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  • I예설
    I예설 2 hours ago

    I'm 00:00 seconds through the video and im craving chocolate already

  • Excellen Shinoda
    Excellen Shinoda 3 hours ago

    I wonder what would his husband give her during Valentines.................

  • Itz Rainy
    Itz Rainy 4 hours ago

    Do you guys realize that theres countries names? :-)

  • phantom
    phantom 5 hours ago

    I think we’re all chocolate experts!

  • Snow Tiana
    Snow Tiana 7 hours ago

    I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought the cheap candy bars seemed to feel like they were burning my throat. 🧐 All my friends would chuckle because I’d waste 5-7$ on a small chocolate bar, but it was so much more flavorful.

  • jason Muench
    jason Muench 7 hours ago +1

    I'm getting hungrier and hungrier everytime she eats a chocolate.

  • TheDragiix3
    TheDragiix3 7 hours ago

    I have an exam today, I spent all night watching stuff like this lmao.

  • Krizelle Mercado
    Krizelle Mercado 7 hours ago

    can i be a chocolate expert too

  • Angelina NGUYEN
    Angelina NGUYEN 7 hours ago +5

    Me: I need to do my homework
    Also me: *watches 16 Minutes of someone eating chocolate*

  • Croissant Potatoe
    Croissant Potatoe 8 hours ago

    *Willy Wonka has left the chat*

  • Mysterious Moony Xx
    Mysterious Moony Xx 9 hours ago

    She really did her homework.

  • Swanika
    Swanika 9 hours ago

    I am drooling now

  • Maguette Fall
    Maguette Fall 9 hours ago

    When you should be doing your homework but instead you’re watching this...I mean I don’t even like chocolate

  • SellerThink
    SellerThink 10 hours ago

    This would of been a lot more helpful and interesting, if we could see the brand, with the cost reveal. Only knowing that B cost more and taste better, really isn't helpful, since B could actually cost less in one store than A, and if we only went by price, we'd still be getting the lower quality product.

  • jazz rei
    jazz rei 10 hours ago

    think about growing up. going to college to be a chocolate expert.....

  • REDCannonBusterXL4
    REDCannonBusterXL4 12 hours ago

    I wanna be a chocolate expert

  • Tom Stafford
    Tom Stafford 14 hours ago

    Welp, I'm going downstairs to raid the fridge.

  • Karim Ac
    Karim Ac 14 hours ago

    She's so cute

  • poot111111
    poot111111 15 hours ago

    She should be a guitar expert with that name

  • khalid alshehri
    khalid alshehri 16 hours ago

    Gosh she’s pretty

  • sooooooooDark
    sooooooooDark 17 hours ago

    she says just about every sentence 2-3 times in a row
    but everytime with different words..

  • sooooooooDark
    sooooooooDark 17 hours ago

    shes got a cocoa mustache before even starting to taste taste the chocolates
    ...or maybe its just a regular mustache

  • It's ok to be gay
    It's ok to be gay 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one noticing her moustache

  • binatitagain
    binatitagain 19 hours ago

    I really hope she's not diabetic... there goes her blood sugars!;)

  • Vincent M.
    Vincent M. 20 hours ago

    I have never eaten chocolate and gone "hmm, doesn't taste like chocolate, tastes like metal and burning." smh some get get so wrapped up in themselves.

  • Just Ava-mae
    Just Ava-mae 20 hours ago

    I hate when people are eating and describe it with it still in their mouth and it sounds disgusting

  • NoposhChigger
    NoposhChigger 23 hours ago

    I bet Russel Stover's would not be a very good apologetic gesture when you're' in the dog house with this girl.

  • Francesca Tamayo
    Francesca Tamayo Day ago +1

    Im actually just skipping & just want to know if she really guess everything right

  • Parthiv Bomma
    Parthiv Bomma Day ago

    The more I see her the more I see a man

  • brewed literature

    advent calendar chocolate is still the best

  • PrisonCipher
    PrisonCipher Day ago

    And there you have it fellas, keep her fed with chocolate and she'll be all giggles.

  • Fan Pet
    Fan Pet Day ago

    Lmao she's cute

  • God
    God Day ago

    You can buy 78 of the cheaper dark chocolate bars for the price of one of the $550 ones

  • bennemann
    bennemann Day ago

    7:42 "(this chocolate over here) is so bri- whi- that it mi-"
    ... and over here in Exhibit F we have a valley girl, if there ever was one...

