Twin Brothers Play Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut


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  • estair robbins
    estair robbins Hour ago

    they are... wow

  • VanessaShowShow
    VanessaShowShow 2 hours ago +1

    They both have such great personalities

  • leila sab
    leila sab 2 hours ago

    they're princes

  • leila sab
    leila sab 2 hours ago

    more of them pleaseeee

  • Amy Lara
    Amy Lara 3 hours ago

    Their instagrams are: william.longley and johnny_longley you’re welcome

  • Dayjah Williams
    Dayjah Williams 5 hours ago

    The both can like get it

  • benedryl cumberbatch
    benedryl cumberbatch 5 hours ago

    they don’t look like cold sprouts can everyone shut up

  • Dante Gouletas
    Dante Gouletas 7 hours ago

    Is that Baz?

  • Master Cranky
    Master Cranky 8 hours ago

    Why have one when u can have two cute guys like who would choose🥴🤣

  • Chantel Harewood
    Chantel Harewood 9 hours ago

    I love them they’re hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Semi Wohlgemuth
    Semi Wohlgemuth 10 hours ago

    They’re reallllllly hoooot

  • Konrad Pistorius
    Konrad Pistorius 11 hours ago

    Lol why do they look so good?

  • Kate Nguyen
    Kate Nguyen 11 hours ago

    I found their instagram it's william.longley and johnny_longley
    They are both models

  • Crystal Wasewe
    Crystal Wasewe 11 hours ago

    *Dylan and Cole sprouse has left the chat*

  • çûp çäkè
    çûp çäkè 12 hours ago

    Them are fun

  • Vintay
    Vintay 13 hours ago

    What’s their names?

  • NastyChinHipster
    NastyChinHipster 13 hours ago

    both of these niggas are gorgeous gah damn

  • Liahona Turner
    Liahona Turner 15 hours ago

    Never hungry again with all these snacks around

  • LazyBread 1
    LazyBread 1 16 hours ago

    The cup stayed on his head as he got slapped

  • honeytea
    honeytea 17 hours ago

    hi i think i’m in love with john

  • Dwi Azizah Saffanah
    Dwi Azizah Saffanah 17 hours ago

    I mean daamn

  • zach gooms
    zach gooms 17 hours ago

    they are twins so they look the same so why was william saying uhh when he saw his brothers bott and they probably have the same dick size and they look alike

  • carly333
    carly333 20 hours ago

    Please have them in more of your videos 😫😫💕

  • clareesuh c.
    clareesuh c. Day ago


  • Mark Clemente
    Mark Clemente Day ago

    Holy fuck...god damn. Bring them back for more of these but with fewer clothes and you'll have a fan for life! Lol

  • Steal My Beats
    Steal My Beats Day ago

    I see people eating/drinking raw eggs on here meanwhile I’m scared to take one too many bites of cake batter..

  • vnzll
    vnzll Day ago

    THEY'RE HELLA HOT???????????? OHMYGOD ????? ?

  • Alex Beltran
    Alex Beltran Day ago

    damn those two are meant to be heart throbs, jesus.

  • Jasmine Camarena

    3:11 Jas

  • Kaygan Forbus
    Kaygan Forbus Day ago

    These are the hottest twins ever other then the Dolan and sprouse

  • Bia Tomaz
    Bia Tomaz Day ago

    Só sei que apaixonei 😍 hahaha

  • Lizzie Beale
    Lizzie Beale Day ago

    They are sooo hot though

  • ̇ ͜ʟ ̇
    ̇ ͜ʟ ̇ Day ago

    They look alright but they're personalities are shit and remind me of the losers in my highschool

  • airplainchild
    airplainchild Day ago

    They are literally models. Like actually. And I totally get it.

  • Ruben Avila
    Ruben Avila Day ago

    Choo choo 🚂

  • too.hazey
    too.hazey Day ago

    We actually saw the guy behind the camera

  • Victoria Rosales

    William over here looking like harry styles n I’m in LOVVVEEEEEE

  • Angela Suarez
    Angela Suarez Day ago

    Their instagrams:

  • Lena Müller
    Lena Müller Day ago

    I absolutely loved this one. xD

  • Katy Illenye
    Katy Illenye Day ago

    Would fuck

  • Jesse Jay
    Jesse Jay Day ago

    i can’t decide who’s hotter

  • Marykate Gaf
    Marykate Gaf Day ago

    Not to be a bitch baby but these guys seem like the guys that were mean to be in high school lololol

  • aangell
    aangell Day ago

    Ok so the twin with the long hair his Instagram is @william.longley. And the one with short hair his Instagram is @johnny_longley

  • L I L L I
    L I L L I Day ago

    What's their Instagram?

