7 Habits of Highly Effective Thinkers

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
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  • Per Se
    Per Se 11 days ago

    Love your videos :)

  • vondahe
    vondahe 23 days ago

    I strongly disagree with the statement about schools. Yes, they fail to teach children critical thinking - not because they’re standardised but because they’re infested with the collectivist thought that all views can be good. They’re not. Some views, especially those from lazy minds are distant from facts and reason, are just plain wrong.
    Untold millions of students are unable to think critically and will instead seek out and hold on to stupid opinions that make them think they’re smart, and demand safe spaces when faced with facts and science.

  • _TooManyBoats
    _TooManyBoats Month ago

    Yes! I always argue with myself and feel weird about it

  • SirRanjid
    SirRanjid Month ago

    2:34 Strafe Jumping in a Nutshell.

  • Robert Schaeffer
    Robert Schaeffer Month ago

    Always wondered what makes a cartoonist

  • Ellie Joanna
    Ellie Joanna Month ago

    “I believe that one day schools will catch up and foster this kind of environment” HAHAHA OH 🌈um remember that school is a business meant to keep people slightly brain dead and perfect for working under someone and obeying orders. Unless the masses start to really complain and there is (business or political wise) reason to do so, then no. they won’t catch on lol they’re actually smart and innovative but just don’t have ur best interest otherwise life would be less fun if we were all equal and I guess I’ll just stop there otherwise this will be a 500 word comment lol bye 🌈

  • Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard

    I do a few of these things but not enough

  • George
    George 2 months ago

    What are more examples of creating systems instead of goals?

  • Sarah Abdulaleem
    Sarah Abdulaleem 2 months ago

    I'm already like this

  • Pyro_OG
    Pyro_OG 2 months ago +1

    *I too, am an intellectual*

    • vondahe
      vondahe 23 days ago

      Pyro_OG A true intellectual does not care to call him/herself that, just like a true gentleman does not label himself as such.

  • Abbott-jesse Love Wafula Masika


  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro 2 months ago

    Great vid pal

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 2 months ago

    Very nice! All great habits! I found I do a lot of them--but I can do better! Dr. Richard Paul in his book, "Critical Thinking," points out 8 habits of the mind that are necessary in fostering criticality. He calls them intellectual habits, they are 1) Intellectual Humility; 2) Intellectual Empathy; 3) Intellectual Integrity; 4) Intellectual Courage; 5) Intellectual Autonomy; 6) Intellectual Perseverance; 7) Faith in Reason; and 8) Fairness.

  • tanvi solanki
    tanvi solanki 2 months ago

    Your video just showed up 2 days ago on my suggested videos page and I watched one, then I watched another and today I watched the 3rd one - I really like the topics you are covering and the short length of your video with high impact information and simple engaging graphics 👌🏻... I am subscribing. 🌈

  • Nathaniel Allen
    Nathaniel Allen 3 months ago

    Creating systems not goals was a really good one, thanks!

  • coldasice7x
    coldasice7x 3 months ago

    Hmm, systems > goals. I need to figure that out for me more. Thanks.

  • joseph kimani
    joseph kimani 3 months ago

    JESUS CHRIST IS LORD..Nowonder the Bible says in Romans 8-6..MIND OF THE SPIRIT BRINGS LIFE &PEACE..And In 12-2..We should renew our mind to know The PERFECT WILL OF GOD..Mind is wealth when used right thanks

  • Mahmoud Rgb
    Mahmoud Rgb 4 months ago

    This reverse played background music is terrible

  • Eli
    Eli 4 months ago

    Number 3 is SO IMPORTANT. Thank you for including this

  • Jessie Watson
    Jessie Watson 4 months ago

    Undergrads should definitely be taught how to find, read, and critically evaluate research.

  • NeyBliK
    NeyBliK 4 months ago

    eres increible humano, felicitaciones, sigue asi, no cambies tu estilo, eres un diamante organico literalmente.
    You are incredible human, congratulations, keep it up, do not change your style, you are literally an organic diamond.

