Trump’s Weird One-on-One with George Stephanopoulos | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • President Trump gives George Stephanopoulos an in-depth tour of the Oval Office and reveals his continued distaste for negative polls and his intolerance of coughing.
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Comments • 2 660

  • Richard Butchko
    Richard Butchko 6 hours ago

    When Trump owned 2 casinos, an expert warned him that one casino would cannibalize the other. He fired that man and his prediction came true. Trump hates facts.

  • Richard Butchko
    Richard Butchko 6 hours ago

    Trump just claimed someone made up numbers... Oh the irony...

  • Darth Obscurity
    Darth Obscurity 9 hours ago

    He fired his pollsters for allowing the leaks. Your narrative would have worked better if you cut the clip about 5 seconds sooner.

  • Jirroh Leon
    Jirroh Leon 18 hours ago

    Only fools like Trevor Noah and his ilk can buy such cooked numbers ,what were the opinion poll number in june 2016 ,then september reality ?? Fools will always be foolish liberals .

  • Hiram Eberhardt
    Hiram Eberhardt Day ago +1

    His spray tan makes him look like a CLOWN.

  • Brett Fine
    Brett Fine Day ago

    What no Black people Shot today we'll there's tomorrow

  • Vio W
    Vio W 2 days ago +3

    I would love this old man if he wasn't a president

  • Sophie Peraaud
    Sophie Peraaud 3 days ago +3


  • Olli Oxenfree
    Olli Oxenfree 3 days ago

    Trump is like a very bad old movie....they identify the designated ringer resulting in deus comes our hero: Adam Schiff! And his courageous democratic posse in their very white hats...yea! Pheloneous trump screams and stamps his clown feet and yells fake, unfair, and no tax returns for you....but our stalwart posse says we don,’t think so. .....and their ideal Lady of the Incentive: Nancy Pelosi gives the thumbs up and the posse moves out.....roping in that criminal self serving antagonist and the audience cheers.....the triumphant posse prevails , phelonious trump is in the porky......and our hero says..,aw shucks ma’am..twarn’t nothin ‘ atall......then we hear,,,,,hi ho Silver.... and tanta. (qui mo sabe’s aunt). ....and back in the pokey someone coughs....oops!

  • Silvia Brown
    Silvia Brown 4 days ago

    What did obama have to say.....ha ha!!

  • Jan Schneider
    Jan Schneider 4 days ago

    We love you Trump!!

  • C B
    C B 4 days ago

    This president is kinda funny though 😂😂😂😂 makes me wonder why everyone wants to hurt his feelings so badly . He is just human, he has his pride like everyone else in the world. He just has very low IQ, that's all .

  • Patty Turpin
    Patty Turpin 4 days ago

    Trump has no Mommy to run to, he is completely alone on this earth with no one who actually cares. And he knows it, it shows in his demeanor. Trump is a lost soul.

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro 5 days ago

    It was an episode of The Office

    The OVAL office

  • Ron Connors
    Ron Connors 5 days ago

    Still pushing Biden down our throats...

  • Betty M.
    Betty M. 6 days ago

    He gets the right crooked employee by firing the good ones. Next he will find pollsters that lie.

  • Ameha K
    Ameha K 6 days ago

    Spoiler alert, trump tried to get dirt about Biden and will be impeached soon.

  • Jeff F
    Jeff F 6 days ago

    This is your president? How stupid are you people?

  • Maria Rita Reis
    Maria Rita Reis 6 days ago

    OMG, America...

  • Daniel Setyawan
    Daniel Setyawan 6 days ago$

  • Thuy Tran
    Thuy Tran 7 days ago

    I like you jonking

  • Malcolm Larri
    Malcolm Larri 8 days ago +2

    why are there huge white rings around his eyes ? bizzare

    • Jane Miettinen
      Jane Miettinen 5 days ago +1

      Thats what those little goggles from the solarium (sun tan bed) leaves after. Iuuugh, I dont like the mental image of that blob in there, not one bit, turquoise speedos and all... I have to go shoot myself now, excuse me.

    • Carolyn Foster
      Carolyn Foster 5 days ago +1

      White makeup and faux tan

  • edward lee
    edward lee 10 days ago

    Looked like Trump is show of the house in the market to his client, really act like a real estate agent

  • You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

    Are you a citizen?

