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  • J K
    J K Month ago

    Solid advice. The fitness community is super neurotic these days, everything gets blown out of proportion. But like you said, as long as you're active and the core of your diet is good you can get away with days of overeating. It's simple really. I don't know why people always overcomplicate things.

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh 4 months ago

    his earlier videos he looked like a skinny old starving vegan, vs his newer ones where he looks very young and healthy.

  • Cindy Luo
    Cindy Luo 4 months ago

    God bless you

  • Bhavya Kalra
    Bhavya Kalra 5 months ago

    OMG !! I started watching his channel a month ago and baby Erik looks so much more tame and less ........for the lack of better term " electrified " . He has come so far !!! Here's to baby Erik 🎆🎉🎊

  • Alan Pathammavong
    Alan Pathammavong 5 months ago

    ErikTheElectric u are awesome buddy much inspiration my friend!

  • Shon Lee
    Shon Lee 6 months ago

    Eat a lot and work out as well, thats why I like his video and contents, wanna see his workout clips also

  • ThulePrincess88
    ThulePrincess88 8 months ago

    i workout like an athelete and eat under 1400 a day

  • ThulePrincess88
    ThulePrincess88 8 months ago

    hey @EriktheElectric if i workout 2 to 5 hours a day can i also eat 3 organic cookies and 1 pint of enlightened once a week? im also an anorexia survivor.

  • Red
    Red 8 months ago

    Lmao, as if anyone is going to take health and fitness advice from someone who force feeds himself thousands of calories in one sitting for youtube views.

    • Stehuntimari -
      Stehuntimari - 5 months ago

      Red unfortunately they will though thats the dumb sheep for you

  • Diamond Heart
    Diamond Heart 9 months ago

    Have Been Watching Some Of Your Older Vlogs That Suddenly Appeared On My Feed & Just Wanted To Say What An Inspiration You Truly Are. You’ve Been Through Some Pretty Harsh Experiences And Have Successful Survived All. I Have Such Respect For You. Stay Strong & Keep Educating Others. I’m Glad I’ve Seen Your Past Vids Because I Feel I Now Have Hope. Thank You.

  • VASTFLYER 232••••••••

    What age is he?

  • LifeTrend
    LifeTrend 9 months ago +9

    HOW IS HE NOT FAT? Quick answer: He has a super healthy active lifestyle so when he does his food challenges they don't make him fat... and he burns a lot of the calories he eats with hours of exercise🌽🍔🥞🍆🍋🍓🍏

  • Nina Perry
    Nina Perry 9 months ago +2

    What do you eat on a normal day?

    • Lisbeth Livingston
      Lisbeth Livingston 2 months ago

      I kind of want to know too, I'm gonna do b that cauliflower recipe he put, I have that at home.

  • bae chu
    bae chu 9 months ago

    thank you so much!! this helped me not to feel bad about having a cookie once in awhile!!😂💓

  • xDeeCk ™
    xDeeCk ™ 10 months ago

    Alguien subtitule este video en español

  • Owyrqq Qtqy
    Owyrqq Qtqy 10 months ago

    How heavy where you

  • max landry
    max landry 10 months ago

    All people here cheers that thing of extreme food challenge and think because you are a active person and do some lift you are ok loll ! Your inside body take too much of all you need per day. Caution! If you dont care today, think of your future and dont listnen every suposly(gym teachers) cause something cant be good for a person but can be bad for the other we all different! So good luck with your chanel dude,

    MAGICMIKEY! 10 months ago

    Damn, u have come along way, was this right before the 40k?

  • redneckhippiefreak
    redneckhippiefreak 10 months ago +1

    I must be a Freak. I bring in around 6500 cal a day when Im not working, If Im working Ill put down around 8500 cal or more. I still only weigh around 140 at 5'10'' Been at it for 25 years.
    XD Help! Im too skinny.

  • Justin Furtado
    Justin Furtado 10 months ago

    Great video man.

  • Karleigh Buchan
    Karleigh Buchan 10 months ago

    i loveeeeeeee youuuuuu sooooo much omg i needed to hear this

  • Plankton
    Plankton 11 months ago

    *sips strawberry milk*

  • P M
    P M 11 months ago +12

    Who the hell would call him fat, he’s literally so skinny and i mean that in the best possible way

  • busters channel
    busters channel 11 months ago

    Awesome vid . i lost alot of weight , 80lbs . the key is to move around alot doing something you like . and eating vegetables helps alot. I walk alot average 25,000 steps a day .

