Asian Moms Dress Their Adult Children

  • Published on Apr 24, 2015
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Comments • 9 530

  • Mishell Capra
    Mishell Capra 18 hours ago


  • Joyce A
    Joyce A 6 days ago

    My mother hates the way I dress.

  • Joyce A
    Joyce A 6 days ago

    If you shop at New stores it will be confusing .

  • Joyce A
    Joyce A 6 days ago

    If you were a black women.

  • Joyce A
    Joyce A 6 days ago

    It you were a black women in your 30's from Lowell,Massachusetts and you didn't have common sense
    and you wear size medium in your clothes but wanted to try size small clothes with something you like.
    Some stores are confusing because other stores well a larger small or larger medium or larger large and so on it goes try other checkout other stores see your own experience with shopping . I don't get it you could get around.

  • Zahra Fatima
    Zahra Fatima 20 days ago

    kane looks like a grandpa. that’s literally what my grandpa wears

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg 23 days ago

    *SnOoPy SNOOPY AaAaAaAaAaAhHhHh*

  • Rachel Elizabeth
    Rachel Elizabeth 24 days ago

    Eugene's Mom is great! She has a wonderful sense of style.

  • Kayla Washington
    Kayla Washington 25 days ago

    Now Eugene only wears suits😂😂😂

  • Indi591
    Indi591 25 days ago

    Eugene's mom has so much makeup on!!!!

  • Shaimaa Hammett
    Shaimaa Hammett Month ago +1

    Eugene looks good

  • Essam S
    Essam S Month ago

    "No, I don't want it" IS LITERALLY MY ABUELA I'M CRYING

  • Shabnam Jabeen
    Shabnam Jabeen Month ago

    These moms are so adorable

  • Erin Rose
    Erin Rose 2 months ago

    I live for Eugenes mom

  • Nikita Kulkarni
    Nikita Kulkarni 2 months ago

    Eugene. Oh. My. God❤

  • Noor Almajali
    Noor Almajali 2 months ago

    it shows your armpits
    Eugene raises his hands
    oh Eugene!!

  • I like shit
    I like shit 2 months ago

    Eugene looks good in everything

  • amanda salwa
    amanda salwa 2 months ago

    eugene looks perfect with anything, *how's that even possible!?*

  • xydoit
    xydoit 2 months ago

    Now they look Asians. Eugene not nice to say that. You look like you are get married in a few days

  • Michaela Prince
    Michaela Prince 2 months ago

    I think that outfit Eugene's mom picked for him is what he wears a lot of times anyway.

  • Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash

    Eugene looks like his dad

  • Desiree Jarvis
    Desiree Jarvis 3 months ago

    I dont like it cause it shows underarms lifts arm right in face

  • Desiree Jarvis
    Desiree Jarvis 3 months ago

    I loved that eugene ama was covering him even though we have seen him in his underwear she knows that right

  • Cassandra H.S.
    Cassandra H.S. 3 months ago

    Kane's mother was so savage.
    "I think you a Large now!"

  • Winter Duhlphin
    Winter Duhlphin 3 months ago

    Filipino mom is so accurate! 👌👌
    Litteraly so so so accurate

  • Rebecca Marie
    Rebecca Marie 3 months ago

    Omg it's so funny that Eugene's Mom was so concerned with him not having a shirt on, on camera but by now he has literally had no clothes at all on on camera 😂

  • Morgan L. Kennedy
    Morgan L. Kennedy 3 months ago

    Is it just me or has Eugene worn that exact same thing before?

  • Bruna Oliveira
    Bruna Oliveira 3 months ago

    "or like a cocaine dealer in the 80' "
    Eugene's mom in the Asian mom tone: eugene

  • Cykopath Cyan
    Cykopath Cyan 3 months ago

    OMG so true I'm Chinese American and my mom keeps saying I have to be 1000% perfect as if I am going on a celebrity show or something

  • OnCe yOu JiM-iN, yOu cAn'T JiM-OuT

    Linen looks like a gramp 😂😂😂
    Ps: how could Eugene look hot in any clothe? !?!?!?!