  • Susan Ponti
    Susan Ponti 12 days ago

    OMG he doesn't like the poles so he fires the pollsters? He thinks he's an emperor or a king or a dictator. In olden times he probably would have thrown the pollsters to the Lions. What a douchebag.💩🎃💙

  • Bianca Negron
    Bianca Negron 12 days ago

    I hate scary ads!

  • Thomas Dailey
    Thomas Dailey 16 days ago

    Fake ass news you stupid assholes!

  • Reo Ality
    Reo Ality 17 days ago

    Who is this black man to criticize anything in America ?

  • Sydney Joseph
    Sydney Joseph 17 days ago

    What the fuck is wrong with him?

  • Ck Jenks
    Ck Jenks 20 days ago

    Trump 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  • GameritzComedy
    GameritzComedy 21 day ago +3

    This is too much! He is going to act up because someone coughed???? Something isn’t ok.

  • PBMJacqueline
    PBMJacqueline 21 day ago

    I can not text chat Fox news on youtube..!???
    It says it's closed to invited members only.

  • Ellen Wolf
    Ellen Wolf 22 days ago

    I love Trevor Noah!

  • Sasha Wilson
    Sasha Wilson 22 days ago

    George stephanopoulous....... They guy from friends?

  • Kuldeep singh
    Kuldeep singh 28 days ago


  • johann rüstmann
    johann rüstmann Month ago

    Lol..they give you .... flags , drapes , carpets , desks ! Do you understand Donald it's not your house it's the House of the American people !

  • Walter Hudson
    Walter Hudson Month ago +1


  • Doggie
    Doggie Month ago

    Trump is sensitive to cough, he thought the person who coughed had sensed his lies.

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann Month ago

    He’s such a douche bag 😂

  • Jeff Patton
    Jeff Patton Month ago

    The daily show is for dip shit's.

  • Lee Kress
    Lee Kress Month ago

    Raking up some really old lies

  • Adrian Everett
    Adrian Everett Month ago

    What's really scary is the closer he gets to impeachment the closer we are to a major world war

  • James Blackwell
    James Blackwell Month ago

    What the hell is wrong with Trump's eyes?? Looks like no one ever told him that you have to do those fake tan without glasses on

  • tonntonns
    tonntonns Month ago

    The way he looked when the camera moved after he started talking was the funniest part for me

  • Wanda Allen
    Wanda Allen Month ago

    Love this piece! There are no words needed!😏👍

  • Oran Smith
    Oran Smith Month ago

    Bull shit George is the biggest social disaster of all time

  • sherlockinsomniac
    sherlockinsomniac Month ago

    Libtards love talking smack about their own president. But when an oppressive communist country is toying around with their companies, they shut up and do their jobs coz MONEY. You know what they call people who do that? Slaves, Trevor. They are called slaves. Have some dignity Trevor, you sell out.


    We need Phil from News Radio for an exclusive. Him, Dave, Jimmy James... Fuck it... The whole cast.😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lydia Amoah
    Lydia Amoah Month ago

    Trump wants to reign forever over my dead body

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez Month ago

    Dumb as fug..

  • g. kiss
    g. kiss Month ago +1


  • Kadajy Valencia
    Kadajy Valencia Month ago

    I'd rather get my news from someone who doesn't talk like a 3 year old with a speech problem, you liberals would follow Hitler if he was against trump

  • Kris Kris
    Kris Kris Month ago

    No one is above the law, not even the President of USA.
    Otherwise USA will become a LAWLESS nation.

  • Lovely Dimes
    Lovely Dimes Month ago +1

    Yes and we have a table right here , we have a lot of tables America makes lots of tables

  • Ladonna Brock
    Ladonna Brock 2 months ago

    Trump is a fucking idiot. No doubt.

  • RoyaleCart
    RoyaleCart 2 months ago

    Dwight might pop up was too funny😂😂🤣

  • Paul Kell
    Paul Kell 2 months ago

    Dear Trevor you are a charm

  • Vance L. Gilmore
    Vance L. Gilmore 2 months ago

    George is very familiar with the Oval Office, what with all those Monica Lewinskys he did for Bill Clinton in there! 😙

  • Lana Devereaux
    Lana Devereaux 2 months ago


  • B S
    B S 2 months ago

    Trump 2020.