🇲🇾 Malaysia: Criminal charges against ex-PM Najib Razak could come 'very soon' | Al Jazeera English

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Statement comes amid crackdown on corruption linked to 1MDB scandal, which saw billions of dollars siphoned from state funds.
    The chief of Malaysia's anti-corruption agency says criminal charges against former Prime Minister Najib Razak could come "very soon". Razak, whose party was defeated in an election earlier this month, is alleged to have pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars from state-owned funds.
    Billions of dollars has allegedly been siphoned from a state investment fund known as 1MDB.
    Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reports from Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia.
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Comments • 366

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali Day ago

    i love najib sir i think this all false propoganda against him we pray to god to solve all his problem al jazeera is very harami channel' and even there are many politician in india who did tremendous crime al jazeera never interview them i am asking why? and why only najib sir because he his polite and malaysia is awesome country al jazeera is nonesense

  • Padzil Sherry
    Padzil Sherry Month ago

    Harakiri shamed on u bijan

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim 2 months ago


  • Calvin Akbar
    Calvin Akbar 8 months ago +1

    Thats what you got when you put indonesian flag upside down in seagames, NAJIB !!! Politics is reall outhere boys

  • Me So Horny, Me Love You Long Time

    Such a sad, pathetic figure this Najib person is. Absolutely no conscience. Corrupt, greedy, and plain evil. It's amazing just how sycophantic Malaysians are for putting up with this criminal for 9 long years. The reason for that is simple. Malaysians themselves are corrupt and dishonest, so it is entirely understandable that they tolerated a leader who reflected their own shortcomings. Truly an evil country.

  • heng cc
    heng cc 9 months ago +1

    Najib is the first PM to be investigated; umno is dead

  • Bashir Shah
    Bashir Shah 9 months ago

    PH already swindle Big before but now Insaf

  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Najib is the King of Kleptocracy!! He reap what we sow, karma!

  • tay soo hee
    tay soo hee 9 months ago

    Correct me if I am wrong ? Will Datuk Sri Najib be charged and fined 5 times the amount he had emblazed. Lesson learned : You cannot fool all the people all the time.

  • June Hj. A
    June Hj. A 9 months ago

    The moment of truth we malaysians hve been longing for this day...sayonara Najib

  • Kom Tan Chong
    Kom Tan Chong 9 months ago

    All the cronies accounts must be frozen and return to Malaysia. Chong Ket Pen and Protasco for example taken billions of Ringgit bribing Najib cronies. Catch the cronies once and for all.

  • Tiger Columbus
    Tiger Columbus 10 months ago +1

    123 our najib gone where where....emmmmm ask islamic brotherhood...he has done a HOUDINI

  • Muhammad Fairouz
    Muhammad Fairouz 10 months ago

    World's biggest kleptokrat!

  • Ma Hija
    Ma Hija 10 months ago


  • Bassel Al Hindi
    Bassel Al Hindi 10 months ago

    Please mention that he was not exonerated before... he shut down the investigation, fired the AG and the governor of the central bank, and replaced all with people who silenced the investigation... The report is very misleading! It is not a re-opened investigation....the initial investigation was never allowed to take off...

  • Count Dracool
    Count Dracool 10 months ago

    Son of a previous prime minister...shameful....

  • Horvavant
    Horvavant 10 months ago

    If got proof, then go according to law

  • Orange Shampoo
    Orange Shampoo 10 months ago

    come on now his just doing his job and that money is from arab Saudi

  • jchew02
    jchew02 10 months ago

    What a shame for us Malaysians! One of the biggest corruption scandals in the world! What have we done to deserve such a disgraceful episode in the history of the nation.

  • heng cc
    heng cc 10 months ago

    when leaders are corrupt the nation suffers

  • varschini vasu
    varschini vasu 10 months ago

    How can u still smile ,u criminal

  • khairul bbg
    khairul bbg 10 months ago

    hello malaysian... im from wakanda !!!

  • The juice
    The juice 10 months ago

    Dasar baruah bila la kau nak megaku!!

  • Richard Junior
    Richard Junior 10 months ago

    PM dulu bagi,PM sekarang menyuruh menteri kewangan minta.ka ka ka.....

  • Richard Junior
    Richard Junior 10 months ago

    Lepaskan dia la,dia pun manusia.Jangan menggunakan kesempatan nak balas dendam.Semasa PM dulu , negara x hutang ka?Dapat duit tanpa kerja,fikir.

  • Richard Junior
    Richard Junior 10 months ago

    Ooi dia ada tolong rakyat la.Orang tua tua di pelusuk yg x pernah tengok RM 100 sehelai,sempat menikmati.YANG LAIN rompak pun x bagi.

