Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • We Bought an $1,800 MYSTERY Crate of Amazon.com Returns! ➡ usclip.net/video/9E72onnPUt0/video.html
    10 of the World’s Craziest Tents You Can Actually Buy! ➡ usclip.net/video/1hXgq-fBFy0/video.html
    Amazon is a wonderful site that offers so many DOPE products (and it's actually where we buy a lot of the products for our videos), and we could spend days looking at all the cool things we could buy on there (...and we actually do 😂). But we also know that while there's tons of awesome products on there, there are just as many horrible ones - products that were so badly reviewed by people who purchased them, that those products should never see the light of day... or should they??
    Today we're unboxing and reviewing some of the WORST reviewed products on Amazon, in order to find out if they truly deserve all the negative reviews they got. Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing some of the worst that Amazon has to offer!
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  • mark gardner
    mark gardner 14 hours ago

    was that a stick on beard as well

  • Kadeshy
    Kadeshy 18 hours ago

    I took that a way I sHoUld nOt hAVe

  • Oliver Greenwood
    Oliver Greenwood 21 hour ago

    mac myer

  • Oliver Greenwood
    Oliver Greenwood 22 hours ago


  • ChessasWorld
    ChessasWorld Day ago

    I can always use a good nap. I love naps....

  • LordFloor
    LordFloor Day ago

    Damn was hoping I'd become the 7millionth sub! Almost.. 6.99m and counting, gl guys

  • Israel Rodriguez

    Dope channel

  • Violet games
    Violet games Day ago

    The jello play slime stuff was just oobleck which is a mixture of cornstarch and water, so basically you could’ve just used your own cornstarch instead of buying that stuff.

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller 2 days ago +1

    Anyone here since his channels name was Mathias

  • MCJ
    MCJ 2 days ago

    That phrase is from Kansas's Dream On

  • Katie Malfoy
    Katie Malfoy 3 days ago

    The edible slime is oblek

  • Ruby Xx
    Ruby Xx 3 days ago

    11:27 scared the living out of me, ahhhhh I jumped so bad!!!!!

  • Ja'Kerion Merritt
    Ja'Kerion Merritt 3 days ago

    15:58 spaghetti tacos?!?!

  • David Szabo
    David Szabo 3 days ago

    ok is it just me or is the ad purge getting worse?

  • j0monty Gaming
    j0monty Gaming 3 days ago

    tanner looks like plastic 15:20

  • Muhammad Irwan
    Muhammad Irwan 4 days ago

    I literally got jumpscared over bob ross,a hotdog and a photoshopped cartoon alien and when looked out his window
    I’m ashamed of myself

  • Razotricks
    Razotricks 4 days ago

    13:13 That looks like a Poro from League of Legends to me

  • Brody33 Wiederholt
    Brody33 Wiederholt 4 days ago


  • Skyzer's Arena
    Skyzer's Arena 7 days ago

    When Michael said "You look like your name is Penny," it sounds like a roast. Ngl

  • Rebekah LPS
    Rebekah LPS 7 days ago

    I like how the “slime” is literally just green cornstarch mixed with water which is called oobleck.

  • Smoke Report UK / US

    New subie u guys are awesome

  • RayDoesYT
    RayDoesYT 7 days ago

    Bruh the jumpscare got me so bad jumped off my bed

  • Acnologia DragonKing

    That "monster slime" isn't slime it's oobleck

  • Maria .m
    Maria .m 8 days ago

    Did they just say BTS ...*intense fanchanting*

  • Ch3rryfizzer TV
    Ch3rryfizzer TV 8 days ago

    SHANE!! Sorry, anyone mentions shane and i go CRAZYYYY!

  • Arashk Mahshidfar
    Arashk Mahshidfar 9 days ago

    That math thing is called an abacus tanner

  • Inner Vigilance
    Inner Vigilance 9 days ago

    You should have saved the board.

  • FortuneCookie
    FortuneCookie 10 days ago

    I mean the teeth weren't that bad. Might consider to consider buying

  • Joey s GH
    Joey s GH 10 days ago

    Looks out window

  • J Ryder
    J Ryder 10 days ago


  • Francisco Barreto
    Francisco Barreto 11 days ago

    Tanner look like Patrick with teeth

  • kim ji-yoong 589
    kim ji-yoong 589 11 days ago

    Micheal I'm Mexican/American and I do it to I add banana in my frosted flakes it's like my dessert and I always heat it up I can relate to you

  • TheBil
    TheBil 12 days ago

    Where is join button

  • Sam Foden
    Sam Foden 12 days ago

    Always wholesome viewing ✌️ Pleasure to watch

  • T4zZ3r
    T4zZ3r 12 days ago

    I mean, I personally think Tanner doesn't look bad with that dyed hair.

  • Lars vonrinpoche
    Lars vonrinpoche 13 days ago

    That set is horrendous. Ugly. Not ' cool-ugly'...but really..old school terrible. MTV wasn't even that bad in 1990. Jesus.

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 14 days ago

    Have you ever used a slime in the past?
    -Maybe in the future?

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend 14 days ago

    You're supposed to comb it through stupids. 😂

  • XDcutebaby_pandas
    XDcutebaby_pandas 15 days ago

    im an army

  • XDcutebaby_pandas
    XDcutebaby_pandas 15 days ago

    i want tanner to dye is hair blue

  • Deborah Blessing
    Deborah Blessing 15 days ago

    Well did we learn our lesson

  • artemis beans
    artemis beans 15 days ago

    He looks like stainer

  • Annalise Bluhm
    Annalise Bluhm 15 days ago +1

    Yass! BTS! Army! 💜 Lol J-Hope's face

  • Ana Landa
    Ana Landa 15 days ago +1

    How do I join?

  • KSLH_ Gaming
    KSLH_ Gaming 16 days ago

    Why the jumpscare 😖😩😭

  • Philip Webb
    Philip Webb 16 days ago

    These guys are stupider than the products they're reviewing.

  • Anthony Labine
    Anthony Labine 16 days ago

    He does look like mac miller!

  • the best Alan
    the best Alan 17 days ago

    I can’t join I’m on tablet

  • Wulfgarjames/ Loki of asgard

    I hate to say this that irish accent is very offensive

  • FlareTheReaper 67
    FlareTheReaper 67 17 days ago

    19:10 Michael: I almost lost my life.

  • Kalde Kiks
    Kalde Kiks 17 days ago

    The hair wax had 3 starts tho

  • SpaceCat Tutorials
    SpaceCat Tutorials 17 days ago

    The sudden sound with ufo detector scared me

  • Barimus Bari
    Barimus Bari 18 days ago


  • Bee Mikal
    Bee Mikal 18 days ago

    Don’t take this offensively but I always watch these videos to fall asleep lol 😂😂😂

  • Kiki.Does_editz
    Kiki.Does_editz 18 days ago +1

    Who else can’t find the join button-

  • Jamsyam o_o
    Jamsyam o_o 19 days ago

    He looks like quagmire from family guy

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose 19 days ago +1

    11:26 jumpscare warning

  • ScarFace
    ScarFace 19 days ago +1

    Em that was not a slime, it was a Non-Newtonian liquid ^^ When you dont touch it its liquid, but if you will try to smash a ball of this it will crush like a glass :)

  • Connor Darrow
    Connor Darrow 19 days ago +1

    tanners blue wig doe yia boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia