Where is LetsSolveMathProblems headed?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • We discuss the future of the channel and its contents, specifically the Weekly Math Challenges.

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  • JustinsRealmMC
    JustinsRealmMC 2 hours ago

    Woah. High school student

  • grumpy bryno
    grumpy bryno 12 days ago

    I hope to see more integration and derivatives.

  • kr1zz1下手
    kr1zz1下手 15 days ago

    I am very interested where have you learned all the math from? Was it like Khan Academy or some school courses/external courses?

  • Curry Bbang
    Curry Bbang 16 days ago

    a humble genius

  • Julian Andres
    Julian Andres 24 days ago

    Men, congratulations i can not believe that you're gettin into uni, total respect.

  • enigmabloom
    enigmabloom 26 days ago

    Also, do you happen to have a video where you explain your setup? I'm curious as to what you use in terms of software, pads/tablet, etc.

  • enigmabloom
    enigmabloom 26 days ago

    Bruh, you were doing this in your spare time as a HS student? If you're going to college, just concentrate on that, man. You got a whole life ahead of you, and know that there are many who appreciate everything you've done. Make videos when you have the time, frequency doesn't matter. Best of luck to you.

  • Joel Courtheyn
    Joel Courtheyn 26 days ago

    We thank you for your time. I prefer the second option.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 27 days ago

    Hello and thank you for your videos! No matter what decision you'll make, I wish you all the best in your further math education.

  • Jeffrey Cloete
    Jeffrey Cloete 27 days ago +2

    Wow!..I really thought u were a maths professor with time to spare! U may not have made it to the olympiads but u are still extremely talented and exhibit creativity and mathematical maturity beyond your years. Wishing u all the best for your future studies!

  • Mark Olvera
    Mark Olvera 27 days ago

    Are you staying in Texas for university?

  • Smokie Bear 🔴🔵
    Smokie Bear 🔴🔵 27 days ago

    what if you do Monthly math challenges or biweekly math challenges

  • Alejandro Maicas Nuño

    just upload videos, i dont care how often

  • Taylor Ren
    Taylor Ren 28 days ago

    Please continue the uploading. A "flexible" upload schedule is acceptable.

  • Sammy
    Sammy 28 days ago

    Wow I wasn’t at all aware we were the same age, is it too prying to ask where you’ll be going over the fall?

  • Bruce
    Bruce 28 days ago

    Even though I could not solve these tough problems, Like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your own time to put these problems and solutions up for the benefit of so many. Wish you all the best with your career.

  • Pete Berg
    Pete Berg 28 days ago

    I think you should be More “flexible”. Because there will come a moment where you are quite tired with college and want to make a yt video for a moment

  • dylan wattles
    dylan wattles 28 days ago

    Good luck man, love your content

  • timm Mc Calister
    timm Mc Calister 28 days ago

    Despite the fact that I will be missing the frequency of weekly challenges, you could try to keep it up as series of “just less frequent” challenges. Nevertheless, as an almost freshly baked maths graduate, I would say that you should do whatever it takes to realise the potential that university can unlock for you, even if it could mean very infrequent yt uploads. Make sure you will take these upcoming time as a means of excelling in subject you (hopefully) love. It might be a prime time of your life, or it might step you up towards the prime time of your life, do not waste it.
    I am sure you will do great 👍 👍

  • Derek Jum
    Derek Jum 28 days ago

    i am surprise to hear u are a high school student and already learned a lot of math.

  • Certainly NOT the best pianist, but still

    Wait, wait, wait... are you asking us if we prefer LESS Math Challenges or NONE of them? The answer is obvious! Keep rockin' in college and from time to time, when you have some less busy time, upload some interesting videos :) And good luck in college :D

  • Mohammed Al-Haddad
    Mohammed Al-Haddad 28 days ago

    Whhhhhaaatt? You are a high school student?! Remarkable! I like the way you start solving the problem, it is uniquely distinguished because you look for clues like a CSI detective. I will always look forward to see more from you even if it is once a month. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best.

