• Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • I'm a business owner, let's talk about wtf is actually going on here, and WHO is at fault. My Divorce video: usclip.net/video/zA2DjZ9lQO4/video.html
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  • Kristen Leanne
    Kristen Leanne  Month ago +683

    what are your thoughts on this?? Let's chat.

    • PauleTRoniX
      PauleTRoniX 16 days ago

      What happened with the hair? Did you bring it to a vet and/or have it tested?

    • Dani
      Dani 21 day ago

      @Erikka's Epiphany nooooooooooo my gosh ....girl link

    • Erikka's Epiphany
      Erikka's Epiphany 22 days ago

      Has anyone seen Cassandra Bankson’s video about possibly finding rat 🐀 hair in the lipsticks?

    • Dani
      Dani 22 days ago

      i love your makeup in this video sm

    • Zing Lamp God
      Zing Lamp God 24 days ago

      @Sefora Di Marco honestly true

  • LauraSofia071
    LauraSofia071 11 hours ago

    I hate how much waste this situation created. Starting with the PR package, besides being pretty what other use does it serve? Also it doesn’t seem like something you could reuse/repurposed. Also tons of people threw out their lipsticks and all that plastics goes to landfills, ocean and so on.

  • Cheetotania _
    Cheetotania _ 11 hours ago +1

    KRISTEN PLEASE DONT USE HER LIPSTICK Your expired makeup can also start to harbor bacteria. When it comes to your skin, this can mean irritation and bumps that look like acne. And when it comes to your eyes, this bacteria buildup can actually cause infections and pink eye, says King. As for lipstick, using an expired one can cause swelling.

  • outtaspacegal
    outtaspacegal 17 hours ago

    lol i was legit about to give this channel a try but you lost me right here, bye

  • Cheyenne Baxter
    Cheyenne Baxter Day ago

    fix ur fuckin eyebrows one of them is way higher than the other lmao this is Jaclyn’s fault as well as the lab lmfao you’re straight up stupid

  • IJJ
    IJJ 4 days ago +1

    “I’m against animal cruelty..but Jaclyn has so much integrity” Just listen to yourself you bloody idiot

  • IJJ
    IJJ 4 days ago +1

    There is something really wrong with you.

  • Squidward Tenticals
    Squidward Tenticals 6 days ago

    PLEASE EASE PLEASE! DO NOT SHOW PICTURES OF PEOPLES PHOBIAS! I have trypophobia and a warning was lovely BUT the picture was not needed and made me and others very uncomfortable and unnerved. Please next time just crop out the pictures!

  • faroshscale
    faroshscale 7 days ago +1

    Beside the point, but why are you covering your neck when you do your foundation? You have a neck tattoo. The foundation makes it look patchy and old.

  • faroshscale
    faroshscale 7 days ago

    Beside the point, but why are you covering your neck when you do your foundation? You have a neck tattoo. The foundation makes it look patchy and old.

  • Raisehell
    Raisehell 7 days ago

    That looks like the same sh!t people are pulling out of their skin called morgellons.

  • Donna Bruce
    Donna Bruce 7 days ago +1

    Umm, the Makeup Geek girl WARNED Jaclyn Hill about how bad that lab is.

  • mswhunter118
    mswhunter118 11 days ago +1

    First and last video of yours I will watch. You must have said you’re an owner a million times yet only when a potential animal hair pop up did your panties get in a bunch. Girl bye. You and Jackalie can go kick rocks.

  • Grease That Emo
    Grease That Emo 11 days ago

    Hmm...yeah not her fault not like ya know she’s been working on this for 5 years and called herself a control freak..

  • by Beaux Barron
    by Beaux Barron 11 days ago

    Sold out ? No, that is cheap way of not selling more garbage.....while deceiving customers. Not being mean.....JH is one being mean !

