How Corrupt Is Malaysia’s Prime Minister?

  • Published on Dec 27, 2016
  • How Powerful Is Malaysia?
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    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been implicated in multiple corruption scandals that undermined his mandate. So how corrupt is he?
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    The New York Times: Malaysia Closes Investigation Into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Funds
    The Wall Street Journal: Malaysia Says Saudis Gave Prime Minister Najib Razak a $681 Million ‘Donation’
    The Guardian: Former Malaysian attorney general planned charges against PM - report
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    Written by: Jennie Butler
    Edited by: Alex Esteves
    Produced by: Cailyn Bradley, Semany Gashaw & Lauren Ellis

Comments • 5 021

  • tstm smbo
    tstm smbo 8 hours ago

    walaupun najib dah melingkop, aku masih sakit hati tiap hari bayar cukai sekarang untuk cover balik yang dijoli dulu guna duit 1MDB.

  • dayy logg
    dayy logg Month ago

    He is not alone, it is a norm worldwide.

  • Hafizi Manap
    Hafizi Manap 2 months ago

    after 1 year new goverment, najib still not found guilty yet. still dont have any charge on him. so this video is useless. And the new goverment are still not fullfill their promises on election.

  • patzizan _
    patzizan _ 2 months ago +1

    Ant man guy

  • VG PR
    VG PR 2 months ago

    The wolf of Wall Street.. Never heard of it..

  • AzmeeL OthmaN
    AzmeeL OthmaN 2 months ago

    Thanks Najib for popularizing our beloved country as no 1 kleptocratic bloody greedy leader in the world.. I hope you'll end up with the right destination.

  • podolski 7803
    podolski 7803 2 months ago +1

    1.6k unlike means ramainya pemakan dedak tegar di msia.. puak2 ni kompom spesis yg paling sibuk dan bising bila BRIM x masuk or lambat masuk.. puak ini juga kompom spesis yg berlagak mewah dgn hanya selesa memungut hasil sewaan alibaba pelbagai jenis lesen projek dan bantuan umNo yg dia banggakan.. tp puak ini juga la golongan yg paling kuat MENYALAK bila dedak2 dan cable mewah itu di ganggu gugat..

  • dharren kumar
    dharren kumar 2 months ago

    former u mean

  • selvam sandra
    selvam sandra 3 months ago

    last comment 2 years ago. Now 2019. Still party non stop with Kak Rosmah. I wish I have joined him then..........

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 3 months ago

    He is a king when it comes to robbing his own country

  • Chinese Goyim
    Chinese Goyim 3 months ago

    The whole country wants his head, he wouldn't survive walking alone in public. This pukima literally had his hands in EVERYONE's pocket.

  • alexander mala
    alexander mala 3 months ago

    How abt lhl ho ching Singapore the dishonorable sick murderous of innocent ming yang Dr losing all in 1982 who was innocent and had humanity

  • Boyedford Fredolin
    Boyedford Fredolin 3 months ago


  • Adi Syahir Supian
    Adi Syahir Supian 3 months ago

    Punca kejatuhan ringgit ialah sebab duit yang dihasilkan dalam negara terlampau banyak. Tapi semua duit kita jatuh nilai bila duit kita tak diperlukan. Kenapa tak diperlukan? Sebab lambakan pekerja asing yang berjuta juta, tak mahukan duit kita dan beli matawang luar negara. Termasuklah beribu ribu pelabur asing. Mereka semua beli mata wang asing dan jual ringgit pada harga yang rendah. Masih tak faham lagi? Kerajaan kononnya kenekan cukai pada pelabur asing. Tapi pelabir asing kutip balik duit cukai pada rakyat tempatan. Dulu pekerja asing tinggal terus di Malaysia jadi ringgit dalam malaysia kekal. Tapi sekarang semua pekerja asing nak balik negara masing2. Peniaga asing pulak beli matawang asing trillion banyaknya. Mana la harga rknggit tak jatuh teruk. Bisnes yang berlambak bagus. Tapi kalau duit tak dikawal dari terus dijual kerana tak diperlukan makanya nilai ringgit akan jatuh lebih teruk lagi. Sehingga satu tahap bila dah tak de nilai. Orang langsung tak nak. Cuba guna duit dollar untuk beli barang kat malaysia, orang tak kisah. Tapi cuba guna ringgit beli barang kat brunei. Sorry la orang tak terima. Kalau sesiapa faham perkara ini. Tolong la copy and share. Spread the knowledge. Salah satu cara nak naikkan balik ekonomi ialah dengan cara menaikkan gaji pekerja dua hingga tiga kali ganda , dan menaikkan harga barang.

  • Rakyat Malaysia RM
    Rakyat Malaysia RM 3 months ago

    Najis is living in a fantasy world. He s mentally obsessed ( kena pukau ) in thinking he can do anything he likes without repercussions. Need to study his brain...

  • minami nyan
    minami nyan 3 months ago

    u turn ?

  • Kay Pui Chun
    Kay Pui Chun 3 months ago

    A shameless thief!