  • Gaurav Dimri
    Gaurav Dimri 28 days ago

    Can you take over the channel to some friends of you or to some trusted audience?

  • Falchigol Derivation
    Falchigol Derivation 28 days ago +1

    The best choice would be to combine 1), 2)a) and 2)b)

  • Mr L
    Mr L 29 days ago

    Congratulations on your college admission! Just do what you can and put college first.

  • Wild Goose Chase
    Wild Goose Chase 29 days ago

    Remember never to put too much on yourself. Make the weekly challenges as "flexible" as you need. Even if we have to give up weekly challenges, I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED IN COLLEGE as much as you can.
    It's really neat, too, that you're designing problems for competitions.

  • Patrick Gleason
    Patrick Gleason 29 days ago

    Wow you were a high school student! How did you get so smart? Excellent teachers? Self taught? I’m so curious how smart you got. I know I considered myself smart in math because I self taught myself calc when I was learning geometry my sophomore year. But you are a genius. I know you will do great in college

  • Jeremy Weissmann
    Jeremy Weissmann 29 days ago +1

    You might not be exceptional in your problem-solving abilities compared to others your age (that’s certainly not for me to decide), but I can say without a doubt that you are extremely exceptional in your mathematical and pedagogical maturity, compared not only to others your age, but anyone period.
    You are quite gifted at explaining how to look at the ingredients in a problem to help suggest the tools we might need to solve it. This sort of thoughtful approach is the hallmark of a great mathematician. To have developed it so considerably at such a young age is really remarkable.
    No opinions about the direction of this channel... you do you! Very grateful for all you’ve shared with us.

  • Miyuki Umeki
    Miyuki Umeki 29 days ago

    Thats incredible! You are so intelligent to be a highschool student! Wish you the best in the future and thanks for all the videos!

  • Nicola Orecchini
    Nicola Orecchini 29 days ago +1

    You are great! I thought you were a professor! What university are you going to? What are you studying? Good luck with everything!

  • adandap
    adandap 29 days ago +1

    Great to hear that you're moving on to a new personal/professional challenge. It has been a blast but all good things...

    I think I vote for calling it quits at 100. I think calling for submissions would be quite a work load on you sorting out what to use etc.

    Oh, and THANK YOU!

  • Atomic Compiler
    Atomic Compiler 29 days ago

    It is no problem, I’ve been subscribed for more than a year and a half, and I will always be subscribed to you even if you reduced the number of videos you do. The problem submission is a genius solution to this problem.

  • Egill Andersson
    Egill Andersson 29 days ago

    More "flexible" uploading schedule is my choice.
    Thank you for your work.

  • Benjamin Wang
    Benjamin Wang 29 days ago +2

    Congrats on your success. If you give us an AOPS community, we could work something out with community-created problems. Thank you so much for your work

  • Lior Yehezkely
    Lior Yehezkely 29 days ago +1

    I would personally love to be involved both in the creation of Community Math Challenges and in submitting solutions to them, especially for this specific channel . In my opinion, it is a great solution to the presumable future decent of the upload frequency of this channel.
    P.S: Tried to get into the IMO aswell :p, got into the last elimination challenge (~100 people were left) but unfortunately due to me being sick on the day of the last examination, I was not able to get into my country's IMO team this year aswell. Fortunately, I will only be 19 in 3 and a half years so I still have alot of time to try to get into the IMO :) Good luck, lior5654.

  • Serengeti Ghasa
    Serengeti Ghasa 29 days ago

    USclip starting from November 2018 I came to know about this channel this January 2019 . This is really a nice and excellent channel of mathematics.
    Creating a problem and challenge is not an easy work for that I appreciate you for providing challenges for a long period of 2 year.
    I also wish you should continue this challenge . It does not matter whether a problem comes weekly, fortnightly or monthly but it matters a lot that there should be a bridge sharing among the math lovers. There are so many outstanding viewer of your channel who can contribute or assist you for smooth operation of this challenge.
    Best wishes for your college life. Focus on your higher study and make a contribution for the betterment of human resources in future.
    With love and regards
    Prabhat Kumar Sahu

  • Johannes H
    Johannes H 29 days ago +1

    Well, we have to thank you for your time!