  • by Beaux Barron
    by Beaux Barron 11 days ago

    Those little hairs / fibers are mold, fungus, POISON !! Nasty ! If you would not eat food with these "hairs" ......why would you put it on your lips ? JH should have been pulling random samples and taking them to an independent lab for testing.....that's part of Quality Control for every company ! Yes it is her fault ! And you got the new lipsticks made just for influencers .......buyers were not so lucky.

  • Jasmin Coffee
    Jasmin Coffee 12 days ago +1

    Can you do a video on your Make Up? Looks kinda natural but glam and perfect for summer. I'm really into that eye look 😍 love you and love to watch your videos. Stay happy and strong 😊

  • Lexy Emerson
    Lexy Emerson 12 days ago

    Your video is good, but I am a little confused because you even admit that you went to your lab (I am guessing to check on quality of your product?) yet you say it isn’t JH fault. If she went to visit the lab then she would have notice poor quality in the product? Or maybe I am wrong about this?

  • EpicEmilyy. Original!
    EpicEmilyy. Original! 13 days ago

    Setting my Jacklyn Hill lipsticks on fire! Not clickbait!
    Lol. When the stove started going off.

  • Lux Vella
    Lux Vella 13 days ago

    I LOVE lipsticks and i understand why you're doing this. But watching you cut and smoosh brand new lipsticks just breaks my heart. Even if they have hair on them. 😢😢

  • Jenny Hates To Dance
    Jenny Hates To Dance 15 days ago

    Are they testing on animals?

  • Irreverent Bard
    Irreverent Bard 15 days ago +1

    Who wears cotton gloves other than Canadians in the winter?

  • Irreverent Bard
    Irreverent Bard 15 days ago

    Ultimately, as the ceo of her company, this is absolutely her fault. Her decision to move forward with a product launch of a faulty product falls squarely on her.
    The makeup industry is incredibly competitive, and a company’s credibility is everything. The quality of this product at that price point is going to be held to a greater standard than drugstore brands.
    Companies spend millions on advertisement and marketing, and JH is competing against some heavy hitters with their established consumer base.
    She is novel, and an influencer, but so are many of her competitors.
    Unfortunately, she made a horrendous executive decision, and had she been the ceo of a public company, she would have been terminated from her position.
    Let this be an age old lesson for all would be entrepreneurs: your reputation is everything.

  • Lauren Adams
    Lauren Adams 16 days ago

    The lab is to blame 100%.
    Jaclyn is to blame for NOT recalling the product immediately and she is absolutely to blame for the horrible way she’s handled this situation as a business owner and influencer. She should have recalled this garbage, and released an apology video providing an explanation. That would have saved her ass, and she could have came out with another product that people would buy. At this point, if she were to come out with anything else, it would fail miserably because now she is not to be trusted to provide QUALITY product that is safe to use.

  • Lauren Adams
    Lauren Adams 16 days ago

    Already well aware of the faulty lipsticks, I just couldn’t stop staring at your perfect skin! Fucking flawlesssssssssss

  • em kej
    em kej 16 days ago

    just testing on animals ;]

  • Google User
    Google User 16 days ago +1

    Omg stop saying “it’s not her fault” It IS HER FAULT! She has done NOTHING to make this right. Nothing but lies on lies

  • RayneSaltair
    RayneSaltair 16 days ago

    You should sell just the box unless you're going to use it yourself. I so wish I had one cause that's gorgeous. Def would have that out on my vanity with stuff in it. Red is harder to make and more expensive.

  • J-Me 35
    J-Me 35 16 days ago

    This is absolutely her fault. This is her baby. If I let my child leave the house unkept, who will be blamed? ME, the parent!!! This is her product and she let it leave the lab looking like she didn’t care about it. I have lipsticks that I’m sure should be thrown out because they are years old and they look better than these brand new lipsticks.

  • NightOdin
    NightOdin 18 days ago

    "its not her fault"
    she mean she doesnt want get into jh teapot.

