What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
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    What happens if we bring the sun to earth? No, seriously.
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    What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

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  • M Harvey
    M Harvey 2 hours ago


  • You'll never know lol

    Every videos he make is all about death in every way

  • Jovan Popović
    Jovan Popović Day ago

    sun is slime

  • R-A-game Playz
    R-A-game Playz Day ago

    Hahahahahahahaha ice king

  • edisun99 Is my twitch I play fortnite

    Short answer: short long answer: long

  • Anywhere But Here!
    Anywhere But Here! 2 days ago

    Aaaaaaaand it explodes

  • sir stabbington
    sir stabbington 2 days ago

    I get an aperture science vibe from the lab in your animation. Casualties are not an inconvenience

  • Tobias Taylor
    Tobias Taylor 3 days ago


  • A Game's Channel
    A Game's Channel 3 days ago



    "We'd all die."

    outro plays

  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 6 days ago

    Bringing the hottest and desest part of the freaking sun to earth would end up actually cooling the planet down...

  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 6 days ago

    2:57 That duck is definitely a psycopath.

  • Logan McLain
    Logan McLain 7 days ago

    Why red Dwarf stars are radiative to a white Dwarf?

  • Doge Plays
    Doge Plays 7 days ago

    u love birbs

  • TITAN gamer
    TITAN gamer 8 days ago +1

    pls make vid on dyson sphere

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox 8 days ago

    What if you touch the sun?

  • DIII
    DIII 8 days ago

    А что термоядерная энергетика ?

  • Chef Cup-Noodle
    Chef Cup-Noodle 8 days ago

    America 2, we've found it

  • Ug Ly
    Ug Ly 10 days ago

    U fkn birds

  • Shadowbroz10
    Shadowbroz10 11 days ago

    I don’t want you guys wanna is my day off I wanna is a time to go to the new house for the day and then we can join you and join you for the night I think I will be home and you have u

  • Shadowbroz10
    Shadowbroz10 11 days ago

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  • Shadowbroz10
    Shadowbroz10 11 days ago

    rip sun

  • Nikola Bratkovic
    Nikola Bratkovic 11 days ago

    just math no proof

  • Kaja3 XD
    Kaja3 XD 13 days ago

    now tell us what happens if we bring the Earth to the Sun

  • Eduardo irineu
    Eduardo irineu 13 days ago

    Primeiro o sol funde átomos de hidrogênio
    Depois ele tem um estado físico que os átomos se separam

  • Serafin Heier
    Serafin Heier 13 days ago

    Wenn das so Extrem gefährlich ist, was würde passieren, wenn ein Fusionsreaktor ( ein Fusionsreaktor, der größer ist, als die bisherigen, also effektiv strom erzeugt) dessen Plasma 10 mal heißer ist als das innere der Sonne, explodieren würde?? Wäre dann ein Fusionsreaktor nicht noch gefährlicher als ein kernspaltungs-Reaktor? Oder wäre das ungefährlich wegen dem kleineren druck?
    Es wäre Super lieb, wenn ihr mal ein Video darüber machen könntet

  • Serafin Heier
    Serafin Heier 13 days ago

    But if this is that extremely dangerous, what would happen, if a fusion reactor (a bigger than the today’s, a fusion reactor, wich could effective produce energy for a big part of a country) would blow up??
    Could you make a video about this :* would be nice :D

  • Wei-mei Maho
    Wei-mei Maho 14 days ago

    Guy 1: Hey lets bring a piece of the sun to earth see what happens Guy 2: *GENIUS* *crispy noises*

  • can erkin
    can erkin 14 days ago

    if sun turn to a black hole whats happen

  • Sebastian Kiliński
    Sebastian Kiliński 15 days ago

    4:23 Apokalips = a lot of inconvenience

  • The doge support group. 100109

    Steamy soup...

    Person: WAIT DONT!



    Person: oh no...
    (Melts through my chest)

  • OC Animations
    OC Animations 17 days ago

    What happens when you ty to watch a Kurzgesagt video?
    Short answer-
    *You’d die*

  • The Radiance
    The Radiance 17 days ago

    3 samples of The sun
    *Four samples*

  • SMM Flo
    SMM Flo 17 days ago +1

    Cool! A Kurzgesagt ad! 😄

  • bob the bob
    bob the bob 18 days ago

    you made a ad yay

  • Maria Korenkova
    Maria Korenkova 18 days ago +1

    love the transfix music💗

  • Nys Nys
    Nys Nys 18 days ago

    Wait this video is an ad on youtube?!

  • LilMissSpaceGeek :3
    LilMissSpaceGeek :3 18 days ago

    so u is an ad now?

  • Efren Suastegui
    Efren Suastegui 19 days ago

    Why is this a ad though I do love this channel

  • GD Freddy Tracks
    GD Freddy Tracks 19 days ago +1

    I got this as a ad

  • xfirefox elitex
    xfirefox elitex 19 days ago

    We'd *DIE*

  • phancy
    phancy 19 days ago

    Short anwser, it woulve cooled down already

  • How many subscribers can I get with no videos?

    3:40 secretly promoting the channel BRIGHT SIDE

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 20 days ago

    dame son

  • Awesome Team
    Awesome Team 20 days ago

    You will all burn and panic and die

  • Mister Anonymous
    Mister Anonymous 20 days ago

    Why is this advertized?

  • Robocon 64
    Robocon 64 20 days ago

    5:41 ice king!!!!!

