Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '행복 (Happiness)' MV

  • Published on Aug 3, 2014
  • The MV of 'Happiness' by Red Velvet (SEULGI, IRENE, WENDY and JOY) the new group from SMTOWN for the last 2 years, is now released :)
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    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '행복 (Happiness)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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  • Ernawati Runa
    Ernawati Runa 2 hours ago

    Wendy eonni is so beatiful here

  • Ernawati Runa
    Ernawati Runa 2 hours ago

    Wendy eonni is so beatiful here

  • Sabreve
    Sabreve 5 hours ago +1

    We stan Wendy's high note even when she was a rookie

  • IH - 06SM - Thomas Street MS (1654)

    Me 3 years ago who is Yeri she like. OMG SHE IS A TWICE MEMBER
    Me now: Boi if you don't get the

  • Jungkook's Banana milk
    Jungkook's Banana milk 13 hours ago +2

    I actually really dig this song. Idk I love it. It grew on me...

  • are you kirring mi irrriya??


  • Zakia Bibi
    Zakia Bibi 14 hours ago

    Glad that they removed the original mv and edited it.

    • Isabella :]
      Isabella :] 3 hours ago

      what are you talking about lmao this is the original

  • Demeterminator
    Demeterminator 14 hours ago

    wendy happiness version is my favorite wendy

  • wendy 09
    wendy 09 15 hours ago

    I love you wendy 💙

  • Yvonne Poh
    Yvonne Poh 18 hours ago +1

    I don't understand why people didn't like this when it first came out, this is one of my top 10 favorite song

  • allea queensha
    allea queensha 21 hour ago +1


  • no exo no life
    no exo no life Day ago

    I miss old kpop days💕

  • I’m Fine
    I’m Fine Day ago +3

    I forgot the name of this song so I searched for “ Lalalla happiness power red velvet “

    I’m proud of myself

  • Yulitza Gómez
    Yulitza Gómez Day ago +1


  • •kpop_life_edits•

    Wow red velvet didn’t start with 4 members Yeri was from the start with redvelvet 0:13

  • Al-Shaeed Muntasil
    Al-Shaeed Muntasil Day ago +4

    for red velvet's *next* comeback:
    - more lines for yeri
    - a rap verse for irene
    - amazing bridge from seulwenjoy
    - a dance break
    - VELVET concept
    - fair line and screentime distribution
    - a dance practice video
    - 10m+ views in 24hrs (let's try to beat zzlb)
    - 1m+ likes in 24hrs
    - #1 us itunes albums chart
    - #1 itunes 40 countries
    - #1 billboard digital song sales & world albums
    - #1trending ww on twitter
    - 100k sales in first week
    - 1m unique listeners
    - pak & music show all-kill
    - 10+ wins
    - youtube & spotify streaming longevity
    - and more
    for our girls, reveluvs, together, let us pray.

  • Honey Lee
    Honey Lee Day ago +1

    0:13 it's Yeri right? The one wearing red under the lips

  • Yul Genie
    Yul Genie 2 days ago +2

    This is the best song of RV

  • Sandy Tagle
    Sandy Tagle 2 days ago +2


  • Chrissy Teca
    Chrissy Teca 2 days ago +1


  • jessa cater
    jessa cater 2 days ago

    2019? Still lovin' it ..
    Bashers: they will fail
    Reveluv: Gimme your faces b*tches .. gonna slap this to your ugly faces.

  • shahad abahussain
    shahad abahussain 2 days ago +2

    مكتوب عل بلوزت وحده المتحدة ما اصدق عععععععع❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️احبكم

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood 2 days ago +1


  • Leani Safitry
    Leani Safitry 2 days ago +1

    si yeri di sini kenapa nga ada ? ada yang bisa jawab ?

    • sldy
      sldy 11 hours ago

      Umurnya belum cukup untuk debut .. dia debut di era ice cream cake..

  • 강도경블루TV
    강도경블루TV 2 days ago +1

    존예 조이,아이린,웬디,슬기LOVE♥~!