  • UbuntuLinux
    UbuntuLinux 29 days ago

    Maybe not weekly, then you can post bi-weekly or tri-weekly challenge

  • Neo Dahlfors
    Neo Dahlfors 29 days ago

    I will respect whichever desition you make. However, if I were to give my opinion I would love for the maths challenges to continue. They have taught me so many interesting new methods and theorems that stick in the mind better than if I would just have read them in a book. I would, therefore, recommend that you give the community-driven idea a try. Lastly, I just want to say how amazing your content is regardless of when you upload. I am a middle school student from Sweden, where it is incredibly hard to find good material for competitive maths and your channel along with some good books has really revived my love for the subject that pretty much died for a good 4 years. You change lives and I want you to know it, whether it be on youtube or a different job in the future.

  • Evan
    Evan 29 days ago

    Personally, my favourite videos have been the MIT integration bee style videos, so what I would think to be best is to slow down the maths challenges, but also make them more difficult. Feel free to take questions from elsewhere and such as well. And remember! Never give up! (Insert cold Japanese man)
    Seriously though I love this channels content and I would hate to see it stop, so slowing down and not burning yourself out seems the best thing you can do. I'm also going to Uni this Autumn, and know how stressful the process is, though I will say it surprised me to find out you were in a similar position to me given your confidence portrayed in your videos.
    Thank you for being Let's Solve Math Problems!

  • Varad Mahashabde
    Varad Mahashabde 29 days ago +2

    Totally unexpected that _you_ are a high school student (i expected like high school/college maths teacher at the very least). I too am a high school student, and feel pressured to seriously up my game😂😂😂
    Regarding the weekly math challenges, continuation is best, even if the schedule is erratic. But i know this community to be just as amazing as you, so i think you would have enough submissions for a bi or tri weekly math challenge

  • Aaron Chang
    Aaron Chang 29 days ago

    Wow ok first of all I did not expect you to be a high school senior like me, since me and all my friends are impressed by your videos and knowledge in mathematics. Also this might just be selfish of me, but I feel like you should continue to do these weekly math challenges because I feel like the knowledge you possess should continued to be shared, and I hope to learn lots more from this channel in the future :)

  • matyourin
    matyourin 29 days ago

    I know you might think you wont have any time any more, but as someone who has studied twice, let me say that you will have time. At least I hope so! :D

    To your question: I suggest you make this more of a platform for challenge submissions. You make a weekly video about the best problems you got submitted and every other week we solve the problem. So it will be a weekly video, but you will save the time for coming up with your own problems.

  • Max Haibara
    Max Haibara 29 days ago +14

    Let's combine the 2 solutions! I think user submission challenge is more fun, and also 100th challenge is a cool milestone to reach for you, and for us.
    So, how about making the user submitted challenge into a new series?
    And if you still want to post your own challenge, make another new series of, idk... Monthly math challenge maybe? Lol
    It's USclip! Anything can happen in this platform. Who knows that you might do a livestream commentary of a certain math competition :p

  • Bigg Barbarian
    Bigg Barbarian 29 days ago

    Wow you are still a highschool student? Thats impressive. I would certainly not want the 100th challenge to be the last. So continuing on a less regular basis would be fine by me.

  • It's Michael
    It's Michael 29 days ago +1

    I had no idea you were in high school! I just finished college with a BS in Mathematics, and assumed you were possibly a TA at a prestigious college or something. You're brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I've learned so much from this channel, and its helped me earn my degree. I cant wait to see what's in store for the channel in the coming years. You're doing amazing work, and I'm happy to hear it'll continue. Good luck to both you and your channel! And especially good luck to you in college!

  • ritvik tyagi
    ritvik tyagi 29 days ago

    Which college you are going?

