The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone XS issue #ChargeGate
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  7 months ago +15694

    Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.

    • the hard left orchestra / brown & white
      the hard left orchestra / brown & white 9 days ago

      +01 name pointless Contribution gets thousands of likes. People eh?

    • Richard Lopez
      Richard Lopez 2 months ago

      Unbox Therapy happens on my two iphones xs and they are not the max it’s so much more frequent and annoying

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis 2 months ago

      Thankfully not experiencing this problem, nor the issue with the sound coming out of only one speaker.

      ANONYMOUSCRACKER 2 months ago


    • Adam Othman
      Adam Othman 4 months ago

      @Unbox Therapy my iPhone 7 Plus has the same problem.

  • LowkeyAnony
    LowkeyAnony 6 hours ago

    Why did this video feel like a Shane Dawson documentary? 🤫

    AKÜMA YOXİRÜMA 6 hours ago

    Why are people still buying Appla products? They are outclassed in price, options and technical level by Android and Windows for years.

  • Gotxm
    Gotxm 6 hours ago

    Notice that the phones with the brown planet background start to charge immediately but not the green or blue ones....

  • Zudifoe official.
    Zudifoe official. 9 hours ago

    Bro can u please give me one of this iphone in gold colour n any storage please

  • jap jap
    jap jap 11 hours ago

    The only solution for this is wireless charging... lose hope for apple to fix this issues.... they make defective devices this years.... issues in the new macbook and new iphones are so annoying... this is not what we pay for!

  • Elisabeth Wadsworth
    Elisabeth Wadsworth 11 hours ago

    It's not just the XS that has a serious issue, I use an Iphone 8 plus. Barley had it a year, cables get destroyed, so maybe I thought over the counter charger might work better. But nooooooo, I bought a three pack only two of the braided cables worked while one of them worked for a few months then not at all.

    Then with the over the counter braided cables there was a method to solve that issue where you go into the battery settings, turn on low battery mode and shut the phone off. Take the lightning cable out of your GODDAMN PHONE then put it back in. I've always had issues when it comes with "long lasting charge" whereas it wouldn't last more than a year. or less perhaps...

  • Mahdi Akbarzade
    Mahdi Akbarzade 12 hours ago


  • Slizzy
    Slizzy 12 hours ago +2

    *Its not a bug, it’s a FEATURE.*

  • EXE Mobile
    EXE Mobile 13 hours ago +1

    IPhone : Money

  • UmairA04
    UmairA04 14 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 6 with the same issue. Sometimes it even doesn’t recognize the charger and says that it cannot recognize the charger. I only use the original apple charger

  • 10k subs with no video
    10k subs with no video 14 hours ago

    Mine charges regularly.

  • Jennifer De Freitas
    Jennifer De Freitas 17 hours ago

    May I have one silver iphone X max because i cant afford one and what would u possibly do with all of them lying around? And if your really kind hearted maybe also giving me a aplle watch and macbook pro

    • sabZ fe
      sabZ fe 17 hours ago

      Shut up u beggar go get 1 urself u poor shit

  • Jaded Jojo
    Jaded Jojo 21 hour ago +1

    This actually happens on my se occasionally, but i have to flip the charger to fix it when before it would work no matter what

  • Yudhvir singh Sidhu
    Yudhvir singh Sidhu 21 hour ago

    i am going to sell my xs.
    nd buying google pixel

  • evaneckerson14
    evaneckerson14 22 hours ago +1

    I think the only problem with the Xs is the price

  • Mr No one
    Mr No one 22 hours ago

    I have the freezing problem

  • kuya Jeycee
    kuya Jeycee Day ago

    can you test huwaei nova3i

  • Potato Holmes
    Potato Holmes Day ago

    have you tried putting it on rice?

  • Zakaria Remane
    Zakaria Remane Day ago

    Maybe the problem is with the cable....kidding.

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose Day ago

    My iphone and ipad does that too

  • CasuallyCameron Official

    Settings>Face ID and Passcode>scroll down to the bottom and turn off the bottom switch

  • Faizan Ali
    Faizan Ali Day ago +2

    Brother your all iPhone is made by china

  • Sabin Limbkhim
    Sabin Limbkhim Day ago

    fake news

  • Drove
    Drove Day ago

    Wait, so what if your phone turns off because it has no battery...