  • Draco Watson
    Draco Watson 10 months ago

    Wow Malaysia famous. Tahniah Pakcik Razak 👏

  • Nor Sa'adah
    Nor Sa'adah 10 months ago

    najib nak jadi robin hood tapi he steals from the poor and distribute to the rich...bangang punya orang

  • Kanapathy Allimuthu
    Kanapathy Allimuthu 10 months ago

    I don't hate you or your racist gangs but what you did was wrong. So, i feel very sorry for you but wish you well. Be like khir toyo so that you too can move on.

  • FocusFanatic
    FocusFanatic 10 months ago

    A traitor to his people and traitor to his country.

  • FocusFanatic
    FocusFanatic 10 months ago

    Muka pengkhianat negara....

  • dex stef1
    dex stef1 10 months ago +2


  • dex stef1
    dex stef1 10 months ago +1


  • razali abdul aziz
    razali abdul aziz 10 months ago

    Money makes the world go round, go round and round !!!!!

    LAZY DOG 10 months ago +1

    As guilty as sin 👿

  • Wild geese WAY
    Wild geese WAY 10 months ago

    Raja segala raja lanun..

  • Faeliana Yusof Ramli
    Faeliana Yusof Ramli 10 months ago

    si miskin mencuri beberapa ringgit atau mencuri barangan di pasaraya,ditangkap dan dipenjara..tapi pemimpin tertinggi mencuri berbilion bilion blh terlepas pulak?harap lps ni keadilan dpt ditegakkan

  • Belaedom Ealumalai
    Belaedom Ealumalai 10 months ago

    I believe that the malaysian government under pakatan harapan will do the best for all people regardless race and religion tks

  • Zach Ahmad
    Zach Ahmad 10 months ago

    Malaysian are really fed up with his face, especially when he's smiling.. Rasa nak bagi flying kick je.. Bagi kat janda Bigo tu le lah! Bagi dia teriak sikit.

  • nego co
    nego co 10 months ago

    The best wife of prime minister. Actually he is a wife to Rosmah Mansor.

  • Ronie Chin
    Ronie Chin 10 months ago

    32 mil people of the Rakyat paying his dues. Still innocent...

  • Noureldin Abdulwahid
    Noureldin Abdulwahid 10 months ago

    Sudanese governments time will come. No matter how long you hold into power...your downfall will come sooner or later and I hope the world will see that day

  • Bob Ong
    Bob Ong 10 months ago +3

    Chronic liar. Let him face the Rule of Law. 😂😂😂

  • SG freedom anglers 自由人 anglers

    he die ten time also can't cover back what he did to his country

  • SG freedom anglers 自由人 anglers

    he die ten time also can't cover back what he did to his country

  • tiara-tetri kassim
    tiara-tetri kassim 10 months ago

    DS Shukri - please speak good BM if u are not able to communicate good BI - suprisingly at your status your communication is poor - you have to polish up !!

  • Soon Yew Liow
    Soon Yew Liow 10 months ago

    Why not now? That will only leave Najib on the run. Even a suspect can be sent to prison, why not Najib?

  • mutiara kasih
    mutiara kasih 10 months ago

    Memalukan Malaysia je Najibulrosmah nih...

  • Navin Nair
    Navin Nair 10 months ago

    Dead man walking.

  • 81 forever
    81 forever 10 months ago

    Come down to tully lets test shocks.

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong 10 months ago

    alaa kesian najib, die tak bersalah pon hmm

  • Chan Loon
    Chan Loon 10 months ago

    A very arrogant, vain and unremoresful man indeed. His face is saying "catch me if you can"

  • Hilary Timban Liban
    Hilary Timban Liban 10 months ago

    Malaysia: Criminal charges against ex-PM Najib Razak could come 'very soon' | Al Jazeera English: Catch the thief in the house

  • Lam Tong
    Lam Tong 10 months ago

    Najib is Malaysian pirates of Malacca sea great pirate of buggies

  • vishagal sam
    vishagal sam 10 months ago

    Najib razak should be hang to death for Malaysian people suffer

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh 10 months ago

    Why did the anti-corruption commission not act before when this man was in office as PM? Perhaps it shows that the commission is not effective.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 10 months ago

    Hope he will be in sg buloh soon

  • Kelyong Kelyong
    Kelyong Kelyong 10 months ago

    Put alot of pressures on Najib Razak for stealings billions from Malaysia reserve. Put his former deputy PM and Najib Razak's lackeys to jail for corruption too.

  • Khalid Alaudin
    Khalid Alaudin 10 months ago

    Pirate Of Malaysia ....

