The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  15 days ago +14347

    Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.

    • Erik Woodwork
      Erik Woodwork 6 days ago

      Unbox Therapy I really a fan of apple I was thinking of getting the xs

    • Alger Basic
      Alger Basic 15 days ago

      This happen to me too

    • Jay Brown
      Jay Brown 15 days ago

      Lol apple beef

    • Sarah Fitzgerald
      Sarah Fitzgerald 15 days ago

      My 10s max charges perfectly 😁

    • DANK.2DA
      DANK.2DA 15 days ago

      Victor Singh no shit only the iphone 10 series is bad the iphone 4567 and 8 is good

  • Mystic Skateboarding
    Mystic Skateboarding 16 hours ago

    New feature: charges with human power, not electricity.

  • TheIcyDog
    TheIcyDog 16 hours ago

    You should anyways not charge at night when u sleep, it can cause fire.....

  • Samir
    Samir 16 hours ago

    ehhhh..... i had the issue with my old iphone 5s

  • Messy Panda
    Messy Panda 17 hours ago

    Apple should have been called crapple

  • Atelic
    Atelic 18 hours ago

    They're going to remove charging altogether soon. When it runs out of battery you can buy a new phone.

  • Chris Brewer
    Chris Brewer 18 hours ago

    My phone charges just fine doesn’t matter if it’s idle or whatever charging works just fine

  • Stevin Tran
    Stevin Tran 18 hours ago

    Here I am with my note 8, can just move my hand across the screen to wake it up, stays unlocked if it's at home or connected to personal bluetooth devices, never having a charging issue. Not to mention a bezel-less 1440p display with no ugly notch that is not accounted for when measuring screen size.

  • Funko Pops
    Funko Pops 19 hours ago

    Ive also noticed this problem with my iPhone 8+ but it only happens once in a while, not very frequently

  • Rudy Vai25
    Rudy Vai25 19 hours ago

    Thats why i got the note 9 🤩

  • Vera Evdokimova
    Vera Evdokimova 21 hour ago

    I have a xs Max and everything is fine with it I tried this and it charged

  • Ee Rick
    Ee Rick 22 hours ago

    Here is another one :
    Problems with unstandard stories dimensions on Instagram for the S and Note series. Please help us!

  • David Smith
    David Smith Day ago

    WTF 1500 bucks and the phone dosnt charge, im so glad I dont buy or use apple products.

  • Modestas Daubaras

    Rip iphone

  • Jeff Bush
    Jeff Bush Day ago

    3:27 if it’s last years iPhone ten then why is it the new gold colour?🤷‍♂️I smell a fake

  • Zara Nawroz Saeed

    What happens if your phone is out of battery, then you can’t turn it on to make it charge right? Can oh please test this out.

  • danna hernandez
    danna hernandez Day ago

    This happens to my phone to but it’s an IPhone 5

  • Yuka Ayuson Matsuki

    im more nervous to buy the new iphone worrying the same problem might occur, since in the video it was apparent that the problem was extremely common. so i would just like to ask if apple has already fixed the problem

  • BangDroid
    BangDroid Day ago

    This is Apple social engineering. They don't want you to use the lightning connector anymore, like the headphone jack. Everything will be wireless. For _space saving_ and _water resistance_

  • Lauren McDonald
    Lauren McDonald Day ago

    Strange. You know what I have the xs and it was fine it charges right away, but sometimes it does that black screen where it won’t turn on when I press power button. Once I kept pressing it and it called 911 🙄 hung up immediately. Turned that feature off just in case.

