• Published on Dec 31, 2018
    Cerave cream
    Cerave Cleanser
    Free derm cleanser
    Hada labo cleansing oil
    Attitude shampoo
    Vanicream Al free deodorant
    Vanicream antiperspirant
    EltaMD UV sport
    Altruist SPF
    La Roche Posay Anthelios XL
    La Roche Posay Anthelios (US version no mexoryl XL)
    Neutrogena pure & free liquid SPF 50
    Olay Complete Daily Defense SPF 30
    Colorescience 3 in 1 eye
    Colorescience Face shield
    Exuviance Sheer Daily Protection
    Hada labo UV white
    EltaMD UV lip balm
    Vanicream lip
    La Roche Posay Nutric
    Ultrasun lip
    Norwegian Formula hand cream
    Deep Dive water cream
    Cosrx Rice Mask
    Etude House 2X barrier cream
    Tretinon 0.1% cream (prescription)
    PCA pigment gel
    Kerasal foot ointment
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  • Jordan Elise
    Jordan Elise 15 hours ago

    Why does the Cerave hydrating cleanser have so much alcohol in it? I want to try it but😬😬

    • Jordan Elise
      Jordan Elise 2 hours ago

      Dr Dray oh okay! Thank u!

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  3 hours ago

      it does not have alcohol...wax alcohols are moisturizers

  • Kelly Flynn
    Kelly Flynn Day ago

    The body shop rice brightening light oil is nice if you haven't tried it. I just started watching you and every video is so educational! Thank you for making videos!

  • Reilee Ruliffson

    Could you do a review of Rodan and Fields? Specifically their acne line, Unblemish. Thank you!

  • Johanne Darice
    Johanne Darice 4 days ago

    Lol I’m watching two different videos of yours on two different devices 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m an addict Jesus! 😩

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  4 days ago

      Thanks for watching :)

  • Eman Hamood
    Eman Hamood 4 days ago

    How old are you? Your skin looks amazing

  • BB Jonas
    BB Jonas 5 days ago

    Still binge watching your videos. It's my guilty addiction. Your brain is like an encyclopedia! I can't even remember what's on my grocery list! Lol. Was wondering how you feel about Dove facial bar soap? And if your prefer cleansers to a bar soap such a Dove. Thanks!

  • Ria Desai
    Ria Desai 5 days ago

    Try the cleanser and moisturiser by Skin Dr London!

  • Mackenzie Ajimura
    Mackenzie Ajimura 6 days ago

    Hi Dr. Dray! I have had the hardest time to find a great deodorant that doesn't cause a rash. Tom's and Native are two "natural" deodorants that I've tried and I had the worst rash breakout on my underarms ever! Right now I use the Crystal mineral roll on deodorant which seems to be the only one that my skin can tolerate, however it's not an antiperspirant. On another note, I switched from Aveeno eczema relief lotion to the Cetaphil moisturizing body cream for a less greasy option and for some reason that has caused a rash on my legs and arms. The rash is not red or overly itchy, just tons of bumps (this has never happened before even when I used the Bath and Body Works/Victoria's Secret fragrance stuff). Does that mean the lotion could be too heavy for my skin or I could be allergic to something in the Cetaphil cream? I have currently stopped using the cream on my arms and legs but have used it on my hands and no rash or bumps thus far. So strange.

  • kateliness2
    kateliness2 8 days ago

    I wish more of these brands were cruelty free :(

  • Cynthia M. Borges
    Cynthia M. Borges 8 days ago

    Really enjoy the amount of detail you go into your videos!
    May I request you please review the I’m From Rice Toner? 🍚 Would love to hear your thoughts on that! 😊

  • beem nn
    beem nn 8 days ago

    I purchased today the cerave hydrating cleanser and I was shocked by the results ... I could still feel my makeup my skin, I didnt understand at first , I double checked on internet the instructions of how to use this product but I was surprised to find any special indications on how to use it . I’ve trued several ways but I finally gave up. Maybe it’s just me but this cleanser did not perform at all I am very disappointed

  • fahima akhter
    fahima akhter 9 days ago

    Dr. Dray, i love your every videos. I have learned so many things. Thanks to you, your knowledgeable information and suggestions saved my money. Dr. Dray what do you think of "JNH" Korean skincare products? This brand's sunscreen, foam cleanser, 3 in 1 cleaner and moisturizer. Please do some research and tell us is it good or not . if it's good, what type of skin will be Good for.

