• Published on Jan 4, 2019
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    We are playing Jungle Golf in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is a pretty old mini golf course, and even though it is a bit run down, still alright. We still manage to get a few lucky mini golf shots, and a crazy lucky mini golf hole in one!
    About Brooks Holt:
    What is going on BHV! I used to travel the world playing drums, now I travel the world playing mini golf on the internet. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post new videos playing some of the best and crazy mini golf courses from all over the country! From getting a mini golf hole in one, to finding the best and craziest mini golf courses from all over the country, join us as we travel all over the United States and the world!
    Brooks Holt
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Comments • 97

  • Reidar Kleiven
    Reidar Kleiven 4 months ago

    Elisha got 4 in the first round, not 3, but that's ok.😁

  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor 5 months ago

    Hi I am with The Oaks Miniature Golf (www.oaksminigolf.com). We would love for you to come play at our course! I am slightly biased, BUT the Oaks is THE best miniature golf in the Southeast. We are located in Gainesville, a city located in North Georgia. Our course does not have any overwhelming theme, no giant Pirate at the center. HOWEVER, it does excite those off all ages. We prefer to refer to ourselves as an adult miniature golf course simply based on the notion that adults can truly appreciate the aspect of nature. Also the refreshing yet challenging course attracts the adult demographic. Not to mention, our prices for 18 holes are extremely budget friendly making this a perfect for a date, family night and a regular spot for those in the town to find entertainment. We have guests that even drive an hour or more such as Atlanta and Athens to escape in the woods for a bit! We hope we could be a place to stop during your putt-putting tour!

  • I hate life Please unsubscribe okay

    Love your videos your the best youtuber ever brooks

  • Jerry Giesler
    Jerry Giesler 6 months ago

    The whole course was allright....., but it was a tight race between Brooks and Elisha! Hole 16 was when thing took a game-changing turn...

  • wolves654321
    wolves654321 6 months ago

    On hole 5 should each took one swing going threw to see if could make it threw

  • LitLife30
    LitLife30 6 months ago

    That vid was lit I loved it
    1 like
    = 1 thank you

  • cootsteak
    cootsteak 6 months ago

    In your videos, I've noticed how Elisha refers to the rim of the cup as the 'ring'. Hint, hint, Brooks.

  • Austin Kaiser
    Austin Kaiser 6 months ago

    Can you come to Louisville kentucky?if so what course cause I so wanna meet you both

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown 6 months ago

    Worst course you’ve played!

  • steve wurzbacher
    steve wurzbacher 6 months ago

    11th Hole was crazy!

  • The SpyHunter
    The SpyHunter 6 months ago

    If you're ever in the Tampa area, you should check out PK's Play Zone. It only has a 9 hole course, but it does have mini bowling as well.

  • Shivam Gandhi
    Shivam Gandhi 6 months ago

    I prefer Crave golf and MT Atlanticus for mini golf, not this crappy course.

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher 6 months ago

    Hi Elisha, Brooks
    Hope you're having a great new year so far.
    Brooks, I'm glad you didn't get completely stumped on hole 4... which is probably a better pun than the one you tried on hole 2.

  • Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse 6 months ago

    Well Brooks must have failed basic math in school.

  • damian fubio
    damian fubio 6 months ago

    Did Brooks go blind at 1:48 😂

  • Kevin Gerhardt
    Kevin Gerhardt 6 months ago

    What way to finish for #TeamElisha. Hole 11 was one for the books, those rocks really give crazy bounces. Life is like mini golf; you never what you going to get.

  • KitKatCat 44
    KitKatCat 44 6 months ago

    I really like the "rustic" feel to this place!! Difficulty level - You got to be kidding me!

  • Candyce Rynee
    Candyce Rynee 6 months ago

    Very strong finish. Nice job Elisha

  • rbear1231
    rbear1231 6 months ago

    that corse was harder made you work more to me that's what i look for in a corse
    2019 elisha-2 brooks-0

  • asatstrat
    asatstrat 6 months ago

    Tough course. Fun watching though!

  • Christine savage fam
    Christine savage fam 6 months ago

    Struggle bus but fun i like it. Brooks almost...