  • Analise Throne
    Analise Throne Day ago

    3:31 thats an iPhone xs. iPhone X only comes in black or silver

  • Emily Coutinho
    Emily Coutinho Day ago


  • matoustar
    matoustar Day ago

    shane dawson who? this is the only unnecessarily dramatic content I need

  • Xd Yoboiarmando
    Xd Yoboiarmando Day ago

    I even changed my port

  • Xd Yoboiarmando
    Xd Yoboiarmando Day ago

    This happens to my iPhone 7plus that’s why I have to upgrade now

  • Jericka Lewis
    Jericka Lewis Day ago

    I’m having the same problem only had my phone for two weeks!!! Verizon and Best Buy turned me away

  • Chinnea MLC
    Chinnea MLC Day ago

    It's really funny watching people get so heated over !smartphones! in all these comment sections

  • Raúl Joaquin
    Raúl Joaquin Day ago

    Can I have one😪

  • Roya Amir
    Roya Amir Day ago

    I’m confused

  • shanmukha ajay
    shanmukha ajay Day ago

    iPhone was dead when Steve Jobs was dead.

  • Damon Vedder
    Damon Vedder Day ago

    i have to flip the cord around sometimes with my 10s to get a charge going

  • Sangeeta Shikhare

    You are right I have also tested

  • Kira Mackenzie
    Kira Mackenzie Day ago +1

    What’s happening Apple? I love Apple but... idk what I’m gonna do cuz I have the XS Max and I kinda want to return it but I love it sooo much and I do miss my home button but I’ll keep it I’m just very concerned 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😔

  • Junaid Javid
    Junaid Javid Day ago

    i phone bakwas phone ,,

  • Ryan Stephen
    Ryan Stephen Day ago

    Guys just asking.. I slipped yesterday and got into the sea. Half of my body went under the saltwater of the sea but the problem is my phone is in my pocket so it also dipped into the saltwater. I just wanna ask if my iPhone x will have problem or it will not bc of its water resistant thingy.

  • DC TUBE dinesh sirvi

    Fucking bitch apple. For this sit i had eaten 3 apples lol😭

  • Eisa Al Qubaisi
    Eisa Al Qubaisi Day ago

    If any of you dickheads have an issue with touching your phone before you sleep, or it not turning on while you charge it. You are the most stuck up spoilt ignorant fucks I’ve ever seen. These phone shape the future, now stop being a little brat and use the phone with the luxuries benefits it gives you, you absolute nonces.

    VAIBHAV Day ago +2

    Currently Iphones r the ONE & ONLY phones in the world to have a VERY UNIQUE FEATURE :
    All phones charge very fast with their supplied charger but slowly with wireless charger BUT In case of Iphones its the. EXACT OPPOSITE they charges slowly with their supplied 5watt charger but surprisingly charges much faster with any wireless charger 😂😂😂 👌👌

  • Flou
    Flou Day ago

    Should I use the Pocophone or iPhone 7 Plus?

  • C. M.
    C. M. Day ago

    Lmao they just fixed this with an update, Samsung couldn’t fix exploding phones with an update, check mate

  • just for fun JFF
    just for fun JFF 2 days ago

    man this phone is saying its me(xs/xsmax) my problem what the hell you will do da

  • HueBörkHD
    HueBörkHD 2 days ago

    ah well, 6s Will always be the best iPhone imo

  • KHayam KHan
    KHayam KHan 2 days ago

    i've been using the X for 7 months and its been a great pleasure.
    My Mate upgraded from 8 to XS Max and he's quite pissed off with it.

  • Amanii Ridley
    Amanii Ridley 2 days ago

    iPhone 6s plus is doing that too

  • SaxManJake
    SaxManJake 2 days ago

    My boi Louis Rossman did a great video about this

  • Aik Jones
    Aik Jones 2 days ago

    ThTs why I don’t buy launch mobiles, rush to shelf and loaded with various issues..

  • Goode G
    Goode G 2 days ago

    oh my god, sooo SERIOUS!!
    trying to recreate the gate craze. the only gate here is attentiongate.