  • Rose Petals
    Rose Petals 18 days ago +1

    Yep unsubscribed you lost me at, “not her fault”!

  • Rose Petals
    Rose Petals 18 days ago

    So was it or wasn’t an animal hair 🤔

  • Olivia Madison
    Olivia Madison 18 days ago

    Listen guys, I agree that it’s Jaclyn’s fault but we don’t need to hate on Kristen because it’s just personal opinion and we jshould just keep our mean thoughts to ourself

  • MirMir Baxter
    MirMir Baxter 18 days ago +1

    Plot thickens....stove tries lighting itself to destroy this crap being sold to us.

  • Jacqueline Martinez
    Jacqueline Martinez 19 days ago

    I think a lot of us are not blaming her for what happened, it's more in regards to her not owning up to what's going on and not recalling what seems to be unsafe. The more she hides the worse it'll be. I get her mental health is on the line but she's making it worse by hiding.

  • Lester Mabry
    Lester Mabry 19 days ago

    Lipstick is evil anyway. All it does is make people wanna fuck you who can't. What a dickheaded thing to do to people around you.

  • 70s Child
    70s Child 20 days ago +3

    When you said you had no problems putting these on your lips, I was like 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂

  • Cece May
    Cece May 20 days ago

    @Prettypastelplease found metal in her JH lipsticks and plastic and a bunch of other weird shit in hers

  • Cece May
    Cece May 20 days ago

    Cringing at the thought of you swatching so many people have had reactions ahhhh dont do it!!!!

  • Ciara Rodriguez
    Ciara Rodriguez 20 days ago

    She gave people the one tested on animals and yes it is her fault she should check on her Quality of the product and where it’s coming from and her excuses are lies

  • Morgs Rooks
    Morgs Rooks 20 days ago

    What's this eye shadow and lip you're wearing? It's SO GOOD.

  • Holly
    Holly 21 day ago +1

    As a business owner I'm surprised you keep saying it's not her fault. It 100% is. She is responsible for putting those out.

  • Yuliana Carrillo
    Yuliana Carrillo 21 day ago

    When the burners turned on that should of been a sign lol

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed Zombie 21 day ago


  • Landon Johnson and more

    One must consider the best product gets sent in PR shipments...

  • traci friday
    traci friday 21 day ago +1


  • x0xmadix0x
    x0xmadix0x 21 day ago +4

    If you think this isn’t Jaclyn’s fault, I’ve lost all respect for you as a business owner.

  • Skyler Gray
    Skyler Gray 21 day ago

    Yeah we get it you’re a brand owner and don’t think it’s her fault.
    Edit: “she has a lot of integrity” lmfao
    You got into your feels as a vegan but “oh just little fibers” are still contamination and could fuckin hospitalize people like me that are immunocompromised.

  • Rita
    Rita 22 days ago

    Im not someone who usually comments, I feel wrong if I dont say this today - "I can't fault her for this" was said multiple times. In my opinion, Jaclyn is the owner of her brand and product, she needs to be satisfied, personally, that the products have properly passed QC and are safe to use. She will not be able to get away from relying on other people's information. Moreover, she herself was a perfectionist and have used her own lipsticks for the longest time before putting it out on the market. I am unable to comprehend how is this not her fault?

  • Jenna Love
    Jenna Love 22 days ago

    You’re a questionable brand owner if you believe this isn’t Jacklns fault and you really have no business being a brand owner.

  • Jenna Love
    Jenna Love 22 days ago

    I will never buy from you if you truly believe this is isn’t jacklyns fault

  • Pixelles
    Pixelles 22 days ago

    What waste on the packaging. I’d rather have “The Ordinary” style plain packaging but quality products, than expensive looking packaging and crappy quality products - spend the money where it matters, on the products!

