The Most Expensive iPhone I've Ever Seen...

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
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    24K Gold iPhone X 256GB
    24K Gold Apple Watch Series 3
    The 24K Gold Plated iPhone X featured in this video sells for $2000. The 24K Gold Plated Apple Watch Series 3 sells for $1300.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  11 months ago +2786

    What's the most you've ever spent on a smartphone?

  • Chitti babu Baiaripaka
    Chitti babu Baiaripaka 18 hours ago

    Nice colour of iPhone

  • tatical1975
    tatical1975 Day ago

    No way I would pay that much for apple anything!

  • Xx_Killer_xX _yt
    Xx_Killer_xX _yt 2 days ago

    do a give a way

  • benny
    benny 2 days ago

    Want it 😱😍

  • shooketh
    shooketh 2 days ago

    Can I have the phone and watch or nah

  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor Rykowski 3 days ago

    Who else came here from KSI?

  • Wolf Sis
    Wolf Sis 3 days ago +2

    Bet this guy was mortified when the gold version came out

  • DanproudTM
    DanproudTM 4 days ago

    not expensive as the rolex

  • AJ Dofredo
    AJ Dofredo 4 days ago

    That. Is. iPhone. 11

  • Gopi 3647
    Gopi 3647 10 days ago


  • Robert's Shirt
    Robert's Shirt 10 days ago

    Gold airpods

  • Imanuel Games/Stream
    Imanuel Games/Stream 11 days ago

    Ksi got it

  • Arkade
    Arkade 15 days ago +2

    Imagine buying this and putting a case 🤷‍♀️

  • Ryder nibba
    Ryder nibba 16 days ago +3

    but iphone is already the most expensive phone

  • ravid
    ravid 16 days ago

    יו טרעש

  • KissableAsp
    KissableAsp 17 days ago

    All I want is just the original. Erosion and he is getting gold things


    Your subscriber is more than technical guru ji

    OMEGA RED GAMING 18 days ago

    Why is the watch box twice as big 😂?

  • Minecraft Dubbz
    Minecraft Dubbz 18 days ago

    in the skullcandy part, he used the old top5central music

  • The Lost Cosmonaut
    The Lost Cosmonaut 18 days ago

    _Hmmm, it appears that the bliss Apple Company isn't too fondle with Minecraft, judging on how they chose not to use the marvellous idea of applying a gold appurtenance to the Apple logo on the behind of the Iphone X. Apple must truly have a grudge with Minecraft if they don't want the iconic golden apple a component of the golden masterpiece. Logistically speaking, there is nothing wrong with a golden apple._

  • Eckard Vermeulen
    Eckard Vermeulen 19 days ago

    I was watching this video using the exact same headphones and they are great

  • Ali Blaha
    Ali Blaha 19 days ago

    I don’t even have iphone 7

  • Praveen Shanmugam
    Praveen Shanmugam 20 days ago

    Totally not worth it ...

  • Golden Germany
    Golden Germany 20 days ago

    Lol I'm using crushers

  • Jake
    Jake 21 day ago

    Ok but you didn't say what is costs?...

  • Gamer From Pluto
    Gamer From Pluto 21 day ago

    That proves you are a secret agent that works for bill gates

  • Blind
    Blind 21 day ago

    The music at 3:20 is sno annoying....

  • David Aguilar
    David Aguilar 21 day ago +10

    Who else gets constant Galaxy s10 ads before a video

  • Jack Lankford
    Jack Lankford 22 days ago +1

    Unbox therapy I've spent $2000 on a goldish phone

  • HGP_ Kriss
    HGP_ Kriss 22 days ago

    They got this bitch in a treasure chest.

  • Lucky Fuck
    Lucky Fuck 22 days ago

    i have them both but not in gold

  • Vlad C
    Vlad C 23 days ago +1

    My kidneys are too cheap

  • Ryan Does Stuff
    Ryan Does Stuff 23 days ago

    Just slap a dbrand skin on that and lose all of the aesthetic.

  • Hamza A M De Barros
    Hamza A M De Barros 23 days ago

    You didn’t you just damaged it the way you watched on the table 😱😱😱😱

  • Hamza A M De Barros
    Hamza A M De Barros 23 days ago

    Think is 24k gold damages very easily even finger nails can damage it

  • Daniel Boroś
    Daniel Boroś 23 days ago


  • -Winter Phoenix-
    -Winter Phoenix- 24 days ago


  • TV13 BB
    TV13 BB 24 days ago


  • Hasan Morshed Rafi Rafi

    I don't know why people waste money for I phone

    PHOENIX GAMERZ 24 days ago

    Stiol waiting for Diamond Plated Samsung S10.

  • Gacha life Gacha life
    Gacha life Gacha life 24 days ago

    I need this

  • Kenil V
    Kenil V 25 days ago

    I got the golden cover. Seriously, it looks same!

  • Zac Louey
    Zac Louey 25 days ago +1

    Don’t you hate it when rich people flex on your broke life?

  • NaderGamer
    NaderGamer 25 days ago

    **mom try to break your Golden iPhone X**
    Me: Anything but that!!!
    **mom become an idiot waster money**

  • PawloX
    PawloX 26 days ago

    0:00-1:04 song name ?xd

  • Antoni Tsotras
    Antoni Tsotras 27 days ago +1

    They should put inside a cd with the employers of Apple laughing at you...

  • james9996
    james9996 27 days ago

    Most expensive phone that i ever buy was a VERTU for 28k dollars in 2005.

