Irish People Try Spicy American Salsa

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Irish people feel the heat from American Salsa! MERCH MADNESS:
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    We got sent some of Mrs. Renfro's gourmet American salsas, ranging from mild to scary hot so we decided to unleash the heat on our TRYers and see what they thought of these spicy American salsas!
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Comments • 1 996

  • Q uantum
    Q uantum Minute ago

    Only here for the tits

  • Wolf On The Loose

    Habeñero peach salsa is amazing on strawberries!!! Try it!!

  • Cosmin Trascu
    Cosmin Trascu 4 hours ago

    I’m sorry but that girl with the weird make up makes me thing on the Penguin from Batman hahaha

  • Stu Egan
    Stu Egan 4 hours ago

    Mrs Renfros is just a mass marketed brand. Pretty bland stuff to appease to the masses.
    How do I set up to send y'all some local-made Texas salsas?

  • error after dark
    error after dark 8 hours ago

    Y’all need to try Frito Pies, no experience Frito Pies. Friday night at the town stadium, cool fall night, and in the distance you can see the Ferris wheel 🎡 waiting after the game.

  • Thomas Shelton
    Thomas Shelton 9 hours ago

    My folks have always had an affinity for spicy foods, we've even grown our own jalapeños and habaneros to cook with. The thing is, and this may be completely coincidental, I got these huge scars on either side of my tongue. Now whether this is from a lifetime of eating spicy foods, or if I can eat spicy foods as easily as I do cause the scars dull the pain, I couldn't say. All I really know, and all I need to know as far as I'm concerned, is that spicy foods are God's gift to Earth.

  • Thomas Shelton
    Thomas Shelton 10 hours ago

    Carolina Reapers are the spiciest peppers known to man, and they come from the Carolinas, believe it or not. Represent!

  • Thomas Shelton
    Thomas Shelton 10 hours ago

    Aw, I was hoping y'all, being Irish and all, wouldn't have enough experience with spicy food to survive the salsa. I suppose stereotypes don't always hold up

  • .40 S&W Fan
    .40 S&W Fan 14 hours ago

    Hot Ones, The Last Dab

  • Richard A
    Richard A 16 hours ago

    I eat salsa at least once or twice a week I have never seeing that brand in any grocery store so it must be from one of those hoity-toity places but usually the best salsa is when you go to a good Mexican restaurant to eat.

  • karen keller
    karen keller 17 hours ago

    The real salsa is in California.

  • John Suraci
    John Suraci 18 hours ago


    IVI1IVI1C 18 hours ago

    Mans looks like Will Swan

  • Has A
    Has A 21 hour ago

    Vanessa is annoying...

  • jimmielee
    jimmielee 22 hours ago

    Try Mexican or Tex Mex. You'll be happier. I don't know what they have you guys.

  • Lulu DoYouBoo
    Lulu DoYouBoo 22 hours ago

    Don’t judge Americans lol 😂 I’m half American in the states and never heard of that salsa and that’s from a jar lol 😂

  • leftheart13
    leftheart13 23 hours ago

    I've lived in 12 states.. and never heard of this salsa

  • theroddy
    theroddy Day ago

    Justine 😍

  • Battalon
    Battalon Day ago

    His eye! OMFG 😮

  • crassrocker5
    crassrocker5 Day ago

    I'm Mexican American living in Los Angeles and I've never hear of that "salsa". Sound like some white people shit. Peach in salsa? Wtf pseudo "artisan" BS. You should have given them authentic Mexican made salsa, stuff you'd get at a taco truck

  • Tony Marselle
    Tony Marselle Day ago

    This is some bullshit salsa from the dollar store.

  • Eric DG
    Eric DG Day ago

    Toilet paper in the fridge? What an amazing idea!! lmao

  • Aaron Kennedy
    Aaron Kennedy Day ago

    Jesus Christ she needs to cool it on the makeup lmao

  • coyote kid
    coyote kid Day ago

    Is that the penguin????? Or is she coming from a horror movie set??

  • C. K A T A K U R I

    Hey Irish people. Fuck you.

  • TheSweetestJerk
    TheSweetestJerk Day ago

    Thank you for naming it American salsa. As it is an abomination and an insult to actual salsa.

  • dillbill2A
    dillbill2A Day ago

    I love the Ghost Pepper salsa. Eat it with the paqui ghost pepper chips if you want a really good time. Don't stop eating though, that's when it starts burning.

    • dillbill2A
      dillbill2A Day ago

      I didn't know there was a carolina reaper one. fuuuuuck.

  • Dick Rambone Jr.

    Famous Dave's Devil's Spit is a tasty spicy Bbq sauce.

  • rx7dude2006
    rx7dude2006 Day ago +1

    Cheater Vanessa is on oh boy.Devil's Toe anyone?

  • rx7dude2006
    rx7dude2006 Day ago

    Never heard of that brand and im American.

  • a person
    a person Day ago


  • r000tbeer
    r000tbeer Day ago

    "Spicy American Salsa".. first jar, mild peach. Sigh.