  • Miss Kizmet The Mistress

    I’ve never watched you before so I can’t really in any sincerity comment aside of saying it seems a shame people have spent money on these substandard products and that the lady who made them should be more transparent with her customers; without them she wouldn’t have a product of any standard to sell, so 🤨 Separately to that - you’re another person I’ve taken screenshots of the kickass brows of, for ideas for a transplant I’m having due to losing mine to illness, your nails are absolutely beautiful, and I love the colours too 😍😁 Thanks for the content 👍🏼

  • Ashton Corinne
    Ashton Corinne 22 days ago

    I love you... thank you for being so sweet and loving. I appreciate you!!!!!!

  • BlowItOutYourCunt
    BlowItOutYourCunt 22 days ago

    Use a heat gun, Melba lipstick and use a very fine mesh metal strainer to see if you catch any particulate, then you could wash it off with 80 + proof alcohol to see all the hair and the metal/ the plastic shards that are in there!

  • Minty
    Minty 23 days ago

    It is her fault and she's very irresponsible about it

  • brittanynotbritney
    brittanynotbritney 23 days ago

    I understand where your coming from, but this is totally her fault. I’m assuming she is the one who agreed to use this lab? 🤷🏼‍♀️ she’s putting her name on it and oking it. She’s very much to blame.

  • Rose McDonough
    Rose McDonough 23 days ago

    Anyone thinking this isnt her fault is delusional. Its her name, her brand, shes the ceo.these arent minor problems, these lipsticks came out in the worst possible way on earth and if she didnt notice that sending em off to millions of people, then shes fucking insane

    CONAN CHICK 23 days ago

    Your search thru the lip sticks was soooo half ass dude. Isolate the questionable variable first THEN smash the lipstick. Duh.

  • Crystal Price
    Crystal Price 23 days ago

    What were the results?

  • Starla Ball
    Starla Ball 23 days ago

    21:24 once again this is not her fault ???SMH even if lab dropped the ball she still has not refunded no one SMH..

  • Starla Ball
    Starla Ball 23 days ago

    14:20 I don't fault her for this..INSERT ABSOLUTELY SHOCK..you're a business owner wht if this was found or happened in you're company??would it b the labs fault or yours??? Smh

  • Beth Wade
    Beth Wade 23 days ago

    Wow! Just wow!!! For me, it's so sad, because I believe the colors are gorgeous. I'm so freaking mad at how she is handling this. They are contaminated. They need to come off of the market. Jaclyn knows she would not pull a hairy lipstick out of a Birken and put it on her lips. Gorgeous colors, poor management of her company!

  • Carly
    Carly 23 days ago +15

    It's her fault dude. Her product, her responsibility.

  • Its Gabbs
    Its Gabbs 23 days ago

    It’s probably your hair cause the hairs white and yours is to ?🤷🏿‍♀️

  • Josie Hernandez
    Josie Hernandez 23 days ago +1

    Rat hair?! 🤢

  • UniCat
    UniCat 23 days ago +2

    Number 1. This shows it is HER fault 100%.
    Number 2. Why the f are so many people triggered by other people having a phobia?

  • Cierra Barron
    Cierra Barron 23 days ago

    This grossed me out I had to turn it off ugh

  • A_XxTokyoGhoulxX _A
    A_XxTokyoGhoulxX _A 24 days ago +3

    You should have gotten the Hair DNA tested.

