BITE of the KING!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, the EPIC conclusion to the teams encounter with the king of the Savannah…the African Lion!
    Let’s just say that Coyote and the crew get more than close, they get as close as you can get!
    Get ready to witness the tremendous BITE of the KING!
    If you missed Part 1 of the Lion adventure watch it here -
    HUGE THANKS to the Kariega Game Reserve and the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! - and
    *No lions were harmed in the filming of this video. The veterinary procedures depicted were a scheduled part of the lion's health and wellness management and all elements of the procedures were preformed entirely by licensed and trained wildlife professionals.
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Comments • 54 524

  • Precious Allen
    Precious Allen 5 minutes ago

    U should try a gorilla

  • Amanda Barlow
    Amanda Barlow 15 minutes ago

    Wow those lions teeth is whiter than mine

  • Katie DuPaul
    Katie DuPaul 2 hours ago +1


  • Kingston Bower
    Kingston Bower 2 hours ago

    Are you citing why I am so mad at you do NOT DO THIS AGENI OK

  • Nitram Garcia
    Nitram Garcia 3 hours ago

    Pore lion😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Rëd Fłãmingø
    Rëd Fłãmingø 4 hours ago

    3:50 I’d run😂😂

  • DME Empire
    DME Empire 4 hours ago +1

    Coyote: * sniffs lion *
    Me: * Laughs

  • DanFan8888
    DanFan8888 8 hours ago

    The lion looks like ice cream as teeth

  • Gary Callihan
    Gary Callihan 11 hours ago


  • Aleyna Mayacı
    Aleyna Mayacı 11 hours ago


  • savana nazelrod
    savana nazelrod 13 hours ago

    someone suggested you get bitten by a coconut crab ..........................deermeatfordinner

  • Sydney Faulcon
    Sydney Faulcon 14 hours ago +1

    he didn't even get bit

  • Lilly Emma
    Lilly Emma 14 hours ago

    Who ever thumbs down on this video are idiots

  • Eiko Supreme
    Eiko Supreme 14 hours ago

    I actually thought he's going to let the Lion bite him.

  • Naveah Choudhury
    Naveah Choudhury 17 hours ago

    Am I the only person that thought the lion was gonna jump up and eat the poor guy!?

  • Gab Condez
    Gab Condez 18 hours ago


  • Rachel Short
    Rachel Short 20 hours ago

    Oh man. The way that you care for these creatures and talk about them is so beautiful. I love hearing the way you describe how they walk in the sun. It’s gorgeous. I love these terrifying but beautiful animals. And this video made me love them more. ❤️🦁

  • ItsDarkVoid Gamer
    ItsDarkVoid Gamer 23 hours ago

    Cameras: *Vlogs*

    Lion: OOF

  • Abby Platt
    Abby Platt 23 hours ago

    Imagine if this was mufasa instead of falling off a Cliff he got tranquilised and forgot his,way home

  • Abby Platt
    Abby Platt 23 hours ago

    At least. U didn't MURDER the lion like the other you tuber i was just watching killed a poor coyote

  • Yassein
    Yassein 23 hours ago

    Plot twist: The Lions were paid to act

  • watch and learners

    My name is coytie wildnerness and it is my personal quest to commit suicide by getting bitten and stung by wildlife.

  • Wolfox Vlogs
    Wolfox Vlogs Day ago

    He’s gonna die

  • Kasilyn Stevens
    Kasilyn Stevens Day ago

    The cameraman really went and booped that lion XD

  • W T M L Ø N
    W T M L Ø N Day ago

    You have to dart them while some ppl are friends with those animals and play with them with no problem.

  • Alexandru P
    Alexandru P Day ago

    Wow, what a lion

  • Im a hacker Boy
    Im a hacker Boy Day ago

    I love lion

  • Elina Shehonova
    Elina Shehonova Day ago


  • DHC_ viper
    DHC_ viper Day ago

    I'm sad for the lion

  • TheUnknown BlueFox/Wolf

    Awesome lions!

