Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • We Bought an $1,800 MYSTERY Crate of Amazon.com Returns! ➡ usclip.net/video/9E72onnPUt0/video.html
    10 of the World’s Craziest Tents You Can Actually Buy! ➡ usclip.net/video/1hXgq-fBFy0/video.html
    Amazon is a wonderful site that offers so many DOPE products (and it's actually where we buy a lot of the products for our videos), and we could spend days looking at all the cool things we could buy on there (...and we actually do 😂). But we also know that while there's tons of awesome products on there, there are just as many horrible ones - products that were so badly reviewed by people who purchased them, that those products should never see the light of day... or should they??
    Today we're unboxing and reviewing some of the WORST reviewed products on Amazon, in order to find out if they truly deserve all the negative reviews they got. Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing some of the worst that Amazon has to offer!
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  • Gaming with Bread
    Gaming with Bread 2 hours ago

    The aliens scared me 😐

  • Brendon Chan
    Brendon Chan 3 hours ago

    I’m tired right now

  • Liremuse
    Liremuse 3 hours ago

    The stuffed animal segment: Tribbles are from Star Trek. They were first introduced in “Trouble with Tribbles”. It’s not Star Wars.

  • Graciecorn
    Graciecorn 5 hours ago

    Is it just me who falls asleep while watching this show?

  • xavier `
    xavier ` 6 hours ago

    anyone else think tanner looks like pat with the fake teeth

  • Awsjosmar Aguilar
    Awsjosmar Aguilar 7 hours ago

    Is tanner gay ?!?

  • Sophie Bacon
    Sophie Bacon 8 hours ago

    For the "slime" product it isn't slime it is oobleck

  • Jacob Peddie - Sunny View MS (1439)


    • Jesse Tyler
      Jesse Tyler 8 hours ago

      Jacob Peddie - Sunny View MS (1439) hi

  • HizPhizzy
    HizPhizzy 8 hours ago

    in 11:23 that scared me XD

  • Nova BloodRaven
    Nova BloodRaven 9 hours ago

    Anyone else jump when the fake aleins popped up? I jumped and screamed like a little girl my chest hurt so bad after words

  • Gala-Z Wolf
    Gala-Z Wolf 9 hours ago

    Matt when u use slime ur suppose to wash ur hands before...

  • Kayleah Dosch
    Kayleah Dosch 9 hours ago

    When Matt put on the green wig I lost it😂

  • ImagineWolf Army
    ImagineWolf Army 11 hours ago

    That alien part actually made me jump holy cow

  • Sabrina Choiniere
    Sabrina Choiniere 11 hours ago +1

    The giant cockroach was used in team edge on the video what's in the box Challenge! And it was amazon products... They also scared Bryan dy moving it aroind the box every time his hand got close to it. J-fred noticed the remote control in Bobby's hand and Bryan didn't 🤣

  • -yEeTmeBItCh -
    -yEeTmeBItCh - 11 hours ago

    Will Compton the NFL player😂

  • Emir Vlog
    Emir Vlog 11 hours ago

    15:26 true😂😂

  • Emir Vlog
    Emir Vlog 11 hours ago

    5:29 it is not slime it is oobleck

  • Mattea Ciramella
    Mattea Ciramella 11 hours ago

    Umm is it just me or is there not even a join button

  • Thomas Britton
    Thomas Britton 12 hours ago


  • Can we get to 1k subs and no vids? Derpy

    Does tanner still have the fake teeth in

  • Rebekah Reed
    Rebekah Reed 13 hours ago

    My body brownies

  • Mindlord
    Mindlord 14 hours ago

    I actually jumped at the alien part lol.

  • Navi Rose
    Navi Rose 14 hours ago

    That play slime just made obleck? I saw it in my store once but didn't get it

  • Super Physco kids
    Super Physco kids 14 hours ago

    That's not slime!!!!! It's OOBLECK!!!

  • Shadey Knife
    Shadey Knife 14 hours ago

    Matt: "A like to live is where we ask you guys to like this video a hundred thousand times"
    Me: *misunderstands completely*
    Me: "Alrighty lemme just make 100 thousand bots and like the video . . ."