  • DianaSenpie
    DianaSenpie Day ago

    *That backround though* 👌

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago

    I really like how joyful she is. Also, she presents her chocolate review, very well, while being entertaining.

  • luo
    luo Day ago

    Wow who knew chocolate could be this sophisticated! I’ll just watch the actual tasting part haha

  • d a n a
    d a n a 2 days ago

    Sooo, you get paid for eating chocolate?

  • Aaheli Roy
    Aaheli Roy 2 days ago

    Raise your hands if you think all of them look the same..😂

  • madii 99
    madii 99 2 days ago +1

    I’m waiting for a know - it - all to comment that she’s wrong on everything she said

  • zaki_en_
    zaki_en_ 2 days ago +1


  • Maya Alarcon
    Maya Alarcon 2 days ago


  • Ranulf Bloodfist
    Ranulf Bloodfist 2 days ago

    I guess this is what millennials do in their free time

  • Aj Brandt
    Aj Brandt 2 days ago

    Tastes cocoa powder
    "This is nesquik"

  • Aj Brandt
    Aj Brandt 2 days ago

    "Creamy mouth feel"

  • Amber Nelson
    Amber Nelson 2 days ago

    She knows her food science! I bet she aced chemistry.

  • Samantha Swords
    Samantha Swords 2 days ago

    I want to know what brands these are

  • Jurij Fedorov
    Jurij Fedorov 2 days ago

    So a chocolate expert barely noticed a difference between a $7 chocolate bar and a $550 chocolate bar. Makes you think.

  • DownForwardPunch
    DownForwardPunch 3 days ago

    Epicurious missed a great opportunity to have Ashens as the chocolate expert. He has had to eat so much crap chocolate he is pretty much an expert.

  • Gabby Messina
    Gabby Messina 3 days ago

    11:35 Girl just double dipped...yuck

  • Tupacabra
    Tupacabra 3 days ago +1

    0:04 "I keeko kolan"
    no words, just noises.

  • Brooks Ellis
    Brooks Ellis 3 days ago

    "waxy" is never good with chocolate.

  • Samir Sehgal
    Samir Sehgal 3 days ago +3

    Too hot and fit to be a chocolate expert...

  • Mobil Konto
    Mobil Konto 3 days ago

    Her voice is annoying...

  • Grace Epstein
    Grace Epstein 3 days ago

    Okay she really looks like Anna Kendrick

  • Grace Epstein
    Grace Epstein 3 days ago +32

    **grabs a Hershey’s bar** hmmmm very fine particles... melt pretty quickly, I can tell the dairy came from a high quality happy cow.

  • Hania Shah
    Hania Shah 3 days ago

    The job i want😬😍

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 days ago

    I deadaas walked up to my freezer and ate all the chocolate chips

    PALE RIDER 4 days ago

    OMG shes like that damn rabbit. She goes on and on and on.

  • Hobo Blow
    Hobo Blow 4 days ago

    Her voice is satisfying

  • Logan Avery
    Logan Avery 4 days ago

    For the white chocolate, having worked in a frozen yogurt shop for several years and working around numerous toppings, I'd say that B looks like somewhat a cross between poor white chocolate and yogurt chips. Yogurt chips are always that bright white color.

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien 4 days ago

    I would marry you based on your love of and passion for chocolate. Okay, you're also adorable.

  • vinzanity68
    vinzanity68 4 days ago

    pls say COCOWAH....coz coco sounds like it comes from coconut. :D

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 5 days ago

    I also consider myself a chocolate expert

  • andrey zagurskiy
    andrey zagurskiy 5 days ago

    I'm I the ONLY one that can't get over her little mustache

    TheWEEKYKID 5 days ago

    Cool! this vid at least didnt have major visual giveaways, I think from now on they shouldn't display the foods in their natural bag or casing, if it was for the cheese, only the cheese, get rid of the rind, etc.

  • chicagochick
    chicagochick 5 days ago

    Why am I here

  • Jessa Duran
    Jessa Duran 5 days ago

    Woah this is really interesting!!!

