Irish People Try KFC For The First Time

  • Published on Mar 4, 2017
  • "Chicken doesn't taste like chicken!"
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    Video Description :
    With so many varieties of fast food available these days, we decided it was time we had our contributors in to taste test one of the many foods available. Why not start with the original kentucky fried chicken itself, KFC!
    People featured in this video:
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    Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!
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Comments • 6 302

  • G Kinder
    G Kinder 2 days ago

    Corbin, KY here. Birthplace of KFC. Didn't even give them potato wedges. Need to do a new one with the new flavors and WEDGES!! Lol

  • Nick Lachey
    Nick Lachey 2 days ago

    Love kfc all way

  • Brittany Paulhus
    Brittany Paulhus 3 days ago

    KFC is disgusting, it makes me want to puck as soon as I smell it.

  • william dooley
    william dooley 3 days ago

    We. Don't. Dip. Chicken. In. Ketchup.

  • DjJtown
    DjJtown 3 days ago

    Yah, this is a little late but just KFC? They should compare Popeye's Cajun Spice to Brown's Spicey, White Fence Farm's Classic Homemade Batter and KFC all at once. It would be a split decision between Popeye's and White Fence Farm in my opinion. The sad thing is that I don't think there's a Popeye's, Brown's or White Fence Farm chicken restaurant anywhere but in America.

  • rooga85
    rooga85 4 days ago

    wtf kfc give them popeyes chicken not undercooked rats

  • Manas
    Manas 4 days ago

    Nothing beats the original

  • TsalagiAgvnage
    TsalagiAgvnage 4 days ago

    Gravy from powder??? really, what kind of planet of lazy? Someone seems to be a life hater though. Cheer up fella, did you see what Irish and Africans once had to live through under british rule before someone started fighting against it? If you are that unhappy, maybe you should be actually working as an activist instead of pooping the party. You are too cute to be so darn gloomy.

  • MJ1420 sap
    MJ1420 sap 6 days ago

    The last guy who spoke... LOL it's called sustenance it's food it's beef it's everything if you don't like it go back to the flat side of the Earth... LMAO

  • renotsky yelk
    renotsky yelk 6 days ago

    whut a bunch of irish kunts!

  • Josh Bowen
    Josh Bowen 6 days ago

    Aren't there KFC'S in Ireland? 🤔

  • MrCurtisass
    MrCurtisass 6 days ago

    stupid snowflakes. i can't watch anymore .....

  • Nelson Viveiros
    Nelson Viveiros 7 days ago

    KFC went down hill since the 80's

  • Good for You!
    Good for You! 7 days ago

    Who eats these things at kfc? I go for original with hot sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw and a biscuit. Every so often the pot pie or kfc bowl.

  • Joey Woodpieces
    Joey Woodpieces 8 days ago

    He's right, why don't they offer popcorn chicken at the cinema?!

  • kirk hoffman
    kirk hoffman 8 days ago

    The kfc in my small town burnt down n its been a number of years. My daughters and i are jonesin for some hot colonel clukk! If its cold forget it. Hot grease is key!

  • Jake Lerms
    Jake Lerms 8 days ago

    Irish women ❤ 😍😥😵

  • cld1665
    cld1665 9 days ago

    if it ain't popeye's. it ain't chicken!

  • optimistically cynical .

    We don't dip our chicken this is a hit peice

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones 11 days ago

    KFC is fantastic if you go to the ones that make it correctly! Also WHY DID THEY NOT GET ANY OF THE MASHED POTATOES OR BISCUITS!? Why fries with gravy? Their biscuits are the bomb with their gravy! 😓 I honestly feel slightly offended right now. Why serve it cold as well!? NOBODY that I know wants cold chicken. They want it HOT AND JUICY! 😓

  • Robert Phelps
    Robert Phelps 11 days ago

    Come to south Louisiana and eat, you'll never leave...

  • GlumGatsby
    GlumGatsby 12 days ago

    What kfc is serving ketchup with chicken?

  • jonnybaze
    jonnybaze 12 days ago +1

    Wtf is KFC fries? Where's the wedges? The gravy is ass instance gray, idk why people say the love it.

  • John Mcevoy
    John Mcevoy 12 days ago

    Probably the worst meal I've ever got in my life.. TFI in Blanch was shocking bad.. NEVER IN MY LIFE WOULD I EVEN CONSIDER EATING IN THAT SHIT HOLE AGAIN..

  • Stink Finger
    Stink Finger 12 days ago

    The colonel put an addictive chemical in his chicken so you crave it nightly! smartass!

  • Brimadawna
    Brimadawna 13 days ago

    New restaurant idea.

  • Craig Plummer
    Craig Plummer 13 days ago

    These people are as fusy as i was when i was 7 no joke

  • hifijohn
    hifijohn 14 days ago

    So we seem to have a fan of The Creighton Bluejays women's basketball team of Creighton University.

  • daniel voss
    daniel voss 14 days ago

    That thin guy with glasses is such a drag

  • Laura C
    Laura C 15 days ago

    Kfc so greasy it will make you sick

  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here 15 days ago

    what the hell is with the ketchup on chicken, and "gravy" on fries, this is all wrong

  • David
    David 15 days ago

    Today's KFC doesn't count. It's nasty. Back to the 70's for good KFC.

  • Glory be to God the Most High

    Fries & gravy? WTH?

  • Manuela Gomez
    Manuela Gomez 16 days ago

    Are you serious? I had KFC on a weekly basis for the 5 years I lived in Ireland. This video is riddiculous!

  • joe dirt'e
    joe dirt'e 16 days ago

    KFC used to be way better in the 60's and 70's.

  • Clint Smith
    Clint Smith 16 days ago

    WTF? Nobody eats ketchup w/fried chicken.

  • Devonta Willis
    Devonta Willis 16 days ago

    Bluejays that's what's up

  • Kasia
    Kasia 16 days ago

    I had some from the KFC fried chicken bucket once, it tasted alright but before an hour passed I got so painfully bloated, - I mean, I didn't eat A LOT in any sense - I never felt like that in my entire life before or after that, I thought my stomach was going to explode and I was going to die. I needed an entire day to recover (ate that about 2 pm) and I just had to lie in bed because the excrutiating pain didn't let me do ANYTHING except of just lying there and wailing. I WILL NEVER EVER EVEN SMELL ANYTHING FROM KFC. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a fault of the meet, everything was fresh, but I blame whatever artificial chemicals they are adding to it and the bread-crumbs or whatever they dip the chicken in. This s*it is poison.

  • basic big blue bear
    basic big blue bear 16 days ago

    KFC is ass

  • Chris
    Chris 16 days ago

    Does anyone not look back now and cringe at how low budget and cheap they was? they had to cut a £3.50 burger in half, share their plates, i even watched one video where they shared cereal from the same bowl, same milk, i was like ew, gross! they didn't need to publish their reason for shutting the channel down 'financial' it was pretty fucking obvious.

  • Brandon Poe
    Brandon Poe 16 days ago

    You have to have hotsauce smh.. redo!!!

  • Doozy Animation
    Doozy Animation 16 days ago

    Wait, is this fresh KFC? Or next day old? Any fast food after about an hour is going to taste bad.

  • FriedAudio
    FriedAudio 17 days ago

    Oh! TOMATO ketchup... As opposed to??

  • Darc Dreams
    Darc Dreams 18 days ago

    Don’t for you’ll end up with white stuff around your mouth

  • tuna hump
    tuna hump 18 days ago

    yea kfc went to shit in 2000 .... maybe popeys if good location but.... ehhhhh chains aren't great these days or 2017 it looks like

  • Heinrich Mueller
    Heinrich Mueller 18 days ago

    I want to see the ten things Irish people do after vomiting for the first time.

  • InfamousToxinz
    InfamousToxinz 19 days ago +1

    This channel makes it seem like Irish people are completely another race.

    Did she really just say gravy is made from powder and water? Lmao 😂

  • kat kouch
    kat kouch 19 days ago

    the gravy is made from the crumbs from the xtra crispy fry

  • Raisean Larai
    Raisean Larai 20 days ago

    Should've had Bojangles or Popeye's

  • Emil Andersson
    Emil Andersson 20 days ago

    who is the blonde with glasses???

