Dobre Brothers - Stop That (Music Video)


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  • Lucas and Marcus
    Lucas and Marcus  11 days ago +6418


  • Sharron Louise De Sousa

    I get heart evry day

  • Stef 01
    Stef 01 4 hours ago

    Here from PewDiePie

  • The Weelad
    The Weelad 4 hours ago

    Thinking this is M U S I C stop that

  • Allison Webster
    Allison Webster 4 hours ago +1

    The best song

  • R.I.P Xxxtentacion
    R.I.P Xxxtentacion 4 hours ago +1

    sorry i have to dislike is sorry

  • Inesa123 Norkaityte
    Inesa123 Norkaityte 4 hours ago

    Love you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Henry Chibib
    Henry Chibib 4 hours ago +1

    The thumbnail reminds me of piper perri

  • Henry Chibib
    Henry Chibib 4 hours ago +1

    lol every bully was black

  • mcmandy086
    mcmandy086 4 hours ago

    The message is good but maaan, the video is trash, what is ahp entertainment?? a company? boys you got robbed!!

  • Theo Humphreys
    Theo Humphreys 4 hours ago

    im myself you is you

  • Brian V
    Brian V 4 hours ago

    Is that girl fucking pregnant??

  • Bee Day
    Bee Day 4 hours ago

    Yall all need jesus stop this👆

  • Saint Levy
    Saint Levy 4 hours ago

    Migos who?

  • Poasi Fifita
    Poasi Fifita 4 hours ago


    LOLA RODRIGUEZ 4 hours ago +1

    This SONG IS LIT

    LOLA RODRIGUEZ 4 hours ago +1


    LOLA RODRIGUEZ 4 hours ago +1

    Stop that 🛑

  • Jesse Sparks
    Jesse Sparks 5 hours ago

    Because I am gay

  • Jesse Sparks
    Jesse Sparks 5 hours ago

    I am not loved.

  • Bryant Duong
    Bryant Duong 5 hours ago

    Hahaha that asian kid was just like bruh

  • Fifth Hokage
    Fifth Hokage 5 hours ago

    You guys make shitty content, like how do you have 10m subs but your fucking views are dumb low?

  • Fifth Hokage
    Fifth Hokage 5 hours ago

    Me: I have cancer
    Dobre: stop that.

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 5 hours ago

    Whomst else is 9 years old and from Pewdiepie's video?

  • Taylor Vasquez
    Taylor Vasquez 5 hours ago

    You make me happy

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 5 hours ago

    Think you're good at youtube stop that

  • Adreanna Pendleton
    Adreanna Pendleton 5 hours ago +1

    Love this song

  • Witchy Gryffindor
    Witchy Gryffindor 5 hours ago

    I cryd

  • darksuper nova
    darksuper nova 5 hours ago

    This is such a lie in reality everyone is a failure at some point

  • Simexical102 ‘s Life

    This got hate I’m sad because I

  • JA 17
    JA 17 5 hours ago +1

    Whos here from Pewdipie???

  • Erick Solis
    Erick Solis 5 hours ago

    it's bad

  • Lisa Bates
    Lisa Bates 6 hours ago

    20 lack gcu

  • Preston Helmuth
    Preston Helmuth 6 hours ago

    My sister she metters to me she thinks she does not metter to the world and my friends bully her i stand up for her

  • lovegirl 237
    lovegirl 237 6 hours ago

    Im glad the Dobre Brothers send out powerful messages

  • Hide yo Sandwiches
    Hide yo Sandwiches 6 hours ago

    all those kids in the video are unlovable shit stains and those inbred brothers are as musically talented as a popped hemorrhoid. All i see in this video are a bunch of missed abortion opportunities