  • Maria Bruno
    Maria Bruno 10 days ago

    Would mineral oil clog pores? It kind of scares me. I'm very acne prone on my chin especially.

  • M. Westm.
    M. Westm. 11 days ago

    Enjoyed seeing your list of favorites! Is the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Face liquid SPF 50 the same as the (or similar enough) Neutrogena pure & free liquid SPF 50- that you can approve of it as well? They are both fragrance free and mineral sunscreens.

  • dog butt
    dog butt 12 days ago

    Her undereyes look different. Very nice

  • Mylastestaddiction
    Mylastestaddiction 12 days ago

    Have you tried the Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm? I really enjoy it but I’ve never tried your suggestion on the cleansing oil by Hado Labo so I’m gonna give that a go and see what I think. I really enjoy the Hado Labo products. What do you think of the Fresh Company? Do you like any of their skincare products?

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  12 days ago

      yes; i reviewed it in my cleansing balm review

  • Scoobydoo-Forever
    Scoobydoo-Forever 16 days ago

    Sadly olay has changed their formula and my atopic dermatitis cant handle it. Bit it was the olay complete 365 for sensitive skin. I used to be able to use it but not I have a bad reaction.

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  16 days ago

      i hate when they do that

  • Rama Hanvi
    Rama Hanvi 18 days ago

    Hello dr Dray, do you think that Missha perfect cover bb cream with spf 42 is good for the skin?

  • Dana Connor
    Dana Connor 19 days ago

    Check out Garden of Wisdom Sensitive Cleansing's wonderful and affordable!!

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  19 days ago

      thanks for the rec!

  • 08CARIB
    08CARIB 21 day ago

    I'm stuck at you not using soap, I can't even imagine...

  • Jennifer Pak
    Jennifer Pak 22 days ago

    Hi Dr. Dray! I just found your channel and I am a new subscriber.. you are so informative! I have a question: you recommended the PCA Skin pigment gel and Tretinoin, do you layer them back to back together at night or do you use the PCA Skin in the morning? Is it okay to use acids with Tretinoin or retinoids products? TIA!

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  22 days ago

      i have a video showing how i used them

  • Ana Chayres
    Ana Chayres 24 days ago

    I also like fragrance in shampoo 😌

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  24 days ago +1

      love a hair full of fruit, lol

  • Αννα Παπαμηνα

    Can you make aTatcha review please?

  • Annie Cortes
    Annie Cortes Month ago

    I have been researching if Haba Lobo is cruelty free and cannot find reassuring information...would you know?.. enjoying your vids

  • Lizzy Watts
    Lizzy Watts Month ago

    Thanks for the video Dr Dray. I'm learning a lot about skin care, (and I needed to, lol). I recently started using samples of cerave moisturizing, "lotion". I really like it and am going to invest in a full bottle. It seems you and many of your followers like the, "cream". Could you tell me if there is a difference between the cream and lotion and if so, which would you recommend? I have normal to dry skin. Thank you so much. BTW: Interesting point about not using soaps. From the day I was born my mother never washed our faces with soap. I continued that until present, 53 yrs old. People have always been grossed out if I tell them. I swear by it and did the same with my daughter. None of us have had any serious issues on our faces. I like to think the no soap rule is the reason.

    • Lizzy Watts
      Lizzy Watts Month ago

      +Dr Dray Thank you so much.