  • james9996
    james9996 27 days ago

    Gold plated?????
    Only an idiot will pay or buy that trash, I would buy it if its was solid gold, playing the 2 devises cis 300 dollars plus 200 for the chest and lock. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • TDGK
    TDGK 28 days ago

    Wtf happened why is skullcandy ComIng up

    KNOW MORE 28 days ago

    iPhone is the son of the blackbeery and grandson of NOKIA its just few years Until he meets with his family

  • Hrithik Vohra
    Hrithik Vohra 28 days ago

    But samsung s9 can do it better

  • duniya of games
    duniya of games 29 days ago

    Now do on asus rog phone

  • Andrei Pastushuk
    Andrei Pastushuk 29 days ago +1

    Oh man, it looks like a cheap Chinese imitation, even with fake parts inside. Couldn't imagine an even uglier lock than that.

  • Ckylee Lewis
    Ckylee Lewis Month ago

    All you need now is some gold ear buds or gold air pods

  • Rodrigo López
    Rodrigo López Month ago

    Put a $10 bumper on it

  • simardeep randhawa
    simardeep randhawa Month ago +1

    iPhone is trying to buy your love so you start hating andriod

  • King Carter
    King Carter Month ago

    Still the 5w charger in the box smh

  • Duhh Itsnia
    Duhh Itsnia Month ago

    If I buy this I don’t care what other phone or watch come out this is my last time paying for it😂😂

  • Lyndon Seridon
    Lyndon Seridon Month ago

    give me your 4$ phone please

  • Karthik V
    Karthik V Month ago +1

    Skullcandy 😍

  • Jade
    Jade Month ago

    _Well that's cool_

  • dead pool
    dead pool Month ago

    U will still put phone case

  • Carl Pablito Austria

    Could i have the Apple I phone X???? I just have a J1Mini samsung today


    Sana ol😢😢

  • Standaman Underdigg?

    What do you do with all the items you receive?!!

  • Krokus Krukus
    Krokus Krukus Month ago +2

    And after paying soooo much you till get a slow charger!!!
    Send via iphone

  • Dyck Shiz
    Dyck Shiz Month ago


  • Popularboys /vlogs
    Popularboys /vlogs Month ago


  • Idhant Joshi
    Idhant Joshi Month ago

    Re 20k

  • Toon Animation
    Toon Animation Month ago

    Pick me

  • AbdulAziz Khan
    AbdulAziz Khan Month ago

    I am raiding his house

    VORTEX YT Month ago

    I know for a fact that somebody is gonna rob him and I think those things might be fake af

  • GraveBanks13484
    GraveBanks13484 Month ago

    That’s when iPhone XS and max comes into the picture when u could pay normal amount and get it with gold from apple

  • Terry Muhawe
    Terry Muhawe Month ago

    RIP to bank account🚥🚥

  • •Mooni•
    •Mooni• Month ago

    I have an iPhone XS Max I know no one cares.

  • dsouza joseph
    dsouza joseph Month ago

    Stupidity at its best

  • Witherd B0nnie
    Witherd B0nnie Month ago

    Drops the iphone 1inch of the ground

  • Dalton Gorley
    Dalton Gorley Month ago

    No hate I just want to point out how you get all of theres iphones etc but what do u do with them u clearly do the use all of them for daily use.

  • SuccesfulGuy 427
    SuccesfulGuy 427 Month ago

    Who would buy a lamburghini instead of a golden iPhone X and a golden Apple Watch?

  • hit or miss
    hit or miss Month ago

    Buy me an ipad pro 11 please man for playing fortnite to make my dream cometrue please

    NUMBERQ1 Month ago

    Most expensive?
    Not for long...

  • Tech Tips
    Tech Tips Month ago

    Just throw in some gold and boom. Most expensive iPhone.

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    The ice is melting...
    Let’s make an iPhone out of gold.

  • Brendan Flynn
    Brendan Flynn Month ago


  • Vansh Sandhu
    Vansh Sandhu Month ago

    Angrejo ka technical guruji 🤣

  • Danny Mondragon
    Danny Mondragon Month ago

    That is ridiculous. . .

  • getmeme'd d
    getmeme'd d Month ago +5


  • theshadoowchannel/ /theonlycutecuteben

    This is the most expensive Samsung I've ever seen...

    *cheaper than the cheapest iphone*

    • Scaredscorch
      Scaredscorch 9 days ago

      +[BLINK] _ [ARMY] I disagree Samsung has better hardware

    • [BLINK] _ [ARMY]
      [BLINK] _ [ARMY] Month ago

      theshadoowchannel/ /theonlycutecuteben yea cuz its trash

  • Standooo Standooo
    Standooo Standooo Month ago

    If someone gave me someting like this I would try to sell it as quick as possible
    For me it looks disgusting, i would be worried every time i use it and scarred as fuck if somebody saw me with it on street - i don’t want to get murdered for damn phone/watch

  • pankaja vaishnav
    pankaja vaishnav Month ago

    Give it to me plz iphone x and watch plz 9868353562

    INOOBY YT Month ago

    No wonder it's so expensive. It's made by Apple!

  • arjohn vida
    arjohn vida Month ago


  • Hendrick Romero
    Hendrick Romero Month ago

    then covers it with a case LUL

  • Corbin Barillas
    Corbin Barillas Month ago

    4:05 I'm a grower not a swower

  • Erebus
    Erebus Month ago

    I wish the back of the iphone was black and the logo is also gold, but all of this would be useless since im gonna drop them at some point anyway lmao

  • the rime of the ancient mariner 7474

    You can even have a 200 milions phone. But if no one call you, what you have it s a phone. Are you rich? Good for you.

  • Adhitya Bhaskaran
    Adhitya Bhaskaran Month ago

    I thought it would be fully gold....

  • Clarence So
    Clarence So Month ago

    This is the first time u didn't say anything negative on the iPhone

    Because its gold eh.... Lol

  • Zeyad Al-lami
    Zeyad Al-lami Month ago