3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories


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  • Nilam Parmar
    Nilam Parmar Day ago

    Hi didi .I have pressed your notification bell. I Have seen all your stories. I am crazy on it. Its absolutely scary.
    Well, I was thinking to publish a horror story book. So,I want some tips from you because your stories are scary and I think you make them all by yourself . how do you make such stories? Please give me your phone no.so I can call and discuss with you. Please also share that how do you make such scary animations.
    I am waiting for your reply.
    Buy didi !

    COOLBRO123 YT Day ago

    Did u say both my girlfriends

  • Sparse Trout
    Sparse Trout 2 days ago

    Dude, not to hate or anything but the first story is from a book that came out way before this video. All that is different is that instead of a high school girl leaving a prom night, its about a dad and his kid leaving a rest stop.

  • Alexiz Sandoval
    Alexiz Sandoval 2 days ago

    That first guys stupid for not checking the back seat

  • Qaseh Rieyda
    Qaseh Rieyda 2 days ago

    Scary 😱

  • ItsMeShi
    ItsMeShi 2 days ago

    Number 2 was scary because I think somebody was trying to kill that woman and they were after her she was trying to plead for help maybe because she's been held captive or something

  • horrid henry
    horrid henry 3 days ago

    This is Alex
    👢 Make him feel better by replying xD

  • Pentagon Clips
    Pentagon Clips 3 days ago

    Ur THE goat

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones 3 days ago

    I love you your story's are so scary

  • 0Regie
    0Regie 4 days ago

    hmmm.. 1st story is kind of retarded.

  • Xanplank Cult
    Xanplank Cult 4 days ago


  • Amy Hamshere
    Amy Hamshere 5 days ago +2

    The first one was freaky

  • ggleo
    ggleo 5 days ago

    guy: she gave me a ''why the hell did you let her in look.''
    me: huh i didn't know that looks had names

  • livy_me_loo
    livy_me_loo 5 days ago

    Lol the first one left their kid omg

  • Shaun Spooner
    Shaun Spooner 6 days ago

    Are all these videos real as well as the noises

  • VE Entertainment
    VE Entertainment 6 days ago

    Love your Stories so much I decided to have a go myself! Would love it if you could have a listen!

  • the offical olivia
    the offical olivia 6 days ago

    I live in West Virginia

  • Gamer Fusion
    Gamer Fusion 7 days ago

    I totally haven't heard the scream a 7:13 BEFORE

  • mook2824
    mook2824 7 days ago

    @Mr.nightmare wow the detail you put into the video the last story about Pennsylvania the video shows the highway in allentown. I must say that scared the shit outta me

  • Big Opachou
    Big Opachou 8 days ago

    Anyone here like ghost hunts? I know an authentic haunted site where i like if your in Pennsylvania.

  • Two Stroke
    Two Stroke 8 days ago

    If you haven't seen "those" you will not believe. Kinda skeptical.
    If you want to see them, just move your ass to some creppy places. (Like cemeteries, old buildings or old abandoned mines cave)
    You dont know where are those places? Just google it!
    Come to that place in the middle of the night if you wanna some proofs.
    Do not worry, if ghost is real then God is real too. :)

  • Olivia Krause
    Olivia Krause 8 days ago

    lol i just realized this vid was uploaded on my birthday

  • stephen S
    stephen S 9 days ago

    Story #1
    "To west Virginia.."

  • Nichol D
    Nichol D 10 days ago

    Number 1 sounds too much like an old urban legend I heard often in my childhood. The only difference is the MC was a teenage girl who didn't realize someone was crouched in the back of her car and only learned it when she got home and car following her told her, he had followed her home and flashed his lights whenever the guy got up from where he was crouched.

  • Krystie Eve
    Krystie Eve 11 days ago +1

    Mr.Nightmare can you do a scary video where Its live so we are watching altogether

  • cristian orellana
    cristian orellana 11 days ago


  • Sailor Vincent
    Sailor Vincent 11 days ago

    The first parent is stupid wtf

  • Seth Goldstein
    Seth Goldstein 11 days ago

    The first story is old as dirt lmao

  • Luna MTK1214
    Luna MTK1214 11 days ago

    1st story. What plot twist, amirite!

