3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • Three allegedly true scary road trip experiences, all sent by subscribers.
    Stories 1 & 2 : Anonymous
    Story 3 : Michael Soria
    Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
    Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • John Villafranca
    John Villafranca 9 hours ago

    Good stories. You just got a new subscriber.

  • Somebody Someone
    Somebody Someone 17 hours ago

    “I also had a light bar installed and I’m making a point to mention it because i think it’s cool because I’m a giant douche”

  • A. N. Moore
    A. N. Moore Day ago

    I am a retired FedEx courier and I have had to drag oversized boxes indoors, but that's the extent of it. Going further into private homes is a no-no! And I drive I-95 from PA to FL regularly. Not only would I ever stop somewhere in the darkness, but I'd be damned if I went into a abandoned anything in the middle of nothing. And who let's a kid go into rest area alone? Much less not to turn and address them to "buckle up" or "did anyone bother you?" Nevertheless, I still enjoyed listening to your stories!!!!👽

  • austin riley
    austin riley Day ago

    The traffic cone or barrel story has actually happened to me one late/early morning around 1 AM driving lback from Memphis Tennessee to Nashville on I 24 the only thing is I didn’t get out of my car I just went around the barrels I thought it was very very strange that there were eight barrels in the middle of the highway going 65 miles an hour

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 2 days ago

    Bro I wish someone would try to do that shit from the last story on me because I'm probably more crazy than them

  • Gustavo Calderon
    Gustavo Calderon 3 days ago

    Who tf argues about personal shit with a 9 year old?

  • Scary Crows
    Scary Crows 3 days ago

    First story could’ve been simple if the driver had common sense and locked the door until Tom came back. No but instead of looking or trying to figure what’s going on around you...let’s just assume anyone is Tom and let them in your car. (I know this was a bit much and it’s just a video but I would still love for people to be more cautious when near places they are completely used to.)

    • Scary Crows
      Scary Crows 3 days ago

      Also I get that some people in this world are nice to pick up strangers but...don’t trust anyone. It’s every man for himself.

  • Surfer-meister
    Surfer-meister 3 days ago


  • UlTiMaTeChEeSeBuRg3r

    Only morons would set themselves up for situations like this

  • The Book Collector
    The Book Collector 4 days ago

    Story# 1 Parent of the year. My God he's 9 yrs old the kids gotta piss if the parent had to go they would stop for themself and who lets their kid go to a rest stop by themselves?

  • tHaT’s wHaT sHe SaId! :3

    I’m on a road trip rnn!! YAY!

  • Guns save lives
    Guns save lives 5 days ago

    firearms will save your life.

  • Introverted Weirdo
    Introverted Weirdo 5 days ago +2

    It's late in the evening, it's getting dark outside slowly and a thunderstorm is rolling in. I'm in bed with dimmed lighting on and eating salted peanuts, listening to Mr. Nightmare.
    This just feels perfect. 😂👌

  • Lafreda Sias
    Lafreda Sias 5 days ago

    Why would you let a child go to a rest stop restroom alone in the middle of the night?

  • Mason Hunter
    Mason Hunter 6 days ago

    West Virginia is messed up

  • Damara Vera
    Damara Vera 7 days ago

    Omg i lpve your videos ive been wachting you for 4 years ever since i was 8

  • Ken Call
    Ken Call 8 days ago +1

    I always have a 44 mag within hand on grab ,never leave home without it!

  • Christian Leitel
    Christian Leitel 8 days ago

    1st story confused the fuck ouutta me.

  • Gordon Gentry
    Gordon Gentry 8 days ago

    Barton Skyway Austin, TX

  • ITz._.Jazzy
    ITz._.Jazzy 8 days ago +6

    “I got out my truck with my baseball bat.”

    I knew I wasn’t the only person who took one when I go on long trips

  • Debbie Rudderham
    Debbie Rudderham 8 days ago

    I have the same questions as another viewer.
    1- WHY would you argue with a 9 year boy just because he needs to go pee. ?
    2- it was very childish of you to react the way you did. YOU. We’re the grownup, he was the child. ( in need ) .
    Hope THIS taught you some kind of lesson., especially arguing with a child that seemed to really be serious about having a pee. Especially in the night, in total darkness. !!!!!!

