Can You Be In Love With Multiple People?

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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    Is it possible to love more than one person? What roles do jealousy and attraction play in relationships? What makes a relationship work? We brought polyamorous and monogamous people together to discuss their beliefs on love. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 14 158

  • Katia N. Amparo
    Katia N. Amparo 3 hours ago

    14:42 Humble brag there, Ryan.😂 Also, it's amazing that he trained himself not to look at other woman. Wish him and his wife decades of happiness.
    *Aliyah* and *Jasmine* spoke to me and my thoughts.

  • Erin Rusmi
    Erin Rusmi 5 hours ago


  • lydiya chai
    lydiya chai 5 hours ago

    U know what the real issue is for them in that platform together? They all have VERY different definitions for love.

  • Maleficent Wolffe
    Maleficent Wolffe 9 hours ago

    I have never been in an open relationship, but I don’t care what people do with their love life. Like do whatever you want as long as it’s all consensual and you aren’t hurting or lying to anybody.

  • M S
    M S 9 hours ago

    Polka dot girl is lost af. She sounds like shes trying to convince herself more than anyone else that polygamy is okay. Girl bye.

  • XO darnell
    XO darnell 10 hours ago

    Love for family is way bigger than love for your gf or bf

  • Ivableh
    Ivableh 19 hours ago +1

    people are social beings naturally and that doesnt mean that we naturally want everysingle person to have sex and be in relationship so that comparisment is out of the window. Like how does having frends equal to having partners... thats not it... with friends you dont have romantic connection, it is only with your partner. If I have romantic connections with my friends then I wouldnt have friends they would all be lovers and thats it. In conclusion having a friend or more friends isnt something that is comparable to having a partner or lovers.

  • マッテオさん
    マッテオさん 20 hours ago

    In italian there are 2 types of "I Love you", "Ti voglio bene" (which translates to I want good for you) is used with family members, children, friends, and in general people we care for, but we don't "love" as in a amorous relationship, while "Ti amo", is used to express love towards your partner, it's sometimes used as the other one but it depend on context, and the relation you have with the person(Ex a mom could say Ti amo to his child but of course it wouldn't mean that she loves him sexually)
    I think that in the video polygamy people are mixing the 2, there's a big difference.

  • Alicia Dickson
    Alicia Dickson Day ago

    All those polys need is some good love

  • Illyana
    Illyana Day ago

    i dont think you can LOVE multiple people i think you can LIKE multiple people

  • dallas thomas
    dallas thomas Day ago

    I agree with the girl with the blue hair 100%

  • October Moon
    October Moon Day ago +2

    Her: “1+1=3”
    Me: *GASP* “like Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe!”
    Garnet represents Ruby+Sapphire but even if Garnet split up Ruby and Sapphire could still exist on their own. Ruby proved that for herself in Ruby Rider.

  • Official Maryam
    Official Maryam Day ago +1

    Matt is so handsome 🥵😍

  • dilara
    dilara Day ago

    just an excuse for people to hoe around tbh

  • preston frederick

    Ok that’s nice that the one guy has found his life long soulmate and they don’t have that many problems but what about guys who actively cheat? Would they want a non monogamous relationship? I mean obviously right? If it’s like that then would one day that Non monogamous relationships exist more?

  • kbea121
    kbea121 Day ago

    Lol being polyamorous has to be way more work than monogamous relationships. Being monogamous, I just have to maintain one relationship and learn to communicate with one person.

    • skeleton man
      skeleton man Day ago

      kbea121 That’s cool, but some people may be willing to put in that extra work.

  • KJ Singh
    KJ Singh Day ago

    The black lady with the green eyes and orange clothes is dating a cuck .

  • Juwangsang
    Juwangsang Day ago

    I would never bein a poly relationship

  • Purple
    Purple Day ago +1

    I feel as if being monogamous or polygamous is similar to being gay, bisexual, hetero... You are or you aren't and there's nothing wrong in it.