  • Baltimore Z-Wad
    Baltimore Z-Wad 21 day ago +1

    Who in their right mind doesn't like KFC or fried chicken. U should be euthanized

    • kir b
      kir b 10 days ago

      I never had it since i don't have a kfc near meeeeee

  • Matthew McPeek
    Matthew McPeek 21 day ago

    Plus that, I have never eaten chicken with ketchup in my life. I guarantee you I've eaten more Fried Chicken than every person in this video combined. Easily. And not once has ketchup ever had anything to do with any chicken product that I consume.

    • Matthew McPeek
      Matthew McPeek 21 day ago

      Plus that I want the snarky liberal dick head in the gray shirt and the black beanie to sit there and watch American's eat Irish food. "Well this boiled potato is a bit Bland, this boiled cabbage is just a bit Bland, and now I drink rye whiskey and beat my wife and get mad at the world." Sorry, that would only fill up one video. And I really really hate to get too political about a lighthearted video, but I'm sick of liberals talking about the poor conditions of animals that are raised for food, when at least in New York and Virginia, liberals have no problems with aborting babies I guess after they're born now! Taking alive crying human baby that has been birthed, and crushing it skull and cutting it up while it's still alive. But the poor poor chicken. Oh, the animals!

  • Curt Yeomans
    Curt Yeomans 22 days ago

    Should have done a video where they taste something from each of the major chicken restaurant chainsin America. To start with, you have KFC, Chick-fil-A, Zaxby's, Popeye's and Church's

  • ツMrCosmosDIN09
    ツMrCosmosDIN09 22 days ago +1

    I love the guy who enjoys tasting the chicken.

  • TheArchetype 13
    TheArchetype 13 23 days ago

    Wait. Do they not have extra tasty crispy over there? Oh, now I'm really sad for you guys.

  • J Ma
    J Ma 23 days ago

    The chick with glasses is hot 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

    M&M CUSTOM 23 days ago

    Haven't been a fan of KFC since I was a kid, have had it here and there since, none near me, so it's easier to avoid. TOO much oil from deep frying, nothing but the shits after!

  • s¡rawrah Mornin
    s¡rawrah Mornin 24 days ago

    KFC is fucking disgusting

  • sir slice
    sir slice 24 days ago

    These pizzas are imposters. None of them are authentic. I'm guessing the only place these pizzas came from was a freezer (and the freezer was situated as far away from the U.S. as possible). A lot of the food in these videos look (and I'm guessing tastes) nothing like the real item. It's click bait at best.

  • D Murphy
    D Murphy 24 days ago +1

    As an American I'm offended! KFC is to die 4 and no gravy is not powder and water! Who the hell serves KFC with ketchup oh my God!

  • KJNebraska
    KJNebraska 24 days ago

    Love that one guy is wearing a Creighton Nebraska tshirt.

  • David Buschhorn
    David Buschhorn 24 days ago

    2:25 his face.... LOL!!!! XD

  • ft. me
    ft. me 25 days ago

    You do realise KFC is in ireland

  • Deathzdezign
    Deathzdezign 26 days ago

    I am an American having gone to Canada visiting a KFC there it's not the same as American KFC, I know KFC isn't the same in every country this is funny as hell

  • Cierra Lowery
    Cierra Lowery 26 days ago

    Irish people are awesome ,they are funny , sarcastic and kind !!

  • J Tanashi
    J Tanashi 27 days ago

    She said Kentucky Fried Dick!!!! LOL

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues 28 days ago

    I hope Ireland doesn't declare war. KFC sucks.

    • Rabboleth
      Rabboleth 25 days ago

      The real Colonel Sanders would have agreed with you. Poor guy's been spinning in his grave for decades. u.u

  • Christopher Crowder
    Christopher Crowder 28 days ago

    I think the guy in the black t-shirt would loose his mind if he found out that here in the states we have KFCs with AYCE buffets.

