Joe Rogan | The Real Reason Area 51 Was Started w/Annie Jacobsen

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:

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  • LiquidRush
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  • Hazeknowledge
    Hazeknowledge 3 hours ago

    Annie “in my book” Robinson

  • Hazeknowledge
    Hazeknowledge 3 hours ago

    Annie “I’m sweating” Jacobson

  • Hazeknowledge
    Hazeknowledge 3 hours ago

    Joe “mmm” Rogan

  • Dr. Sweet Gum's esquire

    What joe didn’t bring up was the material from the crash that many people report it being very unusual in that you could crumple it up and it would flatten back out with no crease and that it was almost indestructible and very strong but light as a feather. They are describing material that want in existence then and not even now that we know of. So if it was a hoax Russian propaganda experiment how and why would they go to so much trouble to create a revolutionary material built craft and give it to the Americans. The medical examiner that they initially took the body’s to in New Mexico reported that they definitely weren’t human after close examination, also Phillip j. Corso has been very public about the first hand accounts he witnessed during this time and speaks nothing about any hoax possibility and he was high ranking officer on the base and had seen these creatures close up. I get the whole phycological warfare topic and misinformation agendas done by intelligence agency but at the time of this crash these agency were in their infancy. The problem with one guy giving a testimony is corroboration, which I think is very important with such testimony. The more people that say the same things, make them more believable! Secrets and lies are ruining this world. They only create confusion and distrust! Very frustrating

  • christian garcia jr
    christian garcia jr 8 hours ago

    What horse shit entertaining though

  • MannyXsicko 818
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    Joe : I have to use the restroom
    Her: well in my book ...

  • Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez 9 hours ago

    Modified humans .. didn't Russia and US, have Nazi scientists via operation paperclip that all tested on hundreds of humans so, Russian Nazis literally just dropped a craft in the middle with a crazy experiment that Germany made just to Troll the US?

  • Dj Tumbao
    Dj Tumbao 15 hours ago

    Joe next time read us the last 12 pages and don't interview her pls lol jk awesome interview Joe

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    How many times did she say in my book 🤣 buy it buy it buy NOW!!!

  • Raven Crim
    Raven Crim 15 hours ago

    I think shes full of shit. The way she sounds is like shes lying.

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    You're My Wife Now 17 hours ago

    Her voice doesn't match her face!

  • John M.
    John M. 18 hours ago

    Has anyone here actually read her book?

  • StaffSaber
    StaffSaber 20 hours ago

    This lady is doing a bad job of being secretive and suspenseful to compensate for the fact that she's actually full of shit.

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    'Humans that were surgically altered to look like aliens '...I'm outa hea

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    Are You A Writter ,
    ummm its in my book

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    This bitch sounds like the therapist from rick and morty

  • James Boggs
    James Boggs Day ago

    I have read the book "Area 51:A Secret History" . I believe that she is close to the truth -at least about CIA experiments/ crimes against US Citizens/Nazi infiltration of Our Government & UNSPEAKABLE EVIL and THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD tied into Satanism.

  • PsychoCit
    PsychoCit 2 days ago

    In a world without global knowledge databases available at the touch of a finger, propagandists flourished .... how is the business these days?

  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker 2 days ago

    She is just trying to sell a book. She's seems like a liar.

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    cory humbert 2 days ago

    My God this women has a sexy voice.

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    God damn this bitch is ridiculous

  • John Hagar III
    John Hagar III 2 days ago

    joe rogan guest: *tells him about an interesting hypothesis
    joe rogan: that’s crazy or it’s entirely possible

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    Annie "its in my book" Jacobsen

  • John Turner
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    This womens talking some s**t

  • mucafit
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    So many BS.For what she claims the Rusians should have in 1951 Aircarrier to deliver plane close to USA and that plane should have todays technology which is another BS

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    Well, that seems about a 2TB e-book

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    Take a look
    It's in my book
    Reading rainbow

  • Milan
    Milan 3 days ago +1

    This sort of confirms Alex Jones and Eddie bravos theories weirdly😂
    Like when Alex said Hospitals take baby's from mother's and tell them they've died, they're used for government testing 👀

  • Milan
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    Damn this is crazy, she should write a book

  • Tristan Robson
    Tristan Robson 3 days ago

    Sorry,, of course, her 'secret' source, come on Joe really?