  • Purple
    Purple Day ago

    I am so confused, what's the different between loving a friend and loving your partner? I feel that until I don't understand this "criteria" I won't understand polygamia

  • Sophia Valdivia
    Sophia Valdivia Day ago

    This is one of those things people don't take responsibility for infidelity and deflect blame or personal guilt. Acting like polyamory isn't a a choice but think it's natural/"born this way." Cuz the ethnic girl sat down at the question about it being natural (a part of human nature) and then calling monogomy a choice. Like?? You are also choosing to not be exclusive which is pretty natural.

  • Sophia Valdivia
    Sophia Valdivia Day ago

    When the guy said "see myself in other people" I'm feeling right away he is a huge narcissist

  • Mr Ainsworth A Reformed Psycho

    I'm in love with both of my hands.

  • Gigi Duong
    Gigi Duong Day ago

    “Why don’t we have one friend?”
    I only have one friend

  • Briana Galindo
    Briana Galindo Day ago

    what i basically understood from this is that in the poly relationship , there’s more communication involved and self love . In a mono , you focus more on the partner and love them as much or maybe even more than yourself . Personally , I’m someone who would rather be in a mono relationship because I’d rather give my all to one person instead of a group of people who I have certain things in common with which is why I think it’s so hard to find that right person but it ends up being worth it in the long run .

  • Lexi White
    Lexi White 2 days ago +2

    The poly guy looks like a music producer lol, I think he was def feeling something too for the orange shirt girl. I also love her lmao her little dances y todo

  • Caitlyn Ford
    Caitlyn Ford 2 days ago

    With the jealousy side of thing I completely disagree with the polyamorous lady. That’s the point of a relationship. You can be close enough with someone that you don’t have to pretend to be something your not or say you don’t feel how you feel. Everyone is jealous of different things in everything they do. You just don’t get to act on it or express it in other situations because it’s “inappropriate”. But that’s the point of being in a relationship with someone. That nothing that comes naturally to you around them is inappropriate. You can be you. And say what you think and feel what you feel. And if you’re jealous, because they think that someone else can fulfill a need you can’t. You should be able to express that feeling. And if you can’t then you aren’t in a good relationship.

  • Nivacodo Dressing
    Nivacodo Dressing 2 days ago +3

    Shan is absolutely beautiful.

    Just had to put that out there.

  • Alexandra Defreitas
    Alexandra Defreitas 2 days ago

    The question about finding others attractive when you're in a relationship is interesting and it's sad to see that one girl shut it down and say it's impossible or that it's denial in some way. I consider myself demisexual, because when I am in a strong, healthy and loving relationship, I can turn that attraction to others off because I've taught myself to appreciate a good thing in it's entirety. In unhealthy relationships in my past, I've definitely had wandering eyes or thoughts but that only happens when I find myself being mistreated and neglected by my partner.

  • perfection -LeSs
    perfection -LeSs 2 days ago +1

    I mean for me ... for who I am .. I can be in love with multiple on different aspects.. like my mother and boyfriend... I can love love multiple people .. like my love for my ex and my best friend.. I can like multiple... like I like my co worker and Kim Kardashian .. for me and my life style that’s how it works for me.. I would have to be with somebody who had this mindset when it comes to a feeling of liking , loving , and being in love with people...

  • femaleskater1185
    femaleskater1185 2 days ago

    They missed the biggest reason why people are in monogamous relationships: to start and have a family.

  • J M
    J M 2 days ago

    Personally I think being poly is just being selfish like you have one person but you also want to add on another and not let go of the first one that’s just....

  • Quinn M.
    Quinn M. 2 days ago +1

    Certain terms like "jealousy" have bad connotations ... but it doesn't actually have to bad. Nothing is black and white. To look at someone who loves their job or themselves or has a good relationship, can remind you that you want those things and help you strive to achieve them. You dont have to hate someone who has something that you do not or that's different. Recognize that there's something in you or about your life that you want to change.

