Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4 Episode 17 - Zocalo Full Episode HD

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
      Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes 13 days ago

      +Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen I can't understand all the crying over it especially when there's videos out there that have a shit load of ads.You could save the planet and you would still get a handful of people that would have a problem with it.

    • robert13605
      robert13605 23 days ago

      +Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen yeah stop spamming it you stupid fuck

    • Mike McCormack
      Mike McCormack Month ago

      +Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen just for that you should have the creepy voice repeat the message six or seven

    • William Schutz
      William Schutz Month ago

      Meccah Dawn Agreed

  • David
    David 45 minutes ago

    I though I was watching "Kitchen Nightmare" but it looks like this is "Wife Nightmare"

  • JimmyRJump
    JimmyRJump 3 hours ago

    When you have a failing business that needs all the help it can get and one of the owners says "I don't want to work" you know it's time to leave the ship...

  • I Like
    I Like 9 hours ago

    What a stupid lady!

  • Kelvyn Velez Rivera
    Kelvyn Velez Rivera 12 hours ago


  • Chris Craven
    Chris Craven 13 hours ago

    For more Gordon Ramsay, I have to do what, now?

  • Teresa Vides
    Teresa Vides 18 hours ago

    What a nightmare of a wife, lazy, useless, winny, a total gold digger. I would like her to go back to México and see if she finds a man that can put up with her. I hope this nice man divorced her so he can find a true wife to love him and support him.

  • Youtubeaholic2
    Youtubeaholic2 19 hours ago

    She's kind of a bitch to him.

  • Heather Crider
    Heather Crider Day ago

    She doesn’t want to work and is annoying.

  • missy kitty
    missy kitty Day ago

    That Sue chef seems like a really nice guy

  • jonnyf88
    jonnyf88 Day ago

    Nice to see Mary has learned English well by living in the US for so long(!)

  • Naseer Ahmad
    Naseer Ahmad Day ago

    Mary = Consuela from Family Guy....

  • MR.scorp2u
    MR.scorp2u Day ago

    Bc new menus and decor can save ANY relationship.

  • Zane Saunders
    Zane Saunders Day ago

    anyone else get emotionally involved in these shows also? lmao

  • Khaled Adeeb
    Khaled Adeeb 2 days ago


  • Stefano Da Giau
    Stefano Da Giau 2 days ago

    The way he says "zocalo" sounds like the way we italian say "zoccola" which means "hoe" ahahahah

  • tom tallent
    tom tallent 2 days ago

    Daughter called him by his first name... it’s dad not Greg... poor fucking dude man I feel for him

  • Riley Schow
    Riley Schow 2 days ago

    Poor Greg man WTF I feel bad for this dude hopefully everything ended up good

  • Cevanth
    Cevanth 2 days ago

    at least learn english for god sake... sigh -.-!

  • Josh W
    Josh W 2 days ago

    Update: Restaurant Closed
    Greg and Mary split
    Greg now dates Maria the server... ALL FACTS...found on FB

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L 2 days ago

    C U Next Tuesday = MARY

  • Scarlet 9757
    Scarlet 9757 2 days ago

    Let me finish

  • Desiree Short
    Desiree Short 2 days ago

    I agree with Gordon when at the end he said he'd never rooted for an owner more. Greg was a trooper.

  • Desiree Short
    Desiree Short 2 days ago

    Greg... Man I feel bad for Greg. He's pretty humble and trying SO hard.

  • Trokiando Cuh
    Trokiando Cuh 2 days ago +1

    On behalf of Mexicans this restaurant is no where a “Mexican restaurant”

  • Trokiando Cuh
    Trokiando Cuh 2 days ago +1

    That ain’t no Authentic Mexican restaurant 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Galvez
    Daniel Galvez 2 days ago

    He’s white, how do you expect him to make Mexican food, white people barely put salt on their food.

  • wartem
    wartem 3 days ago

    The wife should start learning English

  • Holly & Dustin
    Holly & Dustin 3 days ago

    Why is the lady from Mexico not cooking the food?

  • jerzlivin
    jerzlivin 3 days ago

    Disgusting woman. Let her go back to Mexico.

  • Cyrondys Jackson
    Cyrondys Jackson 3 days ago

    Sorry to say this, but the wife was looking for a sugar daddy to stay in the States. Get your son and send her packing.

  • Gallium G
    Gallium G 3 days ago

    I would have subscribed but i felt when the thingy told me to do it he was challenging me not to subscribe

  • David Muth
    David Muth 3 days ago

    Poor guy is bitch mobbed.

  • David Muth
    David Muth 3 days ago

    How would any of you feel about Gordon Ramsey critiquing your life?