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  Month ago +1

      lotion lighter than cream

  • G Blake
    G Blake Month ago

    Sunscreen drives me crazy. The good stuff leaves that white streaky stuff. I’m pale so I don’t always notice inside then I go out with this chalky streaking on my face. Or you can use the chemical ones that will sting your eyes all day long and I have to carry tissues and explain why I’m crying all day. There’s no happy medium. Very frustrating

    • G Blake
      G Blake Month ago

      Also tinted sunscreen is just light foundation with sunscreen in it. I will never understand smearing colored goo on the face. It makes everyone look older and weird in my opinion. And no matter how skillfully applied you can instantly tell who is wearing makeup and who isn’t. If you have a disfigurement or scars etc I can surely understand. But aside from that I think women would all be better off giving up that expensive and time consuming hobby

  • Eimy Fernandez
    Eimy Fernandez Month ago

    Do you use chemical exfoliants?

  • bridget hanbery
    bridget hanbery Month ago

    Does colorscience 3 in 1 crease under the eye? Its pricey but I want to try. I can't use any concealers because all crease. Ty!

  • janinaperez11
    janinaperez11 Month ago

    Hi Dr. Dray. Love your videos. For when you do wear deodorant, what do you use to remove it when you shower? I use Ceraphil's bar soap, but I find I dont feel it removes my deodorant all the way, thanks.

  • simplybri
    simplybri Month ago

    I love the red earth deep dive but I go through it so fast 😭

  • Angie Dairou
    Angie Dairou Month ago

    Based on you recommendation, I bought the Cerave hydrating moisturizer and loved it. Bought the second bottle which seems to be drying me out. Can you comment on the reports that the formula has changed?

  • Kat B
    Kat B Month ago +1

    I've heard that the Cerave products have different formulas in Europe than in the US and aren't as effective, would anyone happen to know first hand?

    • lu bna
      lu bna Month ago +1

      yes i noticed that too try to visit there websites

  • Shelby Tangeman
    Shelby Tangeman Month ago

    Hi ma'am, I was wanting to ask you, I have been using the cerave foaming facial cleanser for years now but all the sudden it is starting to sting and i have these super sensitive light red areas on the sides of my face that especially sting when i wash with it and they feel dry with a tiny bit of texture. I was wondering, do you think my skin is changing to a more dry skin type and should i switch to the hydrating one instead? I still get kind of oily in my t zone so I'm worried that the hydrating one will make me more oily. Although, I have read that sometimes oily skin just wants more moisture so Im just all confused right now about my skin haha..Thank you ma'am!!
    Much love from Bama

  • karine nalt
    karine nalt Month ago

    Awesome review thanks 🤗. Could you do a fav cruelty free skin care?💕 I only support cruelty free brands and i could use some help🙂

  • elza tabi
    elza tabi Month ago

    Elle a un visage tjrs triste cette femme

  • kaniac14
    kaniac14 Month ago

    So many awesome recommendations. I can't wait to try them! For your hands try the Honest Company Healing Balm! That stuff is gold! I have Dyshidrosis & get fissures. Once or twice a week I take the healing balm & put it in nitrile gloves (if they're super bad I add Amlactin but watch for the burn) & I sleep with the gloves on. I rinse it off & follow with a sugar scrub & a good lotion. Soft hands!

  • Kristi Southern
    Kristi Southern Month ago

    Dr Dray Your vlogs are most authentic I have seen. Watch them all. Can you do a review of Beauty Counter? Very confusing discrepancy between safe skin care products USA vs EU. Hard to know what to think.

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  Month ago

      i reviewed it in the past

  • Benzo Advisor
    Benzo Advisor Month ago

    Your right about Deodorants. Deodorants that don’t contain aluminum burning. I’ve tried a few different brands. They put too many essential oil’s in plain deodorants. I’ve never had a Anti-perspirant containing Aluminum burn. Best one I have found it’s Mitchum unscented gel

  • Beautymark Permanent Cosmetics Abd Advanced Skin Treatments

    Goid day beautiful. Im an Esthethician and follow you closely i carry Cosmedical technologies and skin scripts i would live your opinion i also highly recommend biofond makeup. Thank you Anita.