  • Jazmyn Cynette
    Jazmyn Cynette 2 days ago +4

    So much respect for the man who is deeply and unapologetically in love with his wife. They are rare to come by

  • Rei Chan
    Rei Chan 2 days ago +2

    I understand the monogamous guy so much. Since I've been with my boyfriend, I honestly don't find anyone else attractive. Like yes, I can say "He's good looking" and stuff. But that's as far as it goes. I don't feel attracted to anybody else like that now. I love my boyfriend and just want to be with him. But all respect to the polyamorous people out there. I personally couldn't do it but you're all valid and this video has made me understand it more :)

  • Sally Z
    Sally Z 2 days ago

    People who practice polygamy seem to be less interested in self improvement or willingness to change themselves. They want to have all their needs met without sacrificing themselves, which I think is respectable to an extent. People who practice monogamy are more willing to change for their partner because of that level of dedication and loyalty. But not only change but accept their flaws and grow for the betterment of their relationship. Their partner will also do the same for them. If it’s a healthy relationship.

  • Gemini Girl
    Gemini Girl 2 days ago

    salute to that monogamous guy....

  • Jacoey Rice
    Jacoey Rice 3 days ago

    Ok I had to rewind to find her name because I didn’t want to call her “red head” lol she is Aliyah- anyways she speaks facts ! The gentleman was trying to throw curveballs to prove that polyamory is or should be normal for all, Aliyah just bodied it or anyone’s comment with a logical response. I agree that we are all wired differently; I don’t understand polyamory or maybe just the explanations given but to each their own. As long as we aren’t hurting someone physically, emotionally etc then why judge .

  • Ally Mae
    Ally Mae 3 days ago

    I dont like sharing my love. To me a partner is someone I Express my love to. I prefer to be monogamous. I cant only handle one person honestly lol

  • Gardenia Edith
    Gardenia Edith 3 days ago +1

    It is ok to love multiple people! :)

  • Orea Tshiamu
    Orea Tshiamu 3 days ago

    I like how that redhead thinks 😌✨👌

  • Emilie 266
    Emilie 266 3 days ago +5

    I would never be able to be in an open relationship, but I fully respect people who are. If their all happy with it I don’t see an issue.

  • Onyxa Fabian
    Onyxa Fabian 3 days ago

    Morality=Zero -Nico David

  • BrandonBlack
    BrandonBlack 3 days ago

    I think having that 1 person is something special, like all I want is that 1 special girl kinda like wanting the brightest star in the sky and ignoring the others, it being just that 1 person is so meaningful

  • sue sousou
    sue sousou 3 days ago +4

    Girl in orange shirt.... other then having couple relationships.. also has couple stds

  • Wonder Girl
    Wonder Girl 4 days ago +2

    I feel like this conversation could be interesting if they brought someone in whose religious beliefs control their monogamous/polyamorous beliefs
    Also (just my opinion on one of the points brought up), what is the idea of friend zone? It’s when you can love someone and have a relationship with them, but it’s a different type of love that doesn’t stem from desire. I think the comparison they kept making between friends and lovers didn’t really make sense. I love my best friend unconditionally and love the time I spend with her, but I have never been in love with her. I love the time I spend with other people (family and friends), but that doesn’t mean I’m in love with them. The love you have for a significant other stem from something much deeper and intimate than that of a companion.

  • Sum Guy
    Sum Guy 4 days ago

    Monogamy is unneeded before children.
    Sadly, most women who otherwise consider themselves liberal, consider themselves entitled to undying devotion as well, saddest hypocrisy in heterosexual dating.

  • Dawn Hawkins
    Dawn Hawkins 4 days ago

    Good point of exploration on jealousy in various aspects of our lives. You can't be jealous at work so why can you be jealous in your relationship? First off, I'd suggest there is a difference in the contexts. What is jealousy at work? If Mary got a promotion & I didn't, I will feel jealous because I wanted the promotion or A promotion. The jealousy tells me I wanted a promotion so I'd better focus my energies on getting promoted, right? I guess I'm saying you can be jealous at work, lol.

    In a relationship, jealousy is not what we feel, at least I don't see it as what this woman is saying. In my relationship, I am TERRITORIAL, meaning I am protective of someone of very high value to me and unwilling to share that with someone else. I can't be territorial about a promotion because the promotion does not initially belong to anyone, the partner does .. which is what the guy who's been with his wife for 8 years says.