  • EnderFlame01
    EnderFlame01 20 days ago

    Nice job getting an ad

  • Sushi Cat
    Sushi Cat 21 day ago +2

    Sun-Kun just wanted Earth onee-Sama to make him wet ;)

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 22 days ago +1

    Could just of said death

  • Gaspar Menagerie
    Gaspar Menagerie 22 days ago

    No Birds Were Harmed In The Making of This Video

  • Thatrandomotaku
    Thatrandomotaku 22 days ago

    “Short answer: We die.”
    Me: Now ya tell me.

  • Sprazzic
    Sprazzic 22 days ago

    But presumably all this depends on sample size. If you take one atom then that’s not gonna do much, if you take the whole sun the outcome will beslightly different. What is the sample size you’re using in the video to get these statistics?

  • Fran Pe
    Fran Pe 22 days ago

    Bird cleaner will be angry.

  • William Orr
    William Orr 22 days ago

    these stupid stupid question must come from people with addiction issues.Wow.😕

  • Abraham Aguilar
    Abraham Aguilar 22 days ago

    So this video counts as an ad now. Neat.

  • Finn Cauble
    Finn Cauble 23 days ago +1

    mmm delicious hot goo

  • otter7 Pups
    otter7 Pups 23 days ago

    Simply we die

  • leonard TheReal
    leonard TheReal 23 days ago

    What size is the sample?

  • Lucariolu 48
    Lucariolu 48 23 days ago

    Why is this a ad? It’s so nice!!

  • Mozam The Popchips Fag

    wait why was this an ad?!?

  • Penguin Bros
    Penguin Bros 24 days ago +1

    This video took 16 trillion dollars to make and 201 septillion tons of metal to build.

    HUGH MUNGUS 25 days ago

    Its sad seeing birbs die man cmon bruh

  • Andreas Björkman
    Andreas Björkman 25 days ago +1

    So what I got from this is "Bring the sun to Earth", gotcha.

  • JCV Rants
    JCV Rants 25 days ago +1

    Everyone dies. The end.

    KARLSAS24 25 days ago

    Did the astronaut dig down to sun if not then how sciencetist know about sun right?

  • Anthony the Fusion hedgehog

    The B.R.S (Bird.Research.Station)

  • donna king
    donna king 26 days ago

    Die sun

  • Shaunak Gaming
    Shaunak Gaming 26 days ago

    In short (Kurzgesagt): What happens if we bring the sun to earth
    Me: Just put some plasma in a oven and wa-la!

  • Mark Ugartechea
    Mark Ugartechea 26 days ago

    Bring the sun to Earth to give my swimming pool some bubbles 😂

  • Harvey layton
    Harvey layton 27 days ago

    Did I see a fidget spinner off don’t my way I’m feeling sick I got Hooping cough

  • ¿1000 subs sin subir video?

    I would want to speak english :(

  • Night Sky
    Night Sky 28 days ago

    Dammit ice king

  • Shimlak
    Shimlak 29 days ago

    The thumbnail made it sound like the Sun on Earth like A PERSON ON METH

  • Yamato_ tomato
    Yamato_ tomato Month ago

    Perché non ci sono più i sottotitoli in italiano???

  • dragons sweaty belly lover

    I feel so so so bad for those birds.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Suman Bhandari
    Suman Bhandari Month ago

    Make a video on life after death.

  • Timolino567
    Timolino567 Month ago

    "If we brout a sample of it [the sun's core] to Earth, it would cause a lot of invoncenience"

  • zeina
    zeina Month ago

    who comes up with these questions omg

  • skirne -
    skirne - Month ago

    do it now! science today!

  • Suvarna Adawade
    Suvarna Adawade Month ago

    5:39 Adventure Time reference

  • kim lala
    kim lala Month ago

    Ice king?

  • totallynotme
    totallynotme Month ago

    Sun doesen’t go to earth.
    Earth goes to sun.

  • Rizqullah Yumna
    Rizqullah Yumna Month ago

    why so fast? im new learner in english please be kind :(

  • Isabella Bajaire
    Isabella Bajaire Month ago

    okay the sun might be deadly and all but LOOK AT ITS CUTE LITTLE FACE

  • Joe K
    Joe K Month ago

    tsar bomb was 50mt

  • Fruit Cat
    Fruit Cat Month ago

    Pretty sure the answer is death.

  • Spasmatic Sashimi
    Spasmatic Sashimi Month ago

    Did this in hyper edit in ksp once

  • Your still my friend, right Squidward?

    Kurzgesagt is now getting funding from the SCP foundation. We're all doomed. Could also be great because they could make the world great.

  • The Global Stalker
    The Global Stalker Month ago

    You'll die

  • Danielito•
    Danielito• Month ago

    "Monsters don't sleep under your bed they sleep in your head"

  • Aeron Mendoza
    Aeron Mendoza Month ago

    We will consume our whole planet and won't eve create a dyson's sphere to patch ¼ of the sun. We will have to harvest more from many star systems and bring it back to ours.

  • gigi duru
    gigi duru Month ago

    Why would the core explode with such intense energy?
    Its only 100 times the density of water after all :)

  • Mehul Kedia
    Mehul Kedia Month ago

    Is this true

  • Mehul Kedia
    Mehul Kedia Month ago

    I love your vids

  • Username34
    Username34 Month ago

    Spoiler: We will die.

  • Veyvovv Sapkota
    Veyvovv Sapkota Month ago +1

    Spider-Man 2

  • Veyvovv Sapkota
    Veyvovv Sapkota Month ago +1

    didn't they bring it on spiderman 2 already?

  • Wyoming Ball
    Wyoming Ball Month ago

    The short answer is always “You die”