  • King_Top_Hat
    King_Top_Hat 11 months ago

    Why are you fat

  • ADryPear XD
    ADryPear XD 11 months ago

    Thank you Eric your a god u have put me at ease

  • Frédéric L. Haentjens

    Secure team music !?

    RANDOM VIDS Year ago

    1:57 BIKE RIDE

  • moldy grape
    moldy grape Year ago +1

    Thank you for explaining and sharing your stories here on USclip. Love you, Erik~~~take care!

  • TheWienerDogVlog
    TheWienerDogVlog Year ago +2

    Im slowly loosing weight. My top weight hit over 300lbs, but im now down to 230lbs. I want to get back to 145lbs, if i get lower yey if not, then at least i can be more active then i am now. Loosing my weight would help me, because i have RA and various other bone problems and not having all this weight would help take some of the pressure off. I have recently lost around 20lbs in literally a matter of days. When i get sick, my body goes into pretty much like a shut down mode. My appetite dies and i dont want food. I can literally go for days without eating and end up losing a lot of weight all at once. I know that its not good to lose weight that way, but there is literally nothing i can do. I have to force myself to eat at least a little bit of something so i can have a bit of energy during the day and thats what ive been dealing with as of late. Ive been really sick since nov., but last month things have gotten a lot worse, because at least in nov and dec i had an appetite. Now i dont.

    • Glenn Jenkins
      Glenn Jenkins 8 months ago

      TheWienerDogVlog you may need to go to Dr about that...

  • zesty boi
    zesty boi Year ago

    I find it so hard not to restrict my calories at the moment, seen as I just started on antidepressants and I know they cause weight gain for a lot of people. Even though I'm eating healthy and exercising 5 times a week, I'm terrified that the meds will slow down my metabolism or something

  • Jimmy Chitwood
    Jimmy Chitwood Year ago

    Genetics for short

  • NinjaGamer 443
    NinjaGamer 443 Year ago +1

    I ride bikes! 😃

  • Chad Johnson
    Chad Johnson Year ago +1

    4:31 : "you better love to learn vegetables" hahah

  • Castawwaayy
    Castawwaayy Year ago +31

    I understand your fitness lifestyle and that u eat typically normal every day but the frequency of how often you do a food challenge blows my mind that your not at least chubby

  • Vienza
    Vienza Year ago

    How often do you gym?

  • Sergio Cookiedough
    Sergio Cookiedough Year ago +1

    Just say your one of those extremely rare people who has freakish genetics/metabolism you legend!!

  • Melissa Pinion
    Melissa Pinion Year ago

    why he is thin or not fat . 1 : rides his bike and works out 2: he doesn't eat that much food every day.

  • pateto and banana

    I bet he vomits all the food after consumeing it..

  • Ava Stowers
    Ava Stowers Year ago

    Eric, just wanna say I'm dealing with eating and how much I should eat to lose weight /stay skinny . I'm 13 and very active and do NOT eat enough through out the week but lately every Saturday I binge BUT still exercise that day . Every Sunday I barely eat anything cause I feel guilty. And honestly thank you , I'm going to the movies with my friends this Friday and can't wait to eat some snacks . Yay . Instead of eating not enough and just healthy food I'm going to start eating ENOUGH healthy food, stay active and enjoy life ! Thank you so much I feel like a new person 💕

  • Fiel Lorraine Bolanio

    Try the spicy noodle challenge 2x...I'm gonna wait for it!

  • Netuś
    Netuś Year ago

    did you ever wonder how your intestines look like ? after all this challanges

  • Shageta456
    Shageta456 Year ago +2

    Maybe the people who commonly ask this question all the time they're just too dumbfounded from the fact they see so many cheat meals or days is that they don't recognize what people do in their personal lives. You guys can disagree with me but it's just a theory and my opinion.

  • Mathias Jacobsen
    Mathias Jacobsen Year ago +1


  • Chekks
    Chekks Year ago +19

    "You don't gain weight overnight"
    HOW I WISH THIS WAS TRUE IN MY CASE *sobs uncontrollably* I swear, if I eat a donut I can see it on my stomach on the next day..

  • Wendy Brown
    Wendy Brown Year ago +2

    Popping over here from Brian Turners Channel. Saw the huge number of challenges videos and had to know your thoughts on this. Great video.