  • rajali pati
    rajali pati 3 months ago

    No need to talk about najib now because hes not the prime mister now, better talk about our new mister what he have done with malaysia.more worst than najib.

  • Stan Stanoi
    Stan Stanoi 4 months ago

    The old AG APANDI need to be charged and jailed eventually

  • Stan Stanoi
    Stan Stanoi 4 months ago

    This bodoh Shafee used dooms day and acquisitive all wrongly out of context.
    check out doomsday and acquisitive is totally out of context .. Shafee and English language will be just about where his layering skills end . At his age he should have had the advantage of been taught in English and by better teachers and a bit more by better lawyers who make better sense .. How come he turned out this bad without integrity

  • Stan Stanoi
    Stan Stanoi 4 months ago

    Blaming it all on Jho Low is the only defence plan of Najib defence NOW when all proof is out and they think it will work because Jho Low is Out and away .Because Tax need to be paid even on Donations - so najib is guilty at least on Tax evasion . Shafee is guilty for the RM 9 millon

  • Uma raman
    Uma raman 4 months ago

    Malaysia 🤡👎

  • Sammylee Jr
    Sammylee Jr 4 months ago

    Maybe after will come out stupid malaysian ministers are?🤣

  • Abg Longkai KL
    Abg Longkai KL 4 months ago

    He uses social media to change his REAL actor... Don't forget to record all his film from chapter 1= Najib said "The Money is a gift from Saudi""...without any record transaction to proof it .... from now... I buy my new 5 terabytes portable external hard drive ONLY for this drama...

  • Jessep Francis
    Jessep Francis 4 months ago

    Najib the shameless pundaman attempted to delay his trials .. and he will try again to delay .. but talks big .. Why not face trial bravely if he thinks he is innocent and has superman lawyers who claims they were ready last year and lokman the fat superman as his gangster . However he has to behave in Court or else hold him in contempt - Celaka Najib
    He now will also be charged for tax evasion since 2010 and Owes more than RM 480 million in back taxes

  • Jessep Francis
    Jessep Francis 4 months ago

    NaJibs Lawyers speak as if Malaysians .. their head is empty .
    Journalist can and should shout out questions ..
    Ask him does he think he can get away by pretending dont know . Najib and all crooks do that - not aware - cannot recollect - When he wanted to be in charge of anything that can make and hide his dealings .
    Blaming it on Jho low along with dont know is not trick that will hold

  • Jessep Francis
    Jessep Francis 4 months ago

    Rafizi and reformasi now has a shameful past contrary to what we thought about him .Alamudillah and religiocity is not sufficient but will fool the Muslims and malays . We know the opposition of Wan azizah , Norul and rafiz to a non muslim Finance minister .. and that was not reformasi . It was an open attempt at continued official racism. A hard core malay what he turned out to be

  • Fihram Luthfan
    Fihram Luthfan 4 months ago

    Indonesia corrupt they said.. heheheh

  • humanity humanity
    humanity humanity 4 months ago

    It is good that Najib is gone, but the present government is no better than the old one. People are suffering. All election promises are not kept. Rubber tappers, paddy planters, fishermen, students and many more are suffering. Our share market is not performing well. There is a drop in the value of the Malaysian Ringgit. The vast majority of the people who have voted for the present government feel that they have been cheated. Many political analysts say that the 2018 election was won with lies and deceptions. People are feeling fed up at the government when it makes lame excuses that all is wrong in the country because of the previous government. We don't have competent people holding high positions in the country. Many leaders who were given high offices are wasting time on Facebook and other social media. Their academic qualification has become a laughing stock. Many of them claim that they are degree and diploma holders, while in the actual fact, what they hold are just blank papers. These so-called new leaders are only concern with their popularity within the urban population and have never bothered to go to the countryside (Kampong folks) to listen to their grievances. In my opinion, the real backbone of the country's economy is the contributions made by those working in the rural areas; palm oil, rubber, etc. The present government should be sensitive enough to feel the pulse of the nation and provide assistance to those who need it. Unlike other developing nations, Malaysia should not be swept away by corporate capitalism. Under such a condition, the rich businessmen become richer and richer, while the poor become poorer and poorer. The present government should retain some of the good initiatives of the previous government. Those initiatives were really a great help in developing the talent of young people. In the old Malaysia, the wealth of the nation was shared with the people, while in the New Malaysia it has been shared among the rich and powerful people of the county. May God save Malaysia and it great again.

  • Jetlee6666
    Jetlee6666 4 months ago

    When Najib & his party's member can get "World Class Corrupt Record" ?

  • Quah Michael
    Quah Michael 4 months ago

    Malaysia under BN regimes are the most corrupted government. Najis razak is the most corrupted PM in Malaysia history.


    Malaysian must be proud

  • I Made Agastya Dharma Agung Putra


  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 5 months ago

    He is evil in office

  • Andy Kris
    Andy Kris 5 months ago

    Unimaginably corrupt

  • Andy Kris
    Andy Kris 5 months ago

    Looks like very

  • kamarul hisham
    kamarul hisham 5 months ago

    new government more worse than najib

  • Rosmah Ayu Ninda
    Rosmah Ayu Ninda 6 months ago

    Unfortunately most Malaysians still prefer the master of kleptocracy to rule our country. To them dirty means wealthy.