  • Baka Hannibal
    Baka Hannibal 5 days ago

    I have some chocolate that she can try!!
    -If you thought I was being sexual, the internet and porn has ruined you.

  • david lincoln brooks

    Fascinating stuff, Amy. Thanks for this. I immediately recognized your name, as i have some Guittard cocoa powder in my pantry as we speak.

  • chicolofi
    chicolofi 5 days ago

    Does this lady still like chocolate?

  • My Small Art Page
    My Small Art Page 5 days ago

    Now I wanna be a chocolate expert in the future 😂😂

  • María Mary Miriam
    María Mary Miriam 6 days ago

    Just another product speculators use to rip off millions of chocolate "lovers". Chocolate is no longer chocolate (specially for those who can't spend $500 for a chocolate bar. In the chocolate "industry", first they take the butter/fat out of the chocolate beans and its essence as well and they sell it to the cosmetic industry and candle industry. Then what is left of it is dried or toasted, and tons of white (terrible for your health) processed sugar is added to it with a bunch of products to help the "chocolate bar" stick together (waxes, palm oils and others, flours, etc.) and shine. And after that is when you get it in the supermarket thinking that you are getting real chocolate.

  • Miss Martian
    Miss Martian 6 days ago

    change of plans...............I WANNA BE A CHOCOLATE EXPERT WHEN I GROW UP!

  • MoonLightOnWater1
    MoonLightOnWater1 7 days ago

    No brands mentioned or am I being impatient? I can’t wait to see the whole

  • Kidro
    Kidro 7 days ago +5

    ok, what do i do with this information now

  • Kyle Gimple
    Kyle Gimple 7 days ago +3

    Milk chocolate B sounds like Hershey's

  • CB BC
    CB BC 7 days ago

    Why is she so skinny?

  • I Has A Bucket
    I Has A Bucket 7 days ago

    she should taste Norwegian Freia milk chocolate

  • Nery Martinez
    Nery Martinez 8 days ago

    I love how happy she gets when she reveals that she is right 🤝

  • Mojoman57
    Mojoman57 8 days ago

    Just so I can get a feel for the scale, where would a standard Hershey's Bar rate?

  • Justine Buda
    Justine Buda 8 days ago

    I love when they can already tell before tasting it and REally dont wanna try the cheap one lol

  • Caecilius MyHorto
    Caecilius MyHorto 8 days ago

    Guess I found my job

  • Sophie Gu
    Sophie Gu 8 days ago

    weird flex but ok

  • Angelica Amora
    Angelica Amora 8 days ago

    Meanwhile, If I taste chocolate... It's a chocolate..

  • Kivutar Kisat
    Kivutar Kisat 8 days ago

    Wish they'd give names to the types of food they test. I'd love to test them out too.

  • urizen666
    urizen666 9 days ago

    I'd like to taste you sugar

  • Brandon O'Connell
    Brandon O'Connell 9 days ago

    i expected her voice to be deeper

  • Apaar Maheshwari
    Apaar Maheshwari 9 days ago +1

    I have never spent 550 even on a mobile. And when I see this😂😂😂

  • kuchesezik
    kuchesezik 9 days ago

    guitars and chocolate, that's all you need

  • Nate T
    Nate T 9 days ago

    Idk why but she low key looks like a dude

  • Sirinterweb
    Sirinterweb 9 days ago

    i still like the crunc bar even if it's cheeper

  • Ian Cambria
    Ian Cambria 9 days ago

    Is she a mustache expert, as well?

  • Miroslav Erdelyi
    Miroslav Erdelyi 9 days ago

    She’s so likeable!

  • Morgan Steward
    Morgan Steward 9 days ago

    I’m looking for the brand names!

  • Kevin Navadar
    Kevin Navadar 10 days ago

    Ben Stiller's sister

  • monish bhawale
    monish bhawale 10 days ago

    By looking only I guessed all of em right

  • Alyssa Lara
    Alyssa Lara 10 days ago +45

    We found Willy Wonka's daughter

  • Stephanie Felix
    Stephanie Felix 10 days ago

    You know what I’m gonna do for a living ...

  • KRISGameRXD x
    KRISGameRXD x 10 days ago

    When she said that the chocolate melts as the temp of your body heat, and she said that it melted quite fast, that leads me to belive that she was horny lol