  • King Mufasa
    King Mufasa 4 months ago

    Love your videos!
    Could you do one on your system for essay writing and improvement?

  • Multacks san
    Multacks san 4 months ago

    I think your almost completely wrong here. Critical thinking is about evaluating ideas through a good thought process. This includes but not limited to valid, soundness, logical fallacy, inductive, deductive, and abductive. Your personality traits approach is more of a consequences of having a good process to go through ideas. This is true all but seeking opposition and reading. Not jumping to conclusion would come from the idea of having to go through a process. Creating systems comes after having a good thought process, While argue with yourself is apart of having a good thought process. Being willing to change your opinion is also apart of a good though process. Last point I would argue inductively that your idea of a good writer is bias and is the same as arguing with yourself. In conclusion your video is more of what we see critical thinkers acting like and not how to become one that is why I disliked it.

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 6 months ago +1

    So Liberals are not critical thinkers, since they are so close minded to people who don't share their opinions, and will outright protest and riot against things they don't agree with.
    They only accept people who share opinion with them, and people who are politically correct.
    Everyone else to them is a Nazi, KKK, Islamaphobic, Offensive, Racist, Sexist, Bigot, etc...

  • Soniya Patwa
    Soniya Patwa 6 months ago

    You make amazing videos, but this one is above the rest. Where did you get the ideas about building a system, not a goal and writing is thinking? never heard about if it could be perceived way. Also please recommend good books in coming videos. thanks!

  • Junior Andres Espinoza
    Junior Andres Espinoza 6 months ago

    i want to ask something... what's the reason you make this videos?

  • AntsaWYA
    AntsaWYA 7 months ago

    how do I create a system?

  • Český Hráč
    Český Hráč 7 months ago

    I like that you respect nature and you give definitions, keep it up, hope you will get even more audience...

  • Carl John
    Carl John 7 months ago

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work 👍

  • Claudio Tejero
    Claudio Tejero 9 months ago

    not much people watch this kinds of videos thats sad

  • Mayoi Ro
    Mayoi Ro 10 months ago +1

    Spanish subtitles please 😫, english isn't my first lenguaje and it's kinda difficult to understand everything. But good video btw 🤓

  • Gihan Panditha
    Gihan Panditha 10 months ago +1


  • Sejal Dhoka
    Sejal Dhoka 10 months ago +1

    Can you explain the point about creating systems and not goals? Thanks.

  • Vtron
    Vtron 10 months ago

    After looking at your channel I think that you make great informative videos that help all of us be smarter
    And so I subscribed

  • Eleanora Jane Becherini
    Eleanora Jane Becherini 11 months ago

    I'm a critical thinker but I can't do trigonometry no matter how hard I try to learn it

  • Boğaçhan Özdemir
    Boğaçhan Özdemir 11 months ago

    why theres always reversed music in back

  • Ape X
    Ape X 11 months ago

    ...when you can already relate

  • NY Aquatics
    NY Aquatics 11 months ago

    3:20 this is exactly me.

  • Slime kun
    Slime kun 11 months ago +1

    4:24 what did you meant by "adversity" if you mean depression then i guess I'm a critical thinker

    • Gary Cartes
      Gary Cartes 7 months ago

      adversity means be willing to go through problems, struggles and conflicts that are productive.

  • Slime kun
    Slime kun 11 months ago +1

    At first i was like ooohh so i am a passive and critical thinker then later when you talked about creating a system, i was like ohh i am a critical thinker until you said about the life part...i just decided im both.....

  • Radikl Sounds
    Radikl Sounds 11 months ago

    I want Steve Jobs to certify these✔

  • John Jalandoni
    John Jalandoni 11 months ago

    So which books would be the best to widen and open your mind

  • هلا ابراهيم

    Great video

  • Anonymous71475
    Anonymous71475 Year ago

    No. 7...
    is probably at its worst state with college safe spaces...

