When Paul George BECAME A LEGIT SUPERSTAR! BEST Highlights & Plays from 2013-14 NBA Season!

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by Paul George from the 2013-2014 NBA Season + the Playoffs
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Comments • 393

  • Darrell Washington
    Darrell Washington 15 days ago

    Y’all remember Danny Granger yea no one does that’s who was playing before PG 😂😂😂

  • antonino jr Marquez
    antonino jr Marquez 20 days ago

    Im crying when i was watching,..

  • Jed Felix
    Jed Felix 23 days ago

    Smoothest player in the league. It's not even a question

  • samuel james
    samuel james 24 days ago

    It’s sad that after the injury he is still athletic but not as much as he used to be

  • Fredrick Martin
    Fredrick Martin 24 days ago

    PG was so underrated back then..

  • ?Anonymous ?
    ?Anonymous ? 29 days ago


  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez Month ago +1


  • Matthew Spurs
    Matthew Spurs Month ago

    No one gonna talk about the fact the 8 seed hawks almost beat them LOL

  • LAR Rodriglu
    LAR Rodriglu Month ago

    This man reminds me so much of kb24

  • Matthew Mayson
    Matthew Mayson Month ago

    A 6 ft 9 "legit" superstar would shoot better than paul george crappy sub'44% shooting😁

    • AlphaShark
      AlphaShark Month ago +1

      Matthew Mayson He was the pacers superstar. Lmao they played through him so of course he has take difficult shots a lot.

  • Jordan Ye
    Jordan Ye Month ago


  • Turt Tv
    Turt Tv Month ago

    Paul George is going to be my fav player in the nba after bron leaves

    PG 13PACERNATION Month ago

    That dunk on birdman, I remmbered it like it was yesterday

    PG 13PACERNATION Month ago

    Hell ya this is unforgettable for every NBA fans

  • Sultan Sharif
    Sultan Sharif Month ago

    he really became a beast when he won the MIP award the year before

  • Amir Hastings
    Amir Hastings Month ago

    Most underrated player in the league.

  • CJusteRalenti TV
    CJusteRalenti TV Month ago

    One of the coldest nba video ever

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike Month ago

    Tracy McGrady of this era

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike Month ago

    Superstar? Idk about that

    • Blue Red
      Blue Red Month ago

      Easily a superstar, hes very young, too many people wrote him off too early.

  • Adrian Brown
    Adrian Brown Month ago

    If he would've never got hurt who is Kd💯

  • Big City
    Big City Month ago

    Been my favourite player since i started watching basketball could watch his highlights all night and day

  • Jaquaveon Andress
    Jaquaveon Andress Month ago

    Please make one of the these for a young Derrick rose💯🙏🏾

  • Wilson Jerez
    Wilson Jerez Month ago +1

    this video makes me so nostalgic! My favorite player in my favorite season from him 🥺🥺😬

  • Wilson Jerez
    Wilson Jerez Month ago

    This video is pure gold! 🥺

  • DeSerT_PunK
    DeSerT_PunK Month ago

    I miss this PG

  • lucas barraza
    lucas barraza Month ago

    que bestia luis scola

  • Malik Longie
    Malik Longie Month ago

    24 pg had the smoothest stepback ong

  • Deanz Beber
    Deanz Beber Month ago +1

    He's as complete as kawhi just not as clutch

  • Deanz Beber
    Deanz Beber Month ago +1

    Casuals don't know how good he really is. Alot of people gonna be surprised this season.

    • Leonardo Moore
      Leonardo Moore 3 days ago

      Joe singles might have something to say about that!Tell me deans when has George ever outplayed lebron in his career! I'll wait

  • Dontsellme YT
    Dontsellme YT Month ago +1

    3:53 “lebron George”😂😂

  • Gabriele Morettoni
    Gabriele Morettoni Month ago +4

    can you do one on d-Wade 2008/09 he was a beast

  • marc steele
    marc steele Month ago

    he maybe lost his speed and quickness after his injury but he's got lot more smoother right now

  • bobby Valentino
    bobby Valentino Month ago

    Man i used to wild out with this dude in 2k14 🎮....
    🤦🏽‍♂️PG 24 > PG 13
    Before the injury he use to run all over the place and shot create from ANYWHERE in this 2013/14 season.
    His jumpshot better now, but his willingness to be rugged on offense has diminished. Eh if i broke my leg I'd proly do the same thing

    • rocthaice
      rocthaice Month ago

      bobby Valentino he’s a better overall player now shooter and defender might not be as athletic and quick. More variety in his game