  • Zing Lamp God
    Zing Lamp God 24 days ago

    never wanted to be in all this drama, and i know this isnt really jacylns fault, but it isnt her fault for the product like the way it has hairs or watever but the fact it melts is her fault because many say its the formulation thats wrong for hot weather. i get it its not her fault but wat i will say is that her way or adressing this is really bad sayign that no its ur fault they came like this isnt professional and she should be like omg but my lab is pefrect everything is perfect it isnt dude it ust isnt! this lab is like really bad tho like thats agreed for sure. i do feel bad for all the hate shes getting but like all the other situations around her yt channel like she doesnt post very often and now boom she comes out with a product there are ppl alot busier tan her that post reguraly so.. and also wat confuses me is this: i use these like all the time and they are perfect! but if u go thro many of these havent one of them came bad? i get the thing about the lipstick container or watever its called now thx for telling us! and the product doesnt seem old but the factory/lab is super unprofessional and unhiegince and to not notice that? idk as im no professional but like doesnt the person making the product (aka jaclyn hill) come in and check the lab and stuff? and while choosing labs doesnt the person get little tour or watever? all in all i think its 50/50 both the lab is junk and jaclyn is taking this very unprofessionally sorry for all the spelling mistakes! -sus the queen!

  • Berta Buttd
    Berta Buttd 24 days ago


  • Berta Buttd
    Berta Buttd 24 days ago

    Were all lipsticks made at the same lab.

  • The Megan Experience
    The Megan Experience 24 days ago

    This is an older video now (in terms of tea) but perhaps if you know any high school teachers or college professors, you could have them examine it under a microscope - they likely wouldn't have the knowledge to get super specific but they would clearly be able to identify whether it is an animal hair or not.

  • don cameron
    don cameron 24 days ago +1

    I see what you mean! Nonetheless I love beauty products very much because I am a lady at heart ❤️😍😊

  • don cameron
    don cameron 24 days ago +1

    I Thankyou for trying out the beauty products ❤️😍💄

  • don cameron
    don cameron 24 days ago +1

    I love your makeup tutorials very much!! I love makeup very much much, and I love the makeup videos very much!!😍❤️💄

  • don cameron
    don cameron 24 days ago

    I love Plato’s Closet but I cannot fit in their clothes 😍❤️💄

  • Michelle Shoaf
    Michelle Shoaf 24 days ago +7

    I couldn't stand watching this Video. This is her fault 100%. And then the way she treats ppl for speaking up about there experience with her products. Stop Talking.

  • Kelsey Nicole
    Kelsey Nicole 24 days ago

    Thanks for being honest about your opinions and not joining in on the mob mentality.

  • Anindita Sastavianti
    Anindita Sastavianti 25 days ago +2

    maybe PR package has different quality than non PR package? glad never interest to this product though

  • Kyo Jane
    Kyo Jane 25 days ago

    I understand that the actual products are not directly her fault, but she does have a responsibility to check and check and check again the quality of the labs she works with. I find it hard to believe a lab could have a great reputation and hundreds of success stories and then suddenly put out one product that's this bad, cause it's not little issues we're talking about here it's major health and safety risks. I would also love her to release the name of the lab, as it needs to be shut the fuck down, but it would also shed light upon whether Jaclyn made a mistake or chose a cheap lab so she could make max profit. I'd never send hate her way or be nasty but I also feel a lot of the feedback is not hate, it's people being concerned about as you said stuff they put on their face. For instance what if your kid is a huge fan and you buy her that lipstick, it looks fine so you let them use it and boom you're in the hospital for a deadly rabbit allergy attack. As a side note I think the PR package was a ridiculous display of wealth and waste and that much time and energy put into the packaging when the product is this bad doesn't make it look good. Aesthetics over safety.... not a good look.

  • Sophie Boahene
    Sophie Boahene 25 days ago +1

    It is 100% Jaclyn’s fault. She is the owner - she is responsible for quality control...

  • Galatea
    Galatea 25 days ago +7

    Lab is supposed to stand for laboratory, not Labrador...

  • Jackie K
    Jackie K 25 days ago +5

    Not her fault? Maybe you’re fault 🤣
    Come on.

