Americans & Koreans Swap Snacks


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  • clare leyden
    clare leyden 23 hours ago

    Who else died when they ate the kit Kats sideways?

  • The Gator Bro
    The Gator Bro Day ago


  • Tozy
    Tozy Day ago

    I wanna spend the day with the american woman !! she made me laugh the whole vid

  • Noah Reyes
    Noah Reyes Day ago

    *Oh, Americans don’t look at the nutrition facts*

  • Johannes Ojasaar

    Those honey chips are delicious

  • Connor O'Brien
    Connor O'Brien Day ago

    Um Th3Y weRe eAtInG ThE KiT Ka+s Wr0nG


    Eating choco Pie while watching this I have three box of pack

  • meka1614
    meka1614 Day ago

    That makes no sense why would they do Kit Kat with basically the Korean version of a moon pie

  • rex
    rex Day ago

    2:22 oh no

  • nillia bb
    nillia bb Day ago

    that's why u.s was prone to obesity they consume too much salt.....

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown Day ago

    “Pretty much like a stoned gold fish that children eat” LMFAOOOO

  • StalkZ
    StalkZ Day ago +1

    It triggers me how they are eating kitkat.

  • Shibu Slayer
    Shibu Slayer Day ago


  • NrcxGaming YT
    NrcxGaming YT Day ago

    In not 9 I'm 15 going on 16 so

  • Kenoudi
    Kenoudi Day ago

    0:18 im already kenji

  • Jessica Bond
    Jessica Bond Day ago

    Wagon Wheels is another name for Choco Pie in Canada xD

  • Jessica Bond
    Jessica Bond Day ago

    Honey Butter Chips remind me of Mystic Messenger's 707 lmao

  • Thespian Taco
    Thespian Taco Day ago

    *screech in gae*

  • 은혜이
    은혜이 Day ago

    ok but why is no one talking about the way she's eating the kit Kat 8:35 I cry

  • Christix
    Christix Day ago

    Who else dird of hunger watching this? 🤔 🥙🍔🍟🍕🌭🌮🍳🥗🥘🍲🥞

  • Zahayir B
    Zahayir B Day ago

    Brook when she said "oh yeah these are sisters" it had me weak

  • Boris Brogtrop
    Boris Brogtrop Day ago

    I guess ill be kenji

  • Muhanna Abaalkhail

    Choco Pies are extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. What’s weird is that only around 5,000 Koreans live in the country.

  • De Wae
    De Wae Day ago

    Asian snacks are hella good

  • Christine Zamets They.Their. Pronouns

    Doritos dynamita and yan yan

  • Emily Sherman
    Emily Sherman Day ago

    " a stoned goldfish that kids eat"
    Why is the goldfish stoned

    Stoned means drunk

  • Randall Is Here
    Randall Is Here Day ago

    They had the chance to get a moonpie

  • AclipZ Cookie
    AclipZ Cookie Day ago

    Does anybody else hate when people eat kit kats wrong.


    they are eating the KITKAT WRONG!!!!!!

    GAVIN MOORE Day ago

    She ate the kit kat wrong😱😱

  • Brother Man
    Brother Man Day ago

    I’ve had Fritos on tacos and chili

  • Cadence Paullus
    Cadence Paullus Day ago

    "yeah bruh we're baked"

  • Junnglebells
    Junnglebells Day ago


  • Zach C.
    Zach C. Day ago

    The choco pies remind me of wagonwheels

  • NrcxGaming YT
    NrcxGaming YT Day ago

    Oh ur so funny I'm not white so u can go smd

  • Rhino Does Stuff

    The way they are the frickin kit kats

  • pirate _flop
    pirate _flop Day ago

    Choco pies are moon pies

  • Nathan Streeter
    Nathan Streeter Day ago

    Moon pies

  • bannasquadppls
    bannasquadppls Day ago

    U should do Japanese against americans

  • a kogoy
    a kogoy Day ago

    Kengi =gengi

  • Ashton Howard
    Ashton Howard Day ago

    Anyone else notice every Korean took a bite of the kit kat

  • Rifty games
    Rifty games Day ago

    joyce: "You're eating stoned goldfish" YES NEVER MET ANYBODY THAT JUST SAID FACTS

  • ? ¿
    ? ¿ Day ago

    For all the triggered Americans about the Koreans eating the KitKat the “wrong” way, it’s 2x more tasty when you eat the kit Kat without breaking it.(I’m joking)

  • Dustin Mai
    Dustin Mai Day ago

    Look how they eat the kit Kats

  • TheCrazy Gorrila

    Like the Americans said, were salty bois

  • Symbol Music
    Symbol Music Day ago +1

    Honey butter chips are good!

  • hailey Bowling
    hailey Bowling Day ago +1

    Okay everyone asking why they were being a bit dramatic of the saltiness of the foods, Korea doesn’t have much salty things and if they do it’s like a tiny pinch or 2 of salt. Everything in Korea is quite sweet.

  • xone
    xone Day ago

    "Why the hell will a *onion be SWEET* XD

  • Princesss Aidann

    I like how the people in this aren't so defense

  • Kiyah Fairley
    Kiyah Fairley 2 days ago

    Choc pie is literally a moon pie!😱

  • JayJayShellyann
    JayJayShellyann 2 days ago

    All the Koreans don’t know how to eat kit kat 😐😐 my eyes are bleeding

  • Jerem0y
    Jerem0y 2 days ago

    choco pie = moonpie. should of gave them banana moon pies

  • Jerem0y
    Jerem0y 2 days ago

    goldfish aint even good. why you giving them plain ass snacks.

