Smash Ultimate Characters Buffed and Nerfed

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
  • Just talking about some Smash Veterans I think might get buffed or Nerfed going into Smash Ultimate. I made this video jokingly, don't take it Seriously!!!
    Video edited by 2GG Kwon here's his Twitter:
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  • April Downam
    April Downam 4 hours ago

    Why did you not do inkli.... Oh wait I see why now

  • Shellise Gore
    Shellise Gore 8 hours ago


  • Braxson Cole Braxson cole

    1:57 what, they gave jigglypufg a back air? She already had one

  • Joshua Tyler Rodriguez
    Joshua Tyler Rodriguez 15 hours ago

    sonic is buffed

  • Joshua Tyler Rodriguez
    Joshua Tyler Rodriguez 15 hours ago

    sonic is cool!

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones 16 hours ago +1

    He doesn’t know them you say???

    Slap a same on that one!

  • tsenguunkh Khosoo
    tsenguunkh Khosoo 22 hours ago

    Marios down throw up a got nurfed

  • Walter Yellow
    Walter Yellow 23 hours ago

    Jokes on you Kirby's dash attack is much better than in Sm4sh so he got buffed

  • Maria Aviles
    Maria Aviles Day ago

    You even sed shiek looks the same fuck you

  • Maria Aviles
    Maria Aviles Day ago

    F!?k you they buffed his voice no fuck you

  • Ryenzo
    Ryenzo Day ago

    That bomb was a "Nerf" the bomb is Op

  • Tommy Hunt
    Tommy Hunt Day ago

    Lets rethink the peach thing

  • Infinite Person
    Infinite Person Day ago


  • BlazeRider
    BlazeRider 2 days ago

    DK actually Got Nerfed
    Link got buffed
    Also Luigi got buffed Peach and Daisy got buffed ice climbers got buffed and Shiek and Mewtwo is buffed Roy is Nerfed Meta knight is Buffed so yeah byee

    Well Sonic is an absolute God in Smash Ultimate he is buffed and Lucario is Nerfed btw ok are your crazy?Mega Man is One of the best So I'm putting him in the buffed section

    • AnimatingPivotStudios
      AnimatingPivotStudios 15 hours ago

      Luigi got nerfed. Ice Climbers were nerfed. Sheik and Mewtwo were NERFED, moreso for Sheik. Roy got buffed and MK got nerfed.

  • MrLambo101
    MrLambo101 2 days ago


    ALTOANIO BOY 46 2 days ago

    For both of my favorite characters they where same

  • Abuumdumsadd Granum
    Abuumdumsadd Granum 2 days ago

    Luigi gets nerfed because his hat doesn't have a gold L in his purple costume

  • Baked Beans Mate
    Baked Beans Mate 3 days ago +1

    Peach...... Nerfed?

    wouldn’t you like to know

  • Future
    Future 3 days ago

    5:03 they did more than that

  • Sonic Animations
    Sonic Animations 3 days ago

    What? NERFED? Me? You must not be thinking straight, Or Your Just Too Slow. :) And plus, You can charge up spin dash and homing attack much more.(This comment is a joke lol. Anyways, I kinda agree sonic got nerfed, His good buffs are that it's easier to use his dair in the air and go up back on a spring using air trick. But still, good vid bud.)

  • Kirby
    Kirby 3 days ago

    Megaman actually buff because his leaf shield doesn't dissappear after one hit

  • Gacha Josiah
    Gacha Josiah 4 days ago +2

    I liked zero suit more in brawl even tho everytime you used you final smash with Samus she would turn into zero suit😒

  • Axiom Ape
    Axiom Ape 5 days ago +1

    Ness and Kirby definately buffed or at least really good.

  • Joel Salgado
    Joel Salgado 5 days ago

    Just because samus able charge in air no mean she buffed

  • Darkdede 9
    Darkdede 9 5 days ago

    Waaaa! Mewto is my favorite fighter! Y u nerf mewto!?

  • Darkdede 9
    Darkdede 9 5 days ago

    Link was buffed

  • gamestormer 7777
    gamestormer 7777 5 days ago +1

    6:55 When i play kickball and someone trys to get me out while im running

  • NathanPlayz
    NathanPlayz 5 days ago

    K good for u

  • Chioke Chase
    Chioke Chase 5 days ago

    They nerfed her thickness she is tight now

  • กมล อาร์สตัด

    Rip snake butt

  • Noobling
    Noobling 6 days ago +3

    I legit main a Mii Brawler, don’t say that no one cares about mii’s

  • Hootenanny Meathead
    Hootenanny Meathead 6 days ago +1

    Little did he know, Diddy Kong got nerfed af.