  • Ellie Hughes
    Ellie Hughes 3 days ago

    Who is the moron who added the voiced subscribe? You put people off subscribing and piss them of. Stop it!

  • True Blue
    True Blue 3 days ago

    Zocalo closed January 2013. The episode was aired on March 30 2012, and had been filmed in November 2011 Gregory is currently Manager at The Walrus Oyster & Ale House and has split from Mary.

    • True Blue
      True Blue 3 days ago

      The new woman in Greg's life.

  • danner253
    danner253 3 days ago

    Mary is so clueless, "Oh just hire more people, just raise the prices, I don't wanna do it because I don't like it." She used to work there, did he turn her into a precious princess who got anything whenever no question?

  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 3 days ago

    Greg busts his ASS.
    Mary sucks his life energy...controlling bitch from focking hell.

  • stanley saha
    stanley saha 4 days ago

    Mary needs a Fucken lamb up her ass, wai leme finish :v

  • Anthony Tobar
    Anthony Tobar 4 days ago

    No matter what I look up I always come back to these shows damnit

  • Noble6
    Noble6 4 days ago

    I don’t get it in every other episode when it’s a Irish restaurant, French, Italian, or American steak house there’s always Mexicans cooking the food and now when there’s a Mexican restaurant there’s a white guy and a black guy cooking?? Now all of a sudden there’s a shortage for Mexican cooks lol?? COME ON!!

  • Dante Howlstice
    Dante Howlstice 4 days ago

    She's not pretty enough to be a trophy wife, but she's too lazy to actually work. Some people are just worthless lmao.

  • Carmine Pettinicchio

    God bless Gregg❤❤❤❤ The Man!!!!!!!!!

  • Tessa Smith
    Tessa Smith 5 days ago

    Are they still open?

  • Ghost Ghost
    Ghost Ghost 5 days ago

    With a wife like that you just wanna die faster .

  • •Vault 111•
    •Vault 111• 5 days ago

    he should leave his wife she seems a gold digger after the money and to lazy to even help him

  • Num Cung
    Num Cung 5 days ago

    She is a fucking bitch. Fuck her

  • Toyota 86
    Toyota 86 5 days ago

    The rest of the week she's at sanchoclaus house

  • htomerif
    htomerif 5 days ago

    On this episode of Gold Digging Bitch, watch as a broken man tries to convince himself that an 80 hour work week and a marriage are the same thing.

  • logan kerr
    logan kerr 5 days ago +1

    unfortunately this place Closed down :(

  • Michael Sprung
    Michael Sprung 6 days ago

    suscribe and liek for moar Gordon Ramsay

  • 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D

    Bite the bullet and divorce that cunt.

  • jonny jones
    jonny jones 6 days ago +3

    Donald... are you watching this? ahahahaha

  • jonny jones
    jonny jones 6 days ago +1

    the princess doesn't like the kitchen cause it's too hot ! of course it's hot, it's a bloody kitchen, you stupid latina!!!
    Let's get an air conditioner for this mexican lazy princess of my a..! Unbelievable !!!

  • Staples
    Staples 6 days ago

    I don't leik w o r k i n g .

  • Gary Ward
    Gary Ward 6 days ago

    Let me Finish

  • Andra Toma
    Andra Toma 6 days ago

    Can’t stand her!!

  • Thekingofprotoss
    Thekingofprotoss 7 days ago


  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 7 days ago

    The most selfish Spanish woman I've ever seen they're 97% riders but sometimes hoes gon be hoes

  • w m
    w m 7 days ago


  • Haley Muelrath
    Haley Muelrath 7 days ago

    The food in the thumbnail actually looks good

  • MrAndersonLP
    MrAndersonLP 7 days ago

    As usual the daughter is the tastiest thing in the restraunt

  • Citlaly Estrada
    Citlaly Estrada 8 days ago

    1. You can tell that the wife cheats.
    2. The women in the family are spoiled. Because the wife doesn't do shit for the restaurant but felt the most happy and exited about the POS

  • The King in Yellow
    The King in Yellow 8 days ago


  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 8 days ago

    Lol stupid white guy dealing with the Mexican bitch lmfao

  • Mr Creeper Gaming
    Mr Creeper Gaming 8 days ago +1

    Now i aint sayin she a gold digger.....

  • Wiggleton the 4th Esq

    greg needs to divorce that lying ass of a wife.

  • criminallyvulgar
    criminallyvulgar 8 days ago

    That daughters lazy eye is really bothering me.. lol.