  • Lexie K.H
    Lexie K.H 14 hours ago


  • penitent tangent 05-DH
    penitent tangent 05-DH 14 hours ago

    Tanner gets the miley cyrus grill when he puts those teeth in

  • Fiona B
    Fiona B 14 hours ago

    Have they ever actually got one in the bin?

  • Tayvie and Coca
    Tayvie and Coca 14 hours ago +1

    7:16 dan tdm and jack septic eye

  • BabyMahdy
    BabyMahdy 15 hours ago

    I got so scared when jumpscare happened

  • TheLazy _PotatoChipBag
    TheLazy _PotatoChipBag 16 hours ago


  • Raina Vexler
    Raina Vexler 17 hours ago

    so they do know about the kpop stans (like myself) that lose it when they say bts

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 18 hours ago

    12:36 into this video and I'm just now noticing Tanner's hair color

  • Antonia hajto kuntner
    Antonia hajto kuntner 18 hours ago

    yess im tired it is 22 44

  • Explore n’ Gam E
    Explore n’ Gam E 18 hours ago


  • Mathias McYeet
    Mathias McYeet 19 hours ago


  • Gabrielle Griffin
    Gabrielle Griffin 21 hour ago

    Am I the only one that got sad when they said tanner looks like Mac miller

  • CheeseNinjaGaming
    CheeseNinjaGaming 23 hours ago

    God D** it guys

  • Creations Maxo
    Creations Maxo Day ago

    Worst rate products. First product is at 2.5 stars.
    Are we talking about the same Amazon website? I mean, I could push out hundred of products that are at 1/5 stars right away on Amazon. They could film a whole 24 hours long episode with just that.

  • Araceli Arias
    Araceli Arias Day ago

    21:50- 21:27 when Tanner said BTS i was like why do it for the grass and then a J-Hope gif came out that had me dying sksksksk I Stan XD.
    BTS ARMY where you at!!!

  • The Mysterious Squishy

    **me sitting here with my pet snake**

  • Mayank Raj
    Mayank Raj Day ago

    The guy in thumbnail looks like Jacob Seed...

  • RaxoĐ Dico
    RaxoĐ Dico Day ago

    Matthias 's toy dosen't have head

  • Spunky TJ Gaming

    When you showed the teeth product a ad had teeth

  • Lucy
    Lucy Day ago +1

    22:30 where is the head of the dolll!!!!😂😱

  • Scarlett Hope
    Scarlett Hope Day ago

    7:04 nearly killed me.

  • Konstantin Micevski

    In this video Michael sounds like kendrick lamar

  • Arjan Latifi
    Arjan Latifi Day ago

    look at connors face at 21.47

  • MoonDrawsCats
    MoonDrawsCats Day ago

    13:44 tanner's new child

  • Erik V.
    Erik V. Day ago

    When your boss asks you to come in early....Put at .25 Speed, 19:08

  • Ethan Vargas
    Ethan Vargas Day ago

    omg the alien part scared me lol

  • arleneazurin
    arleneazurin Day ago

    water and cornstarch makes oblek

  • Delagator Sol
    Delagator Sol Day ago

    Tanner looked like he was from inspector gadget movie with those teeth

  • Starblaster 3.0
    Starblaster 3.0 Day ago +1

    You scared me when you put the lite on of the ufo thing nope and scary

  • 4NDR3W'5 CH4NN3L

    11:24 wait for it.

  • Green Flash
    Green Flash Day ago


  • The everything Channel


    *thats what she said*


    *also that’s what she said*

  • hanna winchester

    tanner kinda looks like faze rain with those teeth in...

  • Kylee Watts
    Kylee Watts Day ago

    19:06 lmao this rat trap part had me crying 😂😭 I love your guys videos soo much❤️

  • Lokirox1234 SK
    Lokirox1234 SK Day ago

    Tanner is always smiling now hehehe; i guess he looks like Simon from "eat your sushi" channel :O

  • Dino Dynasty
    Dino Dynasty Day ago

    The one at 5:30 isn’t slime its oobleck and at 11:21 scared the flip out of me

  • Addy Vilardi
    Addy Vilardi Day ago


  • Brittany Newsome

    Why's one of the customized action figures missing its head??

