Working Late (Scary)


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  • Miku Watkins
    Miku Watkins 16 hours ago

    the door moved and becca looked up like; "excuse me, bitch?"

  • Daniyal Epic
    Daniyal Epic 16 hours ago

    Nice animation rebacaa creepy

  • CringyMaeve
    CringyMaeve 16 hours ago


  • White kitten
    White kitten 17 hours ago

    Dat gasp tho! Good job Becca ily :)

  • Lindzey Selders
    Lindzey Selders 17 hours ago

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

  • CornGuyNoob
    CornGuyNoob 18 hours ago


  • Xx_Stitch Lover_xX
    Xx_Stitch Lover_xX 18 hours ago

    1:43 FRIG

  • Ocean the wolf
    Ocean the wolf 18 hours ago +1

    At the part where the hand came out of the screen, this was me:
    Me: Okay, so nothing gonna happens-
    Me: *jumps in seat trying not to fall off*
    Me: JEEZ!

  • MC _WolfGirl
    MC _WolfGirl 19 hours ago

    Holy mother of BLEEEEEEEP

  • Kitkat Young
    Kitkat Young 19 hours ago

    The fact that I was watching the video and suddenly heard a pig screaming scared the goosebumps out of me

  • ExleyToast tv
    ExleyToast tv 19 hours ago

    Thanks for the nightmares

  • The Otaku Gamer
    The Otaku Gamer 19 hours ago +1

    That actually made my skin jump lol I made a poor choice to watch it in the middle of the night not in my bed on the fuking floor

    • The Otaku Gamer
      The Otaku Gamer 19 hours ago

      +ExleyToast tv Demons everywhere on the walls, under the bed, in the closest, behind the curtains, in the middle of the room, and inside your head you cant escape the demons in your room and in your head

    • ExleyToast tv
      ExleyToast tv 19 hours ago +1

      I'm watching this and I'm gonna have nightmares
      *there demons in the walls there's demons in the walls. Your going insane exley*

  • Cotton Fluff GachaTubes

    Omg some one knocking on my door :0 holy bgctv ft jdh

  • Ryan Sundin
    Ryan Sundin 19 hours ago

    2 spoopy 4u

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 20 hours ago

    0:08 What does 5291833 mean?

  • woop doop
    woop doop 20 hours ago

    I'm afraid of the dark it made it worst

  • Malachi Jones
    Malachi Jones 20 hours ago +1


  • Jae // Kirby
    Jae // Kirby 20 hours ago

    This was first on my leading women category wowza

  • Sparkly Husky Plays
    Sparkly Husky Plays 20 hours ago

    Oml i shit myself when the hand came out of the tablet shittttttttttttttt

  • Pine Cone
    Pine Cone 21 hour ago


  • Itzel Ortega
    Itzel Ortega 21 hour ago

    Bumper am sleepimgr ight now and I dwel so bad

  • Alexis Art
    Alexis Art 21 hour ago

    Is it just me or the animation is super smooth???????
    I’m not saying her other vids aren’t smooth because they are but i don’t know something seems different

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 21 hour ago

    Watch this in the morning still scared as anything

  • Skits The Potato Chip
    Skits The Potato Chip 21 hour ago

    Omg that scared me

  • YassAMVs
    YassAMVs 21 hour ago

    Epilepsy warning please

  • Wandering Albatross
    Wandering Albatross 22 hours ago

    .... (0-0)
    *Grabs the giant tuber list*
    That's one more with a glitchy alter ego...

  • Can we get 10k subscribers without anyvideos?

    The file didn't save
    Top ten anime deaths

  • squlty fries
    squlty fries 22 hours ago

    Is that the thing that Chase's me up the stairs when I turn off the lights? XD REPLY IF U RELATE!!!!

  • Sean Stevenson
    Sean Stevenson 22 hours ago


  • Maggie Pritchard
    Maggie Pritchard 22 hours ago

    0:48 did someone say chocolate

  • Max Plays
    Max Plays 22 hours ago

    I thought this wss fnf

  • Wolfwing90
    Wolfwing90 22 hours ago

    God ffffffffff- I know that's going to come back to haunt me at 11 PM.