  • one-stop killing
    one-stop killing Year ago

    Comparing my self to these points i think i maybe a critical thinker

  • Hayle Near
    Hayle Near Year ago


  • The one
    The one Year ago

    What is your essay writing check-list?

  • Yuri Radavchuk
    Yuri Radavchuk Year ago

    Totally awesome content. A friendly tip on how to improve it. You'd make a list of the core features of the video at the end to help recollecting it. What do you think?

  • Petra Marbun
    Petra Marbun Year ago

    School is a game, astoundingly profound principle.

  • Rachel Zimet
    Rachel Zimet Year ago

    What is the difference between a tendency and a skill?

  • Shinkajo
    Shinkajo Year ago

    This is what the world desperately needs more of.

  • Lookingoodsosoz
    Lookingoodsosoz Year ago

    whats that music in the background?

  • psalas98
    psalas98 Year ago

    3:35-4:13 is brilliant

  • b zee
    b zee Year ago

    lol... are you rapping?

  • Amanda Archer
    Amanda Archer Year ago

    Source on the back ground track?

  • Martin Lichtblau
    Martin Lichtblau Year ago


  • FBA Ship UK
    FBA Ship UK Year ago

    create systems not goals... can anyone elaborate what this means to you with examples? So if my goal is to exercise 6 times a week, what would be an equivalent system.

    • John O
      John O Year ago

      FBA Ship UK
      I hope, I help elaborate your question...
      It is a lot of work behind the system ...
      It is feedback system to adjust and regulate behind the scene
      Goal is 1 hour exercise, then that is it...
      You are not measure nor adjust anything in goal to be better suit your need
      In my opinion, in goal, if you feel tired in 30 minutes, you more likely, I didn't accomplish my goal for 1 hour exercise,
      In system, you will readjust into your need

      You can also watch more video on USclip relate to system goal or goal system. Anyway, hope I help ..

    • John O
      John O Year ago

      FBA Ship UK
      FBA Ship UK
      From what I know..
      Goal and system is very similar.. but they are not at a similar
      Goal is I do 1 hour of exercise that is all
      System is on feedback you seek information and record and change it to your need
      System itself is breaking down on things... it is much more work behind the scene
      The question will be ask in system...
      How long of the time you want to go for?
      How does my body feel?
      Maybe I do less exercise or more exercise or walking?
      Is my body adapt to the exercise?
      Is it easy or hard?
      What kind of obstacles occurred during I exercise?
      If my body is tired at 15 mins of exercise, then maybe it is good to do 10 mins of exercise and slowly increase to 30 mins
      Or I may need trainer to help me
      Or tired at the certain time or end the session?
      What kind if feedback or response or circumstances happened?
      And a lot of questions... to seek for information
      How am I improve?
      is this the right time to exercise, where will I like to exercise ?
      Is it better to change into different exercise activities
      What the prevent that lead me not to exercise, because I too tired after job?
      Then, it is better to exercise when I am not tired or you may insist to exercise if you want too

  • ShyvanaYametee
    ShyvanaYametee Year ago

    I would love if you share that checklist for a good essay or at least give us a video about how to make a checklist or how to make systems instead of goals because i don’t really know how to start making a system

  • Ayan Angshu Nath
    Ayan Angshu Nath Year ago

    which softwares are needed to make these videos?

  • Emir Wat Tabor
    Emir Wat Tabor Year ago +1

    I hate reading, I can do it and I can do it a lot, but by the end, I feel... Empty.
    However, I love to write things, and and I think I have gotten a bit smarter because of it.

    • vondahe
      vondahe 23 days ago

      Emir Wat Tabor Maybe that’s because you need to write a lot first. Reading is not the right goal for everyone. By expressing yourself the desire to find out what others write could very well follow.
      Don’t give up!

  • Money Curriculum
    Money Curriculum Year ago

    youve got some great animation tricks. inspiring really. check out my animated vids if you have the time and leave me suggestions if you like!