  • Erica Nicole
    Erica Nicole 25 days ago

    I like how people are shitting on you and jaclyn for your standards but im pretty sure the people that are complaining are the same people that care so much about their skin but let guys nut on their faces lmao talk ab standards its makeup smh. i wouldnt necessarily buy it because in not a big fan of jaclyn but its makeup and if it would put people in danger i dont think jaclyn would put it out

  • April Showers
    April Showers 25 days ago

    Shouldn't she have (a personal/close team) that checks or inspects her products before they ship out to customers? I would be there myself. Idk tho I don't make makeup 🤷‍♀️

  • Celeste Ousley
    Celeste Ousley 25 days ago

    She’s been In the beauty industry. And knows so many people who work with labs.... it is her fault .

  • Marg Motts
    Marg Motts 25 days ago +1

    Damn lady, you are so going to regret that neck tattoo.

    • Alayna Killmer
      Alayna Killmer 23 days ago

      Marg Motts damn guy, you should so just leave people alone and let them put art on their body if they want to

  • Ifrah Wasif
    Ifrah Wasif 26 days ago

    Just turn the stove on.

  • Elie 0726
    Elie 0726 26 days ago +7

    “Is not her fault “, girl bye!! I stoped watching the video right after

    • Jenna Love
      Jenna Love 22 days ago

      Elie 0726 She says it about 18 more times

  • Carey Walker
    Carey Walker 26 days ago

    She had the original production scraped out of the tubes, re-mixed and re-pressed, and placed into the original tubes again.

  • David Pichowsky
    David Pichowsky 26 days ago

    Just to recap a few items you’ve pointed out. A) you said that this was the first item she’s put out. It’s not. Shimmering Skin Perfector, Becca highlighter palettes, and multiple Morphe palettes. So she understands quality product, and quality releases. B) excitement over the release may have played a part in a premature release. Ma’am, it’s makeup. It goes on your face-which means it should be hygienic. I don’t see Jeffree Star prematurely releasing product because he is excited. No, because he really is involved in ALL of his products. C) it’s not her fault, it’s the labs fault. Partly true. I blame them both, even if it’s just that she is not capable of choosing a lab that produces a quality product. It is her product, it is her brand, it is her name, it is her fault. If you’re a brand owner, then you are aware of the testing and the quality control that goes into releasing a product. So giving her the benefit of the doubt because it’s JH is irresponsible if only because you are aware of the closed door side of releasing a product. I dunno...if I’m gonna get a disease for $18, it’s because I did something a lot more dirty than put on a rancid lipstick.

  • Lydia
    Lydia 26 days ago

    It’s 100% Jaclyn’s fault... As soon as something came up where people were having problems and the lipsticks were deemed unsafe she should (as a business owner as you keep saying) recalled all the lipstick... The reason everyone is pissed is because Jaclyn is a liar...

  • Francis Enriquez
    Francis Enriquez 26 days ago

    Thats why I never use any makeup brand by a youtuber.

  • Marina Molinelli
    Marina Molinelli 26 days ago +1

    Your camera is awfully blurry, I can't see details on the lipstick at all, it looks fine to me, and it's not fine.

  • Amber Roy
    Amber Roy 26 days ago

    I'm sorry but it's her line and she should of checked them before they were launched. Even if she only checked 2 of them she would of saw stuff and gone and checked more to see they are nasty.

  • Amanda P
    Amanda P 26 days ago +1

    This is jaclyn's fault. It is her name on the product so that makes her responsibility. No company will want her name on any of their products now because Jaclyn= low quality dirty make up

  • Olivia Fizzy
    Olivia Fizzy 26 days ago

    Lmao all these people acting like they know what it’s like to be a brand owner. Do I agree that Jaclyn is to blame for some of this? Absolutely. She could’ve recalled them, or done more. But don’t come for my girl Kristen, she has a wonderful brand.

  • Merissa
    Merissa 27 days ago

    How is it possible to get animal hair in lipstick tho???

    BEEFY SNACKS 27 days ago

    OH MY GOD DID ANYONE ELSE CATCH THIS!?!? OK OK replay to where she cuts open the first lipstick. She cuts through the whole thing and didn't see anything. But if you stop at 15:37 you can see this tiny piece of metal.