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  • Chandler Duryea
    Chandler Duryea 4 hours ago

    Love her

  • Sithmi Gon
    Sithmi Gon 6 hours ago

    I am libraaa

  • CøøkiMonstä_hh
    CøøkiMonstä_hh 6 hours ago

    Who else is Libra?

  • Amelia Hitchcock
    Amelia Hitchcock 6 hours ago

    Why is her dog called tampon

  • Jazalynn Gonzalez
    Jazalynn Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    I’m only 5’8

  • K w i t t e n s ღ
    K w i t t e n s ღ 9 hours ago

    she looks like Zhavia

  • katy lowman
    katy lowman 10 hours ago


  • Richard Lueneburg
    Richard Lueneburg 13 hours ago

    You now kids are watching.

  • arivenes _
    arivenes _ 14 hours ago

    what is about this girl that when she appears in a scree i instantly get angry

  • maggie clomiro
    maggie clomiro 15 hours ago

    Ok She didn’t say no about getting married so, maybe?

  • Daria Alexandra Lazar
    Daria Alexandra Lazar 15 hours ago

    I love her !

  • Brittany Denby
    Brittany Denby 15 hours ago

    Lol I Am A Scorpio

  • lea fielder
    lea fielder 16 hours ago

    I'm a Scorpio 😒😂

  • A V
    A V Day ago

    she looked like a gini in this video hahaha

  • Chelzea
    Chelzea Day ago

    im a scorpio ;-; ik its the meanest sign but i guess you can consider me "nice" or at least i try to ;-;

  • Drew Abernathy
    Drew Abernathy Day ago

    Wow, she's annoying outside of tv shows and movies.. 🙄

  • Ana Sanchez
    Ana Sanchez Day ago

    She swears...........A Lot

  • CloudyPotato S
    CloudyPotato S Day ago

    Ima also libra

  • Ruby P
    Ruby P Day ago

    Im a libra too

  • Buddy Jumping310


  • Millie McMasters

    I’m a Scorpio

  • Flumpf Telly
    Flumpf Telly Day ago

    so this is what an embarrasing dumpster fire looks like.

  • Naughty Girl
    Naughty Girl Day ago

    God she look so innocent

  • Chloe Atkinson
    Chloe Atkinson Day ago

    Is she high?????

  • Kathryn Owens
    Kathryn Owens Day ago

    I love how she was truthful that she was wearing a wig. She is so sassy and pretty.

  • Merxy 89
    Merxy 89 Day ago

    This makes me like her, but she’s very different on her daily basis smh

  • Khalid Al hamli
    Khalid Al hamli Day ago

    Ugly af

  • Willow Krmzyan
    Willow Krmzyan Day ago

    0:01 hey what’s up I’m Bella Thorne and you’re watching Disney channel

  • B Babe
    B Babe Day ago

    I don’t like her

  • VMarie1231
    VMarie1231 2 days ago

    Why people don't like her ?.Yall treat her like Justin Bieber .I like them both ❤

  • Abby Comedy
    Abby Comedy 2 days ago

    Is it just me or is she high

  • T Y P H O N
    T Y P H O N 2 days ago

    When your a Scorpio

  • Rosie Pacheco
    Rosie Pacheco 2 days ago

    I'm a Leo the Lion that's my zodiac sign

  • Mackenzy Parada
    Mackenzy Parada 2 days ago

    I’m a Libra

  • Riley and Teagan do dumb stuff

    She looks high....

  • positivity 03
    positivity 03 2 days ago

    Why so much hate she seems like a cool and funny girl

  • Antonia Niță
    Antonia Niță 2 days ago +1

    Libra squad, where are you at?

  • joseph michaud
    joseph michaud 2 days ago

    I dont think she's trying to hard personally I think she's just being herself. I'm a libra to and I see some of the same tendancies in myself and other people not understanding me.

  • Kasia B.B.
    Kasia B.B. 2 days ago

    OMg I have gross hair too! I luve yaaa (probably bc of poor nutrition)

  • Sunniva & Helene
    Sunniva & Helene 2 days ago

    I’m a Scorpio thank you very much

  • Doby Is a free elf
    Doby Is a free elf 3 days ago

    Lol at the end of the video

  • Kimberly Coss Y Leon

    and for those of you saying negative things of her she may do drugs but none of your business I honestly don't know if she does anything other than even weed but she's worked her add off for where she is right now she's doing alot better then alot of us I admire her and I've always wanted to be in that industry but havent had family support on it thinking is not a good thing so I hope to do it on my own as a hobby I've done a few things modeling acting etc. and now starting with USclip i hope to be one day in her simialar shoes/situation 😊💕

  • Kimberly Coss Y Leon

    I am a scopio aww and I've always wanted to meet you lol but you're already scared of me haha boo! 👻👻

    DINO CRUZ 3 days ago

    I want bella

  • Bill Roberts
    Bill Roberts 3 days ago

    Rosted me damm

  • jay sea eye
    jay sea eye 3 days ago

    im bella thorn, and i have dyslexia

  • Kaia A
    Kaia A 3 days ago

    only 5'8. lol. im 5'2


    *dyslexia has left the chat*

  • Juhveye
    Juhveye 3 days ago +2

    didn't know she was dating tana...

