Irish People Try Spicy American Salsa

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Irish people feel the heat from American Salsa! MERCH MADNESS:
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    We got sent some of Mrs. Renfro's gourmet American salsas, ranging from mild to scary hot so we decided to unleash the heat on our TRYers and see what they thought of these spicy American salsas!
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Comments • 2 667

  • spud spud
    spud spud 22 hours ago

    I think we want to see both ur tits now Shannon you naughty girl 🤑🤑😜😜😘😘🙃🙃👅👅💖💖👍👍👌👌🖒🖒

  • Bob Furman
    Bob Furman Day ago this an advert for mrs. renfroes////////

  • Angie
    Angie Day ago

    Mrs. Renfro's is the equivalent of Pace. It's not real salsa.

  • Mary Guilfoyle
    Mary Guilfoyle 2 days ago

    That's got to be some really shitty salsa! I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I'd love to send you all some authentic salsa. We're the chili capital of the world!!! Really, we are! I wish you'd contact me so you could get to taste REAL salsa!

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 2 days ago

    All you dipped. Barely scooped any on the chip.

  • Rebecca R
    Rebecca R 2 days ago

    One brand does not make for a good test group, I've never even heard this one 🤷‍♀️ if you want to get an idea of American taste in salsa, taste test the most liked salsa by region (south, southwest, mid west, northeast, etc..)

  • Paul B
    Paul B 3 days ago

    Everyone complaining that Renfro's is crap: send 'em the good stuff, then! M A K E T H E M S U F F E R

  • Crystal Waid
    Crystal Waid 3 days ago

    Omg, come to Texas where we really know how to make a good salsa. This crap is NOT salsa!

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 4 days ago

    Mrs. Renfro came back with Ghost pepper salsa and smacked Brian in the ass for his bashing her salsas 😂

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 4 days ago

    My boyfriend eats that ghost pepper salsa like a regular mild salsa 😩

  • Jonny5
    Jonny5 5 days ago +1

    Ya’ll need to try GOOD salsa....We need to bring ya’ll down to Texas

  • Joi Bradley
    Joi Bradley 6 days ago

    It's chutney! In British type places. Here it's salsa babe.

  • Jim M
    Jim M 6 days ago

    I subscribed. Show me your tit!!!

  • Scott Brinson
    Scott Brinson 6 days ago

    3 really good pairings👍🏻🤣

  • Eliel Rios
    Eliel Rios 7 days ago

    Spicy?American? Those words can be put together?

  • Dipto Sen
    Dipto Sen 8 days ago +1

    You guys are treated with scam stuff... U have to try the real stuffs

  • Octo Dude
    Octo Dude 11 days ago

    We need to fly you fine folk over here to the States for a bit of a tour, so you can try the *real* versions of some of these things you're trying, and not these sad ambassadors... Who's with me?

  • pantera tanker
    pantera tanker 12 days ago

    Coffee creamer

  • chivalryalive
    chivalryalive 13 days ago

    (I have heard that) The only thing to drink with salsa, or spicy foods - in order to cool off your mouth - is milk. You should take away that glass of water from that one young woman if you ever gave them some truly spicy salsa. :-)

  • Boxer Blake
    Boxer Blake 13 days ago

    The one that looks like a ghost is asking about ghost pepper?

  • Billy K Harmony
    Billy K Harmony 13 days ago

    No Lolsy, no watch.

  • ragtop63
    ragtop63 13 days ago

    Tomatoes are fruit. Is that considered chutney?

  • Frank Faz
    Frank Faz 14 days ago

    I ain’t never heard of Mrs Renfros and I’m from Texas. Must be from New York City. If you want good salsa find you and old Mexican grandma and pay her to make some for you. My mom and grandma make some bomb ass salsas and I eat it on pretty much everything. Saludos from Texas. ✌🏽✌🏽

  • Doodle Bird
    Doodle Bird 15 days ago

    This bitch tricked me. I subscribed and didn't see no tit. #WurrDaTittiezIs

  • Martin Martinez
    Martin Martinez 16 days ago

    Do all Irish folks look like beautiful funny vampires?