  • VanTu Tri
    VanTu Tri Year ago

    Your videos are gold.

  • ravenshireful
    ravenshireful Year ago

    I'm not on Instagram or twitter, but I want a t-shirt, what to do?

  • Vatan Kömürcü
    Vatan Kömürcü Year ago

    Too hard, didn't care.

  • Julio Luna
    Julio Luna Year ago

    Hate the music in the background so annoying, good video anyways

  • Gunga Jim
    Gunga Jim Year ago

    Which program did you use to make this video? Looks great.

  • J.S. Bach
    J.S. Bach Year ago

    What are your ideas for a persuasive essay checklist?

  • Martin Herald
    Martin Herald Year ago

    Damn! I've always been a critical thinker. Perhaps that's why in many situations, I seem to be smarter than I am. I always thought that it wasn't that hard to be one. Thanks for the video.

  • Amin Boulabaim
    Amin Boulabaim Year ago +1

    The "focus on inputs not outputs" is one of the best advices I've seen in my all life......

  • Ulises Valdez
    Ulises Valdez Year ago

    oh shit, alot of this i have done myself .

  • Aleks Chernykh
    Aleks Chernykh Year ago

    To say that I like your videos - means does not say anything. AMAZING work! Thank you!

  • Danny Boyle
    Danny Boyle Year ago

    i dont agree with not setting goals, people should definately have goals

  • Алишер Гайбулаев

    I am still in process of learning English and sometimes it's difficult to catch all knformation without captions. Can you,please, write captions?

  • Cansu Çakır
    Cansu Çakır Year ago

    About number 2 "Don't jump to conclusions" What if one can never jump to any conclusion? Or in other words 'stay in one conclusion even if they trust it' The never-ending questioning of things leads to undecisiveness thus never being able to follow one path that could lead to achievement. Even when I set up a system, I tend to worry that it's not good enough and try to optimize it all the time thus never following one constant plan and I do improve but it's a lot of anxiety. Constantly changing plans and never being satisfied with it, believing it could be better. Like I know the habits I've built since now from many videos like this would be helpful but here I am looking for more rather than working more on them. It's a good thing to want to improve and go looking for good information but nowadays there's good info everywhere, it's too accessible. So my question is, how do you stay satisfied with your system to stick to it? (at least for a few months)

    • Gary Cartes
      Gary Cartes 7 months ago

      Before anything. Realise that you are overthinking and over complicating everything which may cause you to give up all together. And be content with what you have, understand it will benefit you. Use your results after using systems. And those results will help you better adjust your systems to be more practical for you.


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  • AtrasaGeek
    AtrasaGeek Year ago

    please speak slowly, I'm not fluent in english

  • Leomer Menang
    Leomer Menang Year ago

    Im so excited about nxt video about thinking .. 😍😍😍 can't wait.

  • The2Thor
    The2Thor Year ago

    Its so sad that people are trying to take the video down just because it doesnt represent their opinion...
    I loved all of it, even the parts I do not agree with. You did a pretty good job and everything you said was reasonable.

  • David Pereira
    David Pereira Year ago

    love the editing

  • Abdelrahman Rashed

    Alright, In the situation where we have to study simply because we need to get the degree and we need the degree to get a job so basically
    Job requires Degree, Degree requires years of education
    but Degree requires passing the game of schools ( getting better grades at university doesn't mean you will have better chances at work ) there is simply no relation especially in some countries where they teach 15~20 years old subjects that we have to memorize or learn for the sake of getting over it.
    There is no simple solution, There is a big problem and there are some tweaks that can be done but no one wants to do it and same goes for students they would rather just get above average or average grade and be normal, Ask anyone they would say I want to be a normal human being who works 8 hours a day and earn money enough to support my self and my family ..etc
    There is no time for creativity here, and I can explain the further problems later

    • sagoo
      sagoo Year ago

      Yep, that's why I'm going to technical college. Tech school is a whole different thing. It's two years of education that is just as valuable as four at uni, and infinitely cheaper. The entire curriculum is based on raw skills you need to succeed on the job. I tried university for a semester and hated it. It's the same shit as high school except the tests are a little harder, there's more work outside of class, and you're paying thousands just to sit in a classroom for 6 months.