  • larry scarafile
    larry scarafile 6 months ago

    Course looked like a tourist trap

  • Chris Swinerton
    Chris Swinerton 6 months ago

    they should of paid you guys to play that piece of crap course smh 😩👎

  • Chris Swinerton
    Chris Swinerton 6 months ago

    not a big fan of the stone plus elisha got 4 on hoke 1

  • Sam Sitar
    Sam Sitar 6 months ago

    for variety i would play both courses.

  • jamalK Z
    jamalK Z 6 months ago

    Elisha got a 4 on hole 1 not 3

  • Teacupdogz
    Teacupdogz 6 months ago +1

    I actually really liked this course. It was unique. Some of the courses are very cookie cutter - you see essentially the same hole at different courses. This had some unique holes. It was challenging looking, but I'd really like to play it. You guys didn't seem to like it, so I don't know if you played the other side, but I'd love to see it if you did.

  • jvanamb
    jvanamb 6 months ago

    (First putt on the First Hole) EMH: Oh LORD.
    EMH 18th Hole in One putt. The Lord answered: AMEN.
    THE COURSE: Not a Creature Feature Spectacle. It's more of a finesse technique clinic. SHAWACKERS NEED NOT PLAY BY.

  • Douglas Evans
    Douglas Evans 6 months ago


  • SandpiperN121PP
    SandpiperN121PP 6 months ago +4

    Elishas game has gotten so much better over time. Her long putts are deadly accurate. Way to go girl! :)

    • ThinkerOnTheBus
      ThinkerOnTheBus 6 months ago

      She has somewhat of a goofy follow through on her swing, but it is consistent, so her game is bound to improve. However, Brooks has no consistent stance nor swing. Thus, he frequently misses easy shots. Now, if Elisha can just avoid the coffee until after the round, her camerawork will improve similar to her game.

  • oilfan pw
    oilfan pw 6 months ago

    That course was a little ridiculous with all the little slopes and the rock holes geez. They're more luck than skill, never sure of a bounce. I did like Elisha's "miracle" lefty, and her "dang it, roll roll oh ok"

  • JEPHRO760
    JEPHRO760 6 months ago

    @ brooksholt you are exactly right the course and original arcade was closed in 2013 then arcade and gift shop tourist trap was reopened without any thought of the mini golf course at all. There also used to be go-karts as well. Andretti Thrill Park in Palm Bay approx 30 miles down the beach on Babcock is also a decent course with many go-kart tracks and amusements as well.

    MCU FAN 6 months ago

    How did I know Elisha would hit the ball the exact same way as Brooks on hole 2?

  • AlleyCat
    AlleyCat 6 months ago

    Glad im not the only one to see that hole one was a 4 for Elisha. Posting this at home 4 and rooting for Elisha to come back and win.

  • DoubleA RC and figs
    DoubleA RC and figs 6 months ago

    On hole four brooks got three not two

    • Hi its ME
      Hi its ME 6 months ago

      DoubleA RC and figs he didn't get 4

  • DoubleA RC and figs
    DoubleA RC and figs 6 months ago

    Brooks will win

  • Steven Brodsky
    Steven Brodsky 6 months ago

    " ... oh, Elisha ! " ... " ... oh, Brooks !"

  • jackpot king
    jackpot king 6 months ago


  • Patrick Cooper
    Patrick Cooper 6 months ago

    Technically you both tied. There was 2 holes she got 4 on but it said 3!

  • Brian Baird
    Brian Baird 6 months ago

    It’s an old course and the arcade used to be bigger and there also use to be go-kart tracks but that was back in the early 2000’s. I use to go there all the time as a little kid

  • MalJ Cross
    MalJ Cross 6 months ago +3

    Great to hear Elisha speaking more.....keep it up....by the way Elisha to win by let's say 2.

  • Geoff Burkman
    Geoff Burkman 6 months ago

    Well, that won't be one you show off to the grandkids, will it? ...")

  • leon1231435
    leon1231435 6 months ago

    don't like playing courses with jagged rocks. never know where the ball is going to go!

  • Bemuse
    Bemuse 6 months ago

    Irritating course.

