What Movie Should Aquaman Join? MOVIE FIGHTS

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • With the upcoming Aquaman movie, we have some of our funniest fighters ever on for AQUA FIGHTS
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    1. Besides Jaws, what is the best movie set at sea?
    2. Who is the greatest sea captain in any movie?
    3. What movie would be most improved by adding Jason Momoa's Aquaman to the cast?
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    What Movie Should Aquaman Join? MOVIE FIGHTS
    Hosted by Hal Rudnick
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    Writing/Research: Lon Harris
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Comments • 455

  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  8 months ago +29

    What movie would be most improved by adding Jason Momoa's Aquaman to the cast?

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    • James Edwards
      James Edwards 3 months ago

      Ghost shark

    • Jordan Mayhak
      Jordan Mayhak 8 months ago

      JFK, swap Costner for Aquaman.

    • Finnland
      Finnland 8 months ago

      Could you make video aboth Iron sky?

    • Frank Roberts
      Frank Roberts 8 months ago

      Ugh. Always more Julia Prescott please!

    • Arya
      Arya 8 months ago

      Screen Junkies every single one

  • Ravi Kumar Gupta
    Ravi Kumar Gupta 12 days ago

    Humko Hindi mein likho Hamen Hollywood movie dekhna hai kaise download Karun Bina Paisa Diye hue

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 5 months ago

    Silly Screen Junkies, everyone knows the movie Aquaman should join is Shark Tale!

  • Loretta
    Loretta 6 months ago

    I thought the first question specifically about the actual best movie set, at sea, somehow. I’m over here like, Submarines are pretty cool places, maybe. Then Joe picked a Cartoon and I did a double take. It was a bit jarring.

  • Tony D
    Tony D 7 months ago

    You guys have no idea what it takes to operate a boat or a submarine. Lmao. But this was entertaining nonetheless.

  • Michael Keith
    Michael Keith 7 months ago

    Sharknado. Anything else would be ... uncivilized.

  • drakke125
    drakke125 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who heard 'boobie fights' at the start of the vid...

  • Michael A. Webermann
    Michael A. Webermann 7 months ago

    Watched this episode again just to rewatch Carlson's argument for Inconvenient Truth. 🤣 A Movie Fights best

  • Тони Андреев

    Just make honest trailer for Aquaman

  • J Loh
    J Loh 8 months ago

    @JoeStarr the Leviathan in Atlantis was a giant mechanical lobster, not squid

  • Tasteful Tuna
    Tasteful Tuna 8 months ago

    I'm shocked and appalled that nobody answered the "who should do the voice if the fish man spoke" question with the obvious answer: Doug Jones. He's been dubbed over too many times (once *as a fish man*), and there's nothing wrong with his voice. He's a friend of the show, and you do him like that? Not cool.

  • Gantz:0
    Gantz:0 8 months ago

    Best sea creature: Kraken from clash of the titans

  • Gantz:0
    Gantz:0 8 months ago

    Hunt for red October

  • Eduardo Hirota
    Eduardo Hirota 8 months ago

    One of the funniest movie fights ever!!! Mike, Joe and Julia are crazy funny

  • Brandon VanGieson
    Brandon VanGieson 8 months ago

    Best actor to mocap perform a shark: Gary Busey.

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Disney should make a live-action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. That would be the one animated movie in their pantheon that would make sense to remake. I would definitely see it.

  • Clive D
    Clive D 8 months ago

    Enjoyed the banter.

  • 868tatj
    868tatj 8 months ago

    When is Mike gna be the bride?? Always a bridesmaid

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 8 months ago +1

    You have to do an honest trailer for Aquaman

  • Armund Tanzarian
    Armund Tanzarian 8 months ago

    I miss when mike prepared for fights.

  • Bobby Malone
    Bobby Malone 8 months ago

    A good one...because none of he ones he is in are good.

  • Laurel Welch
    Laurel Welch 8 months ago

    No one argued for 'Captain Jack Sparrow'? Still an awesome fight, SJU!

  • Finnland
    Finnland 8 months ago

    Could you make video aboth Iron sky?

  • Quang Minh Nguyễn Việt

    aquaman honest trailer please

  • Mattastrophik
    Mattastrophik 8 months ago

    FlowJoe & Botanicus... 5 years of selling you BS answers that somehow add up.

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez 8 months ago

    Caribbean Amphibian is a BOP

  • Nayte The Great Master
    Nayte The Great Master 8 months ago

    Say:I may be a small USclipr but inside I’m a bad ass

  • The Coaster Craze
    The Coaster Craze 8 months ago

    Surprised life of pi wasn't chosen for question one

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley 8 months ago

    Some of us were introduced to Jason Momoa in Stargate Atlantis, which is sort of funny actually.