  • man with no name
    man with no name 9 days ago

    1st is fake. That's an old wives tale. Lmao

  • Doeun Choung
    Doeun Choung 9 days ago

    Fuck you, man stop making it up.

  • Scott Norman
    Scott Norman 9 days ago

    Child neglecte

  • Green wall Tree
    Green wall Tree 10 days ago +2

    I have scary story

    I ran out of snacks

  • Patient XVll
    Patient XVll 10 days ago

    Your narration is so dry and bland

  • jeep grl
    jeep grl 10 days ago

    Yea this freaks me out considering hubby and I are taking a road trip soon.

  • Morbidly Obese Wizard
    Morbidly Obese Wizard 10 days ago +1

    Hey Mr.Nightmare, Uh the first one i've heard before, yeah that's not a True one
    Edit: The one in this video is a variation of it

  • Halfbreed K
    Halfbreed K 10 days ago

    If they set those spikes up as a trap there would be no way traffic cones would be there

  • Loretta
    Loretta 11 days ago

    And you call yourself my Mother, Bitch.

  • Shannon Pressley
    Shannon Pressley 11 days ago

    Who has a personal argument with their 9 year old?

  • Corbin Cox
    Corbin Cox 11 days ago

    0:17 probably not almost heaven

  • Diego_ishere10 Arellano
    Diego_ishere10 Arellano 11 days ago +1

    This is Tom


  • kc mac
    kc mac 12 days ago

    If someone was going to make a spike strip trap in the middle of the night, why use traffic cones? Wouldnt it be crazy hitting spike strips at 12am on a back road country road.? Lol

  • Lisa McDonald
    Lisa McDonald 12 days ago

    What was I supposed to do, tell her no? Uuuh, YEAH! I don't believe that most of the stories are true, or any. But I suppose they could be. If so, do people not realize that women can be dangerous criminals? There ARE prisons for women.

  • Lisa McDonald
    Lisa McDonald 12 days ago

    He made it back in 30 seconds?😒

  • Jenthewolffoxxo :3
    Jenthewolffoxxo :3 12 days ago +1

    First story;
    Guy in truck: *follows the dad, very close*
    Basically everyone; oh he’s gon try to do something
    Guy in truck; *is a hero*
    “They had us in the first half, not gonna lie”

  • ryqabvn
    ryqabvn 13 days ago

    Are you serious? The old campfire story? “He was warning her! The maniac was IN THE BACK SEAT!” I like the stories to be at least slightly believable.

  • Kayden Zapata
    Kayden Zapata 13 days ago

    Ight so...if those people wanted to catch someone,why tf would you put cones there? Why not just the spikes? Like are you that dumb? Im no killer but anyone with common sense would know that

  • lashay fairley
    lashay fairley 13 days ago

    Is it weird that I like to listen to Mr nightmare videos while I'm cleaning 😂🤷

  • Steve Stadel
    Steve Stadel 13 days ago +1

    You know if there were not great people in this world. There would be alot more horror.

  • bella bialeschki
    bella bialeschki 14 days ago

    are these stories real

  • bluenite5
    bluenite5 15 days ago

    These stories sound made up.

  • Pepperidge Farm
    Pepperidge Farm 16 days ago

    Holy shit it’s been almost a year since I watched this very video

  • _Your_bois_ __eggos_
    _Your_bois_ __eggos_ 16 days ago

    You should make a app kinda like amazon music but with all your videos so we can listen while we drive

  • Bengi Aydogan
    Bengi Aydogan 16 days ago

    If you set a trap on the road to idk murder people or whatever, why would you warn them with blinking traffic cones?