  • Dan Hertz
    Dan Hertz Day ago

    Refnos peach salsa is damn good, not that spicey though.

  • Michael McAllister
    Michael McAllister 2 days ago

    As an American, they can say anything offensive about us, and it's just hilarious. I love all for then. Such awesome folks.

  • Chooper
    Chooper 2 days ago

    I got drunk once and gave this Irish chick a "chili dog" (shit on their chest and tittie fuckem)... She took it surprisingly well /shrug

  • AJ Magnolia
    AJ Magnolia 2 days ago

    Sadies salsa isnt all that hot but it's fucking good!!!

  • john bickle
    john bickle 2 days ago

    went from butterflies and puppies to ghost peppers? lol. Mrs. Renfro's Peach Habanero is my fav.

  • BullHead
    BullHead 2 days ago

    You all have to shake the jar the hot is in the bottom

  • Nativ3xWarrior Leo
    Nativ3xWarrior Leo 2 days ago

    You guys didnt mix it up

  • Joey Attaway
    Joey Attaway 2 days ago

    Renfros.... welll the super hot is good.

  • gmscurto
    gmscurto 2 days ago

    You may want to give the salsa a stir after opening then transfer to a bowl.

  • The Burninator
    The Burninator 2 days ago

    I eat the habanero one all the time, it’s the best tasting...

  • bigman1182
    bigman1182 2 days ago

    Try a hot sauce called "The Source"

  • scohspot
    scohspot 2 days ago

    Why exactly was the last dab by Hot Ones NOT HERE??

  • Christopher Mosley
    Christopher Mosley 2 days ago

    I dont know Mrs Renfro

  • Geovany Torralva
    Geovany Torralva 2 days ago

    Watch Irish people do a brand advertisement without doing a brand advertisement

  • Herne Webber
    Herne Webber 2 days ago

    On, no... They need to try the lineup from Firehouse Subs. If these gobshites can eat these and not react, then they've not had real salsa.

  • Caleb
    Caleb 2 days ago

    Here. Actual good american salsa, made in Kansas. I order this from basically half way across the country because it rocks.

    I don't know who told you that salsa you tried was good american salsa, but they were lying to you

  • Everett Hawkins
    Everett Hawkins 2 days ago

    Why does Justine always look like she’s been crying?

  • Larson Racing.
    Larson Racing. 2 days ago

    The one chick looks like she just got out of the circus

  • SuperDachshund
    SuperDachshund 2 days ago

    I buy Mrs. Renfroes all the time (Colorado). Her raspberry salsa is almost as good as the peach and her regular medium and hot salsas pack a whallop! Great stuff that Mrs. Renfroes!

  • thisisntkelsey
    thisisntkelsey 2 days ago

    She made salsa sexual, because salsa IS sexual

  • qwikvr6gti
    qwikvr6gti 3 days ago

    Salsa is fucking Mexican!

  • david hanks
    david hanks 3 days ago

    That salsa is no good. It's in Texas where we so many choices. I don't know anyone who even touches that stuff

  • Rita Keating
    Rita Keating 3 days ago

    I’m from the U.S. and I’ve never heard of that brand. I also want to give you a big tip. Do NOT drink water with anything Spicy! Drink or eat dairy products.

  • Radu Linie
    Radu Linie 3 days ago

    black irish? lol. fuck you

  • REiiGN15
    REiiGN15 3 days ago

    I just, I get depressed when you guys do these things that are staples of the southwest of America. Like do you purposefully get these from New York City?

  • Kai Thongsavanh
    Kai Thongsavanh 3 days ago

    I’ve seen this brand, never bought it because there are much better ones out there.
    The girl who wanted the girth of the salsa...ummm, try shaking the jar first before opening it, duh.

  • Narrative Knight
    Narrative Knight 3 days ago

    Capsaicin is an oil. If you drink water it just spreads it around to more receptors on your tongue. You need fat to dissolve the oils which is why milk is what you should drink. Ice cream works too. :) Something to remember for next time.

  • mikin Casi
    mikin Casi 3 days ago

    ghost lady... you need some color..

  • bwright1991
    bwright1991 3 days ago

    Did the girl in the fur coat intentionally put geisha makeup on or was it an accident?

  • RealLiquidworm
    RealLiquidworm 3 days ago

    I actually eat the ghost pepper salsa all the time, it's so good with cream cheese

  • Broc Baney
    Broc Baney 3 days ago

    Lmao, try some Flashbang salsa if you're fine with heat

  • Elaine K.
    Elaine K. 3 days ago

    Irish people need to try Sriracha. Now that is a west coast staple.

  • Joshua Read
    Joshua Read 3 days ago

    Don't give them a garbage brand I an American has never even heard of.....there are sooo many more that you could have given them that are more potent. Tell grandma George to retire.

  • krakistophales
    krakistophales 3 days ago

    If I could do a try video, it would be: "American man tries Aine and Shannon". I could die happy after that.