  • NinjaYoshi64
    NinjaYoshi64 6 days ago +5

    Would you look at that....

    They nerfed Greninja

  • 커밋
    커밋 6 days ago

    니가 뭔데 니맘데로 판단하냐

  • Ma Seno
    Ma Seno 7 days ago

    Sonic's up-b can combine with midair dodge, Link is seriously buffed with bombs except when he uses for air and Little Mac gets super armour when he smash attacks.

  • OrangeToadGamer 2005

    This video aged kinda poorly lol

  • Gacha Peeps
    Gacha Peeps 7 days ago

    U made me sad I main my mii. :(

  • Wavy Dev
    Wavy Dev 7 days ago

    5:44 got me dying 😂

  • _loli_god_
    _loli_god_ 7 days ago +1

    The game wasn’t even out tho 🤷‍♂️

    • ssbuKeYo
      ssbuKeYo 2 days ago


  • Ike Muas
    Ike Muas 7 days ago

    How's Kirby melee dash type is a nerf?
    Explain how Fox is nerfed?

  • amiibo King
    amiibo King 8 days ago

    Omfg, i hate it when people make these vids when the game has not even been playable yet, for e.g links detnation was a MASIVE fucking buff and mario cant do down throw combo anymore, this is why we shouldent just assume that some people have been nerfed or buffed just by looking at simple gameplay, we need to play it our selves

  • Officer Clops
    Officer Clops 8 days ago +2

    Link acutally got kinda buffed a little cause when he is at 0% and he does f smash he can shoot a beam
    plus he can pick up his arrows when he shoots them and shoot 2 arrows at the same time

  • Toon Link The Warrior Guy

    7:02-7:14 You know, a lot of youtubers are putting me in their vids. But I appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Jacob Jumalon
    Jacob Jumalon 8 days ago

    For One second i thot toon link got nerfed

    • Papa Smurf
      Papa Smurf 4 days ago

      Jacob Jumalon he did toon link forward smash is a nerf

  • Dominick Alvarez
    Dominick Alvarez 8 days ago

    Link got major buffed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain Bones
    Captain Bones 8 days ago

    6:55 Beep boop...

    *Y E E T*

  • Butter free
    Butter free 8 days ago

    Mario's cool.

  • Δ Delta
    Δ Delta 9 days ago

    Zard is still nerfed

  • Ray-Zide's Music
    Ray-Zide's Music 9 days ago

    Yes, Yes Pichu was buffed.

  • Bernie Plays
    Bernie Plays 9 days ago

    That zero suit got very nerfed

  • What is that?
    What is that? 9 days ago +3

    Come on pikachu is always buffed

  • Eric VandenAvond
    Eric VandenAvond 9 days ago +2

    Wait so why haven't you mentioned the main reason snake was nerfed.

  • Super MARIO Fox box Fk


  • lldns Sucks
    lldns Sucks 9 days ago

    Pichu got buffed all right

  • Little Mac
    Little Mac 9 days ago


  • the danornater killer

    It's not about power
    It's how you play and fight

  • Maddock Su
    Maddock Su 9 days ago +5

    snake: *triggered*

  • Fishy Boopkins
    Fishy Boopkins 9 days ago +1

    Please tell me you actually played rather than judging by the trailer

    • SmashfulSpoon
      SmashfulSpoon 9 days ago

      Did you just like your own comment. and this video is a joke video, have you realized that yet.

  • Bryson Shepherd
    Bryson Shepherd 9 days ago

    Little did he know that peach is top tier lol

  • The Betrayer
    The Betrayer 9 days ago

    Giant Kirby Max Charged Side B: ULTIMATE NERFED

  • Jerry The Mouse
    Jerry The Mouse 9 days ago

    Why did fox immediately get nerfed?

  • Lucid
    Lucid 10 days ago

    Peach and nerfed don’t work in the same sentence

  • Manspider .24122
    Manspider .24122 10 days ago

    What does R.O.B stand for.

  • Salt the Dog
    Salt the Dog 10 days ago +6

    8:41 I always use them!

