The EASIEST 12 Layer CHOCOLATE CAKE - Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe EASY

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • 12 Layer Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe made entirely from scratch. You'll be amazed how easy this chocolate cake is to make! And it might just be will be the best chocolate cake you'll ever have!

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    Chocolate Sponge Cake:

    - 120 gr All Purpose Flour ( 3/4 cup + 1 tbsp)
    - 30 gr Cocoa Powder ( 4 tbsp)
    - 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
    - 1/4 tsp Salt
    - 150 gr Sugar (3/4 cup)
    - 5 Egg Yolks
    - 5 Egg Whites
    - 70 gr WARM milk (10 tbsp WARM Milk)
    - 70 gr Butter (5 tbsp )

    Soft Ganache Recipe:
    - 500 gr Heavy Cream (18 ounces)
    - 375 gr Dark Chocolate 50% cocoa (13.5 ounces)
    - 2 1/2 tbsp Cocoa Powder
    - 2 1/2 tbsp Butter
    - Pinch of Salt
    I used 7 x 11 and 10 x 16 inch pans

    NOTE: The sponge itself doesn't have a deep chocolate flavor because it's MEANT to be paired with the decadent rich chocolate ganache. This cake sponge is fluffy and light because it was designed to be paired with this ganache, so don't use other fillings. However, if you're looking for a basic rich chocolate cake base, check my channel for those cakes :)
    The consistency of your ganache will vary depending on how warm/cold the climate is. If your kitchen is really warm (Example: It's summer where you live), you'll need to put it in the fridge for it to thicken. Keep an eye on it though or the ganache will set up completely. If this does happen, you can microwave it for 20 seconds until it loosens up again.
    Do not refrigerate this cake.

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  • david' moods
    david' moods 3 days ago +1

    This recipe is PERFECT

  • ibis navarro
    ibis navarro 15 days ago

    Emma’s goodies can u please add how many portions is this recipe? I’m newbie I keep making too much cake and the whole family is gaining weight lol

  • Eka Martha Amelia
    Eka Martha Amelia 15 days ago

    Can I use just milk for replace the heavy cream?.. Or whipping cream?

  • Jennie Berg
    Jennie Berg 28 days ago

    Looks so delicious , I make it this weekend . You are so a cutie pie , I ever saw on USclip. Hugs from germany

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies  28 days ago

      Hi Jennie! Thank u so much!❤ I'm happy u found my channel! Hugs from Italy😘❤

  • Yosry Mostafa
    Yosry Mostafa Month ago

    So tasty

  • Remarkable
    Remarkable Month ago +2

    Finally got around to making this! It was so much easier than I thought it would be! And it’s delicious!! I can’t believe I could make this!

  • Nisha SHÂHÏR
    Nisha SHÂHÏR Month ago +1

    That was a super doooer hit cake in my family .. the ganache was soooo heavenly..I made it twice. ✅👌 recipe done

  • kavya ponamala
    kavya ponamala 2 months ago +1

    Hey, can we use Dutch processed cocoa powder in this recipe. If not what changes do we need to make for it. Can u pls reply

    BETÜL YILDIZ 0818 2 months ago +1

    Eline emeğine sağlık gayet güzel olmuş 🇹🇷

  • Sissel
    Sissel 3 months ago +1

    Great recipe Emma.... I made it for my nephews birthday and everyone was crazy about it. . Used 55 '/' chocolate and used liquide creme ...i put a little bit of syrup on the genoise to balance the bitterness of the chocolate ... and made multiple genoise ... ..PS: the milk and butter have to be warm to be blended correctly..... thanxxx

  • Mao Nu
    Mao Nu 3 months ago +1

    Hi Emma! Should the ganache have some chunks cuz mine doesss

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies  3 months ago

      Hi love! It shouldn't. Warm it up again in the microwave to melt the chocolate. 😘

  • Sonia Williams
    Sonia Williams 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing

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  • Qaima Ali
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    Emma what if someone wants to eat the cake once its cool

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  • Faiza Qureshi
    Faiza Qureshi 3 months ago +2

    Your recipes are simply amazing.. You make it seem so easy.. Quite impressed.. Just wondering if there is any eggless cake recipe on your channel.?