  • Drove
    Drove Day ago

    Guys can we just stop this Apple and Samsung war, just choose what you want and be quiet.

  • Anupam Anubhav
    Anupam Anubhav 2 days ago

    I want an OnePlus 7 pro and your T-Shirt

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 2 days ago

    This is why I'm here the truth

  • rajarshi bose
    rajarshi bose 2 days ago

    Steve Jobs will be so proud ♥️.

  • Chris Roleston
    Chris Roleston 2 days ago

    Yeah I have the same problem sometimes, doesn't happen all the time though

    HASSΩ 2 days ago

    My iPhone X deleted all m contacts for some unknown reason

  • huda abdullah
    huda abdullah 2 days ago

    i always watch this video because i need this iphone

  • Evan Shultz
    Evan Shultz 2 days ago

    Apple sucks

  • Lance Wong
    Lance Wong 2 days ago

    Why is this video so scary

  • Toys toys toys by Michele Greco

    I don’t believe you that’s what I’m gonna charging because you unplugged though the charging cable from the wall

  • Jovince jude
    Jovince jude 2 days ago

    Hey UT can u give a iphone?

  • Miri Hawk
    Miri Hawk 3 days ago

    Lots of phones do not work when plugged in and charging. All phones wireless charge. Apple is on a quest to annoy the heck out of us by not being able to use our phones while charging. DUN DUN DUN

  • Alex F
    Alex F 3 days ago

    I just fucking ordered one today.

  • Ezic_Spy _
    Ezic_Spy _ 3 days ago

    What kind of fake bullshit is this, my Xs max works fine tf

  • MattBroncos 97
    MattBroncos 97 3 days ago

    Mine charges over night this guys full of shit unsubscribe

  • Ali Maaz
    Ali Maaz 3 days ago

    I just tried this on my Xs max. I dont have an issue, probably because I got the 512 Gb variant. 😂

    • VX2 Gaming
      VX2 Gaming Day ago

      No because this is 7 months ago you stupid dumb fack

  • Vishal Murali Kannan

    Even happens with iPads....

  • BallisticIre Gaming
    BallisticIre Gaming 3 days ago

    what about the iPhone XR

  • Nelson Saravia
    Nelson Saravia 3 days ago

    So does the Galaxy fold

  • Salim M
    Salim M 3 days ago

    Getting hang on my iPhone 7 plus

  • G a b r i e l
    G a b r i e l 3 days ago +2

    I'm so fucking glad I got an XR, its performance is amazing

    • Ezic_Spy _
      Ezic_Spy _ Day ago

      Exquisitely Russian well the Xr does have a bigger screen though, but yes it’s not 1080p but I have Xr myself and I don’t see a difference until you put them side to side and then compare the two phones like that.

    • Exquisitely Russian
      Exquisitely Russian Day ago

      Ezic_Spy _ where tf- I’m comparing the XR to the X
      ( I have the X ) and I’m saying the quality on the XR bad for this era

    • Ezic_Spy _
      Ezic_Spy _ Day ago

      Exquisitely Russian note 7

    • Exquisitely Russian
      Exquisitely Russian Day ago

      Ezic_Spy _ what phone are you comparing to

    • Ezic_Spy _
      Ezic_Spy _ Day ago

      Exquisitely Russian exploding battery is better then?

  • Old King Doran
    Old King Doran 3 days ago

    an 1100 dollar phone than can’t even charge...

  • Suraj Thantharate
    Suraj Thantharate 4 days ago

    I think it is a software problem

  • Nick Sanchez
    Nick Sanchez 4 days ago

    I know this video is old but did anyone notice that the gold iPhones where the only ones to work properly

  • Movies Masala
    Movies Masala 4 days ago

    I am having the same problem I my iPad air2 also

  • Salman Ranjha
    Salman Ranjha 4 days ago

    I watch your all videos

  • Salman Ranjha
    Salman Ranjha 4 days ago

    Give me one phone 😒😒

  • Derryck Prime
    Derryck Prime 4 days ago

    The music makes this even more dramatic...

