Smash Ultimate Characters Buffed and Nerfed


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  • Geomentry Fortnite Elise

    How to throw a player 2019
    Step 1: 6:54

  • Crimson-Eyed Reaper.0110

    Diddy’s Up-B got hella nerfed.

  • Luca Siles
    Luca Siles Day ago

    Little did he know peach was going to be top tier

  • GDSpider64
    GDSpider64 Day ago

    Wow this was obviously made before it came out lmao

  • Cole Knapp
    Cole Knapp Day ago

    I think so of the nerfed was little dumb

  • Mega Lucario
    Mega Lucario Day ago

    I didn’t know Pokemon usually got tired with Pokemon trainer. No wonder I mained him.

  • Erin J
    Erin J 2 days ago +1

    6:55 I'm dying 😂

  • 2Pixelated
    2Pixelated 2 days ago

    Even with the change to ______’s ___________ I think they are going to be the same

  • notquiteordinary
    notquiteordinary 2 days ago

    This is really inaccurate

  • notquiteordinary
    notquiteordinary 2 days ago

    I thought this was after the game was released. What a disappointment

  • roblox games
    roblox games 2 days ago

    Kirby aint nerleddes buffed

  • Luis Flores- LuchoOXx150CL

    Lucas is the most buffed....
    And i cry in the rosalina's nerf..

  • Just a guy 1356
    Just a guy 1356 3 days ago +1

    4:34 oh god

  • Just a guy 1356
    Just a guy 1356 3 days ago +1

    They need to nerf meep and Vincent they are so op too op

  • Pea Shooter
    Pea Shooter 3 days ago

    What dose nerf mean? Sorry for being a noob

  • Keith Byrne
    Keith Byrne 3 days ago

    Ugh no ma bio link did not get nerfed the remote bomb is able to be use in a good way so buffed ha beat that

  • CXblox Studios
    CXblox Studios 3 days ago

    Why are you treating the Miis like shit Miis are ok

  • PhillyC
    PhillyC 4 days ago

    It's funny looking back on this now that the games out. This dude clearly just guessed everything

  • Landcolopse
    Landcolopse 4 days ago

    The puff got buff

  • Skelerton 90
    Skelerton 90 4 days ago

    How is the bomb detonation for link a nerf?

  • Ya boi c2samps
    Ya boi c2samps 5 days ago

    2:37 old dr Mario down air is better imo

  • AnthonyMarioGamer64
    AnthonyMarioGamer64 6 days ago

    Plus, I feel bad for all the characters who are nerfed.

  • AnthonyMarioGamer64
    AnthonyMarioGamer64 6 days ago

    I feel bad for Mario the most, even I feel bad for Zero Suit Samus's body.

  • Angel Ramiro Pérez Gonzalez

    5:11 Let me guess, it’s because of he’s booty right?

  • meme07lisette
    meme07lisette 7 days ago

    Why the f# did you nerf kirby

  • Ralsei YT
    Ralsei YT 7 days ago

    R.O.B went y33t on that thing!

  • Jacob meme lord Da master

    Mii are all same

  • TheNightcoreGuy
    TheNightcoreGuy 7 days ago

    u cant really say if someone is buffed or nerfed until the game is out (Which it is)

  • NewSuperSuuSGamr000096 690000ɿmɒᎮƧuuƧɿɘquƧwɘИ

    This video makes you look pretty gay now lmao

  • ThePhantomPickaxe
    ThePhantomPickaxe 8 days ago +1

    7:22 One more time?

  • Finna Nut
    Finna Nut 9 days ago

    I think doctor Mario is better than Mario now

  • Mikah FPVP
    Mikah FPVP 9 days ago

    Watch rosalia at 8:05 in slow motion at 0.25

  • I will Mccloud you!
    I will Mccloud you! 9 days ago

    4:10 Final smash doesn't count

  • Captain_ Disabled
    Captain_ Disabled 10 days ago

    Mario was nerfed

  • Jerry Gonzales
    Jerry Gonzales 10 days ago


  • Just a logang Boi
    Just a logang Boi 10 days ago

    Ok beyonetta and fox deserved to be nerfed why fox and bayonetta

  • Roman Cusumano
    Roman Cusumano 10 days ago

    Wrong 👌 Mario is definitely nerfed

  • Ken Giggard
    Ken Giggard 10 days ago

    My 6 mains: dk,Robin, Pokemon trainer, Ridley,incineroar,and king k. Rool.I hope you agree!