  • Mokou Fujiwara
    Mokou Fujiwara 29 days ago

    You are going to study Math major in college right?

  • Ben Burdick
    Ben Burdick 29 days ago

    I think it would be great to have less frequent math challenges. I know I have thoroughly enjoyed working on problems, but knowing that I can't solve them as quickly or as adeptly as others leads to feeling isolated when working on them. I think a less frequent math challenge would be a great way to reduce the pressure when working on the problems.
    One thing that I have really craved is a better place to discuss the problems than in youtube comments. I find myself often scared off by the level of math that others can be at, and I think the ability to sort by discussion and final answers would be very useful. I think that a less frequent math challenge, along with a possible subreddit, or similar website/forum dedicated to doing these could be a great way to promote discussion and learning when working on these problems.
    Please don't stop doing these. I have enjoyed looking at your solutions every week, and I am so impressed that you have been able to come up with these problems on your own. As a college student, your mathematical ability is already far beyond mine, and I hope you continue to share your talent in the form of math challenges, even if they are less frequent, so you can spark a love of mathematics in others, as well as share the great problems you create.

  • Saroj si
    Saroj si 29 days ago +1

    Congratulations for your new life...
    Continue it not periodically but whenever you get time.

  • Mohith S N Raju
    Mohith S N Raju 29 days ago +11

    Thank you for your work on youtube. Hope you will continue to grow like e^x and at the end of the day contribute positively to the society.

  • Waikean Ng
    Waikean Ng 29 days ago

    U are my second math youtube channel that i most love~Keep it on as posibble as you can!!!

  • Arnav kumar Sinha
    Arnav kumar Sinha 29 days ago +1

    Continue it please please

  • loillipop cuber
    loillipop cuber 29 days ago

    Keep posting PLZ

  • Umm, Who?
    Umm, Who? 29 days ago

    Hey, congratulations! You are also far too modest, just because you didn't make it to the Olympiad. There's always Putnam, right?
    More importantly, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and effort put into the weekly math challenges. I haven't been able to win one since challenge #36, but I have tuned in every week and tried my best. They have taught me a lot.
    I wish you had been around with these math challenges when I was still in high school. I got a bad start in life, I've had to work very hard to make my way from a low-tier university to a mediocre master's program which I start in September. Your videos have been wonderful to watch each week and have helped me to gain better confidence in problem-solving, something which I desperately needed as a teenager but never had the proper support for.
    All the best, looking forward to #100!!
    P.S. I often listen to your videos before bed too, you have the most wonderful voice. It's so calm and relaxing, I could listen to it for hours. Is there any way you could record full hour-long lectures on topics like differential geometry so I can listen to them before bed?
    All the best at Harvard!

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle 29 days ago

    wait, you are high school boy all this time?wow where you learn all this stuff

    • Lucas Moldrup
      Lucas Moldrup 29 days ago

      I can follow along because I learned math on KhanAcademy.org

  • kwcdude
    kwcdude 29 days ago

    I have always been interested in Mathematics since young but your channel further piqued my interest for it and for that I thank you. Regarding the choice I would go with the 2nd option of 'flexible' uploads. Once again congratulations on your admission to a university!

  • shivi mish
    shivi mish 29 days ago +8

    Awesome content.... seriously amazed you are my age..... i think we should continue weekly math challenges even if frequency is less because the quality of problems on this channel is much better than any other.... the reason is most of your viewers are your age if not older and with age comes more busy life. Hence we know the situation and its best we tackle it by the flexible upload cycle..... cheers from India, going to uni this monsoon😂

  • Ben S.
    Ben S. 29 days ago +1

    Wow. I have been watching your videos since last year after the AP stat exam in order look more about calculus since I am not able to join Calc BC until next year in my high school, but I had no idea we were the same age. I think your videos are amazing and the weekly challenge was an excellent idea for students like you and I. I hope you continue your challenges, even if they are not weekly anymore, and I like the idea of the project submission as a means for compensation. You will go great at Harvard, and have a great time making videos and continuing your education!