  • Limitless Science
    Limitless Science 4 days ago

    Apple is a way back

  • Mighty ace
    Mighty ace 4 days ago +1

    I got a Xs max today and my phone is just fine

  • CarCar237 L.
    CarCar237 L. 4 days ago

    Can I please have one of your phones. I have to use my school computer to watch you videos and I don't even have a phone right now. :(

  • Jarvis Jackson
    Jarvis Jackson 4 days ago

    I’m just now watching this but my iPhone X when I plugged in the charger it shuts off and does that on and on but it charges

  • Ravirala Jai Surya Umesh

    When they r charged sufficiently they r not getting charged that’s the reason

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu 5 days ago +1

    It takes courage to remove the charging capability.

  • Fardin Rafi
    Fardin Rafi 5 days ago

    My xs got no problems charging on sleep mode
    But i have a bigger problem with it
    It restarts by its own!!
    Ive contacted apple support they told me you should reset the phone
    I did and that didnt solve it
    Anybody has this issue?!

    • Fardin Rafi
      Fardin Rafi 2 days ago

      Marcia Flores well i updated my ios to 12.3 when it was out
      Since then i didnt have any problems like before
      Maybe it will work for yours too
      Check it out

    • Marcia Flores
      Marcia Flores 3 days ago

      Me too

  • Galaxii_Plasma
    Galaxii_Plasma 5 days ago +1

    2016: Removes the headphone jack
    2017: Removes the home button
    2017: Removes lock charging
    2019: Removes the lightning port for the charger

  • goksu goksay
    goksu goksay 5 days ago

    İOS is everytime problem..

  • dave comish
    dave comish 6 days ago +2

    Awww it's not fair I just got a Samsung galaxy s10+ and my phone don't have this feature. Hopefully in the next update 🤞

    • TGS Undead
      TGS Undead 3 days ago

      dave comish sounds cool I’ll check it out once I get the phone

    • dave comish
      dave comish 3 days ago

      +TGS Undead no problem oh and I got a tech21 self healing screen protector when I got mine, it's a must

    • TGS Undead
      TGS Undead 3 days ago

      dave comish k thx for the feedback bro 👌👍

    • dave comish
      dave comish 3 days ago

      +TGS Undead I'm extremely happy with the plus but other than the bigger battery and the extra camera I don't think there is much difference between them oh and the bigger screen. If you already have a big phone ya might as well get the s10+ or the normal s10 will probably feel abit small. I still have my s8 at home for casting my now TV to my chrome cast and when I use it its feels like a toy phone now so yeah it's more about your preference but if I was you I'd go for the s10+

    • TGS Undead
      TGS Undead 3 days ago

      I have the XS Max but in the summer I will be able to switch to Samsung bc of the upgrade plan 👍 should I get the plus or the regular bc I live the 1 camera hole punch in the s10

  • Sollau Jakson
    Sollau Jakson 6 days ago

    I use wireless charging for my iPhone xs max

  • Sidd
    Sidd 6 days ago

    I would prefer iphone x

  • PurpleGuy CraftYT
    PurpleGuy CraftYT 6 days ago

    My iPad 2 charger works really bad because one thing my cables just tear off in pieces and there's like Sparks everywhere for my charger and it makes some terrible smell out of it how to solve this it's a nightmare

  • Mikkel Lindberg
    Mikkel Lindberg 7 days ago

    iPhone xs dosen't have problems

  • Hannah Pfleuger
    Hannah Pfleuger 7 days ago

    Just tried this on my XS Max, it charges the right way every time, very strange, however I did only get the phone about a month and a half ago

  • Michael Demagalski
    Michael Demagalski 7 days ago +2

    I have experienced this same problem with my iPhone 8 Plus. I have also experienced an issue plugging in my headphones and the iPhone not recognizing the lightning plug from the headphones. I have had to unplug them and plug them back in or flip the plug to get the phone to recognize them.