  • Jepkemboi Lucy
    Jepkemboi Lucy 3 months ago


  • Lee Dolphin
    Lee Dolphin 3 months ago

    Eugenes expression at 2:19 😂😂😂

  • Chieko Katsune
    Chieko Katsune 3 months ago

    Ha Ashly's mom making a gay joke!

  • Shirleyforsure😘
    Shirleyforsure😘 3 months ago

    Eugene’s parents always end up making me crack up

  • CattLux
    CattLux 3 months ago

    "You look like china boy"

    I love her accent its so cute

  • LizzyTudor
    LizzyTudor 3 months ago

    These moms are so cute! :)

  • pınar Civa
    pınar Civa 3 months ago

    Eugene's transform 👍

  • Playlists for an Insomniac

    When Min-Young wanted to run away from Eugene's armpits like he'd pulled his underwear down, I laughed loudly, but it's past midnight :P Then she hides his bare chest from the camera when we've seen him naked (albeit blurred) XD

  • Alexia Chronicles
    Alexia Chronicles 3 months ago

    "it's okay Mom, they've seen me without a shirt"
    Yeah and also naked, and in sexy lingerie

  • l i n n : :
    l i n n : : 4 months ago +1

    wait wait - why does eugene's mom remind me of the rich evil ladies in those asian dramas
    and no
    not because she's korean you racist idiots

  • Kenya _kk
    Kenya _kk 4 months ago

    OMG thoose moms lol the girl xD

  • Dione Kim
    Dione Kim 4 months ago

    eugene "after" looks like a brokeass hot businessman wtf

  • Khizar Khan
    Khizar Khan 4 months ago

    Moms NO!

  • 사안 해
    사안 해 4 months ago

    I’m Korean and my mom legit always goes “I buy this for youuuuu! Wether u like or najhhh!”

  • Kyla O_o
    Kyla O_o 4 months ago

    I also have a Korean mom and we have a complete opposite taste of clothing, so, if I was in this video, I would start to cry.

  • Ellie Shay
    Ellie Shay 4 months ago +1

    Eugene looks good in everything!

  • star
    star 4 months ago

    Their children's style is original and cool. What they did was make them look like elementary school kids raiding their parents boxed.

  • zaina
    zaina 4 months ago

    kane looks like one of those typical viet dads hahahaha

  • Cooki x
    Cooki x 4 months ago

    I just realised all the kids in this are lgbtq+

  • Ralph Ivan Mosquera
    Ralph Ivan Mosquera 4 months ago

    I didnt know Ashly was Filipino

  • Lindsey Wickman
    Lindsey Wickman 4 months ago

    Those outfits the mom chose are actually really good haha. The one the girl wore is cute, but it doesn't look like it fits her personality or appearance well, but the outfit is cute. I actually prefer the mom's choice over the originals hahahaha

  • Brandi Gorby
    Brandi Gorby 4 months ago

    Eugene’s mom is the only one who didn’t do him wrong

  • Britney Dias
    Britney Dias 4 months ago

    Indians count as Asian too

  • Angela Yolmo
    Angela Yolmo 4 months ago

    Eugene looks like my dad now 😅

  • Eva joy
    Eva joy 4 months ago

    You only gave them 50 dollars

  • Gamer Tribe
    Gamer Tribe 4 months ago

    2:21 Asian Usnavi??

  • Galaxy Captian
    Galaxy Captian 4 months ago

    Eugene looked the best

  • woodysums270
    woodysums270 4 months ago

    "Adult children"

  • Batlover Sings
    Batlover Sings 4 months ago

    Eugene’s mom made him look like a business man

  • faith primm
    faith primm 4 months ago

    Their moms are so sweet

  • Daylla Bernardo
    Daylla Bernardo 4 months ago

    eugene's mom looks like how hyuna will probably look like a few decades from now lol

  • Krimson Grant
    Krimson Grant 4 months ago


  • snakehands
    snakehands 4 months ago

    Eugene looks better except the jacket was a little too big.