  • Bryan Nool
    Bryan Nool Month ago

    Final MVP 2019-2020

  • Bryan Nool
    Bryan Nool Month ago +1

    Final MVP 2019-2020

  • Bryan Nool
    Bryan Nool Month ago

    MVP 2019-2020

  • Moises Centeno
    Moises Centeno Month ago

    Dope videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    Keep in mind this dude was great before he snapped his leg in the USA game. Then after he broke his leg, he made an extremely beautiful comeback. Gotta love PG man, huge respect

  • cthegoal05
    cthegoal05 Month ago

    Should do Lebron Highlights during the Heats 27 game win streak

  • Efka Gru
    Efka Gru Month ago

    i like him more than Kwahi, and think he'll be the leader of the clips. Media blasts him for losing to Bron, Wade and Bosh, although he took them to 7 games, with Roy Hibbert.

  • Jordan Richardson
    Jordan Richardson Month ago

    PG reminds me of Tmac how he can create almost any shot with minimal effort and score 💪🏾

  • Terrance Rowe
    Terrance Rowe Month ago

    PG's game is so smooth

  • reynoldmn
    reynoldmn Month ago

    1 LIKE = Indy Paul George was a problem or COMMENT for Playoff P

  • Maquise Miller
    Maquise Miller Month ago

    Do when Jimmy Butler Became a legit superstar

  • deturkk Deturk
    deturkk Deturk Month ago

    PG13 will never be a superstar
    He’s Mr. Unfinished business

  • Swank Mastermind
    Swank Mastermind Month ago

    He’s not a superstar. There are only about 5-6 in the league legitimately speaking.

    • Leonardo Moore
      Leonardo Moore 3 days ago

      @Blue Red I'm sorry red you don't get ribbons for moral losses you still lost!

    • Swank Mastermind
      Swank Mastermind Month ago

      Blue Red yes it did but don’t get it confused. Kawhi is the leader on that team

    • Blue Red
      Blue Red Month ago

      @Swank Mastermind It took Bron & KD around a decade to finally ring & both had to form super teams, PG in his 9th year.

    • Swank Mastermind
      Swank Mastermind Month ago

      No doubt he’s a star. He’s just not a SUPERstar. Superstars are those who can carry you to the promise land imo. PG is known to come up short in the playoffs. Obviously not including the Miami series.

    • Blue Red
      Blue Red Month ago

      He was going head 2 head with a prime Bron & his Miami team as a 22 year old, the man is a star.

  • YaBoyCurtis 1
    YaBoyCurtis 1 Month ago +2


  • Incroyable
    Incroyable Month ago +3


  • the simulation
    the simulation Month ago +12

    if paul george doesn’t break his leg; he’s the best player in the nba today.

    • AlphaShark
      AlphaShark Month ago +3

      professor300 I think he could have been better than lebron. He was on his way to a championship with the pacers

    • professor300
      professor300 Month ago

      @the simulation he'll be the best player in the NBA 🤯

    • Tony B
      Tony B Month ago +1

      He still is

    • the simulation
      the simulation Month ago +1

      professor300 definitely looks more cerebral; & a much purer jumpshooter.
      i’m just saying imagine if he kept his athleticism

    • professor300
      professor300 Month ago +2

      Idk he did say that made him smarter and stronger

  • Victor Oladipo #4
    Victor Oladipo #4 Month ago

    @1:56 this starts when PG welcomes Oladipo in the NBA but now they traded each other. While Oladipo is now a leader of PG former team also doing it well with Pacers rn lol

  • Belated Splash
    Belated Splash Month ago +1

    Pacers george was sum else

  • Leonard Chang
    Leonard Chang Month ago

    THIS IS PG13

  • eric whitman
    eric whitman Month ago

    Booooooooo 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 fuck this bitch made nigga #Lakersnation #Lakers2020champs

  • Only1 D
    Only1 D Month ago +1

    I think all he needs is this championship with kawhi this year

  • Skip Bayless’ Possible Reactions

    Better than Jimmy G ever was

  • Zyrek Pascual
    Zyrek Pascual Month ago

    PG supposed to be the next kobe but then he got injured so early in his career.

  • k iii
    k iii Month ago

    Anthony Davis

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago

    Amazing shooting form

  • Roman King
    Roman King Month ago +1

    Top 3 all around small forward for me and he’s my favorite player 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Labiang Jonathan
    Labiang Jonathan Month ago +4

    he lost his quickness after injury