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 17 days ago

    What they can't afford bowls ?

  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose Gonzales 17 days ago

    Yooooooo I have something for you to try I'm so serious hmu I promise it will make your day

  • Quincy B.
    Quincy B. 17 days ago

    3:59... and 4:44... his laugh is ADORABLE!! :D #hereforit

  • snpresnell
    snpresnell 17 days ago

    Omg, stop putting her in videos. You know who.

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson 18 days ago

    I saw Venom in the theatre and totally loved it 🥰🍾🥂

  • Jack Benimble
    Jack Benimble 18 days ago

    That tomatoe paste doesn't qualify as salsa. Wtf.

  • Shanon Edwards
    Shanon Edwards 18 days ago

    For the guy who said you don't put fruit in a salsa know this tomatoes are a fruit and in every salsa

    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones 18 days ago

      Tomatoes are a fruit, a berry, *and* a vegetable.

  • Megara Valkyrie
    Megara Valkyrie 18 days ago

    No. I dont fucking want Vanessa here.

  • Efrain Garza
    Efrain Garza 18 days ago

    I don't know anyone who eats "renfro" salsa... I'm from Texas, we fucking do salsa!

  • Runs4Drinks
    Runs4Drinks 18 days ago

    You need to try the Chipotle Lime Salsa from Aldi. Not alot of heat, but addictively snacky. You'll plow through a jar in a sitting.

  • Sixty Coats
    Sixty Coats 19 days ago

    I would take great pleasure in doing some very naughty things to Justine in bed.

  • Joe Gibson
    Joe Gibson 19 days ago +1

    Mrs. Renfro is a salsa mass-produced to be sold in places like Wal-Mart. On a scale of 1 to 10, Mrs. Renfro's Salsa doesn't make the list.

  • SCiE Fie
    SCiE Fie 19 days ago +3

    Mrs. Renfro's habenero pineapple salsa is SOOOOOO GUD.!

  • MySisterIsAFoodie
    MySisterIsAFoodie 21 day ago +1

    Hidden sponsored video. Who the hell goes to the store and buys Mrs Renfros. I’ll tell you who. No one.

  • Tech 17
    Tech 17 21 day ago +1

    PACE HOT. zombi apocalypse 🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️☃️

  • shannon parker
    shannon parker 21 day ago

    Oh ho! Shit...mother f*@#+&’...i think i luv shannon 🤣

  • Kenneth Dixon III
    Kenneth Dixon III 22 days ago

    Y’all should use Pain is Good Brand salsa. Good shizz! And spicy AF.

  • Bud Simpson
    Bud Simpson 22 days ago

    You want really good salsa? Make it, it's not that hard and it's a lot more delicious. Here's a good recipe:
    6 Chopped tomatoes
    4 cloves of minced garlic
    2 chopped jalapeños (if you like it hotter add more, if you like it less hot only use one)
    1 chopped green bell pepper (optional)
    1/2 chopped yellow onion ( or use white or red, your choice)
    2 chopped ancho chiles ( you could use Anaheim, Pasilla or whichever flavor Chile you like)
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 juiced lime (if you like lime make it two)
    Chile powder to taste
    Cilantro or parsley to taste
    It's best to let it refrigerate overnight, the flavors mingle and it's fabulous.

  • p0pp4
    p0pp4 22 days ago +1

    I find it intriguing that every one of them was "Meh! This is all weak shit!" Until the ghost pepper rolled out and then they were all "AHHH! No! It's TOO spicy!"

  • dan scolaro
    dan scolaro 22 days ago

    What you couldn't afford some paper bowls?