    2019... who's watching

  • Missy Blue
    Missy Blue 3 days ago +1


  • D R A M A
    D R A M A 3 days ago +3

    ..anyone else spot Yeri in the red at the bottom of the screen at 0:12

  • therandomperson
    therandomperson 3 days ago

    sometimes, you gotta be *bold* . just rOcK thIs wOrlD. b o o y a h! *insert tens of thousands lalalalas here*


  • Mizu Gacha
    Mizu Gacha 3 days ago +1


  • Vina Macapagal
    Vina Macapagal 3 days ago

    Where is yeri

  • Robin
    Robin 3 days ago


  • My Crazy Time
    My Crazy Time 3 days ago +3

    Congratulations, you have just found a normal comment. I dont want likes.

  • Robin
    Robin 3 days ago


  • 화됴
    화됴 4 days ago

    추억 오진다
    어릴때 이노래 하루에 50번은 더들었는뎈ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ

  • Amethyst _Terrier
    Amethyst _Terrier 4 days ago +2


  • Shelalu Kim
    Shelalu Kim 4 days ago +1


  • ɴᴏᴊᴀᴍ ʏᴇsᴊᴀᴍ

    Awww Joy had such chubby cheeks and looks so cute ahh!

    Btw, I’m not shaming her, she just looks a younger, duh.

  • Gabrielle Hernandez
    Gabrielle Hernandez 4 days ago +5

    I still remember 5 years ago. When red velvet just debuted at the time I didn't really stab them since I was really into wonder girls... but people in the comment section kept on saying "we want f(x)! Not red velvet!" The dislikes were half of the likes. I'm so glad new generation kpop fans have stan this group.

  • Luigi The Lou-Lou
    Luigi The Lou-Lou 4 days ago +2

    88M here we go!! 😘😘😘

  • jxminct
    jxminct 4 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but their hair is bothering me so much, why is it dyed like that?

  • Joya
    Joya 4 days ago +1

    I just love the part where they together sing,"lalalalalalalalalalah"😍

  • Timna Bathellier
    Timna Bathellier 4 days ago

    Why are only 4 people dancing ?

    • Reveluvey
      Reveluvey 3 days ago +4

      Timna Bathellier Yeri debuted during ICC era

  • BigBoyBeans
    BigBoyBeans 4 days ago +4

    remember when everyone shat on red velvet for this song? to this day i still can't understand why everyone was hating on them

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique 4 days ago +1

    Algum brasileiro?????

  • Tim Andre Manzanilla
    Tim Andre Manzanilla 4 days ago +3

    I cannot seem to understand why since before the girls’ debut bashers are throwing negative comments upon them. Look, their debut song is very positive, but bashers are just throwing negativity on it, but look, our girls have gone so far and we still love them for what they are

    BTS VELVET 4 days ago +2


    BTS VELVET 4 days ago

    -Red Velvet-

  • %B L A C K V E L V E T%


  • CrAzY fOr MySeLf tae
    CrAzY fOr MySeLf tae 4 days ago +8

    People: who loves red velvet like if u do
    Me: who is breathing right now like if you are

  • Nana
    Nana 4 days ago +1

    Queens of Lalalala 🎵

  • Robin
    Robin 4 days ago +1

    Red Velvet

  • glelves
    glelves 4 days ago +5

    i remember like 3 years ago red velvet recieved so many hates from netizens (most of them are from fx stans) saying that bring fx back we don't need red velvet... this really brokes my heart.. the likes have 24k but the dislikes have 16k... please stop fanwars now and please stop comparing

  • Grace Danseur
    Grace Danseur 4 days ago +3

    On a Red Velvet marathon. ❤️💛💚💙

  • orange lamborghini
    orange lamborghini 5 days ago +3

    in case you havent seen it yet, at 0:13 , you can see yeri at the bottom-center.

  • Grace Danseur
    Grace Danseur 5 days ago +1


  • Alien area51
    Alien area51 5 days ago

    que puto asco

  • tresyyunk
    tresyyunk 5 days ago +2


  • 잔쎈JaYCee
    잔쎈JaYCee 5 days ago +1

    Have you seen Yeri? 🙂🙂🙂