  • Sapphire BlueSapphire

    I just started CeraVe facial moisturizer both the AM and PM. I liked both, but I have a question about the AM version, when I apply it on and rub on my face, I see a white “specks” all over my face, I have to kinda dust them off. Does that happen to you? Thanks

  • dzlove
    dzlove Month ago

    Cerave isn't my favorite. I prefer Laroche posay. It's drying and I don't feel like it removes my makeup and the coconut oil I use to remove eye makeup.

  • Cal 2018
    Cal 2018 Month ago

    Tha LRP sunscreen really made my eyes sting. 😕

  • simi 84
    simi 84 Month ago

    Whts the best affordable sunscreen you would recomend from drugstore that matte finish no cast ? Plz help am very struggling with it.. 🙏

  • Melissa Vera
    Melissa Vera Month ago

    So I have a question, I want to start using the cera ve cream for my face and body like you recommend, however I have heard that products that come in a tub form can get contaminated. How do you avoid this issue?

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  Month ago

      that is why there are preservatives, it is fine

  • Aya W
    Aya W Month ago

    hi Dr Dray! Can you do a video on the best facial hair removal methods to minimize damage? I struggle managing my facial hair while having sensitive and acne prone skin. Love your videos!

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  Month ago +1

      see my laser hair removal video

  • pika pika
    pika pika Month ago

    the uv white is out of stock :(((

  • LuxLuv 101
    LuxLuv 101 Month ago

    Hi again. YesStyle have 2 hada labo cleansing oils with different packaging and prices. I’ve been told that one is old packaging and one is new hence why difference in packaging but that the products are same. Can you shed some light because I don’t understand why they are sold at different prices if they are the same product? I’ve purchased the cleansing oil but have received the one that differs in packaging look to the one you show on this video, I’m not sure to keep it or return it if it’s not the same as yours!?

  • Q C
    Q C Month ago

    I need a good night cream?

  • Margaret Murphy
    Margaret Murphy Month ago

    You, and so many others, have raved about Colorescience Total™ Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy but it is just a bit out of my price range. What other options do you suggest?

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  Month ago

      i like it because the peach color hides the vein under my eye better than anything else i have ever tried, while also giving added spf there.....i have not come across any other product that has the same color yet, as most are light tans or to yellow/orange

  • Georgene Roselles
    Georgene Roselles Month ago

    I have heard olive oil is as close to our natural skin oils,is that true?

  • Vesper Vesper
    Vesper Vesper Month ago

    I don't have Cerave in my country :(

  • Janice White
    Janice White Month ago

    Love Ceravue products!

  • Grace
    Grace Month ago

    Will you please make a video on shampoo for very oily scalp? My scalp is very oily. Thank you

  • Rocknride
    Rocknride Month ago +1

    I must use something more than water on my lady parts but I enjoyed all the helpful recommendations you made. I’m learning so much from your channel and saving $$$😊

  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa Month ago

    What do you think is best for underarm axilla pits, vulvar cleansing and 🦶 foot/ toe cleansing???

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D Month ago

    I’ve been binge watching a lot of your videos! I’m trying to get into a better skincare routine and trying to figure out what to get. So I’m noticing
    1. Salicylic acid cleanser
    2. Gel cream (like hada Labo or neutrogena)
    3. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen
    4. Oil cleanser
    5. Moisturizing cleanser
    6. Moisturizing cream (cerave tub).
    Am I missing anything? Is salicylic acid still beneficial to use even if I rarely break out?

  • R B
    R B Month ago

    Australia have La roche posay from Europe available in our Pharmacy

  • Khansa Sajjad
    Khansa Sajjad Month ago

    Does anyone know her skintype?

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  Month ago

  • Temple Drake
    Temple Drake Month ago

    I am 21 and I’ve always had lines under my eyes.

  • Miriam W
    Miriam W Month ago

    Hi Dr. Dray! Do you have any thoughts on the Australian Gold tinted sunscreen?

  • Christina Maclang
    Christina Maclang Month ago

    Hello Dr. Dray. I'm a new subscriber and I enjoy your skin care videos. I have acne and been battling acne for a long time. I've used so many products that are pricey but because there is so many steps, I tend to skip washing my face. Just last week I changed my skin care routine to less is more. I am hopeful that my acne will improve.
    A quick question about deodorant. Is there there a deodorant that will help reduce the dark color of my underarms. I want to be able to confidently wear sleeveless shirts. Thank you.