  • Isaac Aguilar
    Isaac Aguilar 29 days ago

    What math courses have you taken?

  • Ruvxei
    Ruvxei 29 days ago


  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 29 days ago

    High school wtf???

  • Jaime Araujo
    Jaime Araujo 29 days ago

    well I think that the best option is to submit problems. And personally I am really interested in submit problems I do not if this will be of the standar of this channel but I really like the idea. Thank You for your help in everything. most of your problems help me in a lot mth olympiad problems even of the OIM.

    Just thanks. I am really surprised

  • Seth Harwood
    Seth Harwood 29 days ago +4

    Congrats on getting into Harvard!
    All good things come to an end.
    Every end is a beginning.
    All that stuff.
    Have fun, prove theorems, get degrees. :)

    • Seth Harwood
      Seth Harwood 28 days ago

      :( hmm, that link worked yesterday. I was just trying to link to one of the other comments here.

    • Seth Harwood
      Seth Harwood 29 days ago

      Someone asked in one of the comments:

    • Uras Somer
      Uras Somer 29 days ago

      @Lucas Moldrup yes but that doesn't mean he applied to harvard. Also, being good at maths isn't enough to get into harvard.

    • Lucas Moldrup
      Lucas Moldrup 29 days ago

      @Uras SomerBecause he is amazing at mathematics

    • Uras Somer
      Uras Somer 29 days ago

      How do you know he got into harvard?

  • Pranjal Das
    Pranjal Das 29 days ago


  • Paolo Rampazzo
    Paolo Rampazzo 29 days ago

    Hi! Congrats from Brazil. You make it easier for people interested in learning math problems. By the way, I guess lots of us don't know very much about you. I think that it'd be nice if you could just do a live some day in order for us to exchange information about university, math, the future of the channel and related subjects. I think it should be nice both for you and for your followers, and people interested in math in general. Just an idea that I think that some people could find very interesting. Good luck at university. Have fun and keep doing great at math.

  • Xander Gouws
    Xander Gouws 29 days ago +2

    Wow! I had no idea that we were the same age!?! I think it's best to put it on a flexible schedule and I would love to submit some problems :)
    Also, maybe you could pivot to more series-based videos? Like a lecture series on different areas of math?

    • Labib Zakaria
      Labib Zakaria 29 days ago +1

      That's what I'm thinking right now too!

  • Gabriel Porto
    Gabriel Porto 29 days ago +1

    Congratulations on your admission! By your videos, it was clear to me that you would get it, but it's still valid to congratulate you, even more so for your hard work to make videos and prepare yourself for college. Your videos are great and I love to see them, alongside with your explanation, but of course you need to put your life on first place. For me, I would be OK with whatever you decide to the channel as long as you don't end it :)
    Sorry for bad english

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 29 days ago +7

    Enjoy university! Where are you from originally by the way?

    • Sudheer Thunga
      Sudheer Thunga 29 days ago

      @LetsSolveMathProblems wow..You were in Korea...!! I always wanted to ask this how hard is the Korean math Olympiad series?

    • Daniel G
      Daniel G 29 days ago

      @LetsSolveMathProblems Ah interesting. Thank you and thanks for the great videos :)

    • LetsSolveMathProblems
      LetsSolveMathProblems  29 days ago +12

      Although I was born in Texas, I lived in South Korea during the earlier part of my childhood, which explains my accent. I moved back to the U.S. in 5th grade. =)

  • Kelfran Gt
    Kelfran Gt 29 days ago +2

    I think the math challenges are awesome and shouldn’t be stopped, so I do support the idea of a more random uploading schedule, however if posting these challenges causes a significant drawback to you, I support ending it on the 100th challenge. At the end, it’s still your choice. I wish you best of luck in Harvard!