  • Raymond Morehouse
    Raymond Morehouse 4 days ago +6

    This reinforces my suspicion that our society has lost track of a valuable category: friendship.

  • Jess
    Jess 4 days ago

    You can not compare friends to sexual partners. Completely different

    • Lu Xan
      Lu Xan 4 days ago

      Why exactly?

  • Wyatt Waters
    Wyatt Waters 4 days ago +10

    “Is a good sex life necessary for a good relationship”
    Asexual community has left the chat

  • Angelica Jusino
    Angelica Jusino 4 days ago +3

    I feel good with where I stand on this topic. I am in a relationship with a man who allows me to love so easily and so well. I have always been able to express myself openly and so he is aware of the love I have for others in my life. I am able to spend time with whoever and he trusts my judgement. I am free to giggle, be my silly self, and have deep conversations with others without my partner present. I never take other relationships physical bc there is no desire there for me. Just to be able to have the freedom to love more than one or woman man authentically is what makes this relationship like none I've ever had.

  • Andrea Sheets
    Andrea Sheets 4 days ago +1

    Individuals that want open relationships are just selfish people. Putting themselves above others. Humans were not made that way and you split and shatter your soul with each person you are with, especially sexually.

    • Andrea Sheets
      Andrea Sheets 4 days ago

      @Lu Xan I don't believe so because that isn't how we view it. I am not monogamous because i don't share. I am monogamous because i believe in serving another person and treating them special.

    • Lu Xan
      Lu Xan 4 days ago +1

      I would argue that the "I don't share!" monogamists are just as selfish, which is perfectly fine btw.

  • Ndaoya Judith
    Ndaoya Judith 4 days ago +1

    No I can't I am too jealous

  • sad kermit
    sad kermit 4 days ago +1

    The polyamorous guy looks so much like scheinder from one day at a time lmaoo

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 4 days ago +1

    Silly woman duped by men. No it’s empowering yeah right

  • Sychrari
    Sychrari 5 days ago +1

    If the lgbtq community thinks accepting them is modern then why do we accept an old tradition like polygamy

    • Mira Noire
      Mira Noire 4 days ago

      They aren't practicing polygamy. That's illegal here in the U.S.

  • Mateen
    Mateen 5 days ago +1

    Love and lust is different. Disney and Hollywood confuse you into thinking a physically intimate relationship is love, but that’s not true. You can love the person you are physically with, but you can be way more in love with someone without any lustful desires involved whatsoever. Don’t confuse the two.

  • Maria Fleming
    Maria Fleming 5 days ago +1

    I feel like polyamorous (sorry if I spelled that wrong lol) people tend to be more selfish in a relationship. Relationships need to be two sided, and both the man in the black shirt and the lady in the orange shirt only talked about their personal happiness specifically instead of the monogamous people who talked about both their personal happiness and the happiness of their partner. Of course not all monogamous relationships are perfectly selfless, but polyamorous relationships are with different people and they use them differently instead of loving one person for who they are.

  • 5 days ago

    What if you don’t want monogamy or an open relationship?
    For instance I want to find a throuple. A committed relationship w/ 3 ppl. Who is defending / arguing for our needs and desires?

    • 4 days ago

      Lu Xan No, the analogue for you would be, me saying hey look at that greyhound and you see my comment and you say, no that’s not a greyhound, that’s a dog. As you tried to do w/ me, rather than accepting that I was correctly referring to a throupling, you said, “That’s polyamory and there’s ppl arguing for that,” as though there were a distinction. Whether it’s a greyhound or a throuple, you always want to insert your 2 cents and it’s always worth less than you think and you are always wrong due to lack of information.

    • Lu Xan
      Lu Xan 4 days ago Yep, like I would call a dog a dog if I see one. If you actually read what I wrote attentively, there was never a contradiction.

    • 4 days ago

      Lu Xan You literally said, “That’s polyamory” as of it were different from a throuple. And now after I have corrected you and put you in your place, now you want to agree w/ me in your 2nd comment. Lu Xan you should stick to topics you understand, because polyamory is clearly not one of them. There are clearly myriad varieties of polyamorous relationship contexts that you do not realize each have their own labels and definitions. Leave it to those smarter and better informed than you, Lu Xan.
      Again, thanks in advance.