  • Jenna Wright
    Jenna Wright 2 months ago


    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  2 months ago

      thanks for watching!

  • Onthehill
    Onthehill 2 months ago

    My husband has tried every type of sunscreen. It freaks him out that all of them so far melt the neoprene at the neckline of his wetsuit. It turns sticky and gooey. We need sunscreen but it seems like there are chemicals in it that have to be toxic.

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  2 months ago

      avobenzone interacts with neoprene

  • wagal50
    wagal50 2 months ago

    Like your hair.

  • Grace Coppola
    Grace Coppola 2 months ago

    What do you about rosehip oil?

  • LuxLuv 101
    LuxLuv 101 2 months ago

    Is there much difference between the altruist and la Roche Posay(uk). Is one better than the other in any way or form ? Thanks

  • dianne rowley
    dianne rowley 2 months ago

    Would be nice if they were vegan using chemicals is not good.

  • Gwen Pennington
    Gwen Pennington 2 months ago

    Hi Dr Dray I'm new to your channel also new to retinol products. You seem to make EVERY POINT & ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS that anyone could possibly want to kno about retinoids. Im so glad I've come across your channel/expert advice. I also kno u get a ton of questions/comments so I'm hoping to get/come across the answer to mine. I have gotten so far I prob should not put retin-A on the eye area itself but I'm wondering will it target that area b/c that's my main area of concern.I will be starting the actual retin-A very soon. Plz & thank you

  • IanM2698
    IanM2698 2 months ago

    What a great yearly roundup. Do you still use pre facial moisturising gels with hyaluronic acid? I have them but don’t some how seem to use or reach for them Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream & Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic. I just seem to prefer washing my face and then straight away applying CeraVe cream. 🙏🐶

  • Fiona
    Fiona 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Dray, need some clarification. Sounds like Cerave cream in a tub is a constant last step for you as far as moisturizers go. Do you alternate between the Cosrx Rice mask and Humectant cream under Cerave?

  • Meena Blaggan
    Meena Blaggan 2 months ago

    hey Dr Dray can you recommend sunscreen that doesn't ball up. please advice`?

  • gix2lee
    gix2lee 2 months ago

    Oh wow. Do you have a dedicated Hada Labo video??

  • flower petal
    flower petal 2 months ago

    You are my new beauty goddess. I trust you. You look so beautiful

  • Zentson
    Zentson 2 months ago

    Review on Simple hydrating light moisturizer please ! It appears to be a very good occlusive moisturizer to prevent TEWL and it’s a pretty affordable one.

  • Sara Frink
    Sara Frink 2 months ago

    Dr. Dray, I bought the Altruist sunscreen and love it, except it makes my eyes burn extremely bad if it even get within 2-3 inches of them. I've never reacted like that before to anything. Is there an ingredient in there that I may be sensitive to and have you heard of that happening with anyone else?

  • YellowRose
    YellowRose 2 months ago

    I am a new subscriber and a fellow lady with eczema. I am 63 years old and I have had outbreaks off and on all my life. You are very very knowledgeable and eagerly look forward to watch many more of your videos!

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  2 months ago +1

      thanks for watching

  • Mitzi Roybal
    Mitzi Roybal 2 months ago

    My dermatologist advised I stop using soap or moisturizer... I have never had acne but I do now at age 32??? He advised I only use water for washing my face and no moisturizer... does that sound right? He my acne is due to too much moisturizer. I have been trying this for a month will no real results... acne leave but more comes back

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 2 months ago

    Have you tried the Paula's Choice Resist super light Daily wrinkle defense tinted SPF 30. It is my favorite tinted SPF. Just curious what your opinion would be. Great video!!

