Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Who Can Break a Shield in One Hit?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Let's see which characters can break a shield by using only one move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    The Battle at the Summit
    End of Despair
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  • Christian Tse
    Christian Tse 11 hours ago

    Pretty sure bowser up smash also can shield break if they’re against a ledge

  • ImDontai left Testicle
    ImDontai left Testicle 22 hours ago

    Can you shield break cpu?

  • Seth White
    Seth White Day ago

    little mac can brake shield one hit,
    with full charge B

  • hotrsauce
    hotrsauce Day ago

    giant laser ball fails to compete with a dinosaur diving

  • Keline
    Keline 2 days ago

    Everyone: OMG LINK USED 2 HITS
    Plant Incineroar and Gunner: Am I a joke to you?

  • Deter1Tech Guestwick

    title: one hit
    rya and literally ken: can sakuari just make it so that we break the shield with only a down throw
    title: one hit but updated
    hero mains: *laughing in the background*

  • Logan M. The Demon Ninja

    Why is no one talking about Ryu’s down throw?

  • Felix Toto
    Felix Toto 3 days ago

    I found that the ice climber,if used the move of ice wind,it take damage in mii does it break the shiled

  • Kirb Fan
    Kirb Fan 4 days ago


  • The Mario who's the sempai doesn't noticed

    I know the vídeo is old but i dont think you should let kirby use a copy ability

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro 6 days ago

    little mac's neutral b can break a shield one hit

  • ryan tuttle
    ryan tuttle 6 days ago

    Wanna see my pencil

  • Internet Panda
    Internet Panda 6 days ago

    We all know you just went into the item menu and pulled a saturn, you don't have to hide it, if you actually did keep going until you got one legit keep the footage in but sped up, so this doesn't happen again

  • Nicolas Lucena
    Nicolas Lucena 7 days ago

    Wow, last time I saw Ike it was on Brawl. I think this boy is on steroids.

  • Norf the narf
    Norf the narf 7 days ago

    I disagree on Link. That’s two separate inputs.

  • scatsking Z
    scatsking Z 7 days ago

    USE smash attacks with donkey kong

  • Dragonslayer Gamer
    Dragonslayer Gamer 8 days ago

    Dude link is two hit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gun X Vin A
    Gun X Vin A 8 days ago +1

    So you're telling me that a princess with no strength breaks a shield but not a guy with a rocket launcher

    *L O G I C*

  • Yo kai Gamer
    Yo kai Gamer 8 days ago +2

    Everyone: any fire emblem character can break it
    Me: you know guys, corrin is from fire emblem

  • pixlblox9099 the Jolteon

    0:35 I was gonna say, If you didn't use Hammer on shield, that would have been bs

  • Kerenthar
    Kerenthar 9 days ago

    One hit or One move? #clickbaitlives

  • Bojacx 99
    Bojacx 99 9 days ago

    Robin D-Smash breaks shield, but NOT Mac F-smash?
    Surely, wtf

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect 9 days ago

    Links F-Smash is 2 hits not 1

  • Dillon Animates
    Dillon Animates 10 days ago

    If corrins f smash counts it can break the shield

  • Animator Isaiah
    Animator Isaiah 10 days ago +3

    Little Mac failure? Let’s see about that.
    Neutral Special intensifies

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 10 days ago +2

    5:12 the other characters looked sad when they crouched after failing, but Villager just plops his head on the ground.

  • Chen Riheng
    Chen Riheng 11 days ago

    why does peach and daisy get to refresh their moves over and over, lucario can start at 999%, kirby gets to use shulk's buster and yet little mac doesn't get his KO punch

  • Wrayan López
    Wrayan López 11 days ago

    ness and lucas would have done it with their bats

  • Codon 03
    Codon 03 11 days ago

    Define "One hit"

  • pzyko21
    pzyko21 12 days ago

    wow this video sounds like the conversation i just had with my father

  • Mrs. Beast
    Mrs. Beast 12 days ago

    Pichu’s down b can do it

  • Skylar Fox
    Skylar Fox 12 days ago

    Since link hit twice couldn’t you argue jigglypuff could do it with rollout as it is also multiple hits within one move

  • Bensyouruncle 77
    Bensyouruncle 77 13 days ago

    clouds side smash can break a shield

  • Magenta Mapping/Animation

    Kirby DOESNT need shulk ability to break a whole shield
    On the side-b move, you can swing your hammer 2 times in a row by being airborne, BUT charging the hammer all the way causes kirby to swing ONCE in the air.
    In order to get this shieldbreak, you must wait for the hammer to go on fire, jump, and time it so kirby hits the shield twice. If you don’t do it quick enough, Kirby will only swing once. If you swing too close to the ground, Kirby will also only swing once

  • Vort3x Gaming
    Vort3x Gaming 13 days ago

    Dededes hammer could kill thanos even if he had 12 infinity gauntlets

  • QuirkyWorks Team
    QuirkyWorks Team 13 days ago

    Um.. you forgot Richter.

  • Christopher Sides
    Christopher Sides 14 days ago

    INKLING: Ight, imma head out

  • termina5tor
    termina5tor 14 days ago

    Mii brawler can break shield with one of his down b

  • Glitch Trap
    Glitch Trap 14 days ago

    How the hell does a SUPERHUMAN PUNCH NOT BREAK A SHIELD but a big turnip can.

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 14 days ago

    Bowser would like to know your location

  • Billy Lard
    Billy Lard 14 days ago

    1 like = one prayer for Mii Brawlers abuse

  • CalamityGlows
    CalamityGlows 15 days ago

    You forgot jigglypuff rollout

  • Sahar Imran
    Sahar Imran 15 days ago

    0:36 pata

  • Daddd
    Daddd 16 days ago

    Change name to one move instead of hit

  • Epic G.
    Epic G. 16 days ago

    Be right back, son! I'm going to go get some milk!

  • Mark Schmidt
    Mark Schmidt 16 days ago

    Surely jigglypuff could have been allowed a rollout, which can break a shield in one move, but not one hit.

  • Sue Rose
    Sue Rose 16 days ago

    Pk freeze

  • BlueCassio
    BlueCassio 16 days ago

    Ganon can do it in 3 ways I think.
    Warlock punch, up tilt, and f smash.

  • Damoni Bell
    Damoni Bell 17 days ago

    Kirby was kinda bullshit

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson 17 days ago

    little mac neutral b?

  • Cryøs
    Cryøs 17 days ago

    Wait, but doesn’t the tip of your weapon cause more damage?

  • T_Peg
    T_Peg 17 days ago +1

    Why not just show the moves that actually do shield break in 1 hit instead of every failure

  • Your Kitchen Sink
    Your Kitchen Sink 17 days ago

    Jigglypuff can break shields with her neutral special 🤔

  • Ctrl_ Alt_Delete
    Ctrl_ Alt_Delete 18 days ago +1


  • _Ice_walocome
    _Ice_walocome 18 days ago

    bruh dis man didnt even test flareblitz on charizard

  • E1ns 2wei
    E1ns 2wei 18 days ago

    Some characters like Bowser used 2 hits

  • j kyo
    j kyo 19 days ago

    Orimmer has a way to break the shield

  • Ingvar TheTamer
    Ingvar TheTamer 19 days ago

    Change it to one attack

  • Lodi
    Lodi 19 days ago

    why didnt you side smash with luigi? its basically made for shield breaking

  • Mikail Hocuk
    Mikail Hocuk 19 days ago

    Who can break shields in one hit
    Shows yoshi can do it in 3 or more hits