  • Kevin Tallman
    Kevin Tallman 6 months ago

    Brooks you completely forgot to show your viewers the eyebrow face with the smile on Hole 2 hahaha

  • Adam Tilbrook
    Adam Tilbrook 6 months ago

    Was 4 for Elisha on the 1st

  • Bellies Dennis
    Bellies Dennis 6 months ago

    Hmmm Amazoncourse hmmmm??Who is the favorite for this one hmmm?? No doesn't matter i am going for that tie of 41:):):):):):)
    Jeeezz that were a lot off weird and difficult angled borders!! Ok ok i'am really crying now..WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were so close for that tie! WHY!!!!!!! ok it wasn't 41 (i should have said a tie of 81:):):):)) but come on. I'am just going to put my head in my pillow and cry myself to sleep tonight:):):):)
    PS. Liked the castle shirt!!!!

  • GoodRiddanceGooglePlus
    GoodRiddanceGooglePlus 6 months ago

    Methinks this course is afraid of being inspected. If they did, Hole 11 would be off limits for safety reasons.

  • rodney jenkins
    rodney jenkins 6 months ago

    She got a 4 not a 3

  • Mrs. PuppySaver For life

    The first few holes, you both were a little off. This course was a little tougher though

  • Greg Sanderson
    Greg Sanderson 6 months ago

    You do a Great impressing of Elisha on hole 11 Brooks

  • Tim DeShazer
    Tim DeShazer 6 months ago

    What is y'alls least favorite course?

  • Melanie Jane Procter
    Melanie Jane Procter 6 months ago

    Hi Brooks and Elisha
    Great game Elisha

  • Captain Namco
    Captain Namco 6 months ago

    awesome video hope yall had a awesome christmas and new year

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres 6 months ago

    Elisha on a nice winning streak

  • jelly walker
    jelly walker 6 months ago

    Elisha will win sorry brooks

  • Christopher Meadows
    Christopher Meadows 6 months ago +1

    She had 51 you had 52 you messed up the score

    • Jason King
      Jason King 6 months ago

      @Porsmond editing errors shouldn't happen. Messed up her score on the 1st hole. Should be easy to count watching it back

    • Porsmond
      Porsmond 6 months ago

      Christopher Meadows did you not bother to watch the video till the end as he said the correct score when they ended, just a simple editing error on the video

  • Justin Abby
    Justin Abby 6 months ago

    Didnt she get a 4 on hole 1

  • Kris Schindler
    Kris Schindler 6 months ago

    0:56 "Hole two is pretty straight forward!" Brooks, tell me you didn't say that? Ugggg! The only thing you were missing was a rim shot afterwards! LOL Elisha must really love you for being able to put up with humor like that! ;) LOL (Okay, if truth be told, I tell stupid jokes like that way too often as well!)

  • Dave Rhodes
    Dave Rhodes 6 months ago +1

    What a way to end it Elisha

  • Connor Pike
    Connor Pike 6 months ago

    For one course you guys should play opposite Brooks hits Right Elisha hits left. For something different

  • Julian Slavik
    Julian Slavik 6 months ago

    Elisha's score is actually 51, because on hole 1 she got a 4!

  • Patrick Hardison
    Patrick Hardison 6 months ago

    Missed counting a stroke for Elisha on the first hole, so you tied.

  • Mike Enders
    Mike Enders 6 months ago +1

    Not a great looking track. There were some really odd ball rolls.

  • Rain Feather
    Rain Feather 6 months ago

    This course... I think it's an okay one. I mean, the slanted hole needs a lot of attention and all the debris littering the playing area ought to be dealt with, but it's playable, at least... unlike those mall ones you found on your roadtrip. Pretty sure it's between those two and the goose-poop one for the worst.

  • oz is higher than a cloud
    oz is higher than a cloud 6 months ago +3

    The coarse looks challenging but something blah about it....

    • KitKatCat 44
      KitKatCat 44 6 months ago

      I like the "blah" ;)

    • Naj Renchelf
      Naj Renchelf 6 months ago

      Daniel Hutchison, I’m afraid I can‘t not comment this - it’s course #YGS.
      But I hope you have a great 2019! 😊🥂

  • Al Michenfelder
    Al Michenfelder 6 months ago

    Elisha by 4

  • Ralph Marbler
    Ralph Marbler 6 months ago

    12:50 Elisha's at it again.

  • Gabriel Stopani
    Gabriel Stopani 6 months ago

    Elisha got 4 on hole 1 not 3 brooks

  • billy bob
    billy bob 6 months ago

    I would like to play against u two