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we broke up

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Sorry we didn't let you know sooner... we wanted to be comfortable talking about it :) All is good tho.. Ill be back to putting snakes on liza as soon as I can find a cobra! Love yalll
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Comments • 388 304

  • Andjela Maksimovic
    Andjela Maksimovic 18 hours ago

    It’s almost been a year and I’m still crying 😭

  • Monster Ladybug
    Monster Ladybug 19 hours ago


  • Kendal’s Gacha Story’s

    This gets me every time bro

  • Phangurl
    Phangurl 19 hours ago

    “I love you” *kisses on cheek* I felt that:(

  • N123 u
    N123 u 19 hours ago +1

    All the jokes they made in this video and the fact that they were both crying made me realise that they are just PERFECT together. Its so sad.

  • N123 u
    N123 u 19 hours ago +1

    The mayonnaise quote made me realise that they're made for each other

  • Naomi Mungai
    Naomi Mungai 19 hours ago

    I like this video not because i want them to have broken up but because i respect their decision and in hope that they might get back together in the future, fingers crossed (this is the fifth time i'm watching this video)

  • Christopher Barrett
    Christopher Barrett 20 hours ago


    BITN TWIST 20 hours ago

    Who is still crying to this video

  • Reyce Mandel
    Reyce Mandel 21 hour ago

    “i don’t want anybody” “who do u want?” “you” dudeeeee

  • Charlotte’s Corner
    Charlotte’s Corner 21 hour ago

    5:50 broke my heart

  • Amy Harmon
    Amy Harmon 22 hours ago

    It’s been a year now, are they together yet? no. :c

  • Marriam Ismail
    Marriam Ismail 22 hours ago +1

    If you guys care about each other then just be together..... it’s that simple

  • EsmeXx DowthwaiteXx
    EsmeXx DowthwaiteXx 23 hours ago

    Oh my god I thought this was fake but they look like they're still together

  • Ronian Paul San Franclsco

    Have they found the mayo yet?

  • Imabeast 63
    Imabeast 63 23 hours ago

    I was in your all’s shoes but me and her and even friends an I miss her

  • Niamh Casey
    Niamh Casey Day ago


  • Lps sharky AJ
    Lps sharky AJ Day ago

    Did anyone actually freaking cried cause I did. Just bc my ship just sunk and how actually heart broken they are and how they still want to be together but they just don't have time and at the end I watch that video it was so funny😭😭😱 I hope you guys figure it out, cause you don't deserve this pain NETIER DO I 😂😂😭😭

  • Dasia Love
    Dasia Love Day ago

    Who is crying in 4-19-19 still 😭😭

  • Samantha Wallis
    Samantha Wallis Day ago +2

    We didn’t want this video we wanted a ‘were engaged’ video

  • Jaycia David
    Jaycia David Day ago

    Did anyone see how their eyes and noses were red: ( it my be fake but it looked real and I still have hope although it is APRIL 2019

  • UnKownMr_YT IOS
    UnKownMr_YT IOS Day ago

    liza and david 😭😢
    lauren and alex 😭😢

    are done

  • Lillian Rezac
    Lillian Rezac Day ago

    The only time I only cried watching a break up video. They were mixed emotions like laughing but sad tears. Like if you agree

  • Maeve Curley
    Maeve Curley Day ago

    did anyone else notice that at 3:07 liza wiped her boogers on david’s shoulder lol

  • Grace Block
    Grace Block Day ago

    did she find the mayonnaise yet?

  • Crystal Lewis
    Crystal Lewis Day ago

    David: I didnt have the balls to.... Liza: *Looks down and thinks* "Nope got nothin"😭😤😂💖

  • Cece Bean
    Cece Bean Day ago

    The way David looks at her when she's talking😭😭And I miss them so much , but it's gonna be okay. 😭❤️

  • Jousou tokyo ghoul lover

    It came up and i thought it was clickbait so i never clicked on it... Today i clocked on it... I hate this rn

  • NSNick
    NSNick Day ago

    3:04 liza picks her nose and rubs it on david, like if you noticed that

  • Gëmïnï Hï Aüdïøs

    *Sniffles* Still hurts now.

  • ItzJocelyn
    ItzJocelyn Day ago

    I rewatched this after 10 months and I started cryin my eyes out. God I want them back together sooo much.
    “I would kiss you on the check rn but she’ll slap me”
    Kisses her on the check “I love you”
    Gooodddddd just get back togather already

  • ccjailen
    ccjailen Day ago

    This is weird. They notice they're living apart more, recognize it and break up. Something to the story. Right young lady....right.

  • Ava Bojorquez
    Ava Bojorquez Day ago


  • Charlie Miller
    Charlie Miller Day ago +1

    Good thing they broke up it got 52 million views, jk I’m still crying in 2019😭

  • Melodic Play
    Melodic Play Day ago +1

    Anyone’s else smell the onions😭

  • Isabella Gu
    Isabella Gu Day ago

    i cried

  • Nam and Holby
    Nam and Holby Day ago

    The ending :(

  • Turtle Master
    Turtle Master Day ago

    You know that when it all in lower case that it for real.

  • Jackie Gastelo
    Jackie Gastelo Day ago +1

    in april 2019 i hope they get back together, I loved them :(

  • Tildie Scalé
    Tildie Scalé Day ago

    ok but real talk though
    will they ever get back together again?

  • Elvis Gonzalez
    Elvis Gonzalez Day ago

    How does she do

  • Anna luca
    Anna luca Day ago +1

    5:49 hit me home ;(

  • Luke Cahill
    Luke Cahill Day ago +1

    How dare you!!!!.......

    This video is over 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Despicable

  • Eneda Pepa
    Eneda Pepa Day ago

    2:16 says it all 😊😊

  • Sarah Richmond
    Sarah Richmond Day ago +1

    Why why WHY WHY😔😔😔😔

  • Chloe Weeks
    Chloe Weeks Day ago +1

    You can tell when Lisa does that laugh she is awkward and she feels weird
    Like if you agree

  • Rylee And Audrey

    WOW! Its already been 10 months😔

  • Elize Neethling
    Elize Neethling Day ago

    He posted this on my birthday like why 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • spinsterAnimated-Minecraft

    4:14 Dobrik David lol!

  • Maula Fowler
    Maula Fowler Day ago

    Dont cry guys 😢 you are makeing me cry😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Renie Ivers
    Renie Ivers Day ago +1

    Aww this is so sad but I’m glad that they did what was right for them 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • mar b
    mar b Day ago

    they need to get back together ugh how long were they together?

  • just_dxnx
    just_dxnx Day ago

    I can't believe i don't care if they're broke up i'll ship them!

  • Nande Nkukwana
    Nande Nkukwana Day ago +1

    2019 and still crying 😭💔

  • Jill Hensen
    Jill Hensen Day ago

    This is still a sad video but i love that theyre still friends and can smile together.💓💗

  • Carlee Sewell
    Carlee Sewell Day ago

    I loveeee thissss

  • Roodkopje
    Roodkopje Day ago

    What am I doing at 3am watching this

  • eRiN
    eRiN Day ago +1

    the only thing that can make a man cry

  • GG girl Vlogs
    GG girl Vlogs Day ago


  • Fatema Reda
    Fatema Reda Day ago

    my heart

  • Safiyyah Yasair
    Safiyyah Yasair Day ago +1

    WHERE IS THE MAYONAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funnyrandomboy
    Funnyrandomboy Day ago

    Anyone else see the mayonaise in lizas video?

  • Georgia Telio
    Georgia Telio Day ago +1

    He looks like Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and now that think about it, Liza’s bone structure is pretty similar to Pam (Jenna Fisher)
    Also lowkey eff you.
    highkey love you.

  • Lexus Smith
    Lexus Smith Day ago

    This video still making me cry😭🖤

  • CandyCane
    CandyCane Day ago

    Yo its been 10 months where's the video we've all been wanting?

  • anna fendrik
    anna fendrik Day ago

    We are still waiting...

  • Kavya Telang
    Kavya Telang Day ago


    • _Expo_
      _Expo_ Day ago +1

      Kavya Telang stfu, it’s shit🤣

  • Itz All Amber
    Itz All Amber Day ago

    i came from the lauren and alex breakup:(

  • ardn_0530 ThQnn
    ardn_0530 ThQnn Day ago

    So... Should i laugh or cry? I DON'T KNOW SO MANY EMOTIONS AND YES I'M WATCHING THIS IN 2019

  • bellarina b
    bellarina b Day ago

    what's sad about it was that they were wearing each others merch

  • Ryleigh Boice
    Ryleigh Boice Day ago

    Uggg I'm watching for the 12 time and crying again

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg Day ago

    Who is here in 2019?
    52 million views!!!!!!!

  • Nxt. Surge
    Nxt. Surge Day ago

    Why are they not together again yet😫

  • no thank you
    no thank you Day ago +1

    I don't wanna rush them, but when the hell is the "WE'RE BACK TOGETHER" video coming?

  • Xx_Miss_Maylasia_xX

    I literally cried

  • Zoe Lucas
    Zoe Lucas Day ago +1

    I don't think I've ever cried so much. Holy shoot

  • Rosie Taylor
    Rosie Taylor Day ago

    I actually feel like they can't be best friends without getting back together eventually

  • Brooklyn Both
    Brooklyn Both Day ago

    felt like crying so I had to come back to rewatch and relive the sadness... still hoping there will be a "we are back together" video!

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher Day ago +1

    We're so waiting for a comeback david, liza.

  • Maylin Alty
    Maylin Alty Day ago +1

    Did anyone see Liza pick her nose and wipe it on David at 3:07 😂

  • Paul Knapp
    Paul Knapp Day ago +1

    I don’t know why but I have watched this video 42 times

  • Mariem Eshazly
    Mariem Eshazly Day ago

    If ur crying don’t break up

  • Kass Bennett
    Kass Bennett Day ago +1

    Who ever is reading this now, you are beautiful and you are worth it❤ I love you❤

  • Let's Just Dirtbike

    I want them to get back together so bad. But then again, they have their reasons. I hope they both find that one amazing person for themselves to make them an iconic duo again. 😊❤️

  • Rachel Dem
    Rachel Dem Day ago +1

    literally crying and it’s 10 months later

  • Mikaela Smith
    Mikaela Smith Day ago +1

    I can’t believe this is at 52 million views 😭

  • Cupcake MSP
    Cupcake MSP Day ago +2

    literally i was crying as i watched this :'(

  • Destini Dorsey
    Destini Dorsey Day ago +1

    Oh shes on tik tok

  • Jordan Ritchie
    Jordan Ritchie Day ago

    So sad 😢

  • Khánh An Trần
    Khánh An Trần Day ago +1

    Why isn’t this clickbait?

  • Aliza B
    Aliza B Day ago

    I love you you will get through it

  • amayshing u
    amayshing u Day ago +1

    *hey, it’s almost a year now, you can spill the beans and say that it was a prank*

    • Fox Vlogs
      Fox Vlogs Day ago

      amayshing u a 10 month long prank, sounds like it goes on forever

  • Jamey _M
    Jamey _M Day ago +2

    Mega sad times

  • Christy B
    Christy B Day ago +1

    And now, after the video posted on his 2nd channel...
    People are saying David and Natalie are dating !! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sia S
    Sia S Day ago

    That’s where do you live lesson another guy I woke up late I’m so sad I think it together but I don’t want to think about it because I still inside of me a tink please come to gather again plzzz

  • Christy B
    Christy B Day ago +1

    * Me before *
    Ive seen this 100 times i wont cry this time.
    * Me after *
    Whyy Diza Whyy?😫😫😂

  • Its Teddy The dog And Doodles of course

    *David cried to :'(*

  • Frankie Crick
    Frankie Crick Day ago

    I am still waiting for the “It was a prank” video

  • Lucy Awdry
    Lucy Awdry Day ago

    There so cute. AAAHHHH!

  • Kairon Green
    Kairon Green Day ago

    is anyone watching this for the 15th Time and still crying