  • maxmavrick7
    maxmavrick7 16 days ago

    Point to note all three incidents happened at night

  • Hello god it’s me Daniel

    Watching this while on a road trip with my grandma

  • jesus ramirez
    jesus ramirez 18 days ago

    bro your merch is Overpriced

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown 18 days ago

    talk think talk thoughts stfu

  • FireFoxy YT
    FireFoxy YT 18 days ago

    Is it just me or would I also be the girlfriend in the 2nd story
    Crackhead- no im trying to kill him -_-
    Me- So imma cat starch you lol

    • imnotaveryy
      imnotaveryy 16 days ago

      @FireFoxy YT your using "xD" you have a gacha life profile picture you made a comment that was horrendous and made me want to kill myself can you get any worse? Jesus christ

    • FireFoxy YT
      FireFoxy YT 16 days ago

      @imnotaveryydon't know if that was suppost to be rude or not so thank you xD

    • imnotaveryy
      imnotaveryy 17 days ago

      This comment is cancerous

  • Kian Kelly
    Kian Kelly 18 days ago


  • Freddie Chenery
    Freddie Chenery 18 days ago

    Wendy's a ghost and its abandoned place now

  • Avril C
    Avril C 19 days ago

    The first story reminds me of the Urban Legend, High Beams.

  • Natalie Kern
    Natalie Kern 19 days ago

    Bro the highway truck dude is like the smartest person I’ve ever heard in one of these stories, he grabbed a weapon, didn’t walk into the woods, didn’t panic, and drove around when most people literally grab a flash light and walk to the forest screaming who’s there

  • Patrick blue
    Patrick blue 19 days ago

    Don't pick up random people

  • Alan Sanchez
    Alan Sanchez 19 days ago


  • VaultDwellerOG
    VaultDwellerOG 20 days ago +1

    the 1st story is dumb how do you not know who gets into your car lmaoo.

  • HOPE
    HOPE 20 days ago

    If you put your fav music it’s not scary like at all

  • Nuha Khan
    Nuha Khan 20 days ago

    In story 2 at 7:23: Woman: "Please!, Please!"
    Bf: "Bruh, u just fricken choked me df am i a joke to u?"

  • Nuha Khan
    Nuha Khan 20 days ago

    Me at 6:58 in story 2: O hell nawww 0.0 (Btw dat women was prolly a demon like da fuxxkz

  • Alonso Lopez
    Alonso Lopez 20 days ago

    Love the music 2:54 is that from a horror movie?

  • Dosway
    Dosway 20 days ago

    i love this shit

  • Emilio Ramos
    Emilio Ramos 20 days ago

    As I was watching this hail started raining

  • alex woods
    alex woods 20 days ago +1

    1st Story is just a retelling of a well known Urban Legend...

  • Og Jupo
    Og Jupo 20 days ago +3

    Video: Its early ju...

    Me: Mom, im scared 😟

  • Tommy Hooks
    Tommy Hooks 20 days ago

    All seem poorly written and bogus...
    1. Let a 9 yr old into a rest stop bathroom in the middle of the night? Not see him walk to the car or difference between a grown man and a foot or two away, in the back seat? A man who, what, gets into the backseats of strangers cars hoping he won't be noticed?
    2. Let's a crazy woman in the car in the middle of the night? All the 'girlfriend' references...whatevs.
    3. The aggressor truck drove so close that you could see his face in tinted windows, at night, but he couldn't see your whole vehicle?

  • Merly I.
    Merly I. 20 days ago

    It was Chucky sitting in the back seat. 😵

  • arbjful
    arbjful 21 day ago

    Its a totally unsafe idea to drive at night with a nine year old. A responsible parent would stop at motel in the evening for the night and start off in the morning.
    Always check your back seat before starting to drive off, also check the boot. You never who could be hiding there...
    Never pickup hitchhikers, be especially wary of women traveling alone...if at all you want to help them, go to the nearest police station, or patrol car, and inform them....
    You never know who you meet on the road...
    As for the first story, it could be the black eyed people, I think they come visiting from another dimension...

  • Sammny Martinez
    Sammny Martinez 21 day ago

    Who the fuck doesn't check when you're kids gets in. Damn at least look to make sure they put their seat belt on! Or in this case that they are your kid(s)