SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 plus VS Sony Xperia 1

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 plus VS Sony Xperia 1
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  • Muzaffar Hidirov
    Muzaffar Hidirov 46 seconds ago

    Сони лучше

  • Nistexa Nishaa
    Nistexa Nishaa 11 hours ago

    Sony Xperia is the best.. ❤️

  • sarawut sannog
    sarawut sannog 21 hour ago


  • tatay tricks ky baby
    tatay tricks ky baby 23 hours ago

    Japan vs korea

  • Joshua Wilbrandt

    Sony is a failing self phone maker will never keep up will never win against Samsung and apple ove had Sony thought that they were inferior to my work phone Samsung this just goes again proves my Samsung us for life .......

  • Олег Кобелев

    Sony Xperia 1 ❤️

  • The Ranger
    The Ranger Day ago

    The only reason that will make me choose sony is its body length. Looks very slim

  • The Real L Me
    The Real L Me Day ago

    At 5:15 why does the Sony turn into a Samsung s9?

  • yappatalk
    yappatalk Day ago

    Only if they weren't missing the headphones jack

  • Danilo santos
    Danilo santos Day ago


  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro Day ago

    Xperia 1 the best

  • Charles Almeida
    Charles Almeida Day ago

    Samsung is garbage Sony best one :) best of apple too

  • Furqan Mohd Desa
    Furqan Mohd Desa Day ago +2

    Hahahah sony always fulfill their customer wish im using xperia xz from 2016 till now fast charging + long last battery + no lagging
    😀 xperia 1 wil be my next phone

  • やぴーーー
    やぴーーー 2 days ago


  • The Muaya Villa
    The Muaya Villa 2 days ago

    dimana ada toko yang menjual

  • Dave Lampard
    Dave Lampard 2 days ago

    Heart rate in S10 plus? Lol.. You must be kidding me. It's my first ever Samsung's Flagship phones that I stop to buy. Simple reason, there's no Iris Scanner.

  • Alexej Maxpower
    Alexej Maxpower 2 days ago

    Nice Video , awful music !!!

  • Леонид Спирин

    Лучше сони

  • Леонид Спирин

    Я не верю самсунг

  • white 5684
    white 5684 2 days ago

    sony is god!

  • 金金
    金金 2 days ago


  • 느그흥우리흥
    느그흥우리흥 2 days ago

    Taiwan no 1

  • Farhan Fulpuri
    Farhan Fulpuri 2 days ago

    My choice is Sony Xperia

  • Ronald Kasteel
    Ronald Kasteel 2 days ago +1

    how fast will the glass break i drop my phone atleaat 5 times a year when u go ohoh it will die for sure and every time that haopends whit the glaas sony ,dropped the samsung s9+ atleast 10 times that and no scratch .
    love sony but the glass is shi...

  • 곽대한
    곽대한 2 days ago

    Woww 11 - 7 this is a big diference! SAMSUNG ALWAYS BETTER THAN sony! KOREA is the most innovative country in the world and also the best in technology! 🔝👏👏

  • 곽대한
    곽대한 2 days ago

    Korea >>>> japan

  • Damirey 19xx
    Damirey 19xx 2 days ago

    sony xperia 1

  • m.o.m.d
    m.o.m.d 2 days ago

    Ok after reading all theses comments i’m iOS user but how to prefer Samsung over Sony Sony is the mother
    And when Sony was donig business where Samsung was anyway since Tim Cook stuck my next beautiful phone is x1 to play pubg on 21:9🥴🤨😎

  • Asif Ahmad
    Asif Ahmad 2 days ago

    I love #Sony Xperia 1
    sry #Samsung

  • Sirius A
    Sirius A 2 days ago +2

    Sony is best in the planet

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi 3 days ago

    Is the xperia 1 running on stock android?

  • F. R
    F. R 3 days ago +7

    Sony in diffrent level dude 😁 for me sony xperia 1 the best

  • Rachma Okta
    Rachma Okta 3 days ago +3

    Samsung galaxy s10 PLUS
    Sony xperia 1
    Without plus ... Already have 7 point+

  • Master Mukhlis
    Master Mukhlis 3 days ago

    Im sony fan!