  • Tristan Robson
    Tristan Robson 3 days ago

    Hahaha it'll all be in my next book

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    She full of shit

  • douchebagout
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    Her voice is intoxicating

  • SoulTalk
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    The Gateway Process and the gateway program are the names of the declassified cia documents on astral project and remote viewing
    *Thumbs up to enlighten*

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    Of course she believed her source, it fit her narrative.

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    She's pretty hot.

  • voilaviolamh
    voilaviolamh 3 days ago

    Jesus, Joe, think she really wants to tell everything that makes up the last twelve pages, the very conclusion, of one of her books on a podcast with millions of ppl listening? It's at the end of the book for a reason.

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    Beltran Beltran 3 days ago

    Her voice 😍

  • voilaviolamh
    voilaviolamh 3 days ago

    Stalin said in the thirties that if he had control of Hollywood, he could control the entire world.

  • voilaviolamh
    voilaviolamh 3 days ago

    What she says, about the little ppl and the drone let loose to crash, is far more plausible than aliens. You gotta be silly to be like, "surgically modified human handicapped children crashed in a mock spaceship, nah, aliens, which there's no substantiated evidence of anytime in human history, makes MUCH MORE sense."

  • Harry
    Harry 4 days ago

    Shame that she didn’t want to actually talk about anything properly and just intended to sell her book.

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    joe brings people on to torch them lmao

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    OMG This lady is so full of shit. .you can tell you she is a selling disinformation. .

  • Stonedfacekilla
    Stonedfacekilla 4 days ago

    Who brings up Bob Lazar anymore? He was proven to be a liar last time I heard his name. Glen Campbell is the one who really got the word out

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    Okay Annie, I think I will buy your book.

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    This ladys full of shit

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    This woman talks a lot without saying anything.

  • S A
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    Does she give tea bags

  • Brandon Larranaga
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    So according to her Eddie Bravo is right about a fake alien invasion lol 😂😂😂

  • Grayson Kubala
    Grayson Kubala 5 days ago

    Do you have proof about this?
    He died....

  • agtorge
    agtorge 5 days ago

    Wow a fucking wack job and fuck her book

  • Jh Hg
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    The source didn't told her more because she....
    told him to read the book

  • Jh Hg
    Jh Hg 5 days ago

    Joe "Ahm..see, i don't have, a desire outcome, i mean i would love if aliens were real" Rogan

  • Kermit Le Frag
    Kermit Le Frag 5 days ago

    Check out the M21 and the D21 drones they talk about, It literally looks exactly like a ufo

  • MattacksRC
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    Wow so no aliens. Most plausible explanation I've heard so far.

  • Marcio Rocha
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    BS black belt

  • PurpleBoy 88
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    The truth is still out there. Not lol

  • Yuan&Euros
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    Joe knows she has false information

  • GenericIndian Reyansh

    Apparently it's in her book

  • Trini_ Bang
    Trini_ Bang 5 days ago

    So MIB is only a movie?

  • Tom
    Tom 6 days ago

    Who are these sauces they come out of no where and tell a convenient secret story that sort of explains 51 but not really
    We definitely need to re-open the X file's

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 6 days ago

    This woman is full of sh..

  • Josh Bowen
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    Joe: Why wouldn't you judge him.... I'd hudge him
    Me: 😂

  • Cody D Hall
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    I would love to one day direct a movie about this incredible woman's story of getting this information. I am aweinspired 3 fold!

  • Lou Dyson
    Lou Dyson 6 days ago

    She wrote this book eight years ago?

    WiLSoN BOWLING 6 days ago

    History is all a hoax people!! Time to Wake Up and smell the roses!!

  • Ken White
    Ken White 7 days ago

    Boo, she sounds like booboo. I can not buy anything she says

  • BigDtheDon
    BigDtheDon 7 days ago

    It's very convenient that her source is dead. I don't believe a word she said ❌

  • BigDtheDon
    BigDtheDon 7 days ago

    She's so fcuking annoying 🤬

  • BigDtheDon
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    She was paid by let's call it an "entity" to be the face of the book. Then was coached on talking points. Then probably paid a SHIT TON of money to promote the book on the JRE 💯 And how do I know this? It's in the book 😂

  • Rok Podlogar
    Rok Podlogar 7 days ago

    why do you people criticize her struggles to force people to read her books she put years of hard work into? i guess she doesn't want to look the truth in the face that probably most of the joe rogan experience don't like to spend hours on books, they just want the jizz of a dirty quicky without the effort.