  • Not so Perfecto
    Not so Perfecto Day ago

    Also me: *Looks at comments*
    Everyone: blah blah blah *BTS*
    Me: Man everyone's spelling BLT wrong like eww. Have they even eaten a BLT before. *Pshh*

  • XiroMassave Gaming

    I want to see more live videos

  • Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva Day ago

    Mexicans have some solid hairlines.

  • Adorable Axolotl
    Adorable Axolotl Day ago +1

    Tanner: We have a behind-the-scenes BTS---
    Me: NANIIII??? Did I hear someone say something about my Bangtan Oppas??
    Tanner: Not the Korean Kpop band---
    Me: awwwwwwwww... * sad face *

  • David Keleher
    David Keleher Day ago

    Was Tanner drinking the slime??

  • MooMoo_luv 77
    MooMoo_luv 77 Day ago

    Tanner with fake teeth = Mac Miller lol XD

  • Laukas Kiemas
    Laukas Kiemas Day ago

    Napoleon dynamite is that you??

  • The Beatles Church

    What’s up mother-shuckers

  • Alec S.
    Alec S. Day ago

    I cant be the only one that jumped during the UFO product

  • Madison Braswell

    So the 2nd product is oblec

  • Kaden Campbell
    Kaden Campbell Day ago

    Hotdogs that's upsetting

  • Heavy Dope
    Heavy Dope Day ago

    Mathias You are the most boring people in the dope or nope video, the things You are saing are not working, and the physics and maths don't work for Your hand. So first learn something, then talk about it... -.-

  • Dead Knights
    Dead Knights Day ago

    7:05 Matt im triggered

  • ICY NINJA737
    ICY NINJA737 Day ago

    11:27 not going to lie it made me jump XD

  • kingeltricsaphire gaming

    The monster slime product is just a superintendent called obleck it’s hard when u punch it but soft win u lightly press on it

  • John Jones
    John Jones Day ago +1

    Penny matts alter ego 😂

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Day ago

    Tanner looks like Patrick with the fake teeth

  • Redux Kai
    Redux Kai Day ago

    Who else remembers this channel being just Matthias and Brian reviewing items?

  • Lorin S
    Lorin S Day ago

    It looked like someone had diarrhea after eating spinach and limes

  • Owo Owen
    Owo Owen Day ago

    I hated the jump-scare

  • Lorin S
    Lorin S Day ago

    When you watch this with headphones and you laugh so hard you parents call an ambulance

  • em bear
    em bear Day ago

    19:04 wheeze

  • G. Pritish
    G. Pritish Day ago

    I think the grass didn't work

  • Endergirl gameing319

    wow wow wow how low can u go? like srrly HOW low like its nice to wach u make a fool of these prducts

  • YTRBL Kamila
    YTRBL Kamila Day ago


  • Cueva TwoThreeNine
    Cueva TwoThreeNine Day ago +2

    When tanner put the teeth on he looked like the guy from the here's Jonny meme

  • NinjaMations
    NinjaMations 2 days ago

    19:42 the Matthias toy in the background is dabbing XD

  • Jessica caudill
    Jessica caudill 2 days ago

    This is the best episode ever.

  • Gracie Sibley
    Gracie Sibley 2 days ago


  • Sachro
    Sachro 2 days ago

    22:58 they have that in my school

  • Bobby Sevn
    Bobby Sevn 2 days ago

    Tanner has no begun the 2014 USclip trend! Dying his hair

  • Hailey Tammaro
    Hailey Tammaro 2 days ago +1

    Can I plz get a shout out
    Luv you all I have been watching since Matt was on team edge and then got his own channel, and Micheals hair looks way better with the blue!👍🏻😇🥳

  • Riadrian Caster
    Riadrian Caster 2 days ago

    With those teeth, Tanner def looks like Mac Miller(rip).

  • Holly Law
    Holly Law 2 days ago

    Dude wtfffff don't do that again my soul literally just left my body after u did that alien thing with the window just oml 😂😂