BITE of the KING!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, the EPIC conclusion to the teams encounter with the king of the Savannah…the African Lion!
    Let’s just say that Coyote and the crew get more than close, they get as close as you can get!
    Get ready to witness the tremendous BITE of the KING!
    If you missed Part 1 of the Lion adventure watch it here -
    HUGE THANKS to the Kariega Game Reserve and the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! - and
    *No lions were harmed in the filming of this video. The veterinary procedures depicted were a scheduled part of the lion's health and wellness management and all elements of the procedures were preformed entirely by licensed and trained wildlife professionals.
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Comments • 54 644

  • Vicky Basya
    Vicky Basya 2 hours ago

    why not wait at least until they finish eating ??

  • Pixie Hut
    Pixie Hut 17 hours ago

    Coyote Peterson memorial. He got eaten by a lion 🦁

  • bob worlds
    bob worlds 19 hours ago

    9.42 tiger balls

  • Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith Day ago

    Lions are more aggressive depending on how black their hair is

  • memetohard
    memetohard Day ago

    If you comment on this I will sub to you

  • Little Monster #1

    Whaaa?? It looked like the claws were backwards

  • HeatThrills
    HeatThrills Day ago

    One has a collar on it

  • Jordan101
    Jordan101 Day ago

    Are those lions ok?

  • Goku-x-breaker
    Goku-x-breaker Day ago

    Danm we really are at the top of the food chain.

  • Xyro MastR シ
    Xyro MastR シ 2 days ago +1

    _long live the king_

  • Dude Xdogs
    Dude Xdogs 2 days ago

    Simba 🦁🦁

  • Hardik Salunke
    Hardik Salunke 2 days ago

    If he wakes up, he is going to describe how to eat male human body 😦

  • Blade720666
    Blade720666 2 days ago +1

    okay i am impressed now show me an 800lbs Siberian Tiger or a white Bengal Tiger please.

  • Phil
    Phil 3 days ago

    Best thing since Bear

  • Kirby7601
    Kirby7601 3 days ago +1

    Mufasa before his death. Like if lion king 2019 got you here

  • gafuri mostafa
    gafuri mostafa 3 days ago

    King Lion

  • shovan mazumder
    shovan mazumder 3 days ago

    Putting a micro chip I feel like your going to track it

  • Goutham manic
    Goutham manic 3 days ago

    is that not scary to travel in with open jeep !

  • meireles salamanca
    meireles salamanca 3 days ago


  • Anubhav Ganguly
    Anubhav Ganguly 3 days ago +2

    Beautiful large creatures against the golden glow of the setting sun! ❤

  • Eric Harrison Jr
    Eric Harrison Jr 3 days ago

    venom snake if you want or normal snake

  • Eric Harrison Jr
    Eric Harrison Jr 3 days ago

    i dare him to get bite by shark in the water and snake!

  • OG Kyle
    OG Kyle 3 days ago

    They kinda woke up the lion

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B 4 days ago

    I wonder if this is what it's like to be abducted by aliens and sent back.

  • Timez Now
    Timez Now 4 days ago

    i hope someone walks in ur home and shoots you in the leg.

  • Kahley Todd
    Kahley Todd 5 days ago

    Coyote: I don’t like needles
    Coyote:*gets stung by a lion fish and a bunch of other animals that have needles*
    Coyote: Needles really scare me

  • Victor Venus
    Victor Venus 5 days ago

    Aren't y'all just making the lion sleep for content or what? :/

  • Nick Casper
    Nick Casper 6 days ago

    Anybody else think it's weird he smelled the mane?

  • firmakus
    firmakus 6 days ago

    Me parece mal lo q has echo pero por otro lado bien lo q hicistes mal fue molestarlos y clavarles la aguja y lo bueno fue q les dio para despertarlos para q no estén al sol

  • Vingcharlie The person

    This lion king 4 bts sure is exclusive guys, we're so lucky to see this

  • samantha Dator
    samantha Dator 6 days ago +1

    Guys wut type of animal are you pick one pls?
    1: hyena
    4:bullet ant
    10: dolphin
    16: dinosaur
    19:golden fish
    And remember click this

  • Can't pick a name for the name

    That one racist white guy in school 6:58

  • Rahul Sondhi
    Rahul Sondhi 6 days ago

    Coyote ! Please film " Asiatic Lion "
    They are even rare than their African Cousins.
    They are in Gujrat, India !

  • Young 215
    Young 215 6 days ago

    He said 🦁👨‍⚕️

  • Joshua Oubre
    Joshua Oubre 6 days ago

    Aw I thought you were going to let him bite you

  • TubeYouGuru
    TubeYouGuru 7 days ago

    Ya, lets use hold the lions eye open into the sun.

  • Gandhi Raju
    Gandhi Raju 7 days ago +1

    what about a tiger ,bengal tiger will be cool ,can you make a tiger vidio

  • killah Kong
    killah Kong 7 days ago

    Wow.... Massive cat.... Its painful wen a kitten gets happy with its claws, cud u imagine how a cat that size claws wud feel.

