Tristan Thompson gets ejected, then gets into it with Draymond Green at end of Game 1 | ESPN

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • LeBron James' block of Steph Curry sets off tempers at the end of Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors Game 1 of the NBA Finals, which later included a scuffle between Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green.
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Comments • 1 277

  • Mara Knt
    Mara Knt 2 days ago

    Ho my god 😂😂😂

  • behera an
    behera an Month ago's Philipina League.

  • Black world
    Black world 2 months ago

    Lol Draymond gay🤣🤣🤣

  • The YDD
    The YDD 3 months ago

    Didn’t TT like 2 piece Draymond in a club like 3 weeks later

  • Grace Moore
    Grace Moore 3 months ago

    Tristan Thompson is error,horrible and a buttcheek

  • Zazan Wibowo
    Zazan Wibowo 3 months ago


  • Mystic Phoenix
    Mystic Phoenix 3 months ago

    Green annoying asf

  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar 3 months ago +1

    Isnt it Tristan Thompson who is banging that piece of white Kloe Kardasian ?

  • Dnaveon Vinson
    Dnaveon Vinson 3 months ago

    Tristian Thompson is weak bro for once I’m on draymond side

  • Augustine Chou
    Augustine Chou 4 months ago


  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris 4 months ago

    Sign of disrespect... You don't clap in a mans face after a heated moment with a horrible call by the refs, what was Green thinking and expect!

  • Ms.Tesfaye
    Ms.Tesfaye 4 months ago

    Klay scared of lebron 🤣

  • ram felonia
    ram felonia 4 months ago

    Kawhi locked your team😅

  • ram felonia
    ram felonia 4 months ago

    Kawhi locked your team😅

  • Hasti Happy
    Hasti Happy 4 months ago

    I hate Tristan ... no manner

  • Itz Enriqueee
    Itz Enriqueee 4 months ago +5

    Curry and Klay thompson knew they would of got their ass beat by LeBron and Tristan

  • Grace Moore
    Grace Moore 4 months ago

    No reason to fight Dreymond

  • Holyqueen Serrano
    Holyqueen Serrano 4 months ago

    cle losers wariors winner lebron is not to good in basket ball but it is curry😂

  • chris napolion
    chris napolion 4 months ago


  • seven Noel
    seven Noel 4 months ago


  • Raffy Andales
    Raffy Andales 4 months ago

    fuck you greeen

  • diamond jones
    diamond jones 5 months ago

    He gonna throw a ball at his face cause he got a foul like 🙄🙄then try to fight 😓😓😓

  • Kingjohn Lanip
    Kingjohn Lanip 6 months ago

    pang asar ay

  • Kingjohn Lanip
    Kingjohn Lanip 6 months ago

    hindi pa na tuluyan ni tristan

  • Silise Sanders
    Silise Sanders 6 months ago

    thats right tt. don't let him clap in ya face!!!! Mush his ass lol.

  • Ruel Agnes
    Ruel Agnes 7 months ago

    warriors won clearly thru the help of referee

  • Charlsie Smith
    Charlsie Smith 7 months ago

    Tristan ain't nothing but a BITCH!!!!!

  • Juliano4425
    Juliano4425 8 months ago

    So I guess taunting is ok in the nba. Bs that green was not suspended was his part in this.

  • thisrandomboy999
    thisrandomboy999 8 months ago

    0:47 thank me later

  • Tony Marley
    Tony Marley 10 months ago

    Il a déchiré le mec ça crache

  • Emily Abdon
    Emily Abdon 11 months ago

    He got ejected bcuz the other team was talking shit and started the problem in the first place but of course the refs makes a bullshit call!

  • Diren Cakir
    Diren Cakir 11 months ago

    Tristan T : fuuck that im going to cheat 😂😅

  • Can't Beat The BAY!

    Kardashian Fuckboi

  • Takara Garnett
    Takara Garnett Year ago

    Well shame on JR smith he new that they were tied dumbest thing I've seen

  • Joel Cuello
    Joel Cuello Year ago +1

    La baron is a cry baby, if called don’t go his way he starts making those ugly faces. He has a face that only a mother would love. Can u imagine seeing him at night in a dark alley.