  • Chenlin Goh
    Chenlin Goh 2 days ago

    Look! there are 12k fan boys out there. XD

  • ayesha shoaib
    ayesha shoaib 2 days ago

    Poor u Applefanboys

  • Manuel Depaz
    Manuel Depaz 2 days ago

    May I have one please because I don’t have one and grate Job finding that out👍👍

  • Peyton Torgerson
    Peyton Torgerson 2 days ago

    I have the worst one

  • Cherub
    Cherub 2 days ago

    I still don't get why people buy apple. They've been putting out SHITTY SUB-PAR BROKEN crap since at least 2008, and in (many) cases they refuse the problem exists, blame you (or another 3rd party), and refuse to fix the problem/vastly overcharge for fixing it. Yet no matter how bad daddy apple rams it up their ass, they still spend thousands of dollars on a new one. Really gotta "Think Different" to buy or support apple .

  • karena
    karena 2 days ago

    mine charges fine

  • Jose Angel Riarola
    Jose Angel Riarola 2 days ago

    ಠ_ಠ Have you cleaned the port?
    The ones that make an audible “click” are the ones charging.

  • Gab daG
    Gab daG 2 days ago

    I bet it's played like a media stunt played around a security feature, turned on by default at the factory but the OS was not perfected it time for release. Apples might say like "the phone wants you to confirm it's you by tappng on the display which is a fingerprint sensor right? someone might steal your data. Just charge wirelessly. But then how do you capitalize on cable sales..?

  • Ulysses Sanchez90
    Ulysses Sanchez90 2 days ago

    If you have a problems!! Go to settings, then face ID & password click on it scroll down to USB accessories the unlock it and you ready to charge it normal, hope this work to y'all.. cool feature I will call it. 😉👍

  • Wolver Lex
    Wolver Lex 2 days ago

    Because Apple nowadays made in China

  • Nirvana 2016
    Nirvana 2016 2 days ago

    For me the facial unlocking system hardly works... my 7 plus was much better with fingerprint unlocking.

  • ilove you
    ilove you 2 days ago

    Pity for those who spent $1000 for rubbish.

  • Arjie Burgos
    Arjie Burgos 2 days ago

    maybe it’s all bec of the software., because if it’s the hardware it self phone will not charge no matter what you do.. maybe there’s a bug on their new ios12... just saying..

  • TLR Eclipse
    TLR Eclipse 2 days ago

    Well your first problem is that it is an apple...

  • Suicide Sammi
    Suicide Sammi 2 days ago

    I had a Iphone 5c that would be picky with charging and then one day it just turned off on a 100 percent charge and NEVER turned back on.

  • psychokiller73
    psychokiller73 2 days ago

    i got a fix!!!!!!!!! buy a samsung phone :)

  • MUHAMMED Afthab 10
    MUHAMMED Afthab 10 2 days ago

    Yo nigg new update its fixed 12.0.1

  • J R
    J R 2 days ago


  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson 2 days ago

    Thank You!
    Job well done!
    Seems like since Steve Jobs left us Apple’s leadership has become so taken with greed that innovation is becoming stagnant & response to customer’s problems- simply acknowledging that a concern actually exists- let alone doing something about it has literally been left at a bus stop on the side of the road. There is nothing more frustrating than being the one person in a group of friends- all android users- that enthusiastically promotes Apple products, whom then has to eat my own words and the distinction in cost when I take my brand new device to my local Apple Store and find the employees ‘rolling their eyes’ in complete dismissal of my completely legitimate complaints relating to charging issues. If Apple’s leadership cannot get this stuff appropriately addressed- they are gonna sink the ship of the best hardware company simply because they have become too bewitched by profit & its resulting narcissism to acknowledge reality; when it is screaming at their face to simply do their job: -Listen. Acknowledge. Act.- Its nice to find strength in numbers- subscribing now!

  • Stevonoles1
    Stevonoles1 2 days ago

    Mine never had this problem.

  • Keira Torres
    Keira Torres 2 days ago

    That happened to me on my iPhone X

  • Marah Gray
    Marah Gray 2 days ago

    It's like the Android Pie update on the Pixel 2/XL has been a nightmare, and then now we have this issue for Apple .... We can't win, Lou!!! Haha. Samsung has horrible customer support, especially for there own finance customers. That's it, I'm buying a new Razer phone next time. Haha.

