara
    Julianna Lara 6 months ago

    The guy in the cars name is bear he has his own Yt channel

  • Miguel penafiel
    Miguel penafiel 6 months ago +2

    Is the dude in the fricking passenger seat literally on Sugar and Drugs?Like WTF was that guy doing?

  • Markos Solomon
    Markos Solomon 6 months ago

    The camera πŸ“· is blurry

  • Niceness_of_Gemini
    Niceness_of_Gemini 7 months ago

    Pause at 8:23 Being privileged must be so fun.

  • Summer The Crazy
    Summer The Crazy 7 months ago

    You are Savage 😎😎

  • Ruby Loya
    Ruby Loya 8 months ago

    Come see me at texas

  • Ruby Loya
    Ruby Loya 8 months ago

    I still like you

  • Dollyboy1923 Dollyboy
    Dollyboy1923 Dollyboy 8 months ago

    I'm here from leafyishere.

  • kaniz alli
    kaniz alli 8 months ago

    if i met jake paul i will give a hige hug

  • Trey Watts
    Trey Watts 8 months ago

    I wont a mrech so bad

  • Kizi Vlogs
    Kizi Vlogs 8 months ago

    omg why cant pewds still be on team 10

  • Kizi Vlogs
    Kizi Vlogs 8 months ago

    who is that guy at the start , hes so weird

  • Isaac Leyva
    Isaac Leyva 8 months ago

    Jake Paul probably think he is annoying

  • Felecia Naidoo
    Felecia Naidoo 8 months ago

    Hi Kelsey is 20

  • surplus fuse
    surplus fuse 8 months ago +1

    4 October 2018


    You I'm 28 n new to both Paul fams but u both are my style of Savagery at this moment great editing n production Jake Paul good shiznit

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 8 months ago +1

    It wasn't you getting arested

  • ByfordBikingBros
    ByfordBikingBros 8 months ago

    that guy in the passenger seat is autistic

  • Captain America Ramirez

    I love the Jake Paul or shout out to team 10 and by the way hope you have a beautiful wife Jake and Erica you're also beautiful for Drake yeah are the same amount to be boyfriend and girlfriend

  • Captain America Ramirez

    Jake you're the best USclip or broke he put up

  • Ariana Deshotel
    Ariana Deshotel 9 months ago


  • Ashley 77
    Ashley 77 9 months ago

    The guy on the passenger seat is autistic

  • Shannon Reed
    Shannon Reed 9 months ago

    the gye in the passenger seat is bear that's his name even tho it was over a year ago πŸ˜ƒ

  • Madisyn Smith
    Madisyn Smith 9 months ago


  • Liamtastic [Funny things]

    I love dis video

    PFP-FLAME PFP CLAN 10 months ago

    Oh snap Nglitches watches Jake paul

  • Killer Cam
    Killer Cam 10 months ago

    You should have a merch gun fight with team 10

  • Tillyx ZO
    Tillyx ZO 10 months ago

    Is that over guy ok?

  • Marina Headdress
    Marina Headdress 10 months ago

    karma soon to come

  • Ace family_fan Page
    Ace family_fan Page 10 months ago +1


  • Joe_ Bruhh
    Joe_ Bruhh 10 months ago +1

    This vid was published the day after my Bday

  • Texasranger793
    Texasranger793 10 months ago

    The guy in the car........

  • Nastya Iike
    Nastya Iike 10 months ago

    How the f**ck Jake has PewDiePie’s number?! Pewdiepie lives in UK anyways...

  • Heather Williams
    Heather Williams 11 months ago

    My 1 year old sister dislocated her arm

  • Jenny De beer
    Jenny De beer 11 months ago

    Done you know you lit

  • Ricky Farrugia
    Ricky Farrugia 11 months ago

    If pewdiepie is going team 10 you be cold team 11

  • Sky Patricio
    Sky Patricio 11 months ago

    It's talk shit get hit.

  • voltice fire
    voltice fire 11 months ago


  • Sky Lynn
    Sky Lynn 11 months ago

    I dont like bear i mean HE IS SO FERKING ANNOYING

  • ImSoCreative
    ImSoCreative 11 months ago

    I love how this video is called talk shit get hit but they just have a little t-shirt war

  • skyler skyler
    skyler skyler 11 months ago

    This guy on the passenger seat is very high

  • Odgerel Odonkhuu
    Odgerel Odonkhuu 11 months ago

    That war was lit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan 202
    Ryan 202 11 months ago

    You will go in jail I will miss you so much

  • Robin Juarez
    Robin Juarez Year ago

    Ik this is an old blog but the guy in the Tesla in the beginning is so god damn fuxking annoying

  • Kaylyn jade
    Kaylyn jade Year ago

    That guy on the passenger seat was one of the most annoying person I have ever seen.

  • panda
    panda Year ago

    that guy is wireid

  • Going
    Going Year ago +2

    So out side I looked at the cops because they farted and I said there restarted and I got arrested😠

  • Dawn Sober_life
    Dawn Sober_life Year ago

    u guys r going to give tessa a heart attack