  • Aleeza Raza
    Aleeza Raza Day ago

    they look like fucking Tarzan OHMYGOD

  • BlueSic
    BlueSic Day ago

    They both attractive and strangely the twin wearing the bikini just made me think he was cuter

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 2 days ago

    They look like juaquin from riversnail

  • Decramore
    Decramore 2 days ago

    10 out of 10 would smash

  • alayka
    alayka 2 days ago

    pretty boys make me cry out of insecurity what is this

  • Elizama Aguilar
    Elizama Aguilar 2 days ago

    They better be in a truth or drink. They are so cute and to know those kind of men live in the same city as me makes me happy lol

  • Caro Delgado Barberis

    Honestly, I’ll take them both

  • Lovelern_ TS13
    Lovelern_ TS13 2 days ago

    Damnnn... 🔥

  • Hongorzul B
    Hongorzul B 2 days ago

    Cute twins 😂❤

  • Ανασφαλής
    Ανασφαλής 2 days ago +3

    William is cute, but my type 😂

  • kirstin gracee
    kirstin gracee 2 days ago

    um hello

  • emilyxoxo
    emilyxoxo 2 days ago

    that video just got me pregnant oh lord

  • emilyxoxo
    emilyxoxo 2 days ago

    uhhh the thirst

  • Scar-City Scar-City
    Scar-City Scar-City 2 days ago


  • Lauren Rojas
    Lauren Rojas 2 days ago


  • katsuoworld
    katsuoworld 2 days ago

    Ouran host club Hitachiin twins?

  • Jaylyn FLO
    Jaylyn FLO 2 days ago

    they are so attractive omggg

  • Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B. 2 days ago

    john is HOT

  • Kate D
    Kate D 2 days ago

    Its okay John, I think you're cuter.

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 2 days ago +1

    I thought this was Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 2 days ago

    "i like this one"
    - "we have names"

  • Madeleine Voth
    Madeleine Voth 2 days ago

    does anyone else think he looks like teddy’s boyfriend from good luck charlie

  • Gina Ali
    Gina Ali 2 days ago

    what their @😍😍

  • Luke Pachabel
    Luke Pachabel 2 days ago

    I ACTUALLY KNOW THEM 😂 when I saw this video I almost died!

  • migwell saceda
    migwell saceda 2 days ago

    um can I have both

  • Davina Nanayaa
    Davina Nanayaa 2 days ago


  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia 2 days ago

    wow they are both so beautiful!

  • Amelia Coleman
    Amelia Coleman 2 days ago

    please do more videos with these guys like omllllllll

  • internetkid
    internetkid 2 days ago

    i thought it was going to be zack and cody

  • CC reacts
    CC reacts 2 days ago

    the are soo hottt need to make a youtube

  • annie n
    annie n 2 days ago

    hotter dylan and cole

  • Nicky 2504
    Nicky 2504 2 days ago

    Get my sister and me on the show (or truth or drink). Straight and lesbian identical twins. Imagine the views 😂

  • Brooke Hollister
    Brooke Hollister 2 days ago

    why are these dares so....sexual lmfaoo i feel like the guys are being fetished by the producers omfg

  • Grego
    Grego 2 days ago

    They both look like Chads

  • freyaeli
    freyaeli 2 days ago +23

    *the Dolan twins are shook*

  • Darlala
    Darlala 2 days ago

    they should do strippers play fear pong I just feel like that would be very entertaining

  • Verena Ewinger
    Verena Ewinger 2 days ago

    I of them to go please

  • Rebecca Ashlock
    Rebecca Ashlock 2 days ago +1

    Long hair always gets me 😍 lol

  • Liz Mendoza
    Liz Mendoza 2 days ago

    I need more of them

  • chaliea mullee
    chaliea mullee 2 days ago

    How did you guys find some of the hottest twins I’ve ever seen?!??!?!? What the fuck

  • Carol
    Carol 2 days ago

    when god blesses us with two beauties

  • TardisInTheSkye
    TardisInTheSkye 2 days ago +1


  • Ayesha Mujeb
    Ayesha Mujeb 2 days ago

    hi so do they need cuffing or ??

  • bettina bedicks
    bettina bedicks 2 days ago

    i like the twin with green shirt fuuuuuk

  • Alisia Harley
    Alisia Harley 2 days ago

    They look like a perfect real trazan

  • Saša Barrile
    Saša Barrile 2 days ago

    For a second there when i saw the thumbnail i thought those were Dylan and Cole Sprouse

  • Giselle Nekesa
    Giselle Nekesa 2 days ago

    Come here you bad bad doggy

  • C. Gramby
    C. Gramby 2 days ago

    comment for Johnny, like for william

  • tiera naulls
    tiera naulls 2 days ago

    Thank you😭😭😭😍😍

  • Emily Chinn
    Emily Chinn 2 days ago

    Yooo, you know the people at Cut were like “These guys are so cute!” And put in things like “Oh, put on this bikini for a few rounds, haha.” And “Hey, why don’t you go ahead and drop those pants, XD.”
    We see you, Cut.

  • Hailey Fine
    Hailey Fine 2 days ago

    Mmmmmmm those r some attractive people 😛

  • Ayanda Mpofu
    Ayanda Mpofu 2 days ago

    the most exciting part yeah,,, THERE'S TWO OF THEM. one gets cuffed? no problem. one doesn't like me (ofc)? second chance. one thinks i'm ugly (ofc)? lucky me.

  • Majestψ
    Majestψ 2 days ago

    I never wanted to be spit roasted more in my life.

  • Eclipse Arts
    Eclipse Arts 2 days ago

    why does the guy in the striped shirt remind me so much of loki? is it just me? :'D

  • Anita Zakutansky
    Anita Zakutansky 2 days ago


  • Vanadium
    Vanadium 2 days ago

    That mutual friend was weirdly blunt