SPECIAL DRIVE in my LOUD Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
  • Taking my Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 for a special drive! New look, new exhaust and READY for action (Finally). Thank you to Brooke Race Exhaust for the hard work:
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Comments • 441

  • beeweezee718
    beeweezee718 17 days ago

    Jesus that car sound soo wicked. I love it!

  • Juan Rodarte
    Juan Rodarte 5 months ago

    WOW! That car looked AMAZING as it was coming down that road at the start of the video. Up close they are super nice.

  • Danny 200MPH
    Danny 200MPH 6 months ago

    162 down votes by Prius owners

    ANTHONY CASTANEDA 6 months ago

    Lol I love how this car is to wide for those narrow roads

  • Cem Y
    Cem Y 6 months ago

    Sounds almost like a Zonda 👌

  • warriors 2384
    warriors 2384 8 months ago

    What year is the car

  • PNW Survival
    PNW Survival 9 months ago

    That thing is sick.And hi, Tavarish lol...

  • AutoBound
    AutoBound 9 months ago +1

    Paul, I was really nervous for you when you were experimenting with the exhaust because I didnt like the sound of the first exhaust attempt. Too loud and not smooth enough. But now let me tell you mate, you could not get that exhaust to sound any better than it does. It sounds AMAZING and the tone is still a Lamborghini screamer. Its screams Perfectly now. Congratulations from your second home Los Angeles. Hope to see you here one day. I live very close to Parker N. from Vehicle Virgins and would like to meet you if you are ever back out here. Cheers mate

  • NHKxt
    NHKxt 11 months ago

    one day I will sell my MtG collection for my dream car. a 2009-2010 Balloon White LP640

  • matthew kimpton
    matthew kimpton Year ago

    Wow 👌🏼

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C Year ago

    Anybody else get excited when he reaches for the downshift paddle haha. Love hearing the downshifts

  • Colossus
    Colossus Year ago

    People's comments are real f*cked up, if I had this channel I wouldn't read em either

  • énóiznuiutchubi !

    perhaps the last italian lamborghini. it is a mystic car

  • bil1topo
    bil1topo Year ago

    I’d rather that car than a aventador any day

  • Wayne Atkinson
    Wayne Atkinson Year ago

    Great car love it..Really pleased for you...but....chairman of Volkswagen AG, Ferdinand Piëch, grandson of Volkswagen's founder, Ferdinand Porsche, went on a buying spree through 1998, purchasing Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. Volkswagen subsidiary AUDI AG acquired Lamborghini in September 1998 for around US$110 million. The First-generation of the Murciélago was produced between 2001 and 2006 and yes, it was powered by a Lamborghini V12 that traces its roots back to the company's beginnings in the 1960s....but for all intent and purposes, that makes all Murci's .. Audi's :)

  • marconorth
    marconorth Year ago

    Automonal 🍂 😂😂😂
    In other news..... love the car, Love the new colour, not sold on yr Brookspeed. I got bored of listening to it and that shouldn’t be happening!!

  • 1-UP
    1-UP Year ago

    The 97 Diablo and the Murcielago are simply the best designed Lamborghini's ever

  • Coleopteros
    Coleopteros Year ago

    Best lambo, ever.

  • 518
    518 Year ago

    That thang is nasssty

  • punkstoper
    punkstoper Year ago

    Can you sell it yet?

  • Martin James
    Martin James Year ago

    you would do well do shave off that cat weasel beard ffs.. or do u not want to draw attention to your big chin..

  • Abhi praya
    Abhi praya Year ago

    Paul please shoot some of terrorized tunnel run video in your 640... hehee

  • MrAntospeedyr1
    MrAntospeedyr1 Year ago

    Missing rear wing and again not loud enough

  • Jk 96
    Jk 96 Year ago

    can't believe how many people are hating on here. Yeah he's not the perfect USclipr and needs a little work here and there, but he built a channel and brand from the bottom, literally. Not to mention he is driving an R8 and murcielago. Awesome car sounds incredible

  • Daniel Anglevik
    Daniel Anglevik Year ago

    Wrong! Diablo had a 6.0 as its biggest engine. 575hp i the GT as the most powerful.
    The 6,2 in gen1 Murcie is not the same engine. It has very much in common but its not taken from Diablo.

  • Paul Stuttard
    Paul Stuttard Year ago

    Err didn't the Countach also use the LP moniker?

  • John Griffiths
    John Griffiths Year ago

    Fab car, properly done. Please don't ruin it now.

  • LeoTAC
    LeoTAC Year ago

    Murci is a beast! The content is awesome!

  • steven macleod
    steven macleod Year ago

    God I love that bloody car and I love how u are constantly on the white line 😂😂

  • Easty027
    Easty027 Year ago

    so basically another video about nothing.

