WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (how i lost the weight)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • drinkhint.com/gabbie if you wanna try my favorite drink!
    You guys have been asking for my diet for forever, so here it is! Also accidentally a mukbang slash eating show slash watch me eat haha. I filmed a second day to this, but I'll only post it if people seem interested so THUMBS UP AND COMMENT to let me know!

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  • Starae Beauty
    Starae Beauty 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one that found the ketchup sliding down in the bottle SUPER satisfying 💀 at 12:57

  • Grace Treble
    Grace Treble Day ago

    i loved this

  • Jahwan M
    Jahwan M 2 days ago

    Literally everyone's body is different, literally--race, genetics, gender, person-to-person. Simply use these type of videos as ideas and a bit of guidance and be merry! Learn to eat intuitively and listen to your own body. People be entirely too serious!

  • Horsecrazy LPS
    Horsecrazy LPS 2 days ago +1

    I literally sneezed when she almost dropped her laptop in the beginning and I thought that I paused my video from sneezing 😂

  • Ashley Demons
    Ashley Demons 2 days ago

    I love garlic salt on veggies too ❤️😅

  • Jasmine williams
    Jasmine williams 3 days ago

    Could you use the naturally flavored water bottle packets zero sugar 5 calories?

  • Jasmine williams
    Jasmine williams 3 days ago

    Could you use the naturally flavored water bottle packets zero sugar 5 calories?

  • Jonathan Van Wyk
    Jonathan Van Wyk 3 days ago +2

    I actually eat a lot but I'm eating a lot of healthy food and some junk food [ I'm a teen so Im just hungry] but I do gym and I'm actually doing it to bulk

  • angiel516
    angiel516 3 days ago +1

    Starts 3:00

  • Bohemian Moonwalker
    Bohemian Moonwalker 4 days ago +1

    My friend showed me this video because I was trying to get healthier thank you for making this

  • vanessa kennedy
    vanessa kennedy 4 days ago +1

    “I dont eat imitation meats, so like turkey trying to be bacon”
    *eats a turkey patty later on in the video*

  • danielle mccain
    danielle mccain 4 days ago +1

    A half of a personal watermelon for breakfast and 1 Patty for lunch and a small salad for dinner would satisfied me but I do nothing so

  • danielle mccain
    danielle mccain 4 days ago

    I crave ice cream but literally I am weird I will only eat carrots and be fine then two weeks later all I do is eat everything I need help then all of the sudden SALAD DAY BITCH

  • GingerTeacher
    GingerTeacher 4 days ago +1

    Thank you for being realistic and saying how long the journey takes. Most people forget that (myself included). I'm a binge eater that's learning to retrain my brain to have a healthier view on food, so thanks for the reminder to keep going 😁

  • itsjustaundie
    itsjustaundie 6 days ago +2

    Me: *looks at her hand*
    Also me: “haha Gabbie Henna”

  • Carol Measom
    Carol Measom 6 days ago

    Suggestion: Nest smoke detectors. They are way less annoying and you can turn off the alarm with your phone!

  • Jocelyn Huerta
    Jocelyn Huerta 6 days ago

    I have two brother but they like junk food and even if I don't get junk food I see it and I want it🥰😓

  • Ashton Williams
    Ashton Williams 6 days ago

    Isn’t turkey bacon just Canadian bacon

  • Michael Conner
    Michael Conner 6 days ago

    Nitrate personally I'm very sicknif I have it ill be sick for a whole week. I dont know why but my doctors say that its a really bad chemical. So yea

  • Mack riggs
    Mack riggs 7 days ago +1

    I just ate 6 ice cream sandwiches

  • hurt soul
    hurt soul 7 days ago

    Love the henna girl!

  • Trickstar T
    Trickstar T 9 days ago

    My girl wearing Henna!!

  • Eva Lily
    Eva Lily 9 days ago +5

    Turkey bacon is actually really good for you, I love it. It’s not processed and turkey bacon also has very good fats in it too!

  • Ask anything
    Ask anything 9 days ago

    The best book hands down for weightloss and toning fast it's called N'gear247 ,on kindle it's my holy grail I promote this to people in need of real change

  • Kaythegame 124
    Kaythegame 124 9 days ago

    Your so pretty

  • Sofia Loveland
    Sofia Loveland 10 days ago +3

    I can’t get over how she ate that grapefruit. Never in my LIFE have I seen anyone eat grapefruit like that.

    • Sofia Loveland
      Sofia Loveland 2 days ago +1

      ItsMarcBtw I’ve always seen them cut in half and then scooped out of the peel with a spoon.

    • ItsMarcBtw
      ItsMarcBtw 2 days ago

      Sofia Loveland I is that not how to eat a grapefruit....