    • Lu Xan
      Lu Xan 4 days ago Yep, so it's a subform of polyamory, which still makes it polyamory. Like a Border Collie being a dog makes it also correct to call it a Border Collie as well as it is correct to call it a dog.

  • Monkeylove718
    Monkeylove718 5 days ago +4

    No argument. If you love someone than that is that, he or she will go to the afterlife together. If you make a statement claiming that you can be in deep love with many others, then you are trying to justify your lack of commitment and insecurity to a more noble term, which will never exist.

  • talooshh
    talooshh 5 days ago +2

    people act as if jealousy only exists in romantic relationships. it exists in all forms of relationships, you can be jealous of a random person on the street or someone on instagram or your best friend. it's about finding ways to sit with those emotions and talk them out, and figure out solutions that work for everyone. at the end of the day, monogamous and polyamorous relationships are both valid, as long as there is open communication and trust, the relationship(s) can flourish. different things work for different people.

  • Anna Nicolussi
    Anna Nicolussi 5 days ago

    This was really interesting to watch. I know myself a couple of people who are in open relationships, but they label themselves as just friends with benefits (nothing more than that, I think, but I'm not that close so that I dared to ask). I tend to agree with the monogamous because, as one of the girls said, I don't feel any "desire" to find someone else. However, as long as the things are clear with their partners and everyone feels good about it, all I can say is «Why not?». I have troubles seeing how a "polyamorous" relationship can work in the long run (maybe is not even supposed to last that long?), I wished there were more stories like theirs.

  • Swivel Kayla
    Swivel Kayla 5 days ago +1

    You got me messed up if you think I’m about to share my man with some other woman. Sorry not sorry.

  • Ashton Hunter
    Ashton Hunter 5 days ago

    With all the talk about sex and sex lives, can we get one specifically for kinksters and vanilla? Could you also get some poly vanilla people and poly kink people? Maybe even people with different kinks, not just ropes.

  • RighteousCaliKid420
    RighteousCaliKid420 5 days ago

    Sorry and ima go to hell for this probably buti can’t stand that boar 🐗😭😭...sooo big and annoying

  • Bo Kelly
    Bo Kelly 6 days ago +3

    i have no idea what these words mean

  • Alex Arrieta
    Alex Arrieta 6 days ago

    The red head is beautiful

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 6 days ago

    I often don't understand why people get angry so easily when their partners happens to notice or look at other people. My boyfriends often point blank asked me 'Would I feel jealous if they went out to a bar with friends, that happened to have some women.'
    No, I'm not some insecure, paranoid fool. If you want more people than just me, and you're willing to ask my opinion first and how I feel, then you're more a keeper than a 'cheater'. You're a big boy, I should hope I don't have to mother you. Was my response.

    I don't think humans are one person only, it's been proven that in many tribes, villages, and towns int he past that men had many partners as did women, It was to keep gene pools diverse and also to makes sure the strongest survived. So the more people had the supposed 'strong genes' of a male in the tribe, the more likely his children would survive.
    And sadly, it has been proven, love fades, many studies show that the likely hood of you keeping your partner forever is very little. People interests change over time, the girl or guy you loved in highschool might not be the women you love when your 30, as by then you might not be interested in brunets or girls with wide hips.
    What I'm saying is you change and so does what you find attractive.

  • wxstednxghts
    wxstednxghts 6 days ago

    If someone has to date multiple people at a time bc one person doesn't make them happy, then they need a new person in their life🤷🏻‍♀️ like how that woman has kids with a man and is married but she said she has someone she likes to go out with and someone they like to make out with. Shouldn't someone find their other half who you can go and do everything and love everything about them? not find one person who's funny and then someone who's caring and someone who's hot, like what? Get someone with all those traits..
    Shes pissing me off. Tryna say that everyone is polyamorous. No, not everyone likes to share someone they're in love with to have that person go out and say their in love with another too. You cant be completely in love with 2 people or more, sorry not sorry.