  • Da Zman10
    Da Zman10 23 hours ago

    Does anyone know what size the socks are? I mean, more detailed than just "Regular" and "plus" sizes.

  • DeggoMa Eggo
    DeggoMa Eggo 23 hours ago

    Huh so she was able to create tension.
    I applaud her.

  • Bangtan Girl
    Bangtan Girl 23 hours ago

    ....... I mentally jumped. When the hand came out of the screen. Whelp. I’m okay.

  • ofelia garza
    ofelia garza 23 hours ago

    The heavy breathing reminded me about fnaf

  • Lizzy the Fox
    Lizzy the Fox 23 hours ago

    Woah ther buddy

  • Erik De paz
    Erik De paz 23 hours ago

    Oh no! First Darkiplier, then Antisepticeye, and now Rebecca. Nnnooooooo!

  • William Turner
    William Turner 23 hours ago

    Well, someone's been replaced with a- I mean everything's fine.

  • Isabelle Araujo
    Isabelle Araujo Day ago

    Just appreciate the frame by frame animation. Probably took her HOURS to make even a second of that vid let alone 1 min!!! WE STAN QUALITY!

  • jasleen janda
    jasleen janda Day ago

    1:14 I GOT SO SCARED!!! IM Watching this for like the 15th time AGAIN AND I GET SO SCARED EVERYTIME😂😂😂😂

  • Pugglinton 1
    Pugglinton 1 Day ago

    WhY yOu Do DiS i FrIkEn GoT sCaReD

  • Macaroon Love
    Macaroon Love Day ago


  • Thomas Weisgram
    Thomas Weisgram Day ago

    SCP 4216241

  • Nova The Human
    Nova The Human Day ago

    Lord.... That scared the living crap out of me...... But it was awesome..... You are amazing...... love u girl!

  • ConnorDGamer
    ConnorDGamer Day ago


  • itslil panda
    itslil panda Day ago


  • Alexandra Armstrong

    Well im having nightmares for the rest of October

  • Biscuit Productions

    Okay. It wan't scary but the end made me jump. Still love a Becca

  • Sophia Tesar
    Sophia Tesar Day ago

    You actually made me jump when the hand popped from the screen. ;^;

  • Linkadoodle
    Linkadoodle Day ago

    Really nice job, really spooky

  • Linkadoodle
    Linkadoodle Day ago

    Why are you working in the creepy basement?

  • Mauro Mcnair
    Mauro Mcnair Day ago


  • Travis Hawbecker

    i feel like a hidden messege or code is somewhere

  • Joshua Arevalo
    Joshua Arevalo Day ago

    I hope to see a shirt with the video's name "Don't listen to the demon"

  • Kevin thegamer
    Kevin thegamer Day ago

    Oh no vary spooooopy

  • eleven fan club
    eleven fan club Day ago

    Ooohhhh we are doing some look-see stuff

  • Galaxy Goddess
    Galaxy Goddess Day ago

    Well, I regret clicking on this video. IM A LITTLE EASILY SCARED PERSON. WHYYY?! And im about to sleep to?!?! Ya really fudged up galaxy. Ya really did.

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk Day ago

    I pause the hitching screen scene at almost every moment. What the what was with that hunched over, monster-like you?

  • Rando Redds
    Rando Redds Day ago

    this creeped the fricked out of me i love it

  • Cupcake’s Videos n’ stuff.

    Video starts at 1:37

  • len ney
    len ney Day ago

    Warning ur file ■■■■ DeLEtEd

  • Kieana Sirjue
    Kieana Sirjue Day ago


  • Jason Teddy
    Jason Teddy Day ago

    Gah! That was scary!!!!!

  • DDomster
    DDomster Day ago

    Forget About the fucking Ghost,did you save your file gurl?