  • Rok Podlogar
    Rok Podlogar 7 days ago

    she really looks like a person that wouldn't judge. that being said, i bet her husband would be scared shitless if he ever cheated on her.

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  • Deaf Bastard
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    not sure if her voice is sexy or creepy, I mean if she said "Im slowly taking my panties off" that would be o'k, but if she said "Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you" ....I'd slam the phone down and leave the country,

  • Diogo Cezar
    Diogo Cezar 7 days ago

    "this is a podcast, so...". Thx Joe.

  • Altimus dsos
    Altimus dsos 7 days ago

    She is full of bullshit...

  • Baron Feyd
    Baron Feyd 7 days ago

    This woman is NUTS. Area 51 wasn't called that because it was setup in the year 1951. The government picked it out of multiple areas they had labeled with numbers it just so happened to be area 51 was the one selected for it's remoteness at the time. This woman is totally unreliable and should be looked upon as a crackpot.

  • Don John
    Don John 8 days ago

    Smells like bs right from the start. She can't back up any claim and rambles on like a bigfoot beliver.

  • Living Colours
    Living Colours 8 days ago

    Handicapped alien children? WTF?!

  • Darwin Henriquez
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    I don’t believe shit she’s saying and I don’t think Joe is buying it either.

  • Guillermo A
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    She sounds like terry gross

  • Marc Marc
    Marc Marc 8 days ago

    Yeah. Can’t buy into anything she’s saying. She’s obviously just trying to make a profit by selling her damn book

    • GumgumDookuin
      GumgumDookuin 6 days ago

      Because she doesn't want to spoil it...

  • Roger Wood
    Roger Wood 8 days ago

    joe rogan is the goat..he know how to ask the right questions to people

  • Smokey Joe
    Smokey Joe 8 days ago +1

    Americans: When all else fails, blame the Russians. Just another scribe fed a narrative by an elder on an ego trip to get "their" version in a book, I call BS.

  • Cale Mcdowell
    Cale Mcdowell 8 days ago

    She’s FULL OF SHIT.

  • Binky Bones
    Binky Bones 8 days ago +4

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to...
    well you'll just have to read the book...

  • 417altavista
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    Her: I want to come on your podcast talk show to talk about my book.
    Joe: ok, tell me about your book.
    Her: I don’t want to. You’ll have to read the book.
    Joe: wtf is going on here?

  • Johnny Hammer
    Johnny Hammer 8 days ago

    I'd put my area 51 inch RIGHT IN HER BOOK

  • Explicit Stoner
    Explicit Stoner 8 days ago +2

    Plot twist: This woman is the other hoax that the CIA use

  • YeahImRaw64
    YeahImRaw64 8 days ago

    She just promoting her books n tryna sell them b*tches

  • YeahImRaw64
    YeahImRaw64 8 days ago

    She talking straight bullsh*t. First she said he randomly told her about everything during a interview because he felt bad about participating in the experiments then she came back n said he told her about everything because he had a grandchild that died

  • The W3t_dude
    The W3t_dude 8 days ago

    Dont get journalist again joe they’re annoying

  • Branden Juan
    Branden Juan 8 days ago

    Joe has the irresistible desire in his eyes to nail the shit outta her

  • zakshadsai
    zakshadsai 8 days ago

    I have a sudden urge to buy books. I don't know why. Oh, wait...

  • chrisodle007
    chrisodle007 8 days ago

    It is almost easier to just believe that there are aliens than this spider web of bullshit. Anyone else not so sure about this chick?

  • dash allday
    dash allday 8 days ago

    Does This dumb bitch actually think were buying what's she's selling I seriously hope no one fell for this horse shit

  • Rico Broke
    Rico Broke 8 days ago

    I’m High Af And She Bs About That Niqqa Meetin Aliens And Shit And Fuck Her Book Damn... Annoyin Af

  • Chad Roberts
    Chad Roberts 9 days ago

    This chick is nuts

  • Marlon M
    Marlon M 9 days ago

    She came to the podcast to do a 3 hr long commercial