  • Christian Feliciano
    Christian Feliciano 2 days ago

    I got lucky with my xs max. I just tried it from sleep mode to see if it was functioning properly. All good 🙃

  • Yogesh Verma
    Yogesh Verma 2 days ago

    How much

  • SweetsCat VanillaPink

    Some of my cables don’t charge my phone and my phone is a IPhone 6

  • Maj mac
    Maj mac 2 days ago

    its called single tasking

  • Angela Dunn
    Angela Dunn 2 days ago

    I didn’t know this was a thing until stumbling across this video- several times since getting my XS MAX I’ve woken up several times to my phone not charged. I tried different chargers and haven’t been able to figure out the issue until now!

  • Hans Starks
    Hans Starks 2 days ago

    My ten X Max doesn’t seem to have this issue

  • Obrayn Dike
    Obrayn Dike 2 days ago

    This problem need's to be fixed ASAP

  • Wahyudiz Ihsan
    Wahyudiz Ihsan 2 days ago

    There is no perfect human being and so is your smartphone... 😊
    *Nokia 3100*

  • Anarcho Toast
    Anarcho Toast 2 days ago

    iPhone XS? More like iPhone XD

  • Ravi Grover
    Ravi Grover 2 days ago

    Samsung best . Because they take people's critics seriously

  • Phil Richardson
    Phil Richardson 2 days ago

    Your videos are awful and boring every single fucking time. Please. Stop making videos

    • UwU
      UwU 2 days ago

      Stop living cunt

  • Luca St.
    Luca St. 2 days ago

    dont cry and intsall the newest software ...

  • Vàng 99999999
    Vàng 99999999 2 days ago

    Bphone 3

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton 3 days ago

    Can u give me one iPhone plz

  • Vankai
    Vankai 3 days ago

    tap to charge?? is this a box TV?!

  • Mario Lu
    Mario Lu 3 days ago

    I have it with iphone 7 too..

  • Im ACunt
    Im ACunt 3 days ago

    *Laughs in Sony Xperia*

  • DIvadxat
    DIvadxat 3 days ago

    My iPad (2017) has charging issues now on iOS 12.0.1 :(

  • MacrO Division
    MacrO Division 3 days ago

    Apple going down! it's 2018

  • sourabh chauhan
    sourabh chauhan 3 days ago +1


  • Enma Enigma
    Enma Enigma 3 days ago

    laughs in iPhone 8 Plus

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    It just works.

  • TheNinja Drifter
    TheNinja Drifter 3 days ago

    I have an iPhone 6+ with iOS 11, and I have to make sure the charger faces the a certain way

  • LiLah
    LiLah 3 days ago

    marketing is that its supposed to charge 100% in 40 min or so UM THATS NOT WHAT IM GETTING LMAO HELP

  • Aläin Rabbit
    Aläin Rabbit 3 days ago

    Watching on my s9, also laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, I'm sorry for the people experiencing it myst be horrible, my phone not charging would be a disaster to me.

  • StydianX GameTV
    StydianX GameTV 3 days ago

    Oh.. i didnt know iPhone are still a thing. lol!

  • Mickzo
    Mickzo 3 days ago

    I can assure you it's software. IOS is getting worse by the day

  • Grndragon26
    Grndragon26 3 days ago

    It’s not Xs max. It’s ios 12. Setting to turn it off settings > Id and passcode > usb accessories. Where it won’t charge if hasn’t been unlocked in an hour.

  • Croakie
    Croakie 3 days ago

    you should probably update the video or take it down considering the issue has been fixed in an os update

  • Ad P
    Ad P 3 days ago

    My xs max sometimes only likes certain cables

  • RED ACE 32
    RED ACE 32 3 days ago

    I hate apple