  • anti mafia
    anti mafia 3 days ago

    Yess samsung galaxy S10+ win😍😍😍

  • curt2g1998
    curt2g1998 3 days ago

    The S10+ is 6.4" btw.

  • YAYAN Kosongtujuh
    YAYAN Kosongtujuh 3 days ago

    Sony the best

  • 1477 HP
    1477 HP 4 days ago

    Sony best!

  • kun Koza
    kun Koza 4 days ago +6

    The point of comparison is wrong. I choose SONY.

  • Mdka 467
    Mdka 467 4 days ago

    Sony is the best

  • Lexalex Hadjoe
    Lexalex Hadjoe 4 days ago +1

    I like Xperia.

  • Muhammad Hamzah Fansuri

    Watch this video w/ Xperia X Performance, i ❤Sony

  • Prabu Bagas Sadewa
    Prabu Bagas Sadewa 4 days ago

    Xperia 1 the best

  • きゅーかんばーえる

    Galaxy is burning XD

  • PajasMusic 15
    PajasMusic 15 4 days ago

    Watching with samsung s10+

  • Sketch
    Sketch 5 days ago

    Sony is the best...

  • Siraat Naat Academy
    Siraat Naat Academy 5 days ago +4

    Sony is the best , ,,,this company is from the pioneers of the technology ….Go to Hell who is against Sony....I love SONY Products. ( from Pakistan …..)

  • Irwan Sulistio
    Irwan Sulistio 5 days ago +13

    Ok score S10 is win, But i Choose X1

  • Claudio Marques
    Claudio Marques 5 days ago +1

    SONY as Monsters🌐

  • ducthuan nguyen
    ducthuan nguyen 6 days ago

    Samsung perfect;;))

  • Calvin Karlo
    Calvin Karlo 6 days ago

    Sony ftw!

  • Dan
    Dan 6 days ago


  • điá lê
    điá lê 6 days ago

    No, VIETNAM🇻🇳 samsung s10 plus use chip exinot no use qualcom

  • Cambo Fixing
    Cambo Fixing 6 days ago

    Now available in Cambodia

  • Ang El
    Ang El 7 days ago +3

    Watching this video with Sony xperia Z3

  • LỌC Ảnh Jr
    LỌC Ảnh Jr 7 days ago

    Fan samsung

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 7 days ago

    Sony for me.

  • LeBeard James
    LeBeard James 7 days ago

    I don't give a shit what you cucks say Samsung will always be better than Sony sorry ass stay with making TV' & playstation cucks

  • Rafeah Rafeah
    Rafeah Rafeah 8 days ago

    go Sony....go Sony......from japan

  • Sourabh Ranga
    Sourabh Ranga 8 days ago

    Sony what a look 👌

  • GaGGiL John
    GaGGiL John 8 days ago

    Hanya budak tiktok yg setia kepada sony dulu bole la sony no1 main game depan kipas bila dah panas screen buat hal game jadi lag hp taik

  • Паха Иванов

    What is music?

  • Seedfacent
    Seedfacent 8 days ago

    Need music for your videos i am here for you

  • Dani Lopez
    Dani Lopez 8 days ago

    I do not know why but since I started watching the video I already knew the result, the Sony has a lot more things that you do not mention in the video, and that wins the Samsung, but of course it's better to hide it and only give green points to the s10 plus, How will a company go out of its slump if you do not stop making videos sinking every product that Sony takes? Every mobile that Sony gets a criticism, of course people do not buy and that's why the company does not leave its bad luck, shame should give you go to death against Sony, when we know that in many things it is better than Samsung, maybe it's not the Sony the best smartphone of 2019, but neither is the worst, in all the video you have done nothing but give points to Samsung and take it from Sony for nonsense

  • Kevin Horcadella
    Kevin Horcadella 8 days ago

    Sony the Best

  • Min ĐT
    Min ĐT 9 days ago

    S10 plus. Chip Adreno 640 ?

  • Dave Busink
    Dave Busink 9 days ago +2

    Watching this on my sony xperia xa1 ultra. One of the better phones I've owned so far.