  • J D
    J D Year ago

    M late.... But can i have one...?

  • Maron2111
    Maron2111 Year ago

    I love your channel so much. Started college recently and your videos help me improve myself so much!

  • pawan mishra
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  • monstersince
    monstersince Year ago

    international trade deals are so fickle its just pissing in the wind. after 30 years in this business i have to second guess myself. saying things out loud or writing it down helps to concentrate and clarify my thoughts

  • Isori
    Isori Year ago +2

    I guess the thing is that the school doesn't account for the is the "Law of Minimum Effort". Frequently we get the idea that only freakishly nerdy people can get perfect grades, and while to some extent it may be true, the thing is that the moment the student notices he doesn't NEED perfect scores, it is incredibly easy to achive a reasonable grade. I was always dumbfounded in school when people thought I was smart, because for me it was very basic logic. I wasn't doing anything more than necessary, but at the same time, I was doing only the minimum necessary, so I never got frustrated when my grades were mediocre. Of couse they were, I wasn't putting any effort. The problem is that I got all these bad habits, so I guess the joke is on me.

  • Liam Cornell
    Liam Cornell Year ago

    Something funny I thought of, it's kind of an explanation for why I like writing stories but really it's just joking about it. "Because the only interesting stories I have are fiction."

    Bet you a dollar nobody cares lol

  • Wolfgang Buck BAMF

    Thanks for sharing, man!

  • Rudolf Pitcher
    Rudolf Pitcher Year ago

    like it

  • TimothyTurtle
    TimothyTurtle Year ago

    I've gotta add another hobby to do.
    Learn how to code or animate both include creative thinking and for code mathametical thinking which can really get your mind going after you start!

  • Sondre Eikaas Birkeland

    Arguing with myself is nice and all, but I have tendency to get hurt when somebody opposes me, even if their points are invalid. I generally tend to bring up good points against myself (or at least I think I do), so I might end up hurting or frustrating myself.

  • Klaas Vaak
    Klaas Vaak Year ago

    well, proving your new theory wrong by null-hypothesesis, is easier than proving it right. but i might be misunderstanding after all, all crows are black means having to check all crows., but 'not all crows are black' means, just finding enough black crows to state that you might be wrong, and there is a high(defineable) chance that crows might be black after all. This reasoning has its flaws, and obviously finds opposition. (i am just practicing, but i think i relayed this right)

  • Vuong Vu
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  • William Meikle
    William Meikle Year ago +7

    I find it ironic that I immediately went to go research what it means to be "inquisitive" lol

  • Janavito Andreanto

    Idk everytime I download your video. Why is the large of the file so small? Usually, if you go from 720p to 1080p the file size (video) will be increased double. But yours didn't even reach half of it! Have you compressed it? If yes, let me know what kind of tools/app are you using. Pls?

  • Next Leader
    Next Leader Year ago

    Women can't do logic, critical thinking or math. They are only emotional drama queens and need affirmative action policies because they have no merit.

  • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg

    Fuck you goddamn commercials.

  • Brett Elmer
    Brett Elmer Year ago

    Argue with yourself, hmmm. I started out hearing that you're in trouble if you're talking with yourself. Then heard no, you're not in trouble until you reply. Heard it modified further to no trouble until you catch yourself going "hunhhh!?!?"

  • Angie Acosta
    Angie Acosta Year ago

    The creating systems part makes so much sense! I love your content.

  • Jackson Joestar
    Jackson Joestar Year ago

    So, look. . . I know this is going to be lost on a lot of people? But avoid Reddit like the plague.