    • Lu Xan
      Lu Xan 4 days ago

      I don't know. For me personally it seems a bit unfair, even unrealistic, to expect one person to perfectly fullfil you and complete your live. I do think those relationships exist, but for the majority of people it is unlikely to ever find somebody like that. You will need to make compromises.

  • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes

    If you're willing to throw it all away just because your partner wants to sleep with someone else, then you don't really love them. You just love having control over someone.

    • MiraiMemento
      MiraiMemento 5 days ago

      I'd argue if they really want to sleep with another that they don't love you all that much to begin with.

    • 200k subs with no videos challenge
      200k subs with no videos challenge 6 days ago

      @Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes Women cheat on good guys though and vice versa. In most situations You shouldn't have to change yourself if your partner cant be loyal unless you genuinely are a shitty person which I doubt. There would probably be someone else that appreciates you and if you do have a trait that they dont like then they'd comment or talk to you about it rather than having sex with someone else

    • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes
      Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes 6 days ago

      @200k subs with no videos challenge if they cheat then I'm doing something wrong. I'd blame myself for it. I need to make myself so good where a women wouldn't ever risk cheating. That's how people got to see it

    • 200k subs with no videos challenge
      200k subs with no videos challenge 6 days ago

      @Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes So you'd let your partner cheat ?

    • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes
      Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes 6 days ago

      @200k subs with no videos challenge then we will work through it lol.

  • Rory o hanlon
    Rory o hanlon 6 days ago +1

    how does the obese one have multiple partners hahahaha...

  • Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar
    Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar 6 days ago +1

    I am quite saddened that people think the monogamous gentlemen in the video is "rare." Like I know man just like him who was cheated on. Guys like that are everywhere but some people just don't care, don't care to try and find that guy.
    I am also very disappointed that the comment sections is looking down on the polygamous solely because they seem "self-centred." I often read that "The focus on themselves." I'm monogamous. But think it's very ugly to say that you cannot have the same passion and love for more than one person.

  • Selisia Muslia
    Selisia Muslia 6 days ago +1

    Monogamous relationships are NOT easy!
    Are you kidding me?!
    To be in a relationship with someone and to devote yourself to them to make sure they’re happy and safe because that makes you feel happy is hard
    It’s not easy to deal with the worst in people and to learn to love them in any way and any shape as they come
    I think polyamorous relationships are more popular between people that can’t take responsibilities and get bored or hurt easily
    I’m not saying that they don’t love the people that thery are in a relationship with but I’m pretty sure they love themselves more
    That’s why the can’t be in a monogamous relationship 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • fiona-una
    fiona-una 6 days ago +6

    I’m aro/ace so I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy.
    I got to the bit about that monogamy girl in the middle talking about friendships not being as close or important as a romantic relationship... Like what? I genuinely feel bad that she feels that way about her friends, or that she has never had a friend she felt she could 100% be totally open and honest with.

  • Trinity Stormfall
    Trinity Stormfall 7 days ago

    The poly chick makes traditions and morals sound like a bad thing lol
    Take a look at any collapsed civilization and see how it got that way.
    Abandoning traditions in favor or new, more relaxed one's.
    "Do as thy will" will get you to an uncomfortable eternity beside Crowley, but enjoy this life while you can.

  • ReignbowBrite00
    ReignbowBrite00 7 days ago

    I get what the poly group was trying to say, but bringing up kids and friends as examples of shared loved and relationships does not work. The way you love your children, and the way you love your friends or family is different from the love you have for a romantic partner. It’s an over simplification of a complex point, and it doesn’t work.

  • Sweet Taekookie
    Sweet Taekookie 7 days ago

    To that one dude, Love Yourself™

  • Mihael
    Mihael 7 days ago +8

    I dont want to waste my energy to seek and build multiple mediocre romantic relationships
    I believe in true love. I want to put my whole energy and strength into finding that one person and building such a strong connection with them.

  • Martin Septim
    Martin Septim 8 days ago

    i don't like when people say "love my self" idk i just sound selfish

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 8 days ago

    Yes you can. The real question is will people allow you to.