  • Doris Steelman
    Doris Steelman 6 hours ago

    Marcus like you the most from Princess. I'm on my mom phone

  • TMT Gamer
    TMT Gamer 6 hours ago

    Ko hiểu

  • Louie Neal
    Louie Neal 6 hours ago

    So loveful!😍

  • Charlene Lee
    Charlene Lee 6 hours ago

    Who would dislike this

  • Ashley Galluch
    Ashley Galluch 6 hours ago

    Darius is the cutest

  • Wambli McArthur
    Wambli McArthur 7 hours ago

    Can I be in there
    ;( They killed some people tease me too

  • Chelsie Focht
    Chelsie Focht 7 hours ago


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 7 hours ago +7

    That thumbnail though

  • Maia Davey videos
    Maia Davey videos 7 hours ago

    singing, stop that

  • Aba Lay
    Aba Lay 7 hours ago


  • Jacob Luka
    Jacob Luka 7 hours ago

    Like I’m not trying to hate but it was so bad 😂😂 that music career is fucked

  • Imelda DeJesus
    Imelda DeJesus 7 hours ago

    the best song

  • the holographic unicorn sisters

    U sound so beautiful

  • small fry boi
    small fry boi 7 hours ago

    This song isn't all that good, to be fully honset. Yes, the topic that you are trying to sing about is an important manner and thank you for recognizing it- But the lyrics are very funky and very off. Not to be fully rude, but your vocals are off key and they do not fit well with the beat of this song. I am willing enough to say this, but UScliprs are all of a sudden thinking that they can sing, when suprising, most of them can not, or not sing/rap that well. This is where you all come in. I am not saying you can't sing, but your singing isn't *good.* enough to hear on an average level- such as being heard in stores or even making a music video. You do not have to force yourself into singing about this topic, when in reality all you have to do is sit down and just _talk_ about it.
    To all the people/fans who think that I am hating: I am not hating. I don't honsetly care for how you people see them even if you think their music is great or not. What most of you do is if someone talks bad about someone you like or if they are giving out a certain opinion about that person you will tell them to stop hating or even go as far into saying to kill themselves which is utter nonsense. You all must grow up (Although majority of these fans are children, but still, grow up.) and take in others opinions even if it's negative or positive. It's called having a point of view on something. Although, from when actual haters here are telling the person who made the video to kill themselves or just being rude to be rude (or just hardcore trolling.) That is a problem. That doesn't mean to hate on them back and tell them to kill themselves because all they want is a reaction out of you. Once more, I am not hating, I am using constructive criticism. (If you do not know what it is, please do search it.)
    Thank you. :)

  • B-atiful!
    B-atiful! 7 hours ago

    Bitches dont act like you know what being bullied was like. Atleast 3 of you WERE bullys! I can tell from looking. This doesnt even have a nice message you're just trying to cash off depressed kids for views

  • Death Angel
    Death Angel 7 hours ago

    This video gave me depression

  • Casey Cierley
    Casey Cierley 7 hours ago

    I cryed

  • Joel Kouri
    Joel Kouri 7 hours ago

    Love thi's song and your vid watch you every day

  • Brandon Billingsley
    Brandon Billingsley 8 hours ago

    my name is alexis and thank you for making this song

  • L M
    L M 8 hours ago

    This is bound to become a meme. Then again, the retards that wrote it are living memes themselves.

  • Mariah Mulnix
    Mariah Mulnix 8 hours ago

    This so macks me happy good job I was having as bad day but now that I heard this it made me feel better inside

  • Boii u betta
    Boii u betta 8 hours ago +12

    Thinking you can sing
    Stop That

  • Rhilyn Rakatau
    Rhilyn Rakatau 8 hours ago

    I like listening to this song and I love watching your vids

  • Starralyn Nelson
    Starralyn Nelson 8 hours ago

    No I’m serious what did you say

  • Starralyn Nelson
    Starralyn Nelson 8 hours ago

    0verused excuse me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brianna Herrera
    Brianna Herrera 8 hours ago

    Hey you haters you better stop that you better stop bullying i get bullied at school i say stop what you doing and do not be a bully or i will tell on you

  • Brother#chirs sister#Diana


  • XxMariahxX
    XxMariahxX 8 hours ago +3

    Welp, that is the new definition of

  • Doris Steelman
    Doris Steelman 8 hours ago

    Hi I'm on my mom's phone I'm your biggest fan my name is princess

  • Lunatikkrazie azylum
    Lunatikkrazie azylum 8 hours ago

    Good message, but fuck me this song is horrible. Sounds like they recorded this song in a bathroom.