  • Jilovely Jikook
    Jilovely Jikook 12 days ago

    I’m literally crying just even imagining all of this

  • [燮]๖ۣۜRєνєяѕєGod[燮]

    0:19 West Virginia “silent hill”

  • riiah yazzy
    riiah yazzy 12 days ago

    As soon as he said "West Virginia "am I the only one who whispered "Mountain Mama"

  • i mastah
    i mastah 12 days ago

    do you like Wendy's?

    wendy's nuts in your mouth

  • Shannon Collins
    Shannon Collins 13 days ago

    The one rest area in WV I went to was not only sketchy, but it also had a sign that said "Do not flush paper down the commode." 😂😂

  • Obinna Wright
    Obinna Wright 15 days ago

    hold up what..dude avoided a traffic drum and spikes and still fell for the "help" trap??

  • Sophie on paper.
    Sophie on paper. 15 days ago

    Dark crystal two

  • Mervi Foster
    Mervi Foster 15 days ago

    out of the corner of my eye I spotted him
    shia labouf

  • _Western500 Uchiha_
    _Western500 Uchiha_ 16 days ago

    #3 Humans = Demons 💀☠👽👾💩

  • mishti ;
    mishti ; 16 days ago

    Lmao the first story, what if he just didn't listen to what the pick up driver had to tell. Creepy shit. We never know who to trust and who not to.

    DATTT SON 16 days ago

    Never stop for a stranger ... EVER

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue 17 days ago

    Moral of the story is NEVER HELP ANYONE

  • Olivia Asbury
    Olivia Asbury 17 days ago

    Story #1: Going to West Virginia

  • Hanging Gaming
    Hanging Gaming 18 days ago

    I’m 12 and my mom still walks into the men’s bathroom every 2 seconds to say are you ok?

  • Ron Nato
    Ron Nato 18 days ago

    I you expore western Washington during a road trip, horror stories would most likely take place in Enumclaw, Tacoma, Spanaway, Lake Kapowsin, Renton or Yelm.

  • M AlAjmi
    M AlAjmi 19 days ago


  • Lucid Dreams
    Lucid Dreams 19 days ago

    I going to mertal beach right now and a couple hours ago a guy was in front of our car at like 530 am and I woke up my dad to hurry up and drive but then he kept chasing us

  • Varians butt
    Varians butt 19 days ago

    First story is fake. It was a popular story on a tv show some years back. I remember watching it as a kid xDDD

  • Kyore
    Kyore 20 days ago


  • Stay Shiny
    Stay Shiny 20 days ago

    Who else listens to scary stories at school & night and never get scared? I’m one of those people because I don’t really get scared easily

  • GWalkerVlog
    GWalkerVlog 20 days ago

    The dad in the first story is such a bad dad I'm sure in a couple of years Tom will have his own Horror Story to share with us...

  • 252 PQ
    252 PQ 21 day ago

    After hearing these stories and looking in the comment section, I'm curious as to when these stories took place? I was a kid in the early 90's and I know my folks had let me go into rest stop bathrooms by myself plenty of times. Obviously I was lucky but damn dude!

  • Misty Games
    Misty Games 21 day ago


  • Ravyn
    Ravyn 22 days ago

    4 terrifying traffic drums

    YO INDIAN 22 days ago +1

    I will bless you in every language i can talk
    English: Awesome
    Hindi: खास है
    Marathi : खूप छान

  • XxUnBroken Xx
    XxUnBroken Xx 22 days ago

    That guy bihind the car.was a pus and ran away

  • GhastK
    GhastK 23 days ago

    6:44 ”I announced it to both my girlfriendS and the woman” lol

  • Codename Namecode
    Codename Namecode 24 days ago

    As if the guy didn't or wouldn't check his rearview mirror to see his kid. Uh huh

  • Shayla Thompson
    Shayla Thompson 24 days ago

    He was doing that because someone was in the back of your c

  • LePhantomChick N
    LePhantomChick N 24 days ago

    *Country roads, Take me home!*

  • soriya duran
    soriya duran 25 days ago

    This is so creepy

  • Jhossboss 623
    Jhossboss 623 25 days ago

    Is it just me or does the violin music in these videos make anyone else’s skin crawl

  • Theo Magalhaes Bubolz
    Theo Magalhaes Bubolz 25 days ago

    i am watching this at a road side hotel.

    pray for me.

  • mirmooo
    mirmooo 26 days ago

    right as i was watching this some dude came out of my neighbors house (who isnt a guy) and he was wearing a black hoodie w/ the hood up and black sunglasses and he went to go throw away something and he kept moving his hand back n forth as if it stank. it’s daylight out too so i’m sure its nothing but it was weird overall. o_o

  • suddenrocket 795
    suddenrocket 795 27 days ago

    Bruhh (story 1) u said u looked at the rear mirror u defenitely saw him wtf

  • Martin Pizano
    Martin Pizano 28 days ago

    Who would put traffic cones in front of a spike trap? It’s so ass backwards...