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 7 months ago

    Very corrupted. They think God will give their blessing. Corruption is popcorn frying compared to altantuya case

  • Ginger Teddy
    Ginger Teddy 7 months ago

    All allegations still not proven.

  • Mrafi Yasin
    Mrafi Yasin 7 months ago

    A simple logic with mathematics The salary of Malaysian PM is among the lowest in the world. Najib will have a hard time explaining why he has billions of dollars in his account. The Saudi govt had denied of giving any firm of donation to Najib.

  • Willaim Bwr
    Willaim Bwr 8 months ago

    MH 370 , are you listening Malaysia ?

  • PF Kee
    PF Kee 8 months ago

    The whole world now knows - very very very corrupt. Including his witch fatty wife!!!

  • heng cc
    heng cc 8 months ago

    Najib is dead and gone

  • Bani Bae rades
    Bani Bae rades 8 months ago


  • heng cc
    heng cc 9 months ago

    Bersih brought najib to the cemetery and buried him alive

  • kl. johnny
    kl. johnny 9 months ago

    The level of corruption under Najib's regime IS an ADD!! ON!! to the level of corruption passed down (or LEARNED FROM) previous regimes!
    What punishment is meted out to Najib n his accomplices in committing white collar crimeS (n other blue collar crimeS) WILL DETERMINE the FUTURE LEVEL (or degree/seriousness/severity) of white collar AND blue collar crimeS TO BE committed by the YOUTH leaders coming into governance!

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 9 months ago

    najib is a disciple of satan

  • heng cc
    heng cc 9 months ago

    money killed najib at once

  • heng cc
    heng cc 9 months ago

    the sad end of najib

  • Mokhtar Hassan
    Mokhtar Hassan 9 months ago


  • Holy grail H
    Holy grail H 9 months ago

    Corrupted, he undeniably is. Even after losing at the general election, now facing charges for his alleged crimes, he still haunts us with his continued condescending denials and lies, at the same time, insulting the intelligence of every educated and rational thinking Malaysians whilst he tries to bluff his way with the uninformed less educated simple minded rural folks who he still tries to manipulate.

  • Andy Kris
    Andy Kris 9 months ago

    Dismantling cash is king
    Superc corrupt r regime Mahathir enjoying it.

  • bukitbatok heng
    bukitbatok heng 9 months ago

    who killed altantuya

  • bukitbatok heng
    bukitbatok heng 9 months ago

    Bersih killed najib and he died instantly

  • Bunga Raya
    Bunga Raya 9 months ago +1

    9-11-2018 orang luar dah lama cerita pasal 1MDB ni.... org malaysia je maseh tidur masa tu. tapi yg lagi pelik sampai sekarang ada org masih juga tidur. hahahahhh

  • YT Anonymity
    YT Anonymity 9 months ago


  • syed sunny syed asmani
    syed sunny syed asmani 9 months ago

    Ask him, you are very lucky person on earth that will get the answers from najib him self, good luck!.

  • M.Ramadhan Ismail
    M.Ramadhan Ismail 9 months ago

    imagine using THAT billions of dollars finding the missing Malaysian plane MH370.

  • Nathan Chackerian
    Nathan Chackerian 9 months ago

    Najib is a cool guy.

  • Mohd Helmy Ibrahim
    Mohd Helmy Ibrahim 9 months ago

    Scammer of the century..

  • Lolzhip
    Lolzhip 10 months ago


  • Daud Musa
    Daud Musa 10 months ago

    The worst and the most corrupt minister in the world..

  • Random potato
    Random potato 10 months ago

    What? Who's Najib Razak? You mean the guy that is facing over 100 charges against him? And now , he is even asking money from the public to fund his bails.

  • Popzain 30
    Popzain 30 10 months ago +1


  • razlan sun
    razlan sun 10 months ago

    Thanks to our own prime minister. Now i can leave malaysia for no reason.

  • heng cc
    heng cc 10 months ago

    Najib died in 2018

  • heng cc
    heng cc 10 months ago

    1MDB money goes to the private account of Najib

  • heng cc
    heng cc 10 months ago

    Najib quietly took all the money

  • heng cc
    heng cc 10 months ago

    Najib made the country poor

  • heng cc
    heng cc 10 months ago

    1MDB is a big scandal

  • mohamed faiz abdullah
    mohamed faiz abdullah 10 months ago

    Im in Malaysia its Kinda BORING!!!!

  • Mika The Aviationist
    Mika The Aviationist 11 months ago

    Finally Tun Dr.Matahir has become the prime minister again he is the 4rth and the 7th which is now

  • Zack R
    Zack R 11 months ago +1

    najib was so corrupted he didn't let rave parties happen in malaysia. But his son is a dj. Dj sampah

  • Irfan Danish
    Irfan Danish 11 months ago

    Yeah! I'm Malaysian!