  • Master Pepperoni
    Master Pepperoni 9 hours ago

    I really wanna meet you guys

  • Mario Coronel
    Mario Coronel 9 hours ago

    I got beat up but when i heard this song i standed up for my self ur song made me feel like u special person who gets so loved

  • Fashion Of Brea
    Fashion Of Brea 9 hours ago

    You gave me the courage

  • The Deadly Fighting Robot

    Now I’m in 5th grade

  • The Deadly Fighting Robot

    I’ve been bullied since first grade

  • awniad
    awniad 9 hours ago

    You can give these guys shit for their "prank" vids but at least they're doing something positive with their fame.

  • Lakayla Dunas
    Lakayla Dunas 9 hours ago

    Oh Geez..stop that

  • XxShadowxX X
    XxShadowxX X 9 hours ago

    Uhhhhh tf was this

  • ノクターン
    ノクターン 9 hours ago

    Telling little girls they're beautiful when you're grown men... stop that.

  • Katalina Teivirau
    Katalina Teivirau 9 hours ago

    is that true

  • sarahthekawiicollecter 12345

    O m g every single time i see this song i press it

  • Devil Of Hell's Kitchen

    Want to make more cringey music videos?
    *Stop That*

  • crazydude415
    crazydude415 9 hours ago

    Living, you can stop that

  • Connor Mcbride
    Connor Mcbride 9 hours ago

    things will change i will stop that

  • Ink Hed
    Ink Hed 9 hours ago

    Great message but the video and music is terrible :( 👎🏻

  • Dom D
    Dom D 9 hours ago


  • Denise Lopez
    Denise Lopez 9 hours ago +1

    I love you guys so much 😊😊😊😊😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊

  • Isabella Sooklal
    Isabella Sooklal 10 hours ago

    Love it

  • Ariadna Cruz
    Ariadna Cruz 10 hours ago

    i LOVE it🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • KrisGT
    KrisGT 10 hours ago

    making music stop that

  • Kim Marisa
    Kim Marisa 10 hours ago

    I love this so much and it’s true I call my self ugly and I need to stop (I’m a girl btw)

  • Salome Ospina
    Salome Ospina 10 hours ago

    This made me cry

  • Potato_Lover
    Potato_Lover 10 hours ago

    Im glad you made this song. I always feel like nobody likes me and some times it feels like my family doesnt like me. This song means so much to me. I dont think i would be happy without the dobre brothers.

  • April Dawn Anderson
    April Dawn Anderson 10 hours ago

    this inspired my son thank you

  • Lol i have no clue
    Lol i have no clue 10 hours ago +1

    Your guys singing is goodn't.

  • Javan Lemieux
    Javan Lemieux 10 hours ago

    You guys are the only reason why im always happy u guys make me happy.... yall are my insparations!! illysfm guys!! keep doing what u guys love!! add me on instagram @princess_.vonnie

  • Milada Hampton
    Milada Hampton 10 hours ago

    I love your songs

  • Kingston Hemi-Wharekawa

    I like all you songs you guys are so kind I the song could stop that

  • Rangi Hoani
    Rangi Hoani 10 hours ago

    this song is so cool nice speech

  • Julia lopez
    Julia lopez 10 hours ago

    1 like stop bullying

  • MinooisaG
    MinooisaG 10 hours ago

    This video needs to be labeled with a california prop 65 warning.

  • Andrea Westbrook
    Andrea Westbrook 10 hours ago

    they put all the bullies at one table and others a t the other bUlling just shows our scared

  • Samuel Leyva
    Samuel Leyva 10 hours ago

    Slime Lucas

  • David Tackett
    David Tackett 11 hours ago