Shayne Topp - Funny Moments 10


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  • Amanda Karlsson
    Amanda Karlsson  5 months ago +337

    Sorry for the break guys! Eurovision you know... (or naaa 80% of you are Americans but all you Europeans get me

  • Voldi x Noses
    Voldi x Noses Hour ago

    And Im here **extreme stutter**

  • bvbyknj
    bvbyknj 2 days ago

    Shayne is just amazing 😂😂

  • MadiGamer
    MadiGamer 6 days ago

    Shayne was abused by a Jelly Fish.

  • j gacha
    j gacha 6 days ago


  • fluttershy thecutest

    Shane is the best

  • Madison Mackay
    Madison Mackay 6 days ago

    7:52, I cant stop crying 🤣❤️ it’s just beautiful XD please stop!

  • JC Smith
    JC Smith 6 days ago


  • Mr.Awesome AKA AK50
    Mr.Awesome AKA AK50 6 days ago

    I am looking through an iPad

  • Aerii
    Aerii 6 days ago

    Shayne is my favorite pizza place

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 7 days ago

    Hi! I’m *-Clarisa-* and I’m here to teach you how to make *-friends-* .

  • Alon Korenblit
    Alon Korenblit 7 days ago

    I got a Samsung J7 Prime

  • sky rosexxx
    sky rosexxx 8 days ago

    2:36 whats that thing on his bicep

  • suh dude
    suh dude 8 days ago

    Broccoli bit should’ve been there

  • Braedon Belair
    Braedon Belair 8 days ago

    hi! I’m *CLARISSA* ! And I’m here to help you, help you how to make *FRIENDS* !!
    First step on how to make *FRIENDS* ... this is crazy! What do we do? We just have a time! We just have a *JOY* time!

  • WhatTheFaye
    WhatTheFaye 8 days ago


  • brony bro
    brony bro 9 days ago

    He was wrong I am watching on my wii

  • Lila Black
    Lila Black 10 days ago

    "I'm *CLORISSA* !"

  • 10000 subscriber with no vids? Central1046

    My favorite pizza place is big daddy’s pizza

  • Destiny Endicott
    Destiny Endicott 10 days ago

    Then what am I doing then if u can see me

  • Demon
    Demon 11 days ago


  • Diane Chung
    Diane Chung 11 days ago

    during the try not to laugh where shayne did the black panther gag jdjdj u can hear noah not laugh but say “ur so funny. aha funnyyy”

  • Jessie Esemplare
    Jessie Esemplare 12 days ago +1

    *You're my **_favorite_** pizza place.*

  • Stella Roserain
    Stella Roserain 12 days ago

    1:49 thank me later

  • Gacha Girl968
    Gacha Girl968 12 days ago

    At 5:13 i heard danny

  • santos maldonado
    santos maldonado 12 days ago


  • Joaquin_Santos
    Joaquin_Santos 13 days ago

    Its Shayne's TOPP 10 funniest moments

    ill leave now.......

  • Jesse Steeves
    Jesse Steeves 13 days ago +1

    " Have you seen coco yet I haven't I just got kicked out of a Baja fresh... For... Murder " 😂😂 LIKE ME

  • TT Snazzle
    TT Snazzle 13 days ago

    For murder

  • Pupsterpup 1
    Pupsterpup 1 13 days ago +2

    hi :D.
    And I’m here to show you how to make FRIENDS.

    Hi 911?
    I’m naked.

  • 3rd Red Scare
    3rd Red Scare 13 days ago

    The name for a fanfiction has to be "you're my favorite pizza place"

  • April SeaHawk
    April SeaHawk 13 days ago

    Okay can i just say that Shaynes laugh is adorable!

  • Sofia Williams
    Sofia Williams 13 days ago

    HI IM Klorissa, ANd I’m GOING TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE freinds

  • feetus
    feetus 13 days ago


  • De alpha Bitch
    De alpha Bitch 14 days ago

    The funniest thing that I've seen from him is not in there its his Aussie impression

  • DiamondThatWerewolf
    DiamondThatWerewolf 14 days ago

    Hi, I’m *CLARRISA*

  • Gabe Wall
    Gabe Wall 14 days ago


  • De Mast
    De Mast 14 days ago

    “Ya your going down punk right here in front of the whole school! Your going down! please don’t hurt me that hard please don’t hurt me! YA going DOWn!” 😂

  • Girrafe Person
    Girrafe Person 14 days ago

    ⛄️this is snowy he needs more snow

    1 like = 1 min of snow

  • De Mast
    De Mast 15 days ago +1

    This is amazing I love him so much he’s so funny!!!!

  • saddlseat is da bomb
    saddlseat is da bomb 18 days ago

    Today i will show how to make *FRIENDS*

    Im weak

  • jet animations
    jet animations 18 days ago

    7:54 lol I love it😃😂

  • cactus_xx
    cactus_xx 18 days ago

    I love his laugh

  • Vivi維維
    Vivi維維 19 days ago

    ur my favorite pizza place

    JENNY SQUAD 19 days ago

    Comes out with a wig covering one half of the face, “its not a phase mom” that would make me luagh

  • SarahSarahPearl
    SarahSarahPearl 20 days ago

    can someone explain the favorite pizza place bit? like where did it originate?