  • ClassicSonicUltra
    ClassicSonicUltra 10 days ago

    0:10 *OOF-*

  • Tell Tale
    Tell Tale 11 days ago

    “Nobody cares about Mii’s”
    *Brawler becomes top tier and gunner has crazy top-tier potential*
    Well shit, I now care about Mii’s.

  • Jenica Moultrup
    Jenica Moultrup 11 days ago

    roy is buffed cuse he is faster ( i think ? )

  • Liliana Valdivia
    Liliana Valdivia 11 days ago

    Luigi got nerfed too! He doesn’t hover with his Down B anymore

  • Rivalry Animations LLC.

    LarryLurr: Nobody cares about miis.
    Me: HEY!

  • InstaKilll The Wolf
    InstaKilll The Wolf 12 days ago


  • Kathleen Gallinaro
    Kathleen Gallinaro 12 days ago

    PAC man is actually buffed I played as him against a good player who was better than me and I won so ha your wrong!

  • Dead inside
    Dead inside 12 days ago

    Luigi got buffed
    Link was never good so yeah
    Ness got bufffed(why)
    snake isn't nerfed or buffed
    pichu is buffed AF
    you put no detail in fox or zero suit samus
    mario is the same(he can now up throw and up tilt combo)
    kirby is also broken now

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 12 days ago +3

    The real nerf here is snakes booty

  • N ur
    N ur 13 days ago

    Pacman is bufferd

  • Concon Mills
    Concon Mills 13 days ago

    6:55 YEET!!!

  • De GolfClub08 GD
    De GolfClub08 GD 14 days ago

    Buffing jigglepuffer might have been a bad idea :V

  • Joseph Castronovo
    Joseph Castronovo 14 days ago

    Mario wrong/DK right/Link wrong/Samus right/Yoshi right/Kirby wrong/Fox wrong/Pikachu right/Luigi right/Ness wrong/Falcon right/Jigglypuff maybe?/Peach right/Bowser right/Ice climbers right/Sheik wrong/Zelda right/Dr.Mario sure?/Pichu Maybe?/Falco right/Marth,Lucina wrong/Young Link right/Ganondorf right/Mewtwo maybe?/Roy wrong/ right/Meta knight wrong/Pit wrong/Dark pit right/Zero suit samus why?/Wario right,R.I.P Waluigi/Snake wrong/Ike right/Pokemon trainer right/Diddy kong right/Lucas wrong/Sonic wrong/King dedede right/Olimar sure?/Lucario right/R.O.B right/Toon Link maybe?/Wolf right/Villiger wrong/Megaman wrong/Wii fit trainer sure?/Rosalina&Luma maybe?/Little mac right/Greninja right/Palutena right/Pac-man wrong/Robin wrong/Shulk right/Bowser Jr. right/Duck hunt right/Ryu right/Cloud wrong/Corrin maybe?/Bayonetta ABSOLUTELY!!!

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen 14 days ago

    0:41 did you mean no one likes using or no one likes fighting against him because HIS MOVES ARE AMAZING AND HIS DOUBLE JUMP AND HIS RECOVERY IMPROVED A LOT

  • ReDiks YTB
    ReDiks YTB 15 days ago

    Mario got nerfed, he cannot 0 to death anymore

  • sxizb
    sxizb 15 days ago

    Rip zero suit tit

  • Alan Dutcher
    Alan Dutcher 15 days ago

    6:54 *Y E E T*

  • Tharieq Aziz
    Tharieq Aziz 15 days ago


  • Galeem
    Galeem 15 days ago

    If same they get a partcapiton award if nerfed get shot by Nerf gun if buff gets a gold trophy

  • Gene Hawthorne
    Gene Hawthorne 15 days ago

    Mii abuse!!! #MiisHaveFeelings

  • The MLG Nightmare
    The MLG Nightmare 16 days ago

    6:55 YEEEEET lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Firefoxz Gaming
    Firefoxz Gaming 16 days ago

    Corrin a boy

  • ImNotANoob
    ImNotANoob 16 days ago

    1:13 I Main Pikachu, HE'S SO POWERFUL.

  • Ethan Tube HD
    Ethan Tube HD 16 days ago


    SEAN GRIGSBY 16 days ago

    They nerfed all of my mains from Smash 4
    Welp, time to practice Kirby and Meta Knight in Ultimate...

  • 26muel
    26muel 17 days ago

    The nerfed my T H I C C B O I Snake’s Butt, I’m no longer solid.