  • AveolarD
    AveolarD Year ago

    Tristan will need one of those Kardashians to get him out of jail

  • Josue Gnzls
    Josue Gnzls Year ago

    Muy burlones curry y drimnd demasiado

  • whAt
    whAt Year ago +3

    0:52 lol kevin durant is like "NO FIGHTING KIDS"

  • Junxie Schylus
    Junxie Schylus Year ago

    Anyone else see KD fail to put his mouthpiece in at 1:50

  • Mom Of 5
    Mom Of 5 Year ago

    Draymond Green is such an idiot!!! As are the rest of the warriors!!

  • Tellitlikeitis
    Tellitlikeitis Year ago

    Tristan needs to take his gangster shit somewhere else

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta Year ago

    Klay Thompson acting like the dude who aint trying to fight but still lowkey trying to stick up for his boy who about to get his ass whooped, Klay cant even look the dude in his eye walking around mumbling under his breath. Lol

  • Agent J
    Agent J Year ago

    Wow...Lamar Odom #2..

  • Magick
    Magick Year ago

    Him getting ejected because his elbow slightly twisted is bogus and prove that the refs are bogus too

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Year ago

    Warriors sux asshole green is a bitch so is sethpahine curry..lebron should of whooped his ass... Thunder up.

  • R BZ
    R BZ Year ago

    The ejection foul call was bogus and should have been overturned unlike the charge/blocking call. Tony Brothers needs to get a hold of his ego and stop using his position like he's a vindictive school girl.

  • reggie C
    reggie C Year ago


  • Ace Cutt
    Ace Cutt Year ago

    Thompson told him (bring your black ass on in the locker room)

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson Year ago

    Guys he threw his elbow at Livingston head. He deserved to be ejected

  • Romeo robles
    Romeo robles Year ago


  • Curtis Tobin
    Curtis Tobin Year ago

    Mr Green and Mr curry y'all need your ass beat up for alot of shit that makes the Cleveland Cavs do to get thrown out of the game. Y'all bitches golden retriever will not be the championship it all my team Cleveland Cavs and LeBron James will take the 4 game and be NBA championship the referee need to be fire and stop getting paid under the table like newengland Patriots ok

  • Sweets Sweeter
    Sweets Sweeter Year ago

    Jr need to be traded to a high school league!!!!.... and what makes Tristan think he can beat the GS when he can't even beat the Kardashians.... cuz they about to get baby number two out his weak ass!!!!..... he should consult with Khris on how to win.

  • Deborah Hairston
    Deborah Hairston Year ago

    It's sad how they changed that call how about when green hit LeBron in the eye that should have been a flagrant

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez Year ago

    D-....raymond gets man handle by Tristan... yo" ref no foul his face got all ball

  • Jiro the Shiba Inu

    I hope Lebron joins the Sacramento Kings, it’s fitting. And hope they win a championship there

  • Jiro the Shiba Inu

    Not a fan of Lebron, I respect him enough now a days. I gotta say Kobe was worse when fouling others, it’s an assault and battery everytime he shoves someone haha. #Lakers4life

  • Tim L
    Tim L Year ago

    So why can't Thompson get suspension for the elbow then pushing the head of Green ( two separate situations ) like Green got suspended for Lebron walking over him ? And Cleveland fans are yelling the refs are GSW refs

    • Nymul_YT
      Nymul_YT Year ago

      Tim L what's up bro. Hope you're having a great day. I make NBA mixtapes and I was wondering if you could sub to me. I'd really appreciate if you do man. Thx

  • nFuture
    nFuture Year ago

    Draymond green is a joke to the league 😂 he thinks he is that good lol. All talk too

  • drigerbladejr
    drigerbladejr Year ago

    from my perspective, there wasnt an intention of a block their, he lead that “block attempt” with a lowered hand and elbow first. not a block attempt just a reason to injury the guy who made him worthless all game. then after the ejection he failed to injury livingston he went out the next guy in green. after the ball makes contact he actually makes connection with 2 fists (the announcer even states the it during the telecast-was not in this video). all that tells me his intentions. should have been suspended a game, and kevin love should he suspended a game for walking onto the court during the skirmish. NBA feels for lebrons last attempt at a championship

    RYLAN PIPPEN Year ago

    I be glad wen dis sorry shit over can we fast forward to September already dis is garbage