  • Wolf 101
    Wolf 101 20 days ago

    "Hi! I'm CLORISSA and I'm hear to help you make FRIENDS! First step on to make FRIENDS"

  • Mia Andreatta
    Mia Andreatta 21 day ago

    Sarah looks like my friend Caitlyn who coincidentally is also Korean and white and she also looks very white

  • gay64
    gay64 23 days ago


  • KatesInapropriateComments Lol

    “I’m 50% Korean “ but also “I’m not into the fusion”
    You ARE a fusion

  • Lily
    Lily 24 days ago +1

    I would speak...body language...
    *shakes body violently*

  • Rachel -_-
    Rachel -_- 24 days ago


  • Midstain Mcpe
    Midstain Mcpe 24 days ago +1

    I never really got the favourite pizza place joke can somone explain plss

  • Goat E. Mcghee
    Goat E. Mcghee 25 days ago

    Hey Mom, you're my favorite pizza place

  • Wolf Gamer
    Wolf Gamer 26 days ago


  • christian cutrona
    christian cutrona 26 days ago

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ home

  • Tyler Gold
    Tyler Gold 29 days ago

    Ha! Im not on iphone nor mac nor laptop nor pc. Im on android

  • TCA Videos
    TCA Videos Month ago


  • Sparkles & Love
    Sparkles & Love Month ago

    I heard... Laurel...

    And Yanny..

  • ʟɪʟ ᴘᴇᴇᴘ
    ʟɪʟ ᴘᴇᴇᴘ Month ago +1

    *you're my favorite pizza place*

  • Brooklyn Bullard
    Brooklyn Bullard Month ago +1

    1:23 My mom has the same exact shirt as Shayne.

  • Greyh0und Girl
    Greyh0und Girl Month ago

    2:31 tho... 😂😂😂

  • Ilove PigsAndPugs
    Ilove PigsAndPugs Month ago

    Shayne is honestly adorable😂💀

  • Artsy Pinapple
    Artsy Pinapple Month ago

    “911 I’m naked!!!

  • Epic Clipz
    Epic Clipz Month ago +2

    His laugh makes me laugh so so so hard! I just can’t take him seriously, I make the favorite pizza place reference with friends and they laugh 😂

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar Month ago

    7:04 made me choke on my gum

  • V e n o m
    V e n o m Month ago

    “Hi dominos...your my favorite pizza place!”

  • smol person
    smol person Month ago

    life coming at me 8:22

  • Kristieharding
    Kristieharding Month ago


  • August Dick
    August Dick Month ago +1

    Shane is my 1st favorite and joven is my 2nd favorite

  • Callista Smither
    Callista Smither Month ago

    My favorite moment of his was when he got hit directly in the face with a bouncy ball 😂😂😂

  • Cyb3r Tig3r
    Cyb3r Tig3r Month ago

    He missed a really good joke with the Korean fusion thing

  • Adrija Goswami
    Adrija Goswami Month ago

    6:45 What is happening to Shayne😂

  • Cerealsly !
    Cerealsly ! Month ago

    Anyone get Damian and Courtney vibes

  • Jasmin and Ariana K

    im absolutely screaming

  • Rusty C0w
    Rusty C0w Month ago


  • Kerri Piccirillo
    Kerri Piccirillo Month ago

    OMG YES!

  • Alyssa Allgaier
    Alyssa Allgaier Month ago

    2:15 the legend was born! keep up the great work

  • P
    P Month ago

    dont tell me that u have a channel based on shayne please... PLEASE GOD NO

  • jedimaster677
    jedimaster677 Month ago

    This whole clip reminds me pf anpther chanel ...sourcefed me

  • I LOVE HAMISH AND ANDY lakatsang

    I’m Australian

  • Killer Bot95494
    Killer Bot95494 2 months ago

    At 1:17 the soap should say if your in prison "don't drop me"

  • Realize_Random
    Realize_Random 2 months ago

    I betcha he just hurt his back when he fell at 1:48

  • ZoeZoe 817
    ZoeZoe 817 2 months ago

    Y’all what’s a Baha Fresh? Is it even s real thing?

  • Jakari Gonzalez
    Jakari Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Someone please tell me the soundtrack for 0:15 I find it really good

  • MsM Blue
    MsM Blue 2 months ago


  • SoullessGinger
    SoullessGinger 2 months ago

    “Just saw Black Panther” 🤣🤣

  • Anya Bouchard
    Anya Bouchard 2 months ago

    hi im *ClOriSsA*

  • Mythical Potato
    Mythical Potato 2 months ago

    0:10 what video is that from? I've been trying to find it..

  • Milenys plaza
    Milenys plaza 2 months ago

    It says murder:)))

  • TellitubiesRobloxAndMoreVEVO 123

    When Shayne said josh pay attention it freaked me out

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 2 months ago

    Shane dont see me i have an android samsung s6 edge

  • trashy.aries
    trashy.aries 2 months ago

    next up at the giggle hut..

  • trashy.aries
    trashy.aries 2 months ago

    Hey have you seen Coco yet?

  • JVT
    JVT 2 months ago

    Imagine if vomit con was a challenge to not vomit

  • Panic! At The Tubble509

    8:05me when someone is bothering me...

  • Amanda Is A Slytherin
    Amanda Is A Slytherin 2 months ago

    hi! im CLARISSA. and im here to tell you how to how help make FRIENDS

  • Trash Punda Gaming
    Trash Punda Gaming 2 months ago


  • Evan Carr
    Evan Carr 2 months ago

    The way he just closes the iPad at 0:52