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  • BaileyDaBunny
    BaileyDaBunny 7 hours ago

    Uky is so cute

  • 스파이더종남맨

    이지랄할거면 외국가서 유튜브하면 안되냐?

  • Tenzing Thinley
    Tenzing Thinley 7 days ago

    "Oh my garnness whas happinin"😨😨😱😱🤯

    JUSTKHARL TM 9 days ago +2

    Why his bro reminds me of asian markiplier..

  • Tori Boo
    Tori Boo 10 days ago +1

    Lol he be lookin like Korean markiplier

  • Gay Say
    Gay Say 13 days ago +1

    You look like jin

  • DrownedInGames
    DrownedInGames 14 days ago +1

    2:08 Ivan

  • Ashlee Low
    Ashlee Low 14 days ago


  • kronos
    kronos 15 days ago

    looks like heels

  • 지민내가사랑해요

    ❤너는 최고야. 우리는 친구 야?하지만 나는 한국 출신이 아니다. 나는 이라크 출신이고, 나는 한국인이되기를 희망한다.😓🙏👫🙋

  • Gouri Das
    Gouri Das 21 day ago

    Fuck you 👎👎👎👎👎

  • KARR
    KARR 24 days ago

    like the video guys!! cool edit too!!!

  • ayda syantik
    ayda syantik 24 days ago

    looks like big marvel smiling at the intro

  • Simeon Bæring Halldórsson

    It’s like a hover board brother

  • Helena M
    Helena M 26 days ago

    Really enjoy your videos ♥️

  • NotroHolix
    NotroHolix 27 days ago

    0:09 hey what up guys its pick marber here

  • Gamer JJ
    Gamer JJ 28 days ago

    Big Marvel
    Big Marble
    Big Bubble

  • Shawn Mendes
    Shawn Mendes 28 days ago

    There is no way your 27

  • Lyssa Elite
    Lyssa Elite Month ago


  • Nam Gna
    Nam Gna Month ago

    Lets gerreet !

  • DerpaDerp
    DerpaDerp Month ago

    Is that the Fukashima Power plant in the Background?

  • Kelvin HD
    Kelvin HD Month ago

    I hope that was mine

  • 라굴 부계입니다LaGul

    Okey.. umm... yes is very nice !!

  • Krabby Party
    Krabby Party Month ago

    Plelestop plelestop

  • victory esemwen
    victory esemwen Month ago

    Caption makes it more hilarious 😂

  • Filip Grycel
    Filip Grycel Month ago

    No offense but this only a little cool, also look👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • MaNIA Stories
    MaNIA Stories Month ago


    MOOSIE SOUNDS¿ :p Month ago

    wHat ThE heLL

  • Minelikeme 32
    Minelikeme 32 Month ago

    They took the handle off a Segway called it a hover board and sold it for $400

  • kim hanul
    kim hanul Month ago

    In this video, we can finally see him smile lol its really really really cute 😂❤

  • I Love Apples
    I Love Apples Month ago

    I want those give me or i will unsubscribe and steal your camera and i will find u and kill u

  • Jimin's wifeu
    Jimin's wifeu Month ago

    Bm:yo what up guys
    My caption:yo lot of cash

  • kim eng blue
    kim eng blue Month ago

    You sure can ride that look fun love you

  • I'mNot GivingAwayMyName

    The moment I saw the car I did not feel good x__x

  • 하하푸
    하하푸 Month ago

    한국어좀 써주세요

    ARCADE EXPERT Month ago


  • Lord of Thrones
    Lord of Thrones Month ago

    3:40 the car starts moving before they start pushing

  • Polish Unicorn
    Polish Unicorn Month ago

    bad day? Big Marvel can help 😁😂😎

  • ari rene
    ari rene Month ago

    heelys of the future....

  • sana Alavi
    sana Alavi Month ago

    بیگ مارول خیلی عشقی^_^

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Month ago


  • 고은석
    고은석 Month ago

    Korea is come on!come on!!

  • 고은석
    고은석 Month ago


  • Zeb Pfenning
    Zeb Pfenning Month ago

    1:10, me easy bee easy snacks face onto cement

  • Eye Guy
    Eye Guy Month ago

    Cool shoes,man!

  • Ana Mateo
    Ana Mateo Month ago +1

    I WEEN

  • DemonSky Avakin Live

    HE SMAIIIIL😉😊😘😘😘

  • Jess TachiBano
    Jess TachiBano Month ago

    Why do I always hear: "Big bubble" LOL

    Z FLOW ROYALE Month ago

    Ching Chang chong Chinese im Karton german version😂

  • Stan Cst
    Stan Cst Month ago

    Lacing 😂

  • Charm Kang
    Charm Kang Month ago

    우키가 왜나오노 ㅋㅋ

  • Princesa Salada :v
    Princesa Salada :v Month ago

    His english give me 100 years of life xd

  • me out 2
    me out 2 Month ago

    Am I the only one who love his English 😂😍😍❤🔥 Damen I love him

  • fabriciojoaquin
    fabriciojoaquin Month ago

    Idk that supreme Patty has his version in corean hahaha

  • 조민석
    조민석 Month ago

    왜 한국말 안함?