  • Frenly Espino
    Frenly Espino 29 days ago

    I think less frequent math challenges are fine! Even if it ends up being once every 2 months. I just finished my first year at my college, and I thought I would upload videos to my channel every week. I actually ended up not doing though. I only upload when I really want to or when I have time. Since I've only uploaded maybe 3 videos this past year, I rarely I have time. I'm super busy with my workload in college. You might be able to handle my workload better than I do, but just give you an idea of what my workload is I'll say that I'm an intended physics and math double major at uc berkeley and my college is known to have higher grade deflation than ivy league. Hope this helps out scope what exactly will happen to your channel.
    Congrats on Harvard!

  • Stephen Lerantges
    Stephen Lerantges 29 days ago +6

    I think a question submission system would be an exceptional idea. I'm sure many viewers have written some interesting maths problems that would make as perfect challenge questions. I myself have quite a few. Best of luck in college, and thanks for the amazing maths videos!

  • Reygan Dionisio
    Reygan Dionisio 29 days ago +31

    So nice.. Your High School Student? OMG.. your very good in math..by the way just keep posting interesting question and suggested solutions.. (I love the way you give us options or you give us two or more solution to a certain problem)
    keep posting even though it is not every week..
    Good Bless to your Study..
    More Powers to your Chanel..
    -Math Teacher from the Philippines

  • Smokie Bear 🔴🔵
    Smokie Bear 🔴🔵 29 days ago

    This whole time I thought you were a 25 year old or something but you’re only a year older than me

  • Rajat Khandelwal
    Rajat Khandelwal 29 days ago +2

    I highly appreciate you for these weekly maths challenges but you should not stop these i think you should continue this channel by the problems given by us. You can also make a group of your problem soover and problem giving person and best of luck for your higher studies in mathematics 👍👍👍🙂🙂

  • Jeff Ahn
    Jeff Ahn 29 days ago +2

    You are in high school?! 잘했다!

  • Lovish Vijayvargiya
    Lovish Vijayvargiya 29 days ago

    You are superb From India

  • Edwin Lin
    Edwin Lin 29 days ago +2

    Just go at your own pace. It's about what you want in the end.

  • gila168
    gila168 29 days ago +107

    I did not know you are a high school student. I thought you were a college professor, maybe from MIT. You are very knowlegeable . Thanks for your videos. Best wishes to your college life.

    • Pink Lady
      Pink Lady 14 days ago +1

      73isthebestnumber I am in a Facebook group for a 3D software that is used to make 3D realism, animation, games, etc. Your friend reminds me of this one youth who is more a WIZARD at maths than just a genius. The way he does his maths and technical writing, we all thought that he was some professor in old age, with all the knowledge that would take us decades to learn. Few months ago, we were all surprised to learn that he was only a *TEENAGER.*

    • 정민영
      정민영 28 days ago +1

      Oh, I thought he meant: he’s teaching high school students and now he’s going to teach college students, lol. Now I see. He’s genius! :)

    • 73isthebestnumber
      73isthebestnumber 29 days ago

      @Jaleb Yup. He's been taking graduate level classes at our local uni.

    • Jaleb
      Jaleb 29 days ago +1

      @73isthebestnumber I would assume so cause he uses a mix of both under and grad level questions.

    • 73isthebestnumber
      73isthebestnumber 29 days ago +6

      He's a good friend of mine in real life. And he is most certainly a high school student. Although now that we've graduated I guess technically we're not. And perhaps unsurprisingly, he graduated valedictorian of our class but he's far too modest to say anything about that so I'll say it for him.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 29 days ago

    Where are you going to school?

    • Santhosh Kumar
      Santhosh Kumar 29 days ago

      @LetsSolveMathProblems are you going to pursue your college in Harvard or MIT or any other University ?

    • LetsSolveMathProblems
      LetsSolveMathProblems  29 days ago +15

      I was extremely luck to be admitted to Harvard University, where I plan on majoring in mathematics or computer science or both.

    LOQMANE NEDJAR 29 days ago +37

    You should continue math challenges even if videos are not posted every week.
    A video every two or three week is enough .
    Keep on this way , its really nice .

  • Mark g
    Mark g 29 days ago

    Please solve gre math problems