  • Andrew Houk
    Andrew Houk 4 days ago


  • Erin Channel
    Erin Channel 4 days ago

    Omg i have the same zodiac sighn as Bella Thorne

  • Just Miy
    Just Miy 4 days ago

    Anyone hate her because she's so cringey

  • Hannah Waldrop
    Hannah Waldrop 4 days ago

    I don’t think these are the most asked questions but ok.

  • Bekind Ordie
    Bekind Ordie 4 days ago


  • Ang Brown
    Ang Brown 4 days ago

    Lol us scorpios are glad they arent libras because of you

  • Casey Grace
    Casey Grace 4 days ago

    I’m a scorpio😘

  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 4 days ago


  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 4 days ago

    She is so funny

  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 4 days ago

    Love you Bella your so beautiful and talented and inspiring and cool so proud. Your so sweet.

  • ntypk
    ntypk 5 days ago +1

    what did watch

  • Alana E
    Alana E 5 days ago

    *triggered* IM A SCORPIO

  • dream catcher
    dream catcher 5 days ago

    I love her but the way she's acting off cam and the way she post things on her snap and other social media will make her not so famous and I'm worried

  • Taima A
    Taima A 5 days ago +1

    Wtf did I just watch..

  • The GrimReaper Hollow


  • - Pluto -
    - Pluto - 5 days ago

    I am a triggered Scorpio

  • Rica Walden
    Rica Walden 5 days ago

    Jefree Star tease🙈🙈

  • raysofgreys
    raysofgreys 5 days ago +3

    Sooooo painfully desperate + trying to be weird & funny. Cringed the entire time... but like a car wreck, couldn’t stop watching, lol...

  • Adriana Quintanilla
    Adriana Quintanilla 5 days ago

    Really I'm a scrpio

  • Sofia Deny
    Sofia Deny 5 days ago +2

    What is Bella Thorne?

  • Harriet Tasker
    Harriet Tasker 5 days ago

    Wow she has changed since blended

  • Swag
    Swag 5 days ago

    I’m a Scorpio and I am feeling attacked right now

  • Alissa Marie
    Alissa Marie 5 days ago

    I was waiting for her to say scorpio

  • Selma Bahy
    Selma Bahy 5 days ago

    Every time she talks I lose a brain cell

  • constantine ganosis
    constantine ganosis 5 days ago

    I really prefer her without that hideous nose earing

  • savagedunn110804
    savagedunn110804 6 days ago

    I'm a Scorpio what's wrong with with TELL ME NOW BELLA AHHHHHHH

  • sharona ghaemmaghami

    She’s on some good crack

  • Wueen Edits
    Wueen Edits 6 days ago

    Why is she still irrelevant?

  • tilda’s talk
    tilda’s talk 6 days ago +192

    bella dear, are you okay? you named your dog tampon so i just thought i would ask.

  • Madison Schewlakow
    Madison Schewlakow 6 days ago

    Libra buddies!

  • Dayana Ortega
    Dayana Ortega 6 days ago

    I'm a Scorpio but I really don't understand zodiac signs

  • Caden Mueller
    Caden Mueller 6 days ago

    What the heck is a zodiac sign

    SUMMER SIIGNS 6 days ago +2

    “Oh tampon!” 💀💀💀

  • Air After
    Air After 6 days ago

    "Broo, don't even get me started." sounded just like Marceline

  • Maddie ALDC
    Maddie ALDC 6 days ago

    1:26 Im a Scorpio...😕
    And My Birthday Is November 14th!😊

  • Blanca Vega
    Blanca Vega 6 days ago

    You see kids,don’t do drugs and stay in school!!

  • Onxyia {Cute/Bullied/Shapshifter/Emo}

    1:22 -Bella Thorne's scorpio fans have left the chat-

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 6 days ago

    *Dyslexia has left the chat*

  • Chenelle Cooncome
    Chenelle Cooncome 6 days ago

    I wanna know why she looks like she hasn’t showered for 5 months

  • olympus 01
    olympus 01 6 days ago

    You sound high I love u though

  • Jumanah Islam
    Jumanah Islam 6 days ago +1

    Her dogs name is tampon..

  • Ginger Trash
    Ginger Trash 6 days ago +1

    Aha I’m 5’8” and I’m 12

  • Piper Barry
    Piper Barry 6 days ago

    “wE lOvE aNiMaLs”

    *dog’s name is tampon*

  • Caitlin Lister
    Caitlin Lister 6 days ago

    she seems so stoned wow

  • •Aesthetic Ampi•


  • •Aesthetic Ampi•

    Oh my zodiac sign is libra, I don't know if laugh or cry

  • Ari M
    Ari M 6 days ago

    Am I hearing wrong or does she have a dog named tampon

  • cerftu ki
    cerftu ki 6 days ago

    Im a scorpio and i laughed a lot

  • aNnyEong lol
    aNnyEong lol 7 days ago

    She looks and sounds high

  • daddy
    daddy 7 days ago

    Libra gang (ima libra)

  • Basket Ball
    Basket Ball 7 days ago

    Lookin like a hippie