Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Who Can Break a Shield in One Hit?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Let's see which characters can break a shield by using only one move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    The Battle at the Summit
    End of Despair
    Minor Circuit Theme
    1080p 60fps Gameplay by Nintendo Unity
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  • Matt Lockwood
    Matt Lockwood Hour ago

    Why'd they giver Kirby buster that's unfair to the competition >:(

  • YouTube’s demonitization Bot

    Charizards rock smash can do it

  • Gavyn Gonzales
    Gavyn Gonzales 4 hours ago

    Ganon's u-tilt messes with the z axis. The more you know.

  • Wild Champions
    Wild Champions 5 hours ago +1

    Woah, Nintendo Unity made a HELPFUL video?! Shocker! Progress, guys.

  • AccelVG
    AccelVG 9 hours ago

    little mac can break shield with his normal B ?

  • 2mygreeneyes
    2mygreeneyes 16 hours ago

    Inklings wasnt one hit

  • Peridot Productions [OFFICIAL]

    Mii brawler's down b is like bowsers and to memory breaks shields as well

  • Lamdon. Y
    Lamdon. Y Day ago +1

    little Mac: *fails*
    KO punch: Am I a Joke To You

  • Simon-Ricardo Kühn

    Was hoping that Jigglypuff would be the candidate for Shield Breaking but I'm pretty sure that genwunenrs will not be happy with that

  • Nowar Darbo
    Nowar Darbo 2 days ago

    0:15 that's 2 hit

  • impreza316
    impreza316 2 days ago

    Shouldn’t little Mac count? If you shield KO punch, he’ll go right thru the shield and punch you

  • gamerlogan 1903
    gamerlogan 1903 3 days ago

    You forgot hard dks special fair shield break

  • Felix-Hugo hebert
    Felix-Hugo hebert 3 days ago

    Doyiahhh 2:47

  • SpingeBill BoxPants
    SpingeBill BoxPants 3 days ago

    Anyone can break a shield in one hit. It all depends on the size of the shield

  • Tun Rembo
    Tun Rembo 3 days ago +1

    4:25 E X C U S E M E?

  • kStor2poche
    kStor2poche 4 days ago

    Looks like some moves that may break shields were forgotten, such as Little mac's KO punch, or Charizard's up smash, but anyways, great video !

  • Tyler Bisping
    Tyler Bisping 4 days ago

    Y didn't u try thunder?

  • ArkSpamsR2
    ArkSpamsR2 4 days ago

    Answer everyone can break a shield in One hit just grab lol 😆

  • Ethon Charles
    Ethon Charles 4 days ago +1

    U forgot Roy

  • Renato Malveira
    Renato Malveira 5 days ago

    5:31 I love how how Little Mac looks like he's kneeling to cry after his hit didn't break the shield

  • SANS
    SANS 5 days ago

    Dk can do it

    BREZZE STARSKY 5 days ago

    Lil Mac could have used his KO punch to break that shield

    • 天Scourge
      天Scourge 4 days ago

      You can’t block against KO punch

  • Jake Ecke
    Jake Ecke 6 days ago +4

    Peach: *let me just pull out my trusty Mr. Saturn*
    also if Mr. Game and Watch gets a 3 with Judge he may be able to break the shield

  • Kevon Dowdie
    Kevon Dowdie 6 days ago

    Mii Brawler: (shields)
    Marth & Lucina: I'll take your entire stock.

  • Irfan Hussain
    Irfan Hussain 6 days ago

    Some were 2 hits

  • PhotoPhysics
    PhotoPhysics 6 days ago

    Piranha plant didn't do it in one hir... all it took him was one spit

  • G O L D K
    G O L D K 7 days ago +1

    Does holding a up and down smash with ness count

    • G O L D K
      G O L D K 6 days ago

      @Sheik Hunt since the yo yo is charging and can be used as an attack without moving its 1 multi hitting that goes no where. I saw a shield break clip of it

    • Sheik Hunt
      Sheik Hunt 6 days ago

      Are you sure you're alright?

  • Benjamin Webster
    Benjamin Webster 7 days ago

    2:49 Ganondorf made me laugh I don’t know why

  • Javit23T
    Javit23T 7 days ago +1

    Link was 2 hits
    I’m also glad to see the plant gang didn’t disappoint us

  • Gianluca Fiore
    Gianluca Fiore 7 days ago

    Dark Pit could have done it because his side b is stronger!

  • -*Sαnѕ { Undєrtαlє! }*-

    2:20 WHAT ARE THOSE..!!