    • ZUBAYR R
      ZUBAYR R 9 days ago +1


  • Emmylinkglobalconnect Egbunam

    Sony is a beast wow

  • Mubin Ex
    Mubin Ex 9 days ago +27

    Yes, correct. Camere mega pixels are higher than Sony in Samsung but, Sony's quality of Image is far better than Samsung! Once you use Sony then always Sony! 🤘

  • Malik Nima Sangchozu

    Samsung s10 plus is better than Xperia 1

  • fino alla fine
    fino alla fine 10 days ago

    Hahah samsung cheap phone with joke build quality

  • Sugai Sugai
    Sugai Sugai 10 days ago +1

    I'm bored waiting.. when does it gonna come out on market...

  • SolarChip
    SolarChip 10 days ago

    Samsung is garbage with B grade phone with cheap chinese display and battery

  • movies you need
    movies you need 11 days ago

    Sony is Sony no one can't defeat it sorry Samsung

    ASHOK KALITA 11 days ago +1

    U forget it has 4k

  • 高橋則男
    高橋則男 11 days ago +2


  • pieterlamb
    pieterlamb 11 days ago

    I used to Sony phone lover. Until I have problem with the screen of Xperia Z and visited the Service Center with a very disappointingly lousy service. Now I realise, the power of Service Center in case you had a problem with your device.

  • Tareq Amro
    Tareq Amro 11 days ago

    Why you guys all love Sony even it lose the competition .. can convince me to buy it ?

  • Windows To Indonesia
    Windows To Indonesia 11 days ago

    I still believe in SONY ... It's exclusive

  • Mikela Marzullo
    Mikela Marzullo 12 days ago

    Michaela Marzullo instagram 😊😊😊

  • Eduardo Schouferberguer

    Samsung fanboy detected

    ARİF UZUNÇAYIR 12 days ago


  • Ihab Altimari
    Ihab Altimari 12 days ago +4

    Stupid comparing, Sony is the best trust me.

  • AlexandrovX ;-;
    AlexandrovX ;-; 12 days ago +16

    90% Hardcore Sony fanboys
    9% nothing
    1% statics

    • Ray N
      Ray N 10 days ago +2

      Same here... I am only for Sony :)

  • kotaro kojima
    kotaro kojima 12 days ago

    my sony z5 prim have good battery good performance samsung battery dying

  • Tesla VRconstruct
    Tesla VRconstruct 13 days ago

    Sorry, sony xperia in the Best !

  • afraid_to_shoot_ strangers

    And Sony frameworks for compatibility with second screen of PS4 and hopefully PS5 soon !

  • dark haven
    dark haven 13 days ago


    VON ZAMPAGLIONEN 14 days ago

    Sony hast lost quality over the years. I say this as an ex Sony user, and I used to have mostly electrodomestics produced by Sony Japan. Now it produces then in Taiwan and they are not just like the Japan-Made. Also their cellphones are way beyond the industry. Samsung has the lead nowadays, even wins against Apple. You can't seriously offer a phone without a 3.5 entry plug for audio and a 6GB RAM when your competency offer a 1000 USD phone with 2 to 4 GB more and a goddamn plug entry. The Xperia 1 is good, I like it aesthetics better than the S10, but Samsung wins again. Sony is turning in the far east Apple and I don't like it.-

  • あっスーモ
    あっスーモ 15 days ago


  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar 15 days ago

    Sony hai bey achha samsung ke baap hai

  • Mikayil Ehmedli
    Mikayil Ehmedli 15 days ago

    sony super.

  • Про Комп
    Про Комп 15 days ago

    Хорошее сравнение!

  • SEISEIちゃんねる
    SEISEIちゃんねる 15 days ago


  • Andrey K
    Andrey K 15 days ago

    Русскоязычные ролики смотрю там тоже все за sony , думал у иностранцев по другому, ан нет тоже все за sony. Я в шоке.
    Russia choose sony. Sorry my English.

  • Flintair
    Flintair 15 days ago

    Why there’s no sony in some parts of Asia ?

  • Flintair
    Flintair 15 days ago +1

    Sony is much more premium one .

  • eichioba
    eichioba 16 days ago

    Sony FOREVER 😍

  • Jeslyn Brine Smith
    Jeslyn Brine Smith 16 days ago

    Xperia 1 looks look likes notr 8

  • Prmod Kumar
    Prmod Kumar 16 days ago

    Sony best