  • Lindsay James
    Lindsay James 28 days ago

    Unstable woman ..aren't all women unstable

  • Hoxton 786
    Hoxton 786 28 days ago

    Im on a roadtrip right now..

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago

    Story 2 tho I would’ve hit reverse after i threw her old ass out 😂

  • Avery Woodruff
    Avery Woodruff Month ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Avery Woodruff
    Avery Woodruff Month ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Grant 0
    Grant 0 Month ago

    help me plz

  • Ethan Buhrman
    Ethan Buhrman Month ago +1

    this is a

  • Tash Ann
    Tash Ann Month ago

    Haven’t u already uploaded this before?

  • Anani Howard
    Anani Howard Month ago


  • Far_er
    Far_er Month ago

    13,000 comment

  • Aloysius Pendergast

    #3 pretty creepy

  • typicalecho !
    typicalecho ! Month ago

    Me: *hears West Virginia*
    Also me: _country roOads, take me hoOome_

  • Richyy!꼬링크
    Richyy!꼬링크 Month ago

    Girlfriend used SLASH

  • osman k
    osman k Month ago

    It vol by beter ef vos a picture but its god

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    I got a Donald trump ad

  • ray dutra
    ray dutra Month ago

    Those were some seriously good story’s

  • SCrawford
    SCrawford Month ago

    Every story somehow the person always escapes into the woods without getting spotted

  • LEGO Web Films
    LEGO Web Films Month ago

    I feel like story 1 should’ve been told at the end, fuck that gave me the chills. The last one was kinda weak

  • XxXcriminalXxX
    XxXcriminalXxX Month ago

    1 like = 1 blessing to the pickup driver

    • julie Wallis
      julie Wallis Month ago

      mystic beast what rot. 1like = you thinking you wrote something noteworthy.

  • Disntinct Ninja
    Disntinct Ninja Month ago

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    He has no money 1 like= $2

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    Yee Yin Teoh Month ago

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  • Fakeith Dateith
    Fakeith Dateith Month ago

    Nigga this shit straight boolin

  • Antwaun Booker
    Antwaun Booker Month ago

    Story 1- how tf you don’t see anybody in your backseat the whole time

  • MrCNRail
    MrCNRail Month ago

    One of my uncles was driving from Ottawa to Toronto. Instead of using the freeway, he decided to use country roads. Somewhere near the town of Smiths Falls, he saw a man in military uniform walking alongside the road. He passed the man and stopped further down thinking he’d give the guy a ride to the next town. But instead of continuing to walk, the man just stopped and was starring at the the car. My uncle watched him for a minute from the rear-view mirror before deciding to just drive away. He reached Toronto and didn’t think much of it after that. A few days later, he saw on the news that the police were looking for a man near Smiths Falls who was dressed in a military uniform. He had been hitch hiking and someone had picked him up. The man hijacked the car, killed the driver, and crashed it in the woods somewhere....

  • Erica Gingras
    Erica Gingras Month ago +1

    This is
    A little girl named daisy
    She is so scared she won’t go to sleep and she is very sick
    1like = 1 chance of her getting better

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett Month ago

    The music gets scary and makes the story more creepy 2:53

  • Diya Banibaker
    Diya Banibaker Month ago

    they were going to rob you at story 3. its a Classic trick

  • Drewmommy Urquizu
    Drewmommy Urquizu Month ago +4

    When he said west Virginia I instantly thought of fallout 76

    • Mic 86
      Mic 86 Month ago

      Drewmommy Urquizu that games a real scary story 😂

  • iLagAlot jr
    iLagAlot jr Month ago

    Damn, If I was 9 years old I wouldn't even be brave enough to go into a rest stop bathroom alone..

  • Lucid Aloha
    Lucid Aloha Month ago

    Watching this on a road trip 😛

  • Aiden2380 the gamer
    Aiden2380 the gamer Month ago +2


  • Master Vg
    Master Vg Month ago

    I honestly don't think these are true, but they sound so true.

  • Muffins are good bulling is bad

    Bahahahahahahahababahahahahahabahaha hahaha hahaha I'm sOooOoOo00oooOO0Oo smart bc I watched this at 2:00 am YAYYYY I'M FUCKING SHAKING!

  • sammy luvi
    sammy luvi Month ago +4

    On the road again, leaving my son behind, replacing him with a seriel killer... Good old times!

  • The Electric Cheese Productions

    Mr. Nightmare
    Odds are you won’t respond but
    How do you know the legitimacy of these stories tho