  • zoofy zoof
    zoofy zoof 8 days ago

    Link's was two hits in one move though. Succfail

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin 8 days ago

    I think Falco might be able to with his up b but I'm not sure

  • ham sandwich
    ham sandwich 9 days ago

    Jigglypuffs rollout can break shields

  • The souls of kids I eat

    Why so mean to sanic

  • Zero752
    Zero752 10 days ago

    3:11 how did Game & Watch filled the bucket vs a Mii Brawler?

  • Awesome Mario Bros Official

    0:59 luigi can break shield with up b you weren't close enough

  • Moving Pen
    Moving Pen 10 days ago

    you shouldve tried charizards side b
    *its one move but yet you let kirby and link slide*

  • Samuel Matranga
    Samuel Matranga 11 days ago

    Little mac so close

  • Sory Tao
    Sory Tao 12 days ago

    Lucas : down smash

  • Carina Chainey
    Carina Chainey 13 days ago

    Everyone’s talking about Link breaking it with 2 hits. But no ones taking about Incineroar breaking it in 4.
    P.S how do you bold the text when on an iPad.

  • Yisus Craist :v
    Yisus Craist :v 13 days ago

    Finally, a challenge that Fire Emblem cbaracters can do

  • Aniayah Univeristy of Richmond CACPCS

    As soon as bowser broke the shield I got the geico gecko holding the infinity gauntlet ad

  • Mugo Urth
    Mugo Urth 13 days ago

    With Diddy, did you try the explosive peanut gun?

  • Josh Wagner
    Josh Wagner 14 days ago

    I've broken my bros shield with the tree springing up

  • Bizzy
    Bizzy 14 days ago


  • Navoii Gamer
    Navoii Gamer 15 days ago

    Link: kinda?

  • Hipuru Savior
    Hipuru Savior 15 days ago

    Megamans f smash is pretty powerful i think

  • Wall nut
    Wall nut 15 days ago

    Space pirate who killed Samus’s parents: can not break a shield in one hit That one plant that appears in pretty much every Mario level: * breaks shield with gas*

  • cody10019
    cody10019 16 days ago


  • Molo-Molo
    Molo-Molo 16 days ago

    i hate every Fire emblem character, they are so OP

  • bruisewort
    bruisewort 16 days ago

    I guess that makes marth and jigglypuff a bad matchup

  • Chris 40V
    Chris 40V 17 days ago

    The person who made this video is autistic. Didn’t use the strongest move on multiple characters

  • ʝαу ʝαм6
    ʝαу ʝαм6 17 days ago +1

    Lol I could break anybody's shield in one hit using Peach or Daisy. And yes I'm a peach\daisy main.

  • Tucker DeLollis
    Tucker DeLollis 17 days ago

    I think corrin can do it with f smash

  • BlueBerry
    BlueBerry 17 days ago

    Before peach picked Mr.saturn...
    She picked the scarecrow fruit ;-;
    End my misery.

  • It’s me Waluigi
    It’s me Waluigi 17 days ago

    You didn’t try Diddy’s fully charged neutral b or Lucas’ down smash

  • Mesquita Boys
    Mesquita Boys 18 days ago

    Technically some of those (Yoshi and Link in particular) break shields in 2 hits, but one move.

  • Game Insane
    Game Insane 18 days ago

    4:43 anyone else get Thor Ranarok vibes from the music and character change syncing up the way that it did?
    A goddess is about to attack once the music goes “aaaaaaaaaah”

  • :p Be quiet
    :p Be quiet 18 days ago +1

    Wait actually ice climber is success because they take damage to wii brawler so sucess

  • Japiepatatzakie
    Japiepatatzakie 18 days ago

    1100 dislikes could have been avoided if title said 'move' instead of 'hit'...

  • Joshua Lewis tt
    Joshua Lewis tt 18 days ago

    Ryu's collarbone attack also breaks shield

  • Jovey Jover
    Jovey Jover 18 days ago

    Name of the video is misleading. It's not one hit, it's one move. Come on guys, not that hard to properly name a video.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 18 days ago

    King dedede's pose a the end though XD

  • kaine
    kaine 18 days ago

    i can just feel the shame coming off the characters who put their head in their hands after failing

  • WaftUp
    WaftUp 19 days ago

    KO punch?!

  • Werewolf Jesus
    Werewolf Jesus 19 days ago

    Dedede can’t break shields anymore

  • Chris M
    Chris M 19 days ago

    Actually, I’m pretty sure Bowser Jr. can break shield if you fully charge the neutral b and space it so the regular hit and landing hit both hit the shield.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 19 days ago

    3:11 how did game & watch fill up that bucket to full?

  • Chandler Carrier
    Chandler Carrier 19 days ago

    Bowser my main can🙊