  • Cisco Bordoy
    Cisco Bordoy 10 days ago

    Gabbie: I am NOT a nutritionist this is what WORKS FOR ME
    Everyone in the comments: Are you going to eat that you will gain weight if you eat that. OMG I can not believe that she ate that that is so bad for you you will gain so much weight.

  • Mag -narwhal
    Mag -narwhal 10 days ago

    I don't eat cooked vegetables
    1. I can't stand the taste
    2.boiling vegtables takes nutrients out of it
    3.(this is just where I live) I'm close to a farmer's market so I can get fresh vegetables so it's not a problem for me

  • Mag -narwhal
    Mag -narwhal 10 days ago +1

    For me eating small amouts more is better for me because I get hungry so fast no matter how much I eat at a time

  • Lillith.Arts_
    Lillith.Arts_ 10 days ago

    my family has a problem with buying junk food and they refuse to throw it out. especially if they come down to visit us. most the time i don't ask for anything like that but they buy it FOR ME anyway and wont let me get rid of it. I don't know how to stop them and its hindering me from getting to where i want to be. also, we do have healthy foods and i'm allowed to get those things, but most of it is frozen besides fruit and salad items

  • TheSlipKid
    TheSlipKid 10 days ago

    I agree with @just me for life because i never understang how to controll myself ether

  • Nghi Tran
    Nghi Tran 10 days ago

    I never ate 3 meals a day because I never ate breakfast so I usually ate 2 meals but no w I only eat one small meal.....😐🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith 10 days ago

    Where’s day 2?

  • Eva Raelyn
    Eva Raelyn 10 days ago

    i remember watching this when it first was posted and was like yay Gabbie and didn't really listen closely to the intro because i want worried about loosing weight cause my bf liked my size and now that I'm trying to better myself its really nice to look at Gabbie and see she found a solution its so motivating and I might be crying lol but Gabbie inspires me to be myself but always try to improve the things I don't like and can make me better and not do it for any one else thank you gabbie

  • Kade Leftwich
    Kade Leftwich 11 days ago

    Finally after like a year after this video. I worked on some things with the meals and i feel heathly and happy. All im trying to say is it really helped me

  • Choo Choo Cheryl
    Choo Choo Cheryl 11 days ago

    she said at 11:28, I'm watching at 11:26 lmao

  • Roxy K
    Roxy K 11 days ago

    U say Turkey bacon is fake?!? Its way healthier and cleaner to eat, your eating greasy pig !!!!! What the hell !!!!

  • andrea arthur
    andrea arthur 12 days ago

    God has helped me so much today thank you god for helping me have peace and be one with you in and through you

  • Celia Conklin
    Celia Conklin 12 days ago

    I love her and I follow her diet allll the time and it works great for me

  • Rebecca Lyons
    Rebecca Lyons 12 days ago

    My family is a family of ranchers, so we aren’t able to sit down and have a healthy meal. My normal meal is a sandwich and a bag of chips.

    SIDNEY DAVIS 13 days ago

    Science google it

  • David Seriff
    David Seriff 14 days ago

    What on earth is a psycho nutritionist?

    • David Seriff
      David Seriff 14 days ago

      @kayleigh kane I thought there was an actual job title called "psycho nutritionist" but it seems like she was just calling her nutritionist a psycho. My bad.

    • kayleigh kane
      kayleigh kane 14 days ago

      David Seriff watch her video on it, he’s a real weirdo!

  • honeyy nicole
    honeyy nicole 14 days ago

    i really related to what she said between @6:40 and @6:45 because i recently started counting my calories and getting more serious about my weight loss and today i went a whole 26 calories over but i didn’t beat my self up about it because i had 3 workout and i was feeling better than ever so whatitdobaebyyyyy

  • Emily Leavelle
    Emily Leavelle 14 days ago

    HI THIS IS MY FAVORITE. I’ve always struggled because I want to do this fancy or that extravagant healthy meal. And I’ve been so overwhelmed by meal planning
    But the things you eat are so within my diet. And it’s so great

  • Mango Time
    Mango Time 15 days ago

    That middle pic in the thumbnail

  • bitchy maddie
    bitchy maddie 15 days ago

    i actually feel like this helped so much wow thank you

  • ember
    ember 15 days ago

    do u count the calories of condiments? or do they not matter so much?

  • Mia Thompson
    Mia Thompson 16 days ago

    I think you look so amazing and that what ever you do to your body will still make you beautiful.