  • Banana JJ
    Banana JJ 17 days ago

    Falco got nerfed he has no dab

  • Yakko World
    Yakko World 17 days ago

    Miis were buffed to hell

  • ThePsychoGamer 13
    ThePsychoGamer 13 17 days ago

    Buffed the Puff.

  • Blue Wolf Zero
    Blue Wolf Zero 17 days ago

    Little does he know Kirby’s Melee Dash Attack was buffed from Melee.

  • LostWorldGamer
    LostWorldGamer 18 days ago

    Snake is better than he was in brawl, sonic is nerfed, link was nerfed (which makes me upset because he was my favourite in brawl and 4), and mario hella nerfed.

  • BlakeDaCodding
    BlakeDaCodding 18 days ago

    Mewto had a huge buff according to tier lists 3:55

  • basilis bill
    basilis bill 18 days ago



    Mii Fighters got buffed in wiki



  • Hanz plays
    Hanz plays 19 days ago

    For me its a side-Y

  • Only OGs Will Remembed


  • Dr. Edward Richtofen
    Dr. Edward Richtofen 19 days ago

    Okay little Mac did not need a buff at all...

  • Peyton Correa
    Peyton Correa 19 days ago

    I hate Pichu because pretty much after every attack I use, Pichu gets recoil damage.

  • Dexter Marshall
    Dexter Marshall 20 days ago +1

    I like how this guys is saying wether characters got buffed or nerfed, without even seeing all the characters full moveset...

  • Mario Reality Shows 2
    Mario Reality Shows 2 20 days ago +1

    4:36 I’m not sad, you are 😭

  • ImMoreDepressedThanYou

    They nerfed Snake's booty

    BASH PARTY 21 day ago

    Yeah I’m pretty sure MY favorite Pokemon Lucario was BUFFED

  • mario dias
    mario dias 21 day ago


  • Anthony 3lTroll
    Anthony 3lTroll 21 day ago

    What about Snake’s booty he’s surely NERFED!

  • t ford
    t ford 21 day ago

    kirbys mele dash is more of a buff to me

  • wyrd. boy
    wyrd. boy 21 day ago

    Yeah. Link having complete control over his bombs to pressure people and having the fastest grab in the game besides some slow ass hookshot is definetly a nerf

  • AnthonyMarioGamer64
    AnthonyMarioGamer64 22 days ago

    Mario's not that bad, right?

  • Alby Skylar
    Alby Skylar 22 days ago +1

    This video aged horribly on the nerfs and some neutrals.

  • Temzie / Temzette
    Temzie / Temzette 22 days ago +1

    Waluigi's BFF made it in to Smash.
    (Piranha Plant)

  • Treestan 4671
    Treestan 4671 22 days ago

    link does'nt / don't have his grappling hook and a fucking bow for his final smash instead of the triforce

  • Tara Pate
    Tara Pate 22 days ago

    Mewtwo and sonic are not nerfed so shut up about it alright

  • Logan H
    Logan H 22 days ago +1

    “Nobody cares about miis”
    Me: hold my drink

  • XxMysticxX _J
    XxMysticxX _J 22 days ago +1

    I’d smash 4 of zero suit samus😏

  • ShadowMewssacre
    ShadowMewssacre 22 days ago

    “Oh, they gave Kirby his Melee dash attack back! Nerfed!” No actually, minor buff. I don’t main Kirby but I still use him a lot (a secondary if you will) and he needed more attacks that can launch and kill. His Brawl/4 dash attack is useless in pretty much every way. Not much knockback, no combos out of it due to its ending lag, just not good overall. At least now it has the potential to kill near the ledge.

  • Carmagedon
    Carmagedon 23 days ago +1

    Kirby’s dash attack from melee was a buff because I used it a lot and it is pretty powerful

  • Brandon Joseph
    Brandon Joseph 23 days ago

    2:38 Dr. Mario: You deadass got cancer b.

  • Super M4R10
    Super M4R10 23 days ago

    Snake is so nerfed look at his butt and brawls

  • Elijah Ellis
    Elijah Ellis 23 days ago

    If you haven't played the game you can't tell If characters are buffed or nerfed

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 23 days ago

    Mario didn’t change, but he did suffer from the new engine. His down throw combo is d e d .

  • A Engineer
    A Engineer 23 days ago

    rip snakes tranquilizer gun

    oh and his ass was nerfed too

  • Midnight wolf12_7
    Midnight wolf12_7 23 days ago

    Kirby and meta knight are my faves and seeing that you nerfed them breaks my heart 💔