  • Nightmare _
    Nightmare _ 9 days ago

    greg? Greg? GrEg? lemme finish. GREG? Gruyère

  • Live Damn You Live!
    Live Damn You Live! 9 days ago

    I hate the explanations of: “Just because I don’t say ‘Thank you’ does not mean I don’t care” Or “I don’t know how to express my emotions”. All you have to say is thank you! You don’t need a fucking PhD. The following needs to be used more: Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry. The following needs to be used, but a lot less than they are used: I didn’t understan. I’m sorry.

  • Saša Šimunović
    Saša Šimunović 9 days ago

    I dislike every video just because of stupid spam "Subscribe and like..." every 5 minutes.

  • battlefield 1gamer
    battlefield 1gamer 9 days ago

    The wife must marry Nino they would be perfect for each other

  • Bere wilson
    Bere wilson 9 days ago

    I mexican and love Gordon!!!

  • Louis Schekierka
    Louis Schekierka 9 days ago

    What’s up with the robot talking? Laziness at its best...

  • Ronie Pryor
    Ronie Pryor 9 days ago

    I'm confused. These are his daughters and they're calling him Greg, not dad. I feel like the disconnect has spread from the mom to the kids and that's so sad.

  • Xochilt R
    Xochilt R 9 days ago +11

    She's a disgrace to the Latin community. We are not like this, we are hardworking people.

    • JimmyRJump
      JimmyRJump 3 hours ago

      Mexican people are among the hardest working in the world. That woman isn't a disgrace just for Mexicans, but for the whole world.

  • Brickhouse902
    Brickhouse902 9 days ago

    That woman is the worst. What a scumbag. Lazy horrible person bringing shame to Mexican woman.

  • Brickhouse902
    Brickhouse902 9 days ago

    That Mexican bitch lazy as hell, lol. “Greg I don’t like work”... goodbye!

  • Maddie Espinoza
    Maddie Espinoza 9 days ago +1

    Mary yells to much. I would yell at her in Spanish and I know Spanish so it would go down. If I was the chef I would quit and say run it ur self.

  • Silver_Buddy
    Silver_Buddy 9 days ago

    Ay please! 🤣

  • HaRVeY DeNt
    HaRVeY DeNt 10 days ago

    Husband needs to say F it and get rid of the wife....she is terrible

  • Glenn Peterson
    Glenn Peterson 10 days ago

    Finally! I found an episode without Ramsey digging into a nightmare refrigerator or freezer...

  • Worry BX
    Worry BX 10 days ago

    Oh look. It's another great man married to a useless woman.

  • Worry BX
    Worry BX 10 days ago +1

    "Cause I have ass-in. And he have ass-in too"
    Does the husband speak Spanish ? If not, how on earth could they have ever had serious conversations or deep conversations.
    I'm not saying this to come down on her language skills. Cause he could learn Spanish too.
    I just don't get how two people can truly love each other when dealing with such major communication differences.

  • Gregorio Bell
    Gregorio Bell 10 days ago

    This lady Is a crybaby I'd say fuck it divorce me and go back to Mexico with nothing.

  • Rehannad Samara
    Rehannad Samara 10 days ago

    I find it crucial that families and married people Not to work together in the same destroys relationships

  • Blessing Adeyinka-Ojo
    Blessing Adeyinka-Ojo 10 days ago

    She does practically nothing at all, but still aging rapidly than her husband who works 24/7.. mtcheeew

  • Tom Manfrede
    Tom Manfrede 10 days ago

    She must have a good pussy.

  • Shaun Fox
    Shaun Fox 10 days ago

    This episode is a psa on why men shouldn't marry

  • coffeeateme
    coffeeateme 10 days ago


  • XxxdlmbxxX 123
    XxxdlmbxxX 123 11 days ago +1

    If i have to hear that automated voice one more time I’m shooting my phone.

  • David Pieratt
    David Pieratt 11 days ago

    Another illegal alien that got her way here. Deport her has!! Entitled POS!!

  • Márton Bussay
    Márton Bussay 11 days ago

    The Mexican woman doesn't like working .... Well color me surprised !!!

  • Chris Dann
    Chris Dann 11 days ago


  • Chris Dann
    Chris Dann 11 days ago +1

    stop the intros. makes it hard to watch

  • Rommel Melanio
    Rommel Melanio 11 days ago

    woman got an annoying voice

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling 11 days ago

    Daughters are caliente...hermosa! Thank you CHef! Haha! This place has gotta be CLOSED!

  • andor kortekaas
    andor kortekaas 12 days ago +1

    Mary her voice omg.. when she is naggin her voice gives me a headache!!

  • Guadalupe Sanchez
    Guadalupe Sanchez 12 days ago

    Mary is so judgmental and ungrateful. “I don’t like work” like wtf bitch you ain’t no damn princess. What do you think you going to do in Mexico ? WORK!

  • 意志
    意志 12 days ago

    13:50 Gordon being sexist