  • Lucia Weir
    Lucia Weir Day ago

    Justin y

  • Lucia Weir
    Lucia Weir Day ago

    Why are u stupied

  • DaKruger Toch91
    DaKruger Toch91 Day ago


  • na102008
    na102008 2 days ago

    Is the lion dead 💀

  • livin the bear life
    livin the bear life 2 days ago

    Is the lion going to die

  • Shayan Hanif
    Shayan Hanif 2 days ago

    2:01 I need to do that right now like for Fortnite skulltrooper

  • Yaried 123
    Yaried 123 2 days ago

    Why did u do this

  • Annoying Buddies
    Annoying Buddies 2 days ago

    Your crazy

  • zoey Gray
    zoey Gray 2 days ago

    I am still sad

  • zoey Gray
    zoey Gray 2 days ago

    I love lions I cred when they Darted them

  • Bernardo leandro
    Bernardo leandro 2 days ago

    i hate him

  • GewPotion
    GewPotion 2 days ago

    The thing was growlin

  • GewPotion
    GewPotion 2 days ago

    If dat thing woke up it would have ripped you into pieces

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue 2 days ago

    no no no no

  • Brendan Shannon
    Brendan Shannon 2 days ago

    The circle of life

  • AlanGod 134
    AlanGod 134 2 days ago

    Spanish? :v

  • Tertius Strydom
    Tertius Strydom 2 days ago

    I live in South Africa

  • fachri yansa
    fachri yansa 2 days ago

    Wht u kil lion

  • 2468 1324
    2468 1324 2 days ago

    Would u like it if I shot you with a dart

  • S Dad
    S Dad 2 days ago

    Waw that's amazing and I was wondering what makes the lions King of beasts, which is clear to me now ,

  • S Dad
    S Dad 2 days ago

    Hope these lions didn't get injured

  • Itzpotato Gacha
    Itzpotato Gacha 2 days ago

    I would’ve died if I was there

  • Anne-Marie Parascan
    Anne-Marie Parascan 2 days ago


  • Ian Osses
    Ian Osses 2 days ago

    Is dead?

  • ЗJlou [YOU TUBE]
    ЗJlou [YOU TUBE] 2 days ago

    Dayn ti lox ebana

  • Imkillinit
    Imkillinit 3 days ago

    This is exactly what Aliens do to us

  • BlastOff MMo's
    BlastOff MMo's 3 days ago

    Simba: Im-on-me-way im-on-me-way

  • Fortnite_crazy
    Fortnite_crazy 3 days ago

    Why u hurting them

    • BearOfNorway
      BearOfNorway 2 days ago

      They're not hurting them. They are putting them to sleep to safely recover bio-metric data from them. It's for the well-being of the animals.

  • Carol Lawrence
    Carol Lawrence 3 days ago

    No hell no

    ROCKSTAR DUDES 3 days ago +3

    who else thougt that he was suppose to get bit by the lion

  • HaTTron HaTTori
    HaTTron HaTTori 3 days ago

    my balls are bigger btw

  • Vijay Singh
    Vijay Singh 3 days ago +3

    I was the 14th million subscriber

  • mercy charas
    mercy charas 3 days ago


  • Kendra Howard
    Kendra Howard 3 days ago


  • Kendra Howard
    Kendra Howard 3 days ago

    Stop shooting the lions

    • BearOfNorway
      BearOfNorway 2 days ago

      They're not hurting them. They are putting them to sleep to safely recover bio-metric data from them. It's for the well-being of the animals.

  • Kendra Howard
    Kendra Howard 3 days ago

    I love lions

  • Imogen Bradley
    Imogen Bradley 3 days ago

    Does it kill the lions

  • Imogen Bradley
    Imogen Bradley 3 days ago +2

    Omg I jumped at the same time as the lions 🦁 did at the first shot like If you did the same

  • awsome2323 thebest
    awsome2323 thebest 3 days ago

    Why are you shooting the Lions?

  • Xx WolfGirl xX
    Xx WolfGirl xX 3 days ago +1

    Sees huge sleeping Male lion........

    Hugs it

  • Linda Cortez
    Linda Cortez 3 days ago +1

    Why would you ever want to do this to animals you are horrible people like this comment if you agree

    • franzferdinand17
      franzferdinand17 Day ago

      They’re not just normal animals, they’re endangered. They’re keeping track of the pride, and making sure they’re healthy.

    • Linda Cortez
      Linda Cortez Day ago +1

      Yeah but normal animals do not need that

    • franzferdinand17
      franzferdinand17 Day ago

      Linda Cortez... they’re helping them...

  • dylanbananas
    dylanbananas 3 days ago

    *Coyote shoots the lion*
    Other lions: "Oh no he didn't." " oh yes he did. " "CHARGE!!"