  • Marc G
    Marc G 23 days ago

    Wth kinda salsa are you sending those people send them salsa that will make them s#!+ themselves. Mrs Renfro's c'mon.😒

    SHOWTIME ULTRA 23 days ago

    wow cool video , niceeeee

  • Ed Rock
    Ed Rock 23 days ago

    Alternative title: Irish people taste salsa from Walmart

  • Cy *
    Cy * 23 days ago

    COLAB with Hot Ones!

  • MrMetuber1
    MrMetuber1 23 days ago

    The old lady was sick of taking your shit and decided to kick some ass.

  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo 24 days ago

    I’ve eaten Salsa all my life. I have never seen that shiite brand....
    Could show you guys some waaaay better brands and types.

  • Tallen Capt
    Tallen Capt 25 days ago

    Just watched a shity commercial about shity salsa.

  • Erik Stronghold
    Erik Stronghold 25 days ago

    What the fuck!

  • Master Shrimp
    Master Shrimp 26 days ago

    One TINY scoop of the last Salsa lol

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 26 days ago

    Who's Mrs. Renfro?

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 26 days ago

    Most of these taste way better if you warm them up in the microwave.

  • spawn0141
    spawn0141 26 days ago

    Death by salsa

  • Dave Hamilton
    Dave Hamilton 27 days ago

    One tit now, one tit later... I’m titillated!!! 😁

  • Jason Weems
    Jason Weems 27 days ago

    Justine Stafford marry me

  • Ron Skelton
    Ron Skelton 27 days ago

    I subscribed.... still no tit...WTH?

  • Paul Quinn
    Paul Quinn 27 days ago

    Quit buying stuff off the east coast. Those people wouldn't know hot if it bit 'em on the arse!

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 27 days ago

    You want some good salsa? Casa Sanchez salsa Roja.

  • Galan Voorhis
    Galan Voorhis 28 days ago

    If I could be with two women at once it would be Shannon and justine easy. But I love yours shows. Forgive me.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 28 days ago

    Hold on i was promised a tit. Smh not a gain dam 🥺😒

  • BlzShop
    BlzShop 28 days ago

    505 salsa's

  • Charles Alan
    Charles Alan 28 days ago

    I just liked, (Already subscribed) ..... and not even a nipple!

  • Neal B
    Neal B 28 days ago

    Peach salsa ain't salsa. It's jam with some other bits thrown in.

  • America it’s getting great America

    Thats not salsa man, you guys are trying crap

  • James Moran
    James Moran 29 days ago

    I’m falling in Love with Justine

  • Alex Turner
    Alex Turner 29 days ago

    The ghost pepper one is good with two bags of chips and a case of beer !!

  • The Laughing Seagull
    The Laughing Seagull Month ago +1

    Wish I could watch....but that Vanessa chick has said some pretty gross stuff on twitter and USclip.....makes it hard to be ready to laugh seeing her

  • CampSauceJr
    CampSauceJr Month ago +1

    You have to try freshly made salsa, not that yuppie Trader Joe’s trash! Super Mex restaurants in Los Angeles/South Bay Area make a great one.

  • Johann W. Coltrane
    Johann W. Coltrane Month ago +2

    Would it kill ya to give them a bowl to pour the salsa into? Grief . . . .

  • Craig Savarese
    Craig Savarese Month ago

    Come on, never seen this stuff on the shelves! Did Renfro’s sponsor this episode.The most common brand has to be Pace picante sauce. Not gourmet, but that is what you find at parties, cookouts, and get togethers. And it is made in Texas!

    • bucknaked31
      bucknaked31 27 days ago

      Craig Savarese It's available all across the country, I've been eating it for years...

  • RestnPepperonis
    RestnPepperonis Month ago

    where the f u guys get that salsa im american and i aint never heard of this bs and i eat salsa every week. this vid is bs because its supposed to be american salsa but the salsa your using is a salsa no one knows im sure if i looked up there sells they would probably be going bankrupt

  • Justin Fox
    Justin Fox Month ago

    The ghost pepper and habanero is actually pretty good for store bought salsa.