  • RainesCurls IG
    RainesCurls IG 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Dray!!!! PLEASE READ! I love you! I'm nearly subscribed and I've watched at least 20 of your videos. I'm been trying really hard to completely transition all my beauty products to cruelty free and it's hard AND NOW all I want to do is try Cerave! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ thanks...lmao anywho I'm about to scroll through all your videos and check for specific types of videos if you don't have them I'm very interested in a video of your cruelty free suggestions another awesome video would be debunking beauty gurus hacks! Like do you know a lot of them shave with hair conditioner and use mens post shave balm and vagisil as makeup face primers!? I would love to hear your take on these! Love you! Thanks for all your videos

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  2 months ago

      i have reviewed several cruelty free brands

  • Cindy Chen
    Cindy Chen 2 months ago

    Hey Dr Dray, I have oily, sensitive, acne-prone rosacea skin and I wear physical sunscreen everyday (i.e. Elta MD physical sunscreen spf 41). And I don't use oil-based cleanser to remove sunscreen because it's more harsh and I'm afraid it would break me out. So I use Cerave Foaming cleanser which could remove 90% of my physical sunscreen, but there are always some residue left on my face (around nose, lower chin) even after using the cleanser twice. The cleanser you recommend like Neutrogena ultra gentle hydrating cleanser does not work to remove sunscreens. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  • M Parton
    M Parton 2 months ago

    Hello Dr. Dray. I just found you yesterday and have watched a couple of your videos. I wonder if you could give your opinion on the Avene skin care products. I have been using their rich daily moisturizer for about 6 yearss and have found it to be good at keeping my rosacea at bay. What do you think of their other products: toner, cleanser, etc? I know you think highly of Cerave and I wondered if I could switch to Cerave moisturizer instead of the Avene moisturizer (I am guessing it may be more economical)?

  • Cali In the Valley
    Cali In the Valley 2 months ago

    I hope you review ELF and Lush products!

  • chady kanaan
    chady kanaan 2 months ago

    Does Tolarain La Roche today cleanser and moisturizer works as good as Cerave as it s not available where I live. Much appreciated, Celine

  • Barbi Love
    Barbi Love 2 months ago

    Paula's Choice tinted spf is great as is Murad's spf50 environmental shield

  • Barbi Love
    Barbi Love 2 months ago

    What about Bobbi Brown cleansing oil? 😀 Clinique take the day off balm?

  • Goddess Athena
    Goddess Athena 2 months ago

    Your skin is flawless goalSss 🙌🏼😍

  • Robin Pesek
    Robin Pesek 2 months ago

    I have finally discovered why y

  • Love4Life1
    Love4Life1 2 months ago

    Initially, when using Drunk Elephant Bestie to remove lipsticks I was trying, I thought it was great! Then, later in the evening I washed my whole face with it. It dried out my skin so badly it felt tight. I immediately began applying my moisturizing toner / Time Revolution, snail essence water / Dewytree, calming ampoule/ Asiatica and finally avocado melt sleeping mask / Glow Recipe. If you need to remove lipstick and nothing else, DE Bestie is for you!

  • vhenanigans
    vhenanigans 2 months ago

    lol why does the FDA hate sunscreen so much

  • agameofantasy
    agameofantasy 2 months ago

    I tried the Hada Labo UV White gel and I LOVE IT. I use it as my moisturiser in mornings now and reapply with a different SPF, like Skin Aqua or Hada Labo UV Perfect Gel, throughout the day because I want to keep the UV White gel as a morning moisturiser (and first layer of great sunscreen), and of course it's in a jar so less convenient for carrying around :D I found this thanks to you! My Hada Labo UV Perfect gel should arrive soon! :)

  • Chloe Murphy
    Chloe Murphy 2 months ago

    You can also purchase that anthelios spf 60 ultra fluid sunscreen in Canada, and it also has Mexoryl in it! It might be a more inexpensive alternative to order from here in terms of duties or import taxes in the future if you were planning on repurchasing !

  • LuxLuv 101
    LuxLuv 101 2 months ago

    Hi, do you have a favourite vitamin c serum you use?

    • LuxLuv 101
      LuxLuv 101 2 months ago

      I hear time and time again of how important a vitamin c serum is in skincare but I myself don’t understand why? Would appreciate your thoughts and reason on why you don’t use them?