  • K Kking
    K Kking 10 months ago

    This guy will get away. Keep watching

  • Suresh Chandran
    Suresh Chandran 10 months ago


  • cvcoco
    cvcoco 10 months ago

    Najib thinks he can just say "innocent" and that should end the whole story. Yet, he cant offer any firm answer or proof or anything about RM114 million cash in kids house, RM500,000 in his own house, 36 bags of watches and jewelry, RM40 million in account from SRC (which is clear criminal breach of trust, punishable by prison) or any allegation about anything. He cant offer any answer about BILLIONS missing from 1MDB, or what Jho's role is, or even why other countries are calling this the biggest theft in world history. He says its all political slander and lies. I think Ferdinand Marcos said the same thing even when filipinos were chasing him and he ran to Hawaii to escape being torn to pieces by the people.

  • aloha548
    aloha548 10 months ago +1

    According to Islamic law in Kelantan & Trengganu, those who steal even a few dollars will have their hands chopped off, whether rich or poor, powerful or powerless. What about stealing a few billion dollars? Terrible consequences but it's terrible right?

    • Mafarn Sims
      Mafarn Sims 8 months ago

      A few dollars= hands chopped off
      A few billion dollars= minced meat?😁

  • khalid taib
    khalid taib 10 months ago

    The biggest corruption in the world history......

  • Chow Chong
    Chow Chong 10 months ago +1

    How come najib looks so calm; smiling in front of camera and look calm;no sinful appearance?

    SUN TZE 10 months ago

    He will be strike by lightning.

  • Ric Bakar
    Ric Bakar 10 months ago

    Cakap aje nak charge actually bukti pun takde. Kalo ada lama dah di pamer kan. So kalo takde bukti tolong berhenti siasat dan pulang duit pati UMNO. UMNO aje yang berjuang untuk rakyat bangsa dan negara hidup Shahidan Kassim

  • elwin yfa
    elwin yfa 10 months ago

    Najib still think macam noting was happen?! Hahahaha😅😂😅😂😂

  • Nicola tesla 08
    Nicola tesla 08 10 months ago

    Letak najib dgn rosmah KT pulau

  • Franklin R. Ben-Khaled
    Franklin R. Ben-Khaled 10 months ago

    It's a scam and an over blown out lies and deceits

  • symun buuntw
    symun buuntw 10 months ago

    Thiz old fello wont go any longer.

  • Lana Rivéra Chen of Borneo

    Do you think it does make sense to keep money, billions of dollars inside the house? It doesn't make any send right? Kita gaji berapa sen je pun tak berani nak simpan Kat rumah..

    • Imaan Kun
      Imaan Kun 10 months ago

      Also make sense if we keep in back account it can be freezed and checked.and the money they exchange it into a lot of assets and if I was a robber and suddenly I bank in a million of cash into my account. I think cops will come at me.so if someone put that money on his house to framed him I don't think its a good idea to frame someone with money.

  • R L
    R L 10 months ago

    ask him to wipe that SMIRK off his face!

  • Vert Seven
    Vert Seven 10 months ago

    It's not one of the biggest. It's THE BIGGEST corruption scandal ever!!!

  • Faaiz Accel
    Faaiz Accel 10 months ago

    Malaysian hates Najib. Lets pray for his execution in the future.

  • Hanzo Hattori
    Hanzo Hattori 10 months ago

    Kenapa blum kena jill lagi

  • Anasmark Stephen
    Anasmark Stephen 10 months ago

    I cant wait to see najib in prison..

  • ßay No to Najis Macai
    ßay No to Najis Macai 10 months ago +2

    Najib not Malaysian... Najib Lanun Bugis From Indonesia...

    DRAGON DURIAN 10 months ago

    It’s obviously he is guilty make sure to get all his partners in crime as well

  • fauzi hassan
    fauzi hassan 10 months ago

    Ali Baba and 40 thieves...

  • syed azhar syed ibrahim
    syed azhar syed ibrahim 10 months ago

    Biggest corruption scandal in the world?? Please.....not even close.
    Way to go aljazeera with your poor and pathetic journalism.

  • yellowfile1
    yellowfile1 10 months ago

    Served u right!!!

  • Mattslayer421 Slayer
    Mattslayer421 Slayer 10 months ago +1

    Mr.Najib u are always cool n steady...even though so many criticism n pressure to u...I honestly respect with u attitude n also u are the true leader I have ever know.

    • Mattslayer421 Slayer
      Mattslayer421 Slayer 10 months ago +1

      frilink ko tu baik sgt ke...tk.pnh menipu or mkn duit org.

    • frilink
      frilink 10 months ago

      Mattslayer421 Slayer, baguslah, nanti claim duit di mana2 cawangan UMNO yg berdekatan...... itupun kalau masih ada

  • Sherry Lai
    Sherry Lai 10 months ago +2

    I wonder where are those who claimed that they are with jib gone 🤔🤔🤔 really funny

  • Rex Man
    Rex Man 11 months ago +2

    a taste of his own medicine poetic justice

  • pink panda
    pink panda 11 months ago +1

    if he have any sense of embarrassment, he would resign as the member of parliament. orang pekan nak lagi ka dia ni?