  • jayden Lambertus
    jayden Lambertus 2 days ago

    That's the point it makes you stoned lol

  • glvnx
    glvnx 2 days ago

    2:27 he matches so well with the bag

  • bey master
    bey master 2 days ago


  • regina lira
    regina lira 2 days ago

    Everyone has an American accents. Those koreans work at the buzzfeed here. They've ate all of those snacks before. I hate this. It's so fake. They try too hard

  • Unicorn Sprinkles
    Unicorn Sprinkles 2 days ago

    When they were showing goldfish I was eating goldfish

  • Grimey Alexis
    Grimey Alexis 2 days ago

    Why the Korean miggas havin the gayest outfits ?

  • Dina Yonis
    Dina Yonis 2 days ago

    When you eat chips and watch chips😂🤣

  • HeyMiaa
    HeyMiaa 2 days ago

    Choco pies are soooo goodd

  • Mo Salah
    Mo Salah 2 days ago

    Lol Evan was the American in the other vid

  • ItzAriyan
    ItzAriyan 2 days ago

    4:54 Boi what

  • unicorn dubsy
    unicorn dubsy 2 days ago

    im aussie if u ever do aussie foods vs amrica or something kids version mann invite mehhh

  • Miguel Segovia
    Miguel Segovia 2 days ago

    Okay Kenji looks like the Mask Salemen from “The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask”😂😂

  • Thomas Carluccio
    Thomas Carluccio 2 days ago

    One of the Korean guys where named GENjI just so you know I’m already geNjI

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 2 days ago

    How does egine not in this

  • God X Anime
    God X Anime 2 days ago

    “I like it thick”

  • God X Anime
    God X Anime 2 days ago

    Joyce is my favourite person ever

  • Jasmine_The_Pastel_Cat JTA

    Choco pie IS THE BESSSTTT!!!!

  • Mya Swanno
    Mya Swanno 2 days ago +2

    ( watches how the Koreans eat Kit Kats)
    Monsters. . .

  • grnman86
    grnman86 2 days ago

    "Weird demon chips"

  • Blessed Boarder
    Blessed Boarder 2 days ago

    Choco pie is just a moonpie 😂

  • Gwen Hamilton
    Gwen Hamilton 2 days ago

    All dressed ruffles are so much better than sour cream and onion, but that's a Canadian snack, not an american one. Also, that was the weirdest looking ruffles bag I've ever seen. Why isn't it blue?? Is it a special edition? Do they all look like that in the states?

  • xd OtisHax
    xd OtisHax 2 days ago

    Choco pie = moon pie

  • Øcëänïc
    Øcëänïc 2 days ago

    *My nickname is salty I appreciate ur comment people.*

  • Ky Queen
    Ky Queen 2 days ago

    Onions are sweet but it also depends on they type of union you buy and how you cook them or what you cook them with.

  • BriAndThatStuff
    BriAndThatStuff 2 days ago

    Can I just say that whenever the brought out choco pies I was triggered because moon pies exist in America. They’re a classic. Tell me moon pies aren’t a southern thing?!?! I grew up on moon pies. Still triggered.

  • Lynx 687
    Lynx 687 2 days ago

    They eat kitcats wrong

  • ClaireBear
    ClaireBear 2 days ago


  • Alec Ramos
    Alec Ramos 2 days ago

    They all ate the kit Kat's wrong 😂😂

  • YouTube News
    YouTube News 2 days ago


  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Ima go live in korea because they love the korean food better than anything else

  • Allie S
    Allie S 2 days ago

    the choco pie reminds me of viva puffs! not sure if it is only in Canada?

  • Jonny Piper
    Jonny Piper 2 days ago

    Lol, she said waffles for the kit kats instead of waffers XD

  • Jonny Piper
    Jonny Piper 2 days ago

    How dare they not do classic fritos. You can't not do the classic flavor, that ruins the experiment

  • Julianne's Channel
    Julianne's Channel 3 days ago

    Did anyone else cringe when they bit into the kit-kat

  • Nick Brock
    Nick Brock 3 days ago

    Why did they use kit Kats when the thing they were comparing it to is literally just a moonpie

  • JustJordan777 ☺️

    *us Americans are salty* TRUE AF😂😂😂

  • Smiley
    Smiley 3 days ago

    The way they ate the kitkat...

  • Reid Family
    Reid Family 3 days ago

    The Choca pie looks exactly like wagon wheels. I'm Canadian, do Americans not have wagon wheels?!!?!?!

    A_DRAGON_SS 1 3 days ago

    Evan acting like he never had any of these

  • Bon Hitashi
    Bon Hitashi 3 days ago

    0:00 it looks loke they mixed up there names

  • Mr Roblox
    Mr Roblox 3 days ago

    Canada and russia switch foods

  • NijiMisty
    NijiMisty 3 days ago


  • Alejandra Alvarez
    Alejandra Alvarez 3 days ago

    Choco pies are like moon pies! They should’ve eaten that instead of kit kat

  • Leandro Jace Espinosa

    I Love honey butter chip but am a filipino honey butter are for asians

  • Leandro Jace Espinosa

    I Love honey butter chip but am a filipino honey butter are for asians

  • Arif Igo
    Arif Igo 3 days ago +1

    4:54 wha.. whaat ?

  • TheGothbbw
    TheGothbbw 3 days ago

    The chick who think EVERYthing is salty,well It's clear she doesn't swallow😂😂😂