  • Arlene Sanders
    Arlene Sanders Year ago

    There are those certain people who have a great deal of effort putting weight on no matter how much they eat. I just figured he was one of those, an ectomorph or something. I am and I just don't put weight on. However if I were to eat this much...
    Anyway the more muscle mass you have the more you'll burn when you're sitting there doing nothing. I watched the 60,000 calorie challenge and to me he just seemed extremely bloated at the end of that. Because putting on fat is a slow and gradual process.

  • Jordan Ackerman
    Jordan Ackerman Year ago

    Fast metabolism high intensity interval training keeps the weight off eat whatever whenever

  • Whiistled
    Whiistled Year ago

    Intro song?

  • JLudlow -Fitness
    JLudlow -Fitness Year ago

    You are the best!!!I love all of your videos!!!!

  • Paramount Performance

    Props for overcoming your weight issues, I too was bigger once. I lost 74 pounds and now bodybuilding is my job. And yes I love food too

    FARAZ FAYAZ Year ago +1

    That thumbnail 😂😂😂😂

  • Gizem Şahin
    Gizem Şahin Year ago

    Im wayyyy into you stay hot honey 😏

  • Hooded Yew
    Hooded Yew Year ago

    Being annoyed lol 1:40

  • pride
    pride Year ago

    it took 6 years of monster doughnuts and doritos and take aways for me to get chubby wasn't even like morbid just a belly and skinny arms I was pretty much skinny fat so I guessed my metabolism has a high resistance unless I eat like 10k a day which I did on Xmas Christmas dinners snacks cakes etc

  • Anna Linden
    Anna Linden Year ago

    san diego?! me too, which part?

  • Humberto Trejos
    Humberto Trejos Year ago

    Excellent explanation bro, great video.

  • ImAFuckingDuck
    ImAFuckingDuck Year ago +1

    "listen to your body - because that's huge." WELL THANKS

  • Moe Hereka
    Moe Hereka Year ago +2

    You're making a right point but this only applies to someone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle but what if you want to be an athlete or compete at a high level I would say it would be best if stopped all ineffective foods, and sticking to a well balanced diet dependant on your sport I suppose idk

  • Jxvr
    Jxvr Year ago

    Are people retarded ? He's active as fuck daily and has a high metabolism. Also he doesn't do crazy challenges all of the time, he has a good diet outside of them

  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson Year ago

    watching this has helped me realize a lot. I'm currently suffering with an eating disorder since i was 14 I'm currently 22 ive been up and down like a roller coaster. I was overweight as a teen and became obsessed with excersise and still struggle at points bc I feel like being in control.watching this though has helped me realize that im not alone u are a strong man keep up with the great work erik!

  • Jennie Alexandros

    *4:35* - "You have to love to learn fruits and vegetables"

  • Doodle Junky
    Doodle Junky Year ago +9

    seems like a genuinely good guy

  • Nancy Veron
    Nancy Veron Year ago

    me encanta Saludos de chascomus Argentina 😄

  • C Starr
    C Starr Year ago

    First day, of watching your videos. I am really impressed.

  • Jin Guts
    Jin Guts Year ago

    that's totally what I needed. I overeated yesterday n was planning on fasting today.
    also I love riding bike too but was too lazy and unmotivated to get out of my house.
    thanks for the push! gonna get up, eat healthy breakfast and be productive.

  • timothy vakil
    timothy vakil Year ago

    you're an inspiration thank you for making this video!

  • Sub Scorpion Z
    Sub Scorpion Z Year ago

    yes you have to listen to your body.. understand your own anatomy as every body is different.. enjoy your vids bro keep it up

  • Reed Lazar
    Reed Lazar Year ago

    I had no idea that you were overweight in the past since you are so slim and lean right now. I'm very interested in learning how you lost the weight and maintained that.