  • Sammiee GoldWand

    This is me on a friday/saterday night working on comics, drawings, edits, and/or animations XD

  • KevinXmendez
    KevinXmendez Day ago

    I’m not allowed to celebrate Halloween :( and I’m still only eleven


    I say loosing the remote is what is scary

    SPOOPY STAЯ Day ago


  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson Day ago

    Yes as a single father I think no I know my daughter will love these yes if I have time to still order.

  • warwingsu man of war2

    Rubeca don't be a work a Hellenistic like mad munkicin

  • Shiloh Walden
    Shiloh Walden Day ago

    Love you becca!! :)

  • Green Poop
    Green Poop Day ago


  • Killjoy
    Killjoy Day ago

    the scariest part is that flash probably lost the file

  • INATIATE 010
    INATIATE 010 Day ago

    This didn't scare meh at all _-_

  • Danistormborn
    Danistormborn Day ago

    Let Me Explain guest starring in a production by Llama Arts

  • Mywither
    Mywither Day ago

    Ooh, Rebecca Scarhem is here! That was a fun little animation there.
    Keep up the nice work, and thank you for making such entertaining videos, keep it up, my girl, you rock!

  • Kieley's Life
    Kieley's Life Day ago

    I'm subscribed and have the bell on but I just don't get notified

  • Super Pup54
    Super Pup54 Day ago

    I like the stikers

  • MaiN _ AccorD
    MaiN _ AccorD Day ago

    r/thathappened r/andeveryoneclapped

    • MaiN _ AccorD
      MaiN _ AccorD 18 hours ago

      +Dank Memes First of all, my comment was jokey, dont take it seriously, second of all, you think there actually was a huge monster, who was haunting our beloved Rebecca? Third of all...
      My comment offended you that much, that you just HAD to reply to me? If i did, accept my apologise.

    • Dank Memes
      Dank Memes Day ago

      MaiN _ AccorD you do realise this is a story based off of her fears of working late?

  • Soda Girl
    Soda Girl Day ago

    This gave me a chill.. nice job Becca!

  • Bothered Hound
    Bothered Hound Day ago

    Yaaayh :D

  • Emily Steele
    Emily Steele Day ago

    That was awesome! But spooky! :3

  • Kazemari XD
    Kazemari XD Day ago

    Stahp stahp stahp stahp im not ok lol my heart is pumping like crazy

  • Aurelija Genienė

    Actualy dont stop

  • Aurelija Genienė

    Stop making scary stuff im 9 years old but i guess your art is good.

  • audrey ramos
    audrey ramos Day ago

    I fing watched this at. my bed time😓😓

  • Silent Sugar
    Silent Sugar Day ago

    It’s hard to take her seriously with such AMAZING SOCKS

  • SkyIMPotato 192
    SkyIMPotato 192 Day ago

    Oh holly potatoes
    This scared the shit out of me

    Fucking headphones +-+

  • king of the internet

    1:14 fuck that out the window immediately

  • Le_Mila
    Le_Mila Day ago

    So spoopy OWO

  • MC JellyBean
    MC JellyBean Day ago

    Becca....why.? I trusted you!!! My poor heart!

  • yanntastisch
    yanntastisch Day ago

    2:51 Did i heard a Fnaf sound there? Pls say no!

  • Sam Mclaren
    Sam Mclaren Day ago

    Was that a...

    *spooky scary skeleton*

    • Dank Memes
      Dank Memes Day ago

      Sam Mclaren yea, and it sent shivers down her spine

  • Karen Woodbridge

    oh please let there be an evil Rebecca like antisepticeye or darkiplier

  • Everything Creative

    yEs I don’t normally get scared from things like this but OMG this is my actual fears in night

  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith Day ago

    At exactly 1:03 you can see the true form of the monster

  • Amal Wais
    Amal Wais Day ago

    Can you actually post a picture of Medusa sometime?

  • KarasmaticKell
    KarasmaticKell Day ago

    I jumped! dangit

  • ThiccNintendoGamer boy

    Great animation