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  2 months ago

      nope, dont use them

  • Afya Abrafi
    Afya Abrafi 2 months ago +7

    I 😍😍😍😍😍😍 the Hada Labo Sunscreen for my dark skin. It's moisturizing and leaves absolutely NO Casper the Ghost cast so I enjoy applying it religiously. Thanks for recommending this, Dr Dray, 🤗🤗🤗 Oh, I almost forgot about the Kerasal foot ointment, too. It's a lifesaver and you can get coupons on their website for a whole $1 off per tube.

    • Afya Abrafi
      Afya Abrafi 3 days ago

      +denise woods You're very welcome! Guess what? I have the Biore UV Watery Essence as well but it also irritates my eyes after about 3 or 4 hours that's why I didn't bother mentioning it. The trial and error person that I am bought two other newly released varieties of the Biore UV and they are HORRIFIC in terms of the white cast!!! I almost looked like a mime, 🤣🤣🤣 But they work fantastically under makeup and I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.

    • denise woods
      denise woods 3 days ago

      +Afya Abrafi thank you so much and it absolutely is helpful information. I appreciate you. I have one sunscreen that I like from Amazon and it's a Japanese one as well. Biore UV essence. Zero white cast as well. I'm going to try this one next!

    • Afya Abrafi
      Afya Abrafi 3 days ago

      +denise woods Yep, I still use it and love it but a word of caution: if you have sensitive eyes, they would start burning around the 2-hr mark after applying the Hada Labo. I use it if I'm making a quick trip to the nearest grocery store. But I found another fantastic option that doesn't burn my eyes and leaves absolutely no cast at all. It's the Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk. Check it out here: and this is the new version just released in February. The old version is in a yellow bottle. Another word of caution: This bottle is super small but I bought one to try out the first time and went back for three more bottles after my test. You can also find the full ingredient list on this page: I hope this helps.

    • denise woods
      denise woods 5 days ago

      Would you still recommend this sunscreen? I appreciate your comment because it's hard to find a good sunscreen that doesnt leave a white cast on brown skin...and I hate feeling greasy.

  • shawna ciancio
    shawna ciancio 2 months ago +3

    Sometimes it takes me hours to get through your videos because I’m stopping to search for the products you recommend!!

  • Julie M
    Julie M 2 months ago

    Hi, could you give me your take on Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50? Or any of the Avon skincare? I currently use their Anew Vitale but it has so much fragrance in it 😭 Thank you!!!!

  • Luvthescript
    Luvthescript 2 months ago

    What's the difference between drometrizerole trisiloxane and drometrizole triolxane? The New Zealand version of the anthelios xl has the latter? Also the ingredients seems to differ slightly just wondering is it the same as the U.S one? Thank you for your time

  • Trace S
    Trace S 2 months ago

    Love your videos! Been using cerave moisturizer PM and love it, but the hydrating cleanser is burning my skin. Weird right? Can you recommend another oil-free gentle cleanser with ceramides? Thanks if you have time to respond! ♡

  • Rafaela Rosário
    Rafaela Rosário 2 months ago

    Hi! Can we use that cosrx mask under the eyes? Thanks

  • MeLu B
    MeLu B 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Dray. I’m a new subscriber to your channel and use many of your skin care recommendations except the CeraVe moisturizing face wash. For some reason it burns my skin.. Is this normal and can you tell me why this is happening?

    • Dr Dray
      Dr Dray  2 months ago

      see my video "why does this sting" wherein i explain the reason this is nebulous

  • Stephanie Schlehuber
    Stephanie Schlehuber 2 months ago

    Has anyone experienced breakouts with the Cerave line? I started using it about a month ago and I keep getting cystic acne and whiteheads. I’m thinking maybe this might be purge or the face wash and creams I use during the and evening are causing clogged pores. Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated!

    • anna haener
      anna haener 2 months ago

      Stephanie Schlehuber I had it from niancinamide and this non foaming cleanser... I use american version of lotion for face and eu version for body. American version of lotion makes my whole body itch, eu version is a godsend:)