  • Aylbdr Madison
    Aylbdr Madison 29 days ago +1

    2:26 Preach sister!
    His eyes at the end kills it, lols.

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam 29 days ago

    The guy in the glasses and hat is funny, but he's also a huge dick. Dude seems depressed - he complains far too much to be mentally right in the head. He can be funny though.

  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago

    Popeyes is much much better

  • Caged63Man
    Caged63Man Month ago

    Dude in grey shirt and gramma glasses, needs to change his tampon!

  • 73seabee
    73seabee Month ago

    who puts ketchup on fried chicken? Ranch yes, bleu cheese maybe but not fracking catsup!

  • Eve Black
    Eve Black Month ago

    That little man in the stocking cap is the most heinous human. I have seen him on a bunch of videos and he is NEVER happy he never likes anything and to add to it makes up some horrible ending as well.

  • gaspowerrules
    gaspowerrules Month ago

    Gravy gravy gravy gravy

  • Social Sweet Spot
    Social Sweet Spot Month ago

    Have they done the Chick-fil-a taste test?

  • GH 12
    GH 12 Month ago +1

    2:29. Look at that guys face as she says it 😂😂😂

  • red headed stepchild

    " gravy looks like baby food" . Pure genius .... if your 9 years old !!

  • red headed stepchild

    Another fake video.

  • Kristal Price
    Kristal Price Month ago

    irish people chicken is really good instid of ketcup hotsauce yummy

  • Angery C H O N K
    Angery C H O N K Month ago

    Dude donald hates mayo just like me hell yeah

  • Marcus Fenix
    Marcus Fenix Month ago

    KFC is God’s food.

  • sandy
    sandy Month ago

    KFC! How can you go wrong with that segment! Loved it!

  • Frolic&Cavort
    Frolic&Cavort Month ago

    The guy with the black glasses needs to go seriously.... Seriously
    He sounds almost vegan but he's not.... He's just a b**** every video

    DAVID EASTWOOD Month ago

    They have horrible teeth,what the fuck have they been eating in ireland?

  • Jazzz Msp
    Jazzz Msp Month ago

    who has kfc chicken w ketchup. have it w potato and gravy wtaf

  • Todd Vandagrifft
    Todd Vandagrifft Month ago

    That was definitely not ketchup lol.

  • lester mckee
    lester mckee Month ago

    all of you.....wish you could have tried KFC when colonel sanders was still has gone way downhill since then.

  • Gayle-Heather Condo

    Loved it

  • AshleyMinnick21
    AshleyMinnick21 Month ago

    Creighton Bluejay fan in the house!!!!!

  • Jay Caanodii
    Jay Caanodii Month ago

    Everyone is talking about why are they eating kfc with ketchup, but my question is... what kind of maniac eats kfc. We eat Popeyes over here.

  • a person
    a person Month ago

    Popeyes >>>> KFC

  • myladymarloful
    myladymarloful Month ago

    Ha! This is cute!

  • Annie M
    Annie M Month ago

    I am from Kentucky. Eating ketchup with KFC is treason

  • Autistik Waldo
    Autistik Waldo Month ago

    KFC is the worst American chicken fast food joint; the girl in the white and blue shirt is the only 10/10 in this video.

  • Victormanuel Alonsogarcia

    There are a lot of snowflakes in this videos hipster I hate hipsters fuck

  • Mikey Dub
    Mikey Dub Month ago

    the piece of chicken the woman had with the long sleeved blue it was not done. it looked bloody

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F Month ago

    The "new" KFC is shite. Home made fried chicken is BEST but if you far going to eat fast food fried chicken, Popeyes is the way to go. And the only sauce we put on chicken is hot sauce.

  • Hakeem Powe
    Hakeem Powe Month ago

    KFC is trash. Get them some Popeyes!!

  • Justin Corder
    Justin Corder Month ago

    Idk if yall guys and girls on the video know but in america we have I like to call them novelty movie theaters in some places. Where I live we have a movie bistro place, one that serves alchohol and on the has a full starbucks and tons of different kinds of food like pizza and burgers in it.