    • Herobrine
      Herobrine 7 days ago

      Naolio. You came down to watch the world walk by, and all you found was trouble in my eyes! From the sky, you pulled me down tonight! You call out the farther that I fly! I love that sound, so give me one more life! From the sky, you pulled me down tonight! Let me goooooooooo!

  • Exxsclusive Stoner
    Exxsclusive Stoner 8 days ago

    I'm never this lucky lol 😂

  • Gingham V.
    Gingham V. 8 days ago

    i personally don't have a high enough self esteem for polyamoury LMAO
    nah, but all jokes aside, i think the first question would explain how i see it the best: i don't believe humans are naturally polyamourous, but i believe we've come far enough that we can be. there are plenty of people in comfortable poly relationships, and while it's not for me, i wouldn't judge someone for doing it.

  • Elaborate Troll
    Elaborate Troll 8 days ago

    I couldnt even date a women that i didnt want to have sex with

  • Elaborate Troll
    Elaborate Troll 8 days ago

    The handsome guys has too many options, settling for attractive people is much harder

  • angelon111
    angelon111 8 days ago

    If you cant share then just be biyourself.

  • Rebecca Weisberger
    Rebecca Weisberger 8 days ago

    The girl with the red hair is so attractive

  • natchnieni0
    natchnieni0 8 days ago

    The monogamous guy is talking about how I now treat Steak, having generally committed to vegetarianism.
    But my partner still eats meat...
    But they are... Struggling with their own... Restrictions.

  • natchnieni0
    natchnieni0 8 days ago

    As a woman, now, in my 40's... I used to be much more sex driven. I find I'm a bit less so - but I also know that things change, people change and I could be just as sex driven as I was two years ago maybe three years from now.

  • natchnieni0
    natchnieni0 8 days ago +2

    The red head doesn't seem to be very confident in herself and seems very afraid of change. I guess she's very young. I'm along the lines of the poly guy you have, here. He's really speaking my language.
    I was monogamous for the first 25 years of my life... my time seeking intimacy with another person. I was idealistic, but I also had NO IDEA I didn't have to be monogamous. It took a bit for me to figure it out and convince my partner, also, that it was ok... Now, like the black woman in this group, it's about being open to ideas and growing - apart and together.

  • aapje827
    aapje827 8 days ago

    Can you please do a video between people who believe climate change exsist and people who think it doesn't exist?

  • Thymic
    Thymic 8 days ago +1

    There was nothing that the polyamorous dude said that I disagreed with, even being monogamous myself. He is attractive, too...

  • S W
    S W 8 days ago

    The girl who is in an open relationship, i'm really hoping that the other people she's going out and dating understand that they're a part of polyamorous interaction. If they do and they're fine with it, cool. I dont know how common it is to be polyamorous in a FAIR way. Lots of people claim polyamory and use it to take advantage of others. Listen, I look at this the same way i look at any other political issue. It's not my life. So people can do what they want. I am monogamous. But that doesn't mean others have to be. As long as they're doing it in a way that people aren't hurt, who cares? I'm just curious about the statistics is all.

  • Dominique Garcia
    Dominique Garcia 8 days ago

    That’s not love that’s lust.... polygamous will recognize that later in life. It’s about effort , connection and that one person that steals your one and only, and is your all, your rock, your emotional and career support.

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 9 days ago

    I have the answers so when your ready ask me?

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 9 days ago

    I think you all have the wrong idea about love and just noticing knowing how you all view life makes me question weather or not you want me to explain all of your values

  • Hapyy
    Hapyy 9 days ago

    ya... no.

  • Rocio arf
    Rocio arf 9 days ago +3

    16:35 She's kinda annoying, that comment was unnecessary. Please worry about yourself.🤗

    • Violet Selene
      Violet Selene 7 days ago

      Rocio arf I think she was just sticking up for the outlier

  • Lizzie’s multifandom

    This is so interesting omg

  • TommyMcJ -
    TommyMcJ - 9 days ago

    2:31 - 2:53 wtf did she just say ???