  • Max Daun
    Max Daun 16 days ago

    I have genetical make up but I'd rather have body fat than look like a paper

  • Madison Williamson
    Madison Williamson 17 days ago +4


    • ItsMarcBtw
      ItsMarcBtw 2 days ago

      what are you suppose to do not drink water
      U need water to survive so yes chemicals are suppose to be in your body

  • Tatiana Elizabeth Mejia
    Tatiana Elizabeth Mejia 17 days ago +3

    I’m watching this while eating a big bowl of ice cream lol but diet starts tomorrow!

  • Sophia Zucaro
    Sophia Zucaro 17 days ago

    I heard eating an orange instead of grapefruit has the opposite effect on pH levels

  • enchainedtreasures
    enchainedtreasures 17 days ago

    13:05 Maybe switch the sugar-laden ketchup with hot sauce.

  • Alaa Atari
    Alaa Atari 17 days ago +11

    Gabbie. Turkey bacon is just turkey shaped like bacon strips sis😂❤️

  • LpsMeghan
    LpsMeghan 17 days ago

    Another tip for y’all: buy an actual fruit and cut it yourself instead of buying it precut because 1. It tastes better 2. No chemicals they put in to make is last longer/ not discolor

  • XEdit. TipsX
    XEdit. TipsX 18 days ago +1

    Bananas have sugar but don’t freak out it’s natural sugar

  • HaMiLtOnAdDiCt 101
    HaMiLtOnAdDiCt 101 18 days ago

    I did the exact same thing with the salad but I wasn't drunk also I don't get a lot of weight unless it is cuz I'm growing

  • Unique Unknown
    Unique Unknown 19 days ago

    About to get grounded from throwing away all the junk food. Punishment because I want to be healthier? Oh well.

  • MyCup OfTea
    MyCup OfTea 19 days ago

    Do you guys have any good and free calories counting app? Please tell me

  • MyCup OfTea
    MyCup OfTea 19 days ago

    *take a shot every time she touches her hair*

  • Maxwell Bossong
    Maxwell Bossong 19 days ago +1

    Turkey bacon isn't turkey just trying to look like bacon it's just exactly what bacon is just a different animal

    But great video and very informational😂

  • Smiley ㄷㅌㄴㄴㅇ

    I am now old enough to actually appreciate everything she says in the beginning of the video

  • Eve Narvag
    Eve Narvag 20 days ago

    tumbnail is so disguisting...can't you respect youself and your viewers...where are all the high quality people????

  • Brittany Viebrock
    Brittany Viebrock 20 days ago

    But my problem is I’m a food addict. I have an addiction to food which sounds so weird but it’s true.
    I’ve tried working out and eating right in the past but it TAKES SO LONG to lose the weight. I don’t have patience for anything at all. Not even for crying kids 🙄

    • Brittany Viebrock
      Brittany Viebrock 20 days ago

      Also I’m a picky eater. I don’t do veggies cuz it’s gross. Steak is gross. I’m obsessed with fruit and dairy stuff tho! I can’t do salads because it comes out as soon as it goes - ugh 😑.

  • Tammy_hyh
    Tammy_hyh 20 days ago

    No hate but that thumbnail was trAshY

  • Gaby G
    Gaby G 21 day ago

    It seems like such little food 😨😨.

  • Mary Hope
    Mary Hope 21 day ago

    6:50 it's called reverse dieting its really cool.

  • Olivia _ah23
    Olivia _ah23 21 day ago +1

    Tbh, when i saw this video I thought it was going to be boring, but I clicked on it anyway😂 but I actually really liked it, and gabbie seemed really happy!! I was happy to see her in such a good mood!!👍

  • Addison ;p
    Addison ;p 21 day ago

    Science, Google it. My new favorite sentence 😂

  • Jon Ott
    Jon Ott 21 day ago

    What app are you using to track everything?

  • Tilda Cressman
    Tilda Cressman 22 days ago

    My parents barely ever let me drink soda or pop when I was younger so I never really had it now I don’t even like the taste of it or anything fizzy or carbonated. I am so grateful for them not letting me have sugary drinks because if I drank it a lot I know that I would always want it but now I just like water and it’s my favourite thing ever we also went vegetarian when I was 11 so now they have got me used to eating healthy and I am so happy about it cuz that’s the kinda food I crave now

  • Potato Gurl
    Potato Gurl 22 days ago +1

    Lmao I died at 11:21 😂

  • Potato Gurl
    Potato Gurl 22 days ago

    Oof I can't eat bacon ;(

  • Steven Reid
    Steven Reid 22 days ago

    whole foods,

  • Steven Reid
    Steven Reid 22 days ago

    Im happy for you! Im not a health care professional either. I lost 30 lbs on a Keto diet, and I did a LOT of sit ups and pushups, I broke Keto several times. Diet was the key, not the work out.