  • sean nallen
    sean nallen Month ago +2

    Tomato is a fruit. Chutney argument over!!

  • GettoBigBrid
    GettoBigBrid Month ago +1

    HELLO shake the jars first then put it in a bowl WTF

  • Kenneth Cadwell
    Kenneth Cadwell Month ago

    There are others they should have used besides the first two.
    As this brand has a Mango Habanero flavor that I like a lot...

  • Bakugo Ktski
    Bakugo Ktski Month ago +1

    It’s funny how the ghost lady is afraid of ghost peppers

  • Shannon Crotts
    Shannon Crotts Month ago

    Ghost pepper got not a thing on Carolina Repper.

  • Lucinda Lopez
    Lucinda Lopez Month ago

    I’m American n I have never heard of this salsa. I actually live in New Mexico where u find some of the hottest chile n peppers n local salsas that will will burn the rim of ur asshole off.

  • Jeffery Needham
    Jeffery Needham Month ago +1

    Did all the most beautiful women get lost in Ireland??

  • relinda terrell
    relinda terrell Month ago

    You need to try Julios salsas and dips out of Texas. That's salsa.

  • Hippiekinkster
    Hippiekinkster Month ago

    One of the best salsas I've had was at a Yucatecan restaurant in Mexico City on a new Year's Eve. It was a cooked salsa, with all roasted ingredients: habaneros, green tomatoes, ripe tomatoes, onions, garlic, culantro, a bit of cumin, salt, a touch each of lemon and vinagre, and a bit of piloncillo, all simmered together. It set you on fire right out of the gate, but as you kept eating, the burn became a background note and the roasted flavors came forward. The endorphins really kicked in, and I felt like I'd had IV Dilaudid.

  • Ant PoP
    Ant PoP Month ago

    its sold at discount stores and outlets not a "known" brand

    • bucknaked31
      bucknaked31 27 days ago

      Ant PoP Wrong... you can buy it just about anywhere. It's made right in my hometown of Fort Worth, TX.

  • Janell Evans
    Janell Evans Month ago

    The blond young lady has crossed over the capsin threshold. Welcome to spicy.

  • Josh Hall
    Josh Hall Month ago +1

    In the olden timey days, the wives used to say Mrs. "Husband's first name" Last name out of respect for their husbands. That was back in three pre-60's era's

  • Bridesbiscuit
    Bridesbiscuit Month ago

    "Mrs. Who?!" - Every American watching this video...

  • Valkyrie417
    Valkyrie417 Month ago

    The chick in that "fur" jacket needs to go outside a bit more.... She is totally washed out in the set lighting

  • duncancoe
    duncancoe Month ago

    I'm from Texas. I eat salsa during every meal. I would never.NEVER eat salsa out of the jar. Always pour into a bowl. Shame. SHAME.

  • AtomicSquirrelHunter
    AtomicSquirrelHunter Month ago +3

    Pace, Old El Paso, HEB... Anything but Mrs. Renfro's.

  • Illuminated Crosshairs

    Let’s just skip the bullshit and show us what we want to see!, the Irish girls tits! I mean come on ! That’s why we’re really here right ? Let’s all try Irish girls tits!😬😬😀

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Month ago

    The only Renfro salsa I like is the ghost pepper. i love it.

  • Crafts with Crafts
    Crafts with Crafts Month ago

    Spicy doesn't always mean HEAT...

  • Katie H
    Katie H Month ago

    Still not a fan of Vanessa makes me Not wanna watch these videos

  • Wendy Hamilton
    Wendy Hamilton Month ago

    What’s with the orange eyeshadow...

  • MsCathy42
    MsCathy42 Month ago

    Wait until you will burn.....LOL.

  • diogines villa
    diogines villa Month ago

    Why is she so pale? Sun much bro? And she double dipped...

  • Earl Powell
    Earl Powell Month ago

    Give me Herdez, every time.