  • jafer khan
    jafer khan Year ago

    I think wasn't the Diablo the last proper lambo?
    i still think the Diablo was the last proper RAW lambo before Audi started fiddling with thing. The Murci sounds great, but the Aventador sounds more raw

  • J Adams
    J Adams Year ago +1

    Murcielago SV over Aventador anyday

  • Chippie
    Chippie Year ago

    i drove a Murcielago on a track day and i just fell in love with the car. just need to win the lottery lol . great video and look forward to watching more :) 👍

  • LamboDEB
    LamboDEB Year ago

    Omg that sound!!

  • TGE TV
    TGE TV Year ago +16

    What an unbelievable machine lad. Totally get why you wanted one so much. Can’t wait to finally see & hear it in the metal. Sick video too

  • DimSumDom
    DimSumDom Year ago

    The last video didn't do it ANY justice. This murci is a screamer!!! It sounds amazing!!! Congrats Paul, she's perfect. Now go out and drive the hell out of it with a giant smile on your face mate

  • Tony Mayfair
    Tony Mayfair Year ago

    Amazing Lambo so glad that you buy your dream car not the car that most views has in youtube cheers Paul

  • Uzair Junejo
    Uzair Junejo Year ago

    There's just something about LP640 and 670 downshifts, the savagery is unreal.

  • Jk P
    Jk P Year ago

    It actually sounds like an F1 car 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Preston Shepherd
    Preston Shepherd Year ago +1

    @4:15 The Diablo never had a "6.2 liter engine block". The later Diablos were a 6.0L V12, enlarged from a 5.7L, which was then enlarged to 6.2L for the pre-LP Murcielago, and then enlarged to 6.5L for the LP640/LP670/Reventon. The same basic V12 was used from the 350GT all the way through the Murci LP670-4 SV. The first all-new Lamborghini V12 since the '60s was the one used in the Aventador.
    I've never heard of an LP640 owner who scoffed at a pre-LP owner because it was "just a Diablo" like you say in your video. It was all the same V12 up until the Aventador, with minor improvements throughout.

    • Preston Shepherd
      Preston Shepherd Year ago

      @Patrick Peter Especially since he references "Bizzarrini V12" later in the video.

    • Patrick Peter
      Patrick Peter Year ago +1

      You'd think Paul would know this?.

  • Guillaume D
    Guillaume D Year ago

    Driving that kind of shit box is like asking for problems...

    Just kidding, it is a very very cool car DEFINITELY ment to be driven. I hope every thing will go well with it Paul.

  • lynx ts
    lynx ts Year ago


  • Ayrton Senna
    Ayrton Senna Year ago

    WOW that v12 sounds like sex

  • Karl Van Ginderdeuren

    Paul, what would it cost to convert it to a manual? Has this ever been done?

  • Edalu Kres
    Edalu Kres Year ago

    One of the worst exhaust sound for a Murci. We love V12 scream so better than this.

  • Cristian Agosta
    Cristian Agosta Year ago

    "longhetiudenol postiera" you have to improve your italian HAHAHA

  • butchmeister 80
    butchmeister 80 Year ago

    Nice vid for a change sounds niiiice

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Year ago

    599 sounds better 👀

  • Tim 140i
    Tim 140i Year ago

    is this nardo grey?

  • michael darren abbott

    Bro you gotta sort out a video or road trip with you tge's S.V .Tony's performante and Archies hurrican it would be utube gold if only u still had the Gallardo it would be an amazing family tree of Lamborghini history please dude make it happen before tge chops his SV in

  • Nigel W
    Nigel W Year ago

    Truly a fine looking and sounding beast!!!

  • George Jacob
    George Jacob Year ago +3

    This channel would do so much better if Paul starts replying to comments or reading them.

  • Jamie O'Neill
    Jamie O'Neill Year ago

    Sounds awful expected more

  • Muneeb Siddiqui
    Muneeb Siddiqui Year ago

    What a good looking car

  • NBproductions
    NBproductions Year ago

    I've been watching u since 100k

  • ilrglen
    ilrglen Year ago

    Lamborghini have already built more than 8000 Aventadors, doubling Murcielago production

  • RLX_5.56
    RLX_5.56 Year ago

    Sounds crazy! To bad microphones won’t ever do justice. Well done Paul! LA 2019 🍻

  • Ken Mason
    Ken Mason Year ago

    Love the Murcie!

  • Tunes4Life
    Tunes4Life Year ago

    Sounds so much better with this exhaust!

  • Aesthetic Brah
    Aesthetic Brah Year ago

    What’s the hype with Brooke racing? Their exhausts doesn’t sound good at all. Just copy the setup from the one in L.A.....