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley 8 months ago

    Captain Ron is a great answer for most of these questions.

  • Browncoat1349
    Browncoat1349 8 months ago

    All of you are wrong. Hands down Open Water. Literally the film that permanently traumatized me and the biggest reason I'm afraid of oceans. 😱😨

  • Sean's World TV
    Sean's World TV 8 months ago

    'The greatest host in television history' are 'hosts' known over here as Ant and Dec. They are in a complete league of their own.

  • Phoenix Fury78
    Phoenix Fury78 8 months ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever been equally bored as I was disappointed with the answers given in this episode. So sad 😞

  • Kate Schaeflein
    Kate Schaeflein 8 months ago

    I would’ve argued In the Heart of the Sea for question one

  • Simon James
    Simon James 8 months ago

    This Movie Fights brought so much joy to my heart! I laughed so much, love these three fighters. Hope to see them fight against each other again soon.

  • Professor Tree
    Professor Tree 8 months ago

    I wouldnt have watched this based on the questions if not for the fighters.

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart 8 months ago

    The Dude as a sea caption is Woody Harrelson's character from beach Bum

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart 8 months ago

    Capt Ron? That is almost as bad as having a bottle of rum with Capt Jack Sparrow

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart 8 months ago

    Get someone from Double Toasted for Movie Fights!!

  • John Daily
    John Daily 8 months ago

    As I watched the new Mary Poppins, I thought during an underwater ocean scene that it would be awesome were Aquaman to make a cameo

  • Delilah's Last
    Delilah's Last 8 months ago

    im gonna assume someone references Water World within the first two minutes
    i zoned out. I'll assume i was wrong tho.

  • Kendall
    Kendall 8 months ago

    Who watches this for 1 hour & 20 min?!

  • Jazzmin Wilson
    Jazzmin Wilson 8 months ago

    I kept PRAYING someone would bring Captain Ron to the table and Mike did NOT disappoint!

  • Louisa Ruby
    Louisa Ruby 8 months ago

    Adding Aquaman to "An Inconvenient Truth" was the best thing ever.

  • Avalon Hope
    Avalon Hope 8 months ago

    Make Jenny Nicholson a regular on the show...Just do it.

  • Marco Gman
    Marco Gman 8 months ago

    Merry Christmas, Screen Junkies! Just a thought or suggestion - With Annette Bening appearing in Captain Marvel, it would be a cool segment (IMHO) discussing the roles of all the other Hall of Fame actors/actresses that have appeared in Marvel or DC movies. Robert Redford, Jeremy Irons, Angela Basset, Sally Fields, etc... are some that come to mind. Maybe which actor had the biggest role and/or best performance. Maybe list some their note worthy accomplishments like awards they won or were nominated for. Any ways, just a thought.

  • Ressindor Kodlak
    Ressindor Kodlak 8 months ago

    Say "Tutu Mcbumbulsnazle"
    Anybody getting that gravity falls reference? No? OK :'(

  • TimeWizard
    TimeWizard 8 months ago

    The fight the world has waited for!

  • The Mutant Menace!
    The Mutant Menace! 8 months ago

    Okay I just started watching but felt compelled to comment that I audibly cheered for this group of competitors! Love it.

  • Dakota Mendoza
    Dakota Mendoza 8 months ago

    Do the honest trailer for alien vs predator

  • Just BlazeDude
    Just BlazeDude 8 months ago

    Say "There are some who call him... Tim"

  • JELLYNARWAL Entertainment

    Say ur mom

  • aruncatarun
    aruncatarun 8 months ago

    Julia was BRILLIANT! She should've won everything

  • Berlin
    Berlin 8 months ago

    Do a Honest Trailer for Up

  • Sav .100
    Sav .100 8 months ago

    Please do “to all the boys I’ve loved before”pleaseeee

  • Jonathan Rosa
    Jonathan Rosa 8 months ago

    They look like they could be related....do a family movie fight, find 3 siblings and have em fight it out

  • Jonathan Rosa
    Jonathan Rosa 8 months ago

    Julia has quickly become my fave person!

  • Haikal izani
    Haikal izani 8 months ago

    Hey can you do bumblebee honest trailer

  • Chris Thorn
    Chris Thorn 8 months ago

    Joe's answer to Captain Hook should have been his nemesis is a child and he can never best him...does my pirate lose to a child?

  • Chris Thorn
    Chris Thorn 8 months ago

    The greatest sea captain of all is the one who you capture but always gets away saying "This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow"