What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
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    What happens if we bring the sun to earth? No, seriously.
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    What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

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    • GIKA Jemagif78
      GIKA Jemagif78 8 days ago

      Where is russian subtitles?

    • DangerMan V
      DangerMan V 10 days ago

      Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon. Chuck Norris is the first man to walk on the sun.

    • someone unimportant
      someone unimportant 10 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell wow new comment

  • Maski
    Maski Hour ago

    Hey quick question, if I patrion to get a bird to die, is it only for one video or?

  • Kenneth Hoang
    Kenneth Hoang 7 hours ago

    “Each of the granules are about the size of the United States.”
    We are but puny humans on the true scale of the universe

  • Tino Schincariol

    Omg ice king hahaha

  • eunbi's hairdryer in kiss kiss

    idk why but i love this vid too much

  • Jun hee Bae
    Jun hee Bae 2 days ago

    The moment you unribbon the Christmas Ribbon, you die
    The stuff inside will expand so much, it'll boom

  • Best Content
    Best Content 2 days ago

    Bringing sun to earth means that pizza starts cooking itself 🤑

  • JulieMana
    JulieMana 3 days ago

    Your video was amazing and I love your channel!!!

  • Ronto
    Ronto 3 days ago

    I still dont get what kind of material you guys are going to use for a Dyson sphere

  • Yasir Irshad
    Yasir Irshad 3 days ago

    Let's get close to the Sun first 🙃

  • Smexy Eggs
    Smexy Eggs 4 days ago

    How about we bring the earth to the sun

  • Dat Cap
    Dat Cap 4 days ago


  • no cakepeople
    no cakepeople 4 days ago

    We die

  • eluvian camaris
    eluvian camaris 5 days ago

    Thanks Marissa.

  • Jax
    Jax 5 days ago

    Can you do the same video but for a neutron star?

  • Mark Ablonczy
    Mark Ablonczy 5 days ago

    Now I have an evil plan for when I become a supervillain

  • Allan Zhao
    Allan Zhao 5 days ago

    Take a guess.

  • Samir Lemrini
    Samir Lemrini 5 days ago

    The sound effects made it all more intense.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 6 days ago

    This'll happen in a good couple of million years, except the Sun'll bring itself over.

    AL DUSTY 7 days ago


  • Nic Papageorgio
    Nic Papageorgio 7 days ago

    What Happens If We Bring the Moon to Earth?

  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro 7 days ago +1

    I want to know if this video was in reality about: "saying no to fusion reaction"🤔....otherwise what's the point in calculating the harm of bringing the nucleus of the sun to Earth...😒😆

  • Russell Solomon
    Russell Solomon 8 days ago

    The Sun is God’s Light Bulb.

  • Ankit Dubey
    Ankit Dubey 8 days ago


  • •Shu Kurenai•
    •Shu Kurenai• 8 days ago

    Just 1 question,
    _how can you even bring a sample from the Sun to the Earth without dying?_

  • the ugliest Cat
    the ugliest Cat 8 days ago

    Next year it’s going to be 2020

  • massimo pingram
    massimo pingram 8 days ago

    0:07 the end, thanks for watching, had your answer

  • ヨーソローちゃん_16

    Ice King...haha.. (but I dislike that show)

  • Awesome Eliam
    Awesome Eliam 9 days ago

    0:32 😏

  • Harvey Sun
    Harvey Sun 9 days ago

    Kim Jon Un: declares war on the US

  • singham 5#!!
    singham 5#!! 10 days ago

    Mm...? Sun is not moving the earth? AS in rel?

  • EsoJ H
    EsoJ H 10 days ago

    so the radiative zone is technically solid?

  • hasarutoe tensakey
    hasarutoe tensakey 11 days ago

    Sum get internet 2 watch sum get it 2 learn

  • Death Toke
    Death Toke 11 days ago

    "Human caused climate change"... So it was humans who ended the last ice age?

  • kuku game
    kuku game 12 days ago

    5:41 ice King ! !!!!!!

  • TronCreeper Studios
    TronCreeper Studios 13 days ago

    0:35 this reminds me of spider man 2 :P

  • Mr Ricepresident
    Mr Ricepresident 13 days ago

    First I thought thats a big joke but when I saw this video I thought:"Wow!! Thats interesting(like everytime)"

  • Juha Kumpunen
    Juha Kumpunen 13 days ago

    The sun hates us

  • I Kill Naggers
    I Kill Naggers 14 days ago

    You'll Die.

  • StareOnii
    StareOnii 14 days ago

    What if you use reverse card on the sun....

  • Ya Boi Wizza
    Ya Boi Wizza 14 days ago

    *The power of the sun in the palm of my hand...*

  • SuperButtbob
    SuperButtbob 14 days ago

    these vids are epic

  • SirAdass
    SirAdass 14 days ago


  • Theodore Villamin
    Theodore Villamin 15 days ago +1

    Or we bring the earth to the sun :D

  • Sam McLennan
    Sam McLennan 15 days ago

    The power of the sun in the palm of my hand

  • Aneek Datta
    Aneek Datta 16 days ago

    How would someone go to the centre of the sun to being a sample, you would turn t o plasma. XD

  • The person that is on the internet

    China made an energy that is hotter than the Earth, search it up. But it only lasts a few second.

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores 16 days ago

    🎼she blinded me with science! 🎶🎶🎶

  • Don Tran
    Don Tran 17 days ago

    London Bridge is falling down.

  • Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly 17 days ago

    I love 💖 kurzgesagt- in a Nutshell LOVE IT😁🥰

  • Anze/ levec
    Anze/ levec 17 days ago

    What happens if we pull earth to sun
    There's onlu one way to find out

  • Mene The mene
    Mene The mene 17 days ago

    Short answer you would die 😅

  • Sushanta Routh
    Sushanta Routh 18 days ago

    Sun core = 1000000000000x tsar bomba

  • Humble Soldier
    Humble Soldier 18 days ago

    When the Explosion level is so high it requires it's own classification. Kiloton, Megaton, Gigaton, Core.
    Commander permission to drop the 100 Core warhead on the heretics ?

  • madhavi nowduru
    madhavi nowduru 18 days ago

    *yet again, London has burnt to ashes, and everyone blames pudding lane for it.*

  • wanderingbufoon
    wanderingbufoon 18 days ago

    Where can you bring the plasma sample to the part where the surrounding pressure matches the plasma sample and doesnt collapse (implode/explode) nor does it cool off becoming gas or any other state that isnt plasma? And which sample do you need for this to be theoretically possible?
    I do not know neither science nor math.

  • Zecrozma
    Zecrozma 19 days ago

    The power of the sun in the palm of my hand

  • Galadde Gaming94
    Galadde Gaming94 19 days ago

    the earth would burn to nothingness. nuff said. now fetch me some coffee please.

  • Lars Norberg
    Lars Norberg 20 days ago

    Well, I live in Norway, and it's cold here. So I say we take our chances and bring our sun here anyway. :)

  • Demetrius Cheney
    Demetrius Cheney 21 day ago

    Ok so basically, you'd die

  • SrimanNarayana Vema
    SrimanNarayana Vema 22 days ago +1

    title: sun on the earth
    thumbnail : earth on the sun

  • Aty Halryue
    Aty Halryue 22 days ago

    5:52 cute

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation 22 days ago

    Then it will just melt us like in SCP-001 (S. D. Locke's Proposal)

  • Najwa Laylah
    Najwa Laylah 22 days ago

    \[T]/ Praise the Sun. It loves us, so It keeps its Distance.

  • S.R Thilak
    S.R Thilak 22 days ago

    what was ice king doing?

  • Dyllan Arevalo
    Dyllan Arevalo 23 days ago


  • chicken wing 123 K
    chicken wing 123 K 25 days ago

    Simply we die and the earth will die the end

  • perry Domzengo
    perry Domzengo 25 days ago

    3:39 BRIGHT SIDE
    O NOES....

  • Kei The Majestic Weirdo

    Why the hell would we even do that lmao it's just asking for death

  • Pulkit Sankhla
    Pulkit Sankhla 27 days ago +1

    इसने गू बोला 😂😂😂

  • Blade Phelps
    Blade Phelps 28 days ago

    The radizfhvzo zone.

  • Parker Han
    Parker Han 29 days ago

    More like what would happen if we mass murdered a bunch of birds and destroyed a planet

  • Jose Montero
    Jose Montero 29 days ago

    What a dumb smart video

  • Thrusted Lightning Playz


  • Mateusz Biernacki
    Mateusz Biernacki Month ago

    we will fuckin melt, see this took me 5 seconds to say dont need to make a 7 minutes video

  • Usmile
    Usmile Month ago

    Wow, that's weird

  • WaltzingMtilda
    WaltzingMtilda Month ago

    Crazy Scientist: LETZ BRING SON 2 EART!!!1!!111!!!!
    Me: Bad Idea!
    Crazy Scientist: I AMZ ON BRITE SIDE OF TINGS!!!111!!!
    Me; Too bright?

  • necromancer
    necromancer Month ago

    If bringing sun to earth that bad idea then lets take earth to sun!!!

  • Ashish Kinge
    Ashish Kinge Month ago

    3:52 the core🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😵

  • Dan M
    Dan M Month ago

    hey remember the word chromosphere its like chrome

  • Chuy Jose
    Chuy Jose Month ago

    We will die

  • Ryan Aint Gamin'
    Ryan Aint Gamin' Month ago

    Shorter answer: Death

  • bridget trejo
    bridget trejo Month ago

    Did You Say Granules of Mr Granitte From My Weird School

  • .;Joeha;.
    .;Joeha;. Month ago

    Answer To What Will Happen If You Bring A Certain Part Of The Sun To Earth... *YOU'LL BURN*

  • Shu Liu
    Shu Liu Month ago

    Um, you said the earth on sun, not sun on earth!

  • Sebas
    Sebas Month ago

    Kurzgesagt: "PUTS THE EARTH ON THE SUN"
    Everyone 30 seconds in the video: We will die dumbass
    Kurzgesagt: It depends...
    EVERYONE: wut?

  • WypmanGames
    WypmanGames Month ago

    How do you even get it in the lab before explosions/implosions

  • Jesus Puello
    Jesus Puello Month ago

    I wish the sun was a galaxy

  • Creeper Assassin
    Creeper Assassin Month ago

    honestly i've never thought the Sun was such an enormous amount of pure power. Least' until after i watched this

  • Hasan Hussain
    Hasan Hussain Month ago

    5:55 "But our m e t h is real"

  • job3ztah
    job3ztah Month ago

    You guy teach subject in cool way

  • Aminator The Hatsune Stickman

    If you hit by a sun
    You will be fired up and die
    Also the earth will burn out and air will boil, trees will die, family will die

  • netbookeater
    netbookeater Month ago +1

    tl;dr you die lmao

  • CactusGaming YT
    CactusGaming YT Month ago

    Answer at 0:05

  • Beefy Potatoes
    Beefy Potatoes Month ago

    We all fucking die

  • Just a Weeb
    Just a Weeb Month ago

    Can we make a plasma bomb, wich will be crushed by the air's pressure and explode?

  • Google Guest
    Google Guest Month ago

    Ice king

  • BlapBlop
    BlapBlop Month ago

    This video in 3 seconds at most:
    “We’d all be dead.”

  • MetehanTV
    MetehanTV Month ago

    Spiderman will need to stop it

  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez Month ago

    Damn... people don't know what to do videos about these days...