  • Vault Gamer PlayZ
    Vault Gamer PlayZ 10 days ago

    Link got buffed

  • Awesome316
    Awesome316 10 days ago

    5:11 Hmmmmm

  • Sass_King5
    Sass_King5 11 days ago

    Peach was buffed lol

  • That one sweat God
    That one sweat God 11 days ago +3

    Who looking back at this and seeing how wrong he was.

  • Evan Sinc
    Evan Sinc 11 days ago

    Uhhhhh peach is nerfed? Please repeat, does not compute.

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 11 days ago

    Ay where is the new bois?

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 11 days ago


  • Icarus
    Icarus 11 days ago

    There’s over 70 you didn’t do all

  • To xic
    To xic 11 days ago +2

    Bayanoetta got Ultimately got nerfed
    See what I did there?

  • CatSplat - BlueThunder
    CatSplat - BlueThunder 11 days ago +1

    #nobody cares about you

  • Maryless Lopez
    Maryless Lopez 11 days ago


  • mustachedman 001
    mustachedman 001 12 days ago

    I use metanight's side B *(it's worth using him)*

  • mustachedman 001
    mustachedman 001 12 days ago

    *W I G G L Y T U F F C O M F I R M E D*

  • JuleAls
    JuleAls 12 days ago

    That vid is boring XD

  • Badass skeleton92
    Badass skeleton92 12 days ago

    He didn't even want to talk about fox he just went


  • Furls Rochefort
    Furls Rochefort 12 days ago +2

    That bomb detonation *IS NO NERF*

    • AgnosGhost
      AgnosGhost 3 days ago

      Hasn't that been around since 64?

  • Justputsome Namehere
    Justputsome Namehere 12 days ago

    2:57 the most right thing this guy says

  • The Emerald Gamer 424
    The Emerald Gamer 424 12 days ago

    Why do u sound so depressed

  • Zelio Gattika
    Zelio Gattika 12 days ago

    8:41 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 my main!

  • PG Lizzie
    PG Lizzie 12 days ago

    I always use zero suit Samus and you do this to her ._.

  • Gabe Keefer
    Gabe Keefer 12 days ago +2

    6:55 YEET

  • Neil Morris
    Neil Morris 12 days ago

    U forgot insinaroar and piranha plant

  • Happy Cutie
    Happy Cutie 12 days ago

    6:54 YEET

  • Adam Crawford
    Adam Crawford 13 days ago

    Kirby seems the same....... just sitting there all cute and all eating people

  • Rlbbit Gt
    Rlbbit Gt 13 days ago +2

    Little did he know Lucas got buffed

    • SharpNinjaBB
      SharpNinjaBB 11 days ago

      lol this is the most fun I’ve ever had in the yt comment section

    • SharpNinjaBB
      SharpNinjaBB 11 days ago

      Rlbbit Gt *claus will forever be dead and there’s nothing you can do*

    • Rlbbit Gt
      Rlbbit Gt 11 days ago

      +SharpNinjaBB :(

    • SharpNinjaBB
      SharpNinjaBB 11 days ago

      Rlbbit Gt *this is fun but it still won’t bring claus back*

  • the game Boss
    the game Boss 13 days ago

    no mii

  • Justin Trinidad
    Justin Trinidad 13 days ago +2

    Pac-man’s final smash is kinda op, I would say buffed.

  • Caleb Masch
    Caleb Masch 13 days ago

    "He [Pichu] was really bad on melee, so I'm assuming he got buffed."

  • Xannon King
    Xannon King 13 days ago

    Falco triggered xD @3:09

  • Jayden John
    Jayden John 13 days ago

    What about my 3rd main Ridley?!

  • Chrono
    Chrono 13 days ago +2

    A lot of these are wrong but i mean you cant blame him it was before the game came out

  • hi I'm pinetree
    hi I'm pinetree 13 days ago

    Diddy got nerfed they nerfed my boi

  • Berksooos Davis
    Berksooos Davis 13 days ago

    Ness is buffed

  • ClickBrickStudios
    ClickBrickStudios 14 days ago +2

    Remember when you fought Wolfe on stream?
    (You were a purple inkling and Wolfe was K.Rool.)

  • Emir's World
    Emir's World 14 days ago +3

    Peach actually got Buffed, She can now Float even Like 2 Seconds after Double Jump which is good in a few situations

    • ssbuKeYo
      ssbuKeYo 2 days ago