  • Tommy Skjærvik
    Tommy Skjærvik Month ago

    Ohk u guys leady

  • AINA cuty
    AINA cuty Month ago

    Big marvel plzz take mine whatsapp number come on in!😢

  • AINA cuty
    AINA cuty Month ago


  • AINA cuty
    AINA cuty Month ago

    Big marvel nice shoes

  • Olivia Animations
    Olivia Animations Month ago

    Its called a hover board :)
    **keeps watching**
    *OH MA GAWD IM SO WRONG* **spills water at face** ..... i need a *towel...*

  • dora dora
    dora dora Month ago

    Leeeeets geeet iiiitt!! CMTFU!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ღAlexa ツLaurenYT
    ღAlexa ツLaurenYT Month ago +3

    Big marble
    Big bubble

  • Kara Desacula
    Kara Desacula Month ago +1

    Big marvel - 2018

  • JulySparks
    JulySparks Month ago

    4:09 oh no he lost his accent lmao

  • Cho_ Hee
    Cho_ Hee Month ago

    او ماي كارنيس هههههههههه

  • CenTz
    CenTz Month ago +1

    big barble and his silver hair fren *eesskeetet*

  • 경일
    경일 Month ago

    얘 성공한거는 진짜 보기좋다..♡

  • 쨩9 JJANG9ヅ [아A로RO하HA]

    16 마블 가즈아ㅏㅏㅏ 신태0

  • MochiChimChim
    MochiChimChim Month ago

    I wish I could get that but I am broke

    *aRe yOu kIdRrDinG mE aRaAaA*

  • Ardi Subliminals
    Ardi Subliminals Month ago +2

    He’s so dreamy 😍😭😭

    GIMINS MOCHI Month ago +1

    If I would’ve been in those shoes my ass would’ve fall

  • JIMINIE mochi
    JIMINIE mochi Month ago

    0:43 his scream LMAO.. I remember jhope 😅

  • !Rays
    !Rays Month ago

    2 sec later
    easy very easy

  • gnahcellehcim
    gnahcellehcim Month ago

    That pimple patch though XD

  • Milf Hunter
    Milf Hunter Month ago

    Asian markiplier

  • LionGamer
    LionGamer Month ago


  • Louis E.S Ryu
    Louis E.S Ryu Month ago +1

    우키형이 여기서나오네ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Sean Kim
    Sean Kim Month ago


  • NamNam Seok Tae-sty

    Big Bubble ❤

  • —bobatea
    —bobatea Month ago it weird that I heard “big pervert”...

  • werty q
    werty q Month ago +1

    이제는 한국인인지 아닌지 헷갈리네

  • 소스는된장
    소스는된장 Month ago +1

    저기 한국임?

  • Melissa Alaikonga
    Melissa Alaikonga Month ago

    Why are you so funny and weird some time lol 😂😂😂😍😎

  • Claire天使
    Claire天使 Month ago +1

    Bigorneau et Coquillage 2.0

  • Captain Smiley The Dog

    What the haor

  • Ibraheem Raja
    Ibraheem Raja Month ago

    Hey marvel what the full name of your car or whats model

  • Kim mina
    Kim mina Month ago

    big marvel:please stop!please stop!
    shoes:iam stopping man!

  • ᴇᴍʏ ᴋᴏʀᴇɪᴀ

    Ainda não superei ele gritando
    "LET'S GET IT"

  • Thitasy
    Thitasy Month ago

    Thought it was yellowpaco

  • Javiera Echeverría

    I want your friend’s (uky I think he’s called) camera!!! Does someone knows it’s name or brand??😁♥️

  • 최민혁
    최민혁 Month ago +1


  • 뭘드YOUTEB
    뭘드YOUTEB Month ago


  • Girl Exel
    Girl Exel Month ago

    😂😂😂 lmao

  • Ava O'Riordan
    Ava O'Riordan Month ago

    Holy crap. Am I the seriously the only one who thinks the guy with the glasses looks like an Asian Casey Neistat??

    LIL CHIM Month ago


  • Ello It’s Vee
    Ello It’s Vee Month ago

    I worry for you ,

  • Potato Pie
    Potato Pie Month ago

    I watch this guys vids just for his accent lmao

  • Potato Pie
    Potato Pie Month ago

    Is there no a letter in Korean that pronounces " *V* " ?

  • Axi Platine
    Axi Platine Month ago

    RIRI STOP! RIRI STOP! lol so cute and funny

  • Noor ul Huda
    Noor ul Huda Month ago

    0:36 them legs tho