  • Brian Richey
    Brian Richey 3 days ago

    Weak...very weak...try my salsa and flavor and pain will show you real pleasure

  • Ernie P
    Ernie P 3 days ago

    If your going to try American Salsa from a jar it's not going to be hot. Who is Mrs. Renfro?

  • ArgyleGroove
    ArgyleGroove 3 days ago

    No one eats it directly out of the jar! You gotta pour it into a bowl first!

  • Xavi Balderas
    Xavi Balderas 3 days ago

    why not Mexican salsa...

  • n o
    n o 3 days ago

    They really should have a disclaimer that Mrs. Renfro's sponsored this vid. It's commonly found at Krogers in the Mid-West.

  • clint harper
    clint harper 3 days ago

    Mrs. Renfro's is my fav. The ghost pepper salsa is the hottest one they sell around here

  • Alek jaquez
    Alek jaquez 3 days ago

    That’s not American salsa tf

  • Cinnamon Price
    Cinnamon Price 3 days ago

    You guys complain about Vanessa’s mouth being “vile” but there are people in here literally calling her a “mutt” and a string of other horrible names. She literally did nothing in this video that the others didn’t do. You guys just want a reason not to like her.

  • Xadia Laine
    Xadia Laine 4 days ago

    peach salsa is huge here in the southern states I love it

  • jimmy Ryan
    jimmy Ryan 4 days ago

    Too bright. Blown out

  • Woody Wood
    Woody Wood 4 days ago

    That salsa is absolute piss!

  • christopher king
    christopher king 4 days ago

    That girl looks like she seen a ghost. Why does she always look like a mime?

    • christopher king
      christopher king 2 days ago

      I get that, but shes wearing baby powder for makeup

    • Movie Nerd
      Movie Nerd 4 days ago +1

      They don't get much sun out there. It's cloudy all the time.

  • Głïtčhęd x 3d
    Głïtčhęd x 3d 4 days ago

    I miss Ciara 😍🥰

  • JKL
    JKL 4 days ago

    No! You have to shake the jar to mix it and then put it in a bowl to even it out.

  • Daniel Cooney
    Daniel Cooney 4 days ago +1

    Venessa changed accents a couple of times!

  • Charles Duprey
    Charles Duprey 4 days ago +1

    I would like to see you guys try my favorite hot sauce called Devil's dual

  • Kristofer Wilson
    Kristofer Wilson 4 days ago

    Y'all really need to stop getting these "american" brands that most Americans don't even know about

  • Cody
    Cody 4 days ago

    They need to try 357 hot sauce

  • Alyssa Serrato
    Alyssa Serrato 4 days ago

    American salsa?? No.
    Someone needs to make Mexican salsa and send it. Maybe it’ll be me. Maybe not. But someone

  • Katy Barnett
    Katy Barnett 4 days ago

    So why would y’all choose a salsa that isn’t popular in the USA, I love salsa and I have never heard of this brand!

  • dreddjenkins
    dreddjenkins 4 days ago

    LEts count the girls on this video that Im tryin to marry. 1 23456 so far today in try videos today Ive counted 11 of em Im tryin to marry what good would one be when you can have 26.

  • Millie Simmons
    Millie Simmons 5 days ago

    I’m from Texas...where we have real salsa. I’ve never heard of these salsa’s. Fail.

    • Carl Burgess
      Carl Burgess 3 days ago

      I looked them up Mrs Renfro's are based out of Dallas. Personally I like Pace Salsa but that is just me.

  • MegaRxgirl
    MegaRxgirl 5 days ago

    those guys are such assholes. they need to stfu,

  • Logan Waltz
    Logan Waltz 5 days ago

    They aren't choking or crying. They are also still extremely white. Not spicy.

  • Wesley Brookman
    Wesley Brookman 5 days ago

    Boy George and cute dorky chick together equals love from me

  • BamaThinBlueLine
    BamaThinBlueLine 5 days ago

    this is a commercial for an unknown

  • juston taylor
    juston taylor 5 days ago

    What's with the skimming the top? Pour some in a dish and dig in. Get the heat

  • Quarantined Cosmonaut

    You guys should try mango salsa it's delicious.

  • Lil O
    Lil O 5 days ago

    Never heard of Mrs Renfro

  • jayplays
    jayplays 5 days ago

    Who the hell is Mrs. Renfro and what makes you think anyone would buy salsa from her? From your reactions, if Trumpty Dumpty get his friggin' wall, I hope she's on the other side of it!

  • hillmanant
    hillmanant 5 days ago

    I got some home made picked veggies that would kill you folks

  • hillmanant
    hillmanant 5 days ago

    Reapers just taste better than ghost peppers

  • hillmanant
    hillmanant 5 days ago

    Put the toilet roll in the oven! LMFAO!

  • lol lol
    lol lol 5 days ago

    That pale bitch looks dead

    • lol lol
      lol lol 5 days ago

      Or the evil dude In despicable me