  • gigi sath
    gigi sath 7 days ago

    This is very sad for me it's my favorite animal is lion

  • Tay Allen
    Tay Allen 7 days ago

    the werid thing about this video is that nobody got bit but the pray i wanted to see brave get bit :(
    pls make onther video just pls :

  • SirChuck MyMeat
    SirChuck MyMeat 7 days ago

    3:52 when someone wakes me up when I'm high

  • A-hammer C
    A-hammer C 7 days ago

    Tigers are true kings

  • Zamarien Johnson
    Zamarien Johnson 7 days ago +1

    Scared of needles but not stingers

  • Luke The Legend
    Luke The Legend 7 days ago

    Coyote: I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to have my head bitten off by a lion.
    *gets head bitten off*
    Mark: You okay man? Should I be worried?

  • ItsBoo Bros285
    ItsBoo Bros285 8 days ago +4

    Lion: watches the video
    Lion: I always wanna be big
    Me: SO CUTE

  • It'sLendvai Evelin
    It'sLendvai Evelin 8 days ago


  • Ramdas Dhanrale
    Ramdas Dhanrale 8 days ago


  • Bustdown1k
    Bustdown1k 8 days ago +5

    “We’re safely back in the vehicle”
    Vehicle won’t even protect them from rain

  • Lora Mae Dela Serna
    Lora Mae Dela Serna 8 days ago

    omg the lion king oh no

  • NeoFluxer
    NeoFluxer 8 days ago

    i dont like this.

  • Neel Pasupuleti
    Neel Pasupuleti 9 days ago

    Episode: 1000
    Coyote: hi guys coyote here and I am going to enter the bite of the king cobra 🐍
    ( coyote struggles with the pain )
    Mark: describe the pain

  • Frank deluca
    Frank deluca 9 days ago +5

    This guy is thorough, wondered what a lion smells like..good show man.

  • Iceman Chambers
    Iceman Chambers 9 days ago

    The Most Beatiful Animal in the World.

  • Rachael Byington
    Rachael Byington 10 days ago

    4:31 they're lion around

  • Makaveli Hammond
    Makaveli Hammond 10 days ago +1

    Lions actually have a bite force over 1,000 psi the 650-900 was taking by a younger lion that was hesitant on biting

  • Melanie Karime
    Melanie Karime 10 days ago

    Omg your gonna be bitten by simba father or many mom I’m waching it already so how am I supposed to know wich one he’s gonna get bitten by

  • Melanie Karime
    Melanie Karime 10 days ago

    If I was in the desert and I was lost he would help wouldn’t he

  • Andre Patterson
    Andre Patterson 10 days ago

    Lol, I really thought he’s bout to say, “ today I’m going to experience what it feels like to be bit by a lion!” 😂😂

  • TigerGamer z
    TigerGamer z 10 days ago

    Why so many dislikes you didn't hurt then at all you just checked up on him and educated kids

  • 123 456
    123 456 10 days ago +1

    Adam yer bu

  • Sinead Carey
    Sinead Carey 10 days ago +5

    Coyote:Not exactly like your house cat

    Me:Ya don't say

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker 11 days ago +1

    The lions were just minding there own buisnes then boom sent to sleep

  • Aldhy Herman
    Aldhy Herman 11 days ago +1

    Indonesia menyapa

  • anna jesus
    anna jesus 11 days ago

    i would be scared it would just wake up-

  • Pedro Martinez
    Pedro Martinez 11 days ago

    Hey coyote you should’ve met Kevin Richardson he would let you touch awaken lions

  • civilwildman
    civilwildman 11 days ago

    Fact: Bite of the King is the name of a spell from the 3.5 edition D&D supplement Libris Mortis. ;)

  • ExtremeDeathman
    ExtremeDeathman 11 days ago

    And not a single comment mentioning how severely endangered these cats are. By humans - by Africans but also rich big game hunters.

  • Hüseyin Turan
    Hüseyin Turan 12 days ago +1

    o hayvanlarada yazık deilmi siz insansınız hata biz bile insanız diye o hayvanların ölmesimi gerek bırakın daoğasında yasasınlar ben türküm ve allah bir gün sizide öyle yapar

    • Iceman Chambers
      Iceman Chambers 9 days ago

      Hayvanlar ölmedi sadece iğne ile bayıltıldılar.

  • BMX kid180 Vlogs
    BMX kid180 Vlogs 12 days ago

    I h8 needles too

  • Kylie Roth
    Kylie Roth 12 days ago

    That roar at the beginning scared the cajeep out of me

  • Carlos Cortes
    Carlos Cortes 13 days ago

    At 1:35 you can see on the lion that’s eating it a has a collar

  • SixMinuteMonster
    SixMinuteMonster 13 days ago

    This is exactly how aliens abduct humans bruh

  • Pallavi Dumblekar
    Pallavi Dumblekar 13 days ago

    Foolish people, disturbing their natural life
    Have guts go without any weapons
    And then look into their eyes

  • Kayla Robbins
    Kayla Robbins 14 days ago

    I wanted to see the female datea

  • Dull Knowledge
    Dull Knowledge 14 days ago

    12:48 every hungover teen after graduation day