  • Right Left
    Right Left Year ago

    Hey dude, probably one of the best videos for advice if you do go overly insane with you're calories! I have a huge problem, I cut through out the week an smash back a shit tone of calories every Saturday, sometimes even twice a week, I literally love sugar unfortunately. I was wanting some advice on should I be having these cheat days or is it okay to do so, an if not how can I stop? It's very hard to stop, thanks

  • Right Left
    Right Left Year ago

    Hey dude, probably one of the best videos for advice if you do go overly insane with you're calories! I have a huge problem, I cut through out the week an smash back a shit tone of calories every Saturday, sometimes even twice a week, I literally love sugar unfortunately. I was wanting some advice on should I be having these cheat days or is it okay to do so, an if not how can I stop? It's very hard to stop, thanks

  • Jana Murphy
    Jana Murphy Year ago

    What's not healthy is you eating like 100 000 calories a week!! Idc if you lift or bike you are gonna die young!! I eat about 400 calories a day and am healthy!! Fruits veggies fish chicken meat. I am just gonna stop because I could go on! Hopefully you stop

    • Jonathan Garduno
      Jonathan Garduno Year ago +1

      Jana Murphy how the fuck do you only eat 400 calories worth of food a day? You'd literally be dead

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    Lyndsey Wilson 2 years ago

    "love to learn to eat vegetables" haha he had it backwards

  • Paz Brenes
    Paz Brenes 2 years ago

    Great video!,loved it.

  • Carson
    Carson 2 years ago

    dude. we live in the same area.

  • piercedchickk
    piercedchickk 2 years ago

    amen bro!
    awesome videos :D

  • Train With The Girls
    Train With The Girls 2 years ago +128

    I can't believe people think its just because you have a fast metabolism. No fast metabolism alone is going to burn off the amount of calories in those challenges. hahah. He has a HUGE energy expenditure because of his fitness lifestyle. I'm scared to do the 10k challenge, these videos are actually insane! You do you! I subbed. :)

    • Sergio Cookiedough
      Sergio Cookiedough Year ago +1

      train2bfit_ and lol you won't do the 10k food challenge because you know you don't have that freakish metabolism so you will get overweight

    • MrA16 Music
      MrA16 Music 2 years ago +10

      Exactly. Fast metabolisms do exist but they slightly make a difference in the weight of someone.

  • ahotfriesprod.
    ahotfriesprod. 2 years ago

    this guy's outro sounds like 2nd Sucks by A Day To Remember

  • Kevin Kev
    Kevin Kev 2 years ago

    I gained 4 pound of fat,I had around 14k calories but I didn't really notice any change any reason why...

  • Vincent
    Vincent 2 years ago

    0:55 was so badass....

  • ramicule
    ramicule 2 years ago +3

    He's not fat because he's young and has a fast metabolism

  • J Mar
    J Mar 2 years ago

    Anyone that's seen Michael Phelps diet as an olympian will know that everything this guy says is true

  • Braxton Bruce
    Braxton Bruce 2 years ago

    Very similar story to myself. Great video Erik!

  • Beck Oilver
    Beck Oilver 2 years ago

    What did you do to lose all that fat when you were obese back in the days?

  • -12 5
    -12 5 2 years ago

    You're an inspiration

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 2 years ago

    one of the best videos I have seen on here.

  • dallas Gomez
    dallas Gomez 2 years ago


  • Zombie Superhero
    Zombie Superhero 2 years ago +12

    I sometimes eat so much I gain about 6 pounds but my body kinda knows how to cope with that because after a week or so I'm back at my normal weight.

    • Bolony 21
      Bolony 21 8 months ago +2

      The weight is prob all that food n water in your stomach n digestive tract

    • Jonathan Garduno
      Jonathan Garduno Year ago

      Damani how often do you have a cheat day?

    • Hrdflip
      Hrdflip 2 years ago +9

      Zombie Superhero its most likely water weight

    • Zombie Superhero
      Zombie Superhero 2 years ago

      Also I don't eat that much everyday and I work out

    LUVQX 2 years ago +19

    You didn't explain anything.I know you're a very active person but no matter how active you are when you have a weekly deficit of like 30k calories you should be at least 8 pounds heavier and you look like you lose.I'm not judging,just saying that you probably have some dirty "secrets".BTW no hate at all,i fucking love your videos because i'm anorexic and watching you eat feels like i eat so you're helping me in a lot of ways.Keep up whatever you're doing.