  • mikakami93
    mikakami93 11 months ago +1

    He's happy man government charges him only for the jail all the Malaysians money kept safe in his bank account in Europe ..the only way to way to make him regret is by assasinate him for good

  • Wendy Lau
    Wendy Lau 11 months ago

    Anaconda Of Malaysia all out to stop this Anaconda

  • Wendy Lau
    Wendy Lau 11 months ago

    Anaconda Of Malaysia all out to stop this Anaconda

  • Mattslayer421 Slayer
    Mattslayer421 Slayer 11 months ago +1

    That is PAKATAN people attitude stupid n always blame UMNO...never admit what they people did recently...our big economic market downed they are also blame to UMNO as we know they handled our country right now.How is it happen?..before election the market maintain n increase...but after that we can see now...what happening.

  • Pui Teng Yoong
    Pui Teng Yoong 11 months ago +5

    Najib is well prepared for his crime before the election, his look tells all

  • Mattslayer421 Slayer
    Mattslayer421 Slayer 11 months ago +1

    So far PAKATAN govt still do not implementation their jobs to all govt agency as total...n we don't know how good they do that...by the way they have been proof it our big market on board down...n prices all material market increase..this is our new govt?.

    • Mattslayer421 Slayer
      Mattslayer421 Slayer 10 months ago +1

      Munazil ..He is under investigating
      Not evident yet to related him on that case...the wonder is how do you claim him as fault before in judgment by magistrate.

    • Munazil
      Munazil 11 months ago

      Jealous? Hohoho. That's rich~

    • Munazil
      Munazil 11 months ago

      Well he's not mature enough as to not celebrate on the new government. He trash talks, but he doesn't talk trash. You on the other hand are blind though. How can you not see the obvious crimes that the former pm has done. How can you deny especially when all the pro-bn legitimately exploit others while using money to buy votes. You are truly blind. Oh.. amazing grammar btw~

    • Mattslayer421 Slayer
      Mattslayer421 Slayer 11 months ago +1

      Pockey ROCKEy ...U still do not mature guy n jealousy to Mr.Najib... n ur govt. cannot doing as well as UMNO did to Malaysia.

    • Pockey ROCKEy
      Pockey ROCKEy 11 months ago +1

      All the damage that has been done will take time to recover, only monkeys like you still retardedly supports the rotten and corrupted admistration that was shamefully defeated. Justice and rigteousness prevails. The new Malaysia will enjoy a harmonious and prosperous future ahead. Only scums like you that still continues to write rubbish to spread hate and lies. Hey dedak dah habis la bengong! Boss ko dah tibe masa masuk bamboo river resort.

  • Mattslayer421 Slayer
    Mattslayer421 Slayer 11 months ago +1

    I believe Najib never fault in case IMDB...it is only mistake arrangement n mistake of investing.

    • Mattslayer421 Slayer
      Mattslayer421 Slayer 10 months ago +1

      TheEuphoriaPhilic ..It because as Malaysian I know who is Najib properly compared with u n European..he in politic not now but 40 years ago.

    • TheEuphoriaPhilic
      TheEuphoriaPhilic 10 months ago +1

      I dun even know why you still support Najib. The European country also has been stated that 1MDB has major corruption in stolen rakyat's money then you said he's not at fault.? You need to see the 1MDB document. Stop talking rubbish if you didnt investigate anything. Just your assumption doesnt strong enough .

    • Mattslayer421 Slayer
      Mattslayer421 Slayer 11 months ago +2

      Pockey ROCKEy..This Orangutan sometime never realise what his speaking...n think short term without think for long term.

    • Pockey ROCKEy
      Pockey ROCKEy 11 months ago +1

      s o h a i , m a n g k u k h a y u n , still writing rubbish?

  • Shakthi Logan Kannappan
    Shakthi Logan Kannappan 11 months ago

    Like India
    And fighting each political party 🎉

  • Donny T
    Donny T 11 months ago +4

    Sooner the better, throw him in jail, don't let him roam free like this.

    FREEDOM 11 months ago +3

    Malaysia is having 1 trillion debts thanks to this najis and his gang

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee 11 months ago +9

    This guy's got "CROOK" written all over his face!

  • Mark Trinidad
    Mark Trinidad 11 months ago +1

    Fast Government resolve to recoup the lost funds. Now let us clean ASEAN of these corrupt leaders. Regards from the Philippines

  • Bawang Putih
    Bawang Putih 11 months ago +1

    Why GST tak stop pada 10 May lalu ?? Game on lah kahkahkah.....

  • Raymond Numir
    Raymond Numir 11 months ago

    Idk man. Whatever conviction throw at him he will manage to escape it one way or another. Years in power and no back up plan to save himself, u gotta be too naive to think that. Look how calm he is knowing all things (maybe) is already considered on his side