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi 4 months ago

    The moms are so adorable

  • Crystal Light
    Crystal Light 4 months ago +1

    Ashly’s Mom Is Like My Mom.

  • Leah Jin
    Leah Jin 5 months ago

    I love Eugenes one but i feel so bad for Ashley

  • Jareen Chowdhury
    Jareen Chowdhury 5 months ago

    Eugenes mom covering him when he changes XDD

  • Aurélie Gribble
    Aurélie Gribble 5 months ago +1

    Omg!!! Ugene is in this!!!

  • Nallely Plancarte
    Nallely Plancarte 5 months ago

    Okayyy mom

  • Ambi Cahira
    Ambi Cahira 5 months ago

    That watch your mouth warning was the best part :p

  • Aquariusturtle
    Aquariusturtle 5 months ago +1

    “It shows your armpits so I hate it.”
    *proceeds to lift up arms*
    “Oh, Eugene!”

  • J
    J 5 months ago

    Kanes mom played Eugenes mom in another video

  • a real fake
    a real fake 5 months ago

    Eugene's mom is quite stylish..she picked some nice clothes actually

  • Young bloody Hell
    Young bloody Hell 5 months ago

    Kane looks like a Vietnamese man in that outfit

  • Tina Han
    Tina Han 5 months ago

    Kane looks like my uncle after his makeover

  • Jadey Marshmellow
    Jadey Marshmellow 5 months ago

    I feel like eugenes outfit looks a lot something he would wear but that jacket is way to I wish I looked good in everything like eugene

  • Itsbee swirl
    Itsbee swirl 5 months ago

    Eugenes mum has good taste in fashion but l think I like his original fashion sence

  • SeanDaii NelZ
    SeanDaii NelZ 5 months ago

    Eugene mom has great taste👌🏾❤️💯

  • lovefindsitsway
    lovefindsitsway 5 months ago

    Eugene!! You look so much better!!! Ladies’ man!

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 5 months ago


  • Jet Lee
    Jet Lee 5 months ago

    The Chinese one looks like a grandpa:-):-):-)

  • A F
    A F 5 months ago

    They are all so cute

  • TheEliteGeek *
    TheEliteGeek * 5 months ago

    Ashley looks like a KPOP star.
    Eugene looks like a lawyer
    Kade looks like a golfer

  • Bantan In your area
    Bantan In your area 5 months ago

    Armys get it "Dope Dope" ok im out

  • Nick Brock
    Nick Brock 5 months ago

    kane looked 20 years older lol

  • beef chicken
    beef chicken 5 months ago

    Eugene looked pretty good! Props to his fashionable mom.

  • Cupcakelover 26
    Cupcakelover 26 5 months ago

    2:36 „Eugene „ „ok Fine „ 😂😂😂❤️

  • jimins jibooty
    jimins jibooty 5 months ago +1

    classical chinese parent line
    Because we are chinese, you stay chinese 😅😂

  • Mika2116
    Mika2116 5 months ago +1


  • Alison Port
    Alison Port 5 months ago +1

    Eugene still looks bomb.

  • danielly oliveira
    danielly oliveira 5 months ago

    Eugene looks great

  • Madeleine Tyler
    Madeleine Tyler 5 months ago +1

    They’ve seen me without a shirt
    No I don’t want it

  • Merry
    Merry 5 months ago

    At least Eugene came out looking like he's got class.

  • Pika girl 101
    Pika girl 101 5 months ago +2

    Dang Eugene, the one day you don't randomly wear a suit 😂😂

  • Nicole Lillian
    Nicole Lillian 5 months ago

    I liked Eugenes outfit the best

  • Bailey No bailey
    Bailey No bailey 5 months ago

    Eugenes mom: Now he looks like my son
    Eugene : >:(

  • Mella Stone
    Mella Stone 5 months ago

    Eugene looks AMAZING ❤️😍

  • Slimey Magic XOXO
    Slimey Magic XOXO 5 months ago

    Eugene’s Mom is so funny

  • Melis Leon
    Melis Leon 5 months ago +1

    Now I know we're Eugene gets his good taste in fashion