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies  3 months ago

      Thank you so much Faiza! I am working on those😘❤

  • Ki
    Ki 3 months ago +1

    How did you manage to get the frosting between the layers so even? I always notice the perfect layers on tv, videos and ads, but no one, NOT ONE, baker that I've ever seen, includes the instructions in their tutorials on how to achieve that pristine, unified look. It's appears "simple" watching a pro do it but I'd would bet a million bucks, (if I had it) a regular person attempting to make this recipe in their own home for the first time, it want look like that once its finished and cut.

    • Remarkable
      Remarkable 3 months ago +1

      Emma literally showed you how to do it in the video, using a piping bag to pipe a consistent amount of frosting onto each layer. Obviously, you need to practice your piping skills if you want to achieve the same standard Emma achieves.

  • Shriya Setia
    Shriya Setia 3 months ago +2

    Mam can u make eggless cake plzzzz

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    Meli Rito 3 months ago +2

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    theshow 15 3 months ago +1

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  • Nisoo Moh
    Nisoo Moh 3 months ago +1

    Yummy 👏🌹,,,
    But plz what about the measurements of the ingredients !?

    • Nisoo Moh
      Nisoo Moh 3 months ago +1

      @Emma's Goodies that's very helpful thx dear 🌹

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies  3 months ago +2

      I write all my recipes in the description box under the videos 😘❤

  • Esma Music
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  • Jl Claliz
    Jl Claliz 3 months ago +1

    Will it last for a week if its not refrigerate?

  • ana tan
    ana tan 3 months ago +1

    Hi Emma, can i use unsweetened choco instead? If so, how much sugar to add on?
    Thank you

    • it's me hii
      it's me hii 3 months ago +1

      I used unsweetened chocolate and after melting it and mixing it, I added sugar as per my taste.. I like less sugary so I add a little only.. Around half cup..

  • Anna Lisa
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  • Mojos
    Mojos 3 months ago +2

    Hi Emma! I would like to try this cake but may I ask if I can mix some gelatine to the frosting? I live in a very hot country so it might easily melt. If yes, will the taste differ? Thanks!

    • Angi Morales
      Angi Morales 3 months ago

      I think you can do it but you should put a little amount of gelatine and obviously flavorless to help but not giving the ganache any additional flavor

  • caty de la fuente
    caty de la fuente 3 months ago +1

    Hi Emma!! At the beginning of your video you said you were going to add butter and milk to your egg yolks but I saw there were a little bit of egg whites... where they supposed to be there and if so how much should I put? Please answer me!! Or do you have a cooking blog with the recipe?

    • Remarkable
      Remarkable 3 months ago +1

      Emma writes all the measurements in the Description Box under the video.

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    paris ie 3 months ago +1

    Did she use sweet or unsweetened powder cocoa ???

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    happy Gabby!!! 4 months ago +1

    Your desserts always look amazing and you always say they're easy. I'm a cook, lol but I only cook for my family but when it comes to baking desserts, I'm terrible. I tried so many times and I'm not good at all. The only thing I can bake that's sweet is a flan. 😩 Your cakes always look beautiful effortlessly.

  • Kelly Redmond
    Kelly Redmond 4 months ago +1

    Is it possible to make this cake with sugar and four substitutes? I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes but I'm also the baker for my family gatherings. I'd like to make something a little healthier for myself and my family.

    • Remarkable
      Remarkable 4 months ago +2

      Yes, for sure. You can experiment with a few things. For example, leave out sugar, and use some artificial sweetener instead... or just reduce the quantity of sugar you use. Swap the flour for a 50:50 mixture of flour and wholemeal flour. Or even try using oat flour.

  • Shree Patel
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    • Emma's Goodies
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      Thank you Shree!❤❤ Hope you'll try it!❤

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    • Emma's Goodies
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      Practice, but u could also portion it out with an ice cream scoop😘

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