  • Mandie Adams
    Mandie Adams 7 days ago

    Well....bout six months of having iPhone XS Max, the worst possible situation has happened. I can’t charge my phone unless I utilize wireless charging. I’ll be switching to Samsung now. Sprint worked out a deal for me so I can have it shipped to me tomorrow or the next day, but until then, my phone will be on a wireless charging dock. Thanks for bringing the situation to attention; it’s a shame I didn’t see this video until it was too late! I’m late to the party, but keep up the good work, Lew! Now I’ll watch all your other videos just for a binge, and to see if there’s any other tech I should be weary of buying! Til then!! See ya!

  • soumya panda
    soumya panda 7 days ago

    My heart is broken with apple . One would expect a technology giant to come with better technology not price of junk like these .

  • Athul P
    Athul P 7 days ago

    Does anyone know how to make apple wine?

  • Kris Bhanderi
    Kris Bhanderi 7 days ago

    This is y u get a Samsung

  • Sangeeta Sharma
    Sangeeta Sharma 9 days ago

    My one's good🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    HYDROMEDIA 9 days ago

    Mf I just ordered this shit. Yo videos keep popping up where ur destroying the XS. U almost make me cancel the order MF XD

  • jack reeper
    jack reeper 9 days ago

    Just apple try to sell more wireless charger

  • Mia Anne
    Mia Anne 9 days ago

    GO TO CYANEX’S USclip VIDEO! He shows that you are able to just to settings and turn on a toggle, which allows you to insert a charger and it charge right away. (without turning on the phone beforehand)

  • Mac
    Mac 9 days ago

    Apple just wany to CHARGE you more

  • Thinh Phan
    Thinh Phan 10 days ago

    the charger included in the box is rigged. fuck apple! it’s garbage

  • Sneek AK
    Sneek AK 10 days ago

    Making your experience harder

  • spartan 1870
    spartan 1870 10 days ago

    I'm lucky huawei is better than apple

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter 10 days ago +2

    Love watching apple fail on my galaxy s8+

  • BOB-man03
    BOB-man03 11 days ago

    LOL iphone sucks

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia 11 days ago

    This happens to my tablet but it does not charge at all I just blow in the the lightning whole and it works for some reason

  • Savage Bailey
    Savage Bailey 11 days ago +7

    Watching this video on my iPhone XS 🙂

  • Eduardo D Elia
    Eduardo D Elia 11 days ago

    Same problem with my iPad Pro... Unbelievable 🍎

  • Stickz
    Stickz 12 days ago

    Hmmm. I dont have this problem with an android.

    Y SERIES BETA 12 days ago

    First world problems
    -My IPhone is not charging.Its the end of the world.

    Y SERIES BETA 12 days ago


  • Nikki Harb
    Nikki Harb 14 days ago +3

    I’m so glad I found your channel I LOVE IT 💙 SUBSCRIBED!

  • Lrxy
    Lrxy 14 days ago

    Apple- Come buy our IPhone X,Xs and Xrs. We removed the head phone jack,home button and that ancient thing called charging

  • Lrxy
    Lrxy 14 days ago

    And I also stupidly got a galaxy s7 edge

  • Lrxy
    Lrxy 14 days ago

    I’m mind blown like why oh ye I don’t have to worry cuz I got AndROiD

  • Price
    Price 14 days ago

    Just don't buy iPhones :)

  • alya fofia
    alya fofia 14 days ago

    can i get iphone xs???????

  • Santi Herawati
    Santi Herawati 15 days ago

    Apple or Samsung?

  • Evelyn Mayo
    Evelyn Mayo 15 days ago

    How can i fix the i phone it cannot charge cannot turn on and the touch pad was broken !????? Pls help

  • Wide Open Motorsports
    Wide Open Motorsports 15 days ago +3

    Apples Excuse: The light switch was turned off that controlled the outlet they were plugged into. All few thousand of you.. lol

  • Wide Open Motorsports
    Wide Open Motorsports 15 days ago +3

    I just tried this on my XS Max and didn’t have this issue at all.. Weird..

  • Baboon
    Baboon 15 days ago

    Not only is the phone $1000, but also defective and gets scratches from nothing and gets cracked from a 3 inch drop. Complete piece of shit phone don’t get