    To be continued...

    • dylanbananas
      dylanbananas 3 days ago

      Hey sorry now I know Coyote didn't shoot the lion, another man did.

  • epicgame123 sedlacek

    OH my gof

  • Chantal Martinez
    Chantal Martinez 3 days ago

    I feel so bad for them😔😔

    • BearOfNorway
      BearOfNorway 2 days ago

      Why? These animals are extremely lucky for having people around dedicated to maintaining their health and environment.

  • João Pedro Matos e Freitas

    I love lions

  • Barbara Morgan
    Barbara Morgan 3 days ago

    Poor lions

  • Fapte despre Știință

    A lion can bite with a force of 690 pounds per square inch. That's a really powerfull bite.

  • Samantha and Julianna

    I hate you shoting a lion

    • BearOfNorway
      BearOfNorway 2 days ago

      They're not hurting them. They are putting them to sleep to safely recover bio-metric data from them. It's for the well-being of the animals. These people are professionals who are dedicating their lives in researching and maintaining the health and environment of these animals, they are actually doing more good for them than you are.

  • cupcakeLOVE1 gachaverse

    why are you doing this?

    • BearOfNorway
      BearOfNorway 2 days ago

      They are collecting biometric data from the lions to research their health. They are good people doing a good job. Relax.

  • Iben van Opdorp
    Iben van Opdorp 3 days ago


  • Eric Irizarry
    Eric Irizarry 3 days ago +1

    Don’t Kill it

  • Irina Eva
    Irina Eva 3 days ago


  • XxLunaPotatoxX Xx
    XxLunaPotatoxX Xx 3 days ago +1

    You are actually abusibg them so Frick u

  • Faiz Sabil Albani
    Faiz Sabil Albani 3 days ago


  • Nway Hnaung Lwin
    Nway Hnaung Lwin 3 days ago


  • Shantuy Gaming
    Shantuy Gaming 3 days ago

    Look tooth :
    In 8:00

  • Hershey Joson
    Hershey Joson 3 days ago

    tangna kayo di man kayo kinagat, oa nyo.

  • Tiana Nagua
    Tiana Nagua 3 days ago

    Stop being bill nin the sicins guy

  • Fluffywwekane Fortnite and wwe

    Why did you kill a lion

    • Ogi the sergal
      Ogi the sergal 3 days ago +1

      He didn't, they shot them with darts that makes them go to sleep....

      They even woke up in the very end.

  • JNODell1
    JNODell1 3 days ago

    How could you do such a thing 🥺😭😤😡

    • BearOfNorway
      BearOfNorway 2 days ago

      Why wouldn't they? Do you even watch videos before commenting? It's really obvious that they are putting the lions to sleep in order to safely collect biometric data from them. They are researching and maintaing their health and environment. Jesus Christ, get a grip.

  • CottonCandyClouds
    CottonCandyClouds 4 days ago

    No don’t hurt them 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Toys Fun
    Toys Fun 4 days ago

    I honestly thought he would let the lion bite him I GOT CLICK BAITED

  • Andreana Irankunda
    Andreana Irankunda 4 days ago

    Why you kill lion

  • Austin Ham
    Austin Ham 4 days ago

    Is a lion faster than a man and fast can thay run

  • Xx Donaee xX
    Xx Donaee xX 4 days ago

    I had to fast forward bc it was just so sad to me when they shot them lol 😭😭💔

  • RelapseGalore55
    RelapseGalore55 4 days ago

    What is the "reversal drug" used to wake the Lions back up?

  • rockstar freddy Kovacevic

    Bi bit baj a Shark

  • Evelyn Jordan
    Evelyn Jordan 4 days ago

    Bitten by leeches
    Bitten by snapping turtle
    Bitten by cactus
    Probes lion
    What else is there

  • Fortnite Boss
    Fortnite Boss 4 days ago

    Y shot

  • melody woods
    melody woods 4 days ago +1

    Do you eat these or do you just want there prettiness or to where them dose this make you happy you just made 4 another kids cry why are you doing these

    • maristaproductions
      maristaproductions 3 days ago

      melody woods calm down and learn how to use grammar properly when you try to make a comment

    • Ian L Gacha Films!
      Ian L Gacha Films! 3 days ago

      ...You can obviously see they are looking at the animal. Vets are doing reports. Honestly did you even watch the video?