    • Shilan
      Shilan Year ago +1

      Flore Breon I have exactly the same problem ! I am starting to get better but all those thoughts are still haunting me. Sometimes I fall back in the black hole but quickly try to get up again. The "karate world" is helping me alot. It's annoying because every time I eat normal or, think I have eaten 2 much. I feel so bad and get those black thoughts. I was 63kg before summer time last year.. but when school started I was 55 kg. I have started to eat more and I know I'm closer to 60 kg but I scared to step on that weight machine. Even if I deep inside know that numbers doesn't matter I still care. Karate helps me allot with my dreams to get a stronger mind and become a strong and a good fighter. I think I am getting better...
      I just felt like writing and sharing my feelings... I am lucky to have so suporting ppl around me. I wish every one to find a nice helping "community" where you can build yourself up. Still as you all can hear I have a long road to go. Good bye hugs and tears from me ❤

    • Dixie Normus
      Dixie Normus Year ago +15

      Luvqo Did you just say a weekly deficit of 30,000 calories would make you gain weight? Do you even know what the term 'deficit' means?

    • June Choe
      June Choe 2 years ago +2

      Dirty secret lol what a nuts

    • kekpop
      kekpop 2 years ago

      +يارا die pls

    • yara يارا
      yara يارا 2 years ago +2

      TopKek fuck off

    FATIMA 2 years ago +1

    25 years ago i use to ride a bike, could eat anything i wanted i was very active.
    now im fat pre d....d....dddd...diabetic, (lung) breathing test %75
    me and my husband is going back to the gym end of the month, I want to know what should we, or mainly I start at in the gym?, how many hours a day and how man days should i go, I need to lose this weight, i have no clothing lol i cant fit em
    what would you suggest?

    • Rish
      Rish 2 years ago

      1) Eat small meals after every 3 hours .. ie 5 total meals a day.. 2) jog or take a brisk walk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.. 3) do the same in the evening.. And sleep for atleast 7-8 hours

  • thekla
    thekla 2 years ago +36

    This video is actually helping me a lot through anorexia recovery, and staying on track on my way to a "heavier self". Thank you so much for this.

  • Ernesto Alonso
    Ernesto Alonso 2 years ago

    what is binge eating?

    • May Jacobson
      May Jacobson 2 years ago +4

      apparently some people have no troubles...

  • Alfie Wycherley
    Alfie Wycherley 2 years ago

    good vid bro

  • 701BeastLine98
    701BeastLine98 2 years ago

    My favorite part was 1:40 to 1:42

  • Anxiouscouchpotato
    Anxiouscouchpotato 2 years ago

    Im tired of binge eating... Any advise? Please!

    • Al1EneX
      Al1EneX 2 years ago

      I thought i had the same problem. I used to eat 3 kebabs or frozen pizzas a day with 4l of coca cola for almost 3 years. I gained 50 pounds in those 3 years. Used to eat frozen pizza at 12 pm with bottle of coke for years..
      So i thought i was addicted to fast food and junk food. But no
      Once I set my mind to losing weight ( Im not really FAT . Im 5.6 with 160 pounds ) but i am going to gym for 1 month now and i lost 30 pounds already ( I have very fast metabolism )
      So once you have that locked in your mind,that you dont need junk food,you will do that. It's really not that hard..just start being active . I got addicted to workout now :)

    • Mortadah Asaad
      Mortadah Asaad 2 years ago +3

      You can burn that by trying to climb that wall ;)

    • Anxiouscouchpotato
      Anxiouscouchpotato 2 years ago

      Amber, thank you for understanding :)

    • AEB 1846
      AEB 1846 2 years ago

      +Unyce Simpson You're stupid. Someone who binge eats can't just not do it in their mindset.

  • BodyBronx
    BodyBronx 2 years ago +1

    I think if you want to gain weight, you have to be less active :D I think you have a daily consumption about 5k calories? That would be hard to eat minimum 5500 calories daily i think

    • Glenn Jenkins
      Glenn Jenkins 8 months ago

      BodyBronx I've ate 8500 calories in a day before... but mainly stay around 5-6500 most.

  • calpitoc
    calpitoc 2 years ago

    "The occasional 8,000/9,000 calorie day" Haha, like it's that easy to eat that much food.

    • Havojin
      Havojin 2 years ago +1

      you have no idea..

  • Player
    Player 2 years ago

    1:40 KSI Passed!

  • Nicole Dreamsmasher
    Nicole Dreamsmasher 2 years ago

    You're videos are some of my favorite along with Girl vs Food. I watch yalls videos when I do cardio. It's weird but I love watching yalls food challenges when I'm working out, makes me look forward to my cheat meal.

  • Pernell Butler
    Pernell Butler 2 years ago +1

    everyone body is different