• Published on Apr 7, 2019
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Comments • 8 146

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 56 minutes ago +2

    2019 😂😂😂😂🦋🦋🦋👇👇👇👇

  • mangle gaming
    mangle gaming 2 hours ago

    tsk tsk tsk


    Alguien vino por juegagerman!!😀

  • Alice Fitzgerald
    Alice Fitzgerald 4 hours ago +1


  • Jake S
    Jake S 4 hours ago

    Someone st their nipple

  • Jake S
    Jake S 4 hours ago


    *When you realise a chicken died to have fake tan sprayed all over it for youtube…*

  • I make bad animations lel

    why would they bother making a fake

  • ePlays
    ePlays 6 hours ago

    How is this legal?!

  • Sunday Sunlight
    Sunday Sunlight 7 hours ago


    That's why your food looks so good!

  • sweet potato cat
    sweet potato cat 7 hours ago

    Real food looks so much better

  • UwU кошак
    UwU кошак 8 hours ago +1

    Мороженное из картошки гениально

  • Miss Anna
    Miss Anna 9 hours ago

    I hope whoever is having a bad day just remembers
    That things will get better :)

  • bella jo
    bella jo 9 hours ago

    This went from comercial things, to showing chemicals and stuff to plating ideas

  • Andrew Cadion
    Andrew Cadion 9 hours ago +1

    "Reality is often disapointing"

  • Ninshhu
    Ninshhu 10 hours ago


  • CorgiCub
    CorgiCub 10 hours ago

    You can do the same video but for your thumbnails..

  • Eesa Shayah
    Eesa Shayah 11 hours ago

    who knew???

  • AOY Hello
    AOY Hello 11 hours ago


  • geanne micaelah capulong
    geanne micaelah capulong 15 hours ago +2

    It doesn't bad it's about the taste and it's not so messy in the reality actually like the commercial who agree

  • Audrey Lerou
    Audrey Lerou 17 hours ago


  • Srainbow60
    Srainbow60 18 hours ago

    If you put margarine in the microwave it sure melts

  • SecretSkull
    SecretSkull 20 hours ago

    Okay 1. What the FUCK was the filtered Mountain Dew experiment supposed to show? Yeah, when you filter out everything that makes it soda, you have all the water left.
    2. ...Where the fuck do you get long-necked Mountain Dew bottles? For some reason I need this is my life.

  • Kαყʅα Rσʂҽ & Gɾҽҽɳ Pιƙαƈԋυ


    Its small cause if you put water if the whole cup is full with noodles it will spill everywhere

  • Egg with 25000 subscribers

    Don’t they taste the same?

  • wolflover help me im dying inside

    7:54 yes now shut the fuck up karen

  • Charlyn Mae Ebuenga
    Charlyn Mae Ebuenga 23 hours ago

    Ang boring tas ang panget

  • Jin’s Fanboy
    Jin’s Fanboy Day ago

    10:13 looks like someone shit on a plate! 😂😂🤣🤣😭😭

  • victoria cook
    victoria cook Day ago

    But what about the commercial people eat the food

  • Sophia Almeida Oficial

    Quem veio pelo t3ddyyyy

  • Charles-Antoine Taillefer

    This is so stupid 😂

  • del boy
    del boy Day ago

    I bought a big mac look like someone sat on it with soggy fries and not even a smile from the staff.Happy meal my arse

  • King 1x
    King 1x Day ago

    Direct target at mc Donalds

    TNEG UKRAM Day ago

    idone is a food spy! XD

  • fd1969
    fd1969 Day ago

    The thumbnail is 5-minutes craft in a nutshell.

  • Ghost Animations :3

    The real cake looks way better than the "commercial"

  • mja music switzerland


  • Animationish
    Animationish Day ago

    0:35 oh wow that looks so unnatural

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby Day ago

    fodase, comia

  • Brooke Lindsay 炼冻还博物馆烁

    Main event highlights ranch.

  • Tristeamer
    Tristeamer Day ago

    Yoooo clicked on the video to dislike it

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Day ago

    *Do not trust strangers*

  • XxRaziel ChanxX
    XxRaziel ChanxX Day ago +1

    What was in those bottles 4 the designs at the end..
    I’ve been thinking 4 months and still haven’t figured it out
    Send Help T-T

  • jean gamer
    jean gamer Day ago

    The sodas are just colorless beacous theres no color when you mix shugar and they just add coloring to the sodas so that you know what is water and not water and also the reason why cup noodles put half of a noodle is as the noodle soften the mass of the noodle becomes bigger and if they just fill the whole cup with noodles it would over flow

  • The Maeious
    The Maeious Day ago +2

    Everybody gangsta, till 5 minute crafts clickbaits

  • Casper
    Casper Day ago +2

    The one with the paintbrush just looks disgusting

  • Chew Chew Food
    Chew Chew Food Day ago +2

    Ads: Lets make them fool by fake visuals
    Lawyer: People can file a case if they don't get what they see
    Ads: Lets put a disclaimer at the end that what we are showing is not correct and make it very very very very small

  • Michelle jasareno
    Michelle jasareno Day ago +4

    why are u guys using big plate then the food is small?

  • Jay Yaj
    Jay Yaj Day ago

    Well the thing is, is most commercials just show the food like this, so most if not all the time theyd already have premade fake foods, nevee would they think of going through all the trouble the oc did

  • Aya Rezk
    Aya Rezk Day ago +1


  • Garland Gantt
    Garland Gantt Day ago +1

    Meh life was.......

    A freakn lie!!!!!!!

  • Skyfall Playz
    Skyfall Playz Day ago +1

    Those frauds 😡

  • Sasikala Balasubramanian

    5 minutes crafts but 12 mins . Commercial vs real for 5 mins and 7 mins of shitty designing and secrets of food industry .

  • notjustanyroad
    notjustanyroad 2 days ago

    8:34and so on i have never seen commercial that do that

  • Mel Bel
    Mel Bel 2 days ago +1

    I like real because ho eats shaving cream and boxes 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮

  • BIll Geo
    BIll Geo 2 days ago

    I call bullshit on that “genetic memory” thing at 6:50

  • Talia Moran
    Talia Moran 2 days ago +4

    u have to put water in the noodles so it can expand omg do u eat noodles raw

  • RedNbloo
    RedNbloo 2 days ago

    as long as it's good food who gives a dam bout ads

  • D.J. Hughes
    D.J. Hughes 2 days ago

    Who cares. It's the same food. It taste